Bone-In Artisan BBQ - Columbia,SC

Bone-In Artisan BBQ – Columbia,SC

it's a special day at the historic Big Apple event house in Columbia a buffet spread has been laid out for customers Scott Hall and his team do this just occasionally it's a little more traditional than the stuff that comes out of the truck so this is a temporary setup and the announcement has already been made that this will be the final such offering for a while and already the angry tweets and and Facebook posts that started pouring in so sorry about that the dishes served on this day are traditional but most are prepared in an untraditional manner the flavors are different how many people never liked collards when they were young I grew up eating collards and and I hated them they were always terrible well these only resemble the collards of old we use sriracha and you know brown sugar in a little molasses and a lot of herbs we've had a lot of conversions of people who don't like collards the story is the same for all the items on the buffet they are dressed up tastier versions of the originals Scott Hall is satisfied with all of the dishes but he reserves his highest praise for the pork barbecue we sell the best barbecue in the state maybe in both states we brine it for 24 hours and brown sugar salt and bourbon and then we rub it for 24 hours and then we smoke it for 14 hours Scott has brought confidence and swagger and new tastes to the food scene in Columbia Jonathan sharp is a food confident Riveter for free Times Magazine it says a new way of looking at something that we're all very familiar with in the South members of the public seem willing to expand their palates it was excellent I would definitely come back the man responsible for this grew up in the Carolinas went off to New York worked in a few restaurants and learned some skills there were trips back home far too often especially nowadays especially with a lot of these big chain barbecue places there was just kind of a lot of disappointment that I would experience when I would eat that at the same time Scott was witness to the food truck revolution taking place in New York and elsewhere I love the whole idea of sort of the way that Street food was really revitalizing American cooking and American cuisine and I love that juxtaposition of the casualness up you know it's street food you know it's a side of a window opens up on a truck and like this amazing food starts coming out taking everything into consideration Scott decided to move back to Columbia and bring the food truck concept with him trouble was and took the city some time before deciding whether the trucks would be allowed it was looking kind of kind of scary for a while and that's a heck of an investment now okay uh so it's good that we got to keep doing this ultimately trucks were given the right to operate and bone-in artisan barbecue on wheels was in business such a hip and new and now sort of thing this this whole food truck and casual food revolution the population seems to really be hungry for something that's local some of us have had some you know quality care put into it others followed Scott's lead and the food truck business is growing in Columbia it's a good thing it is yet another way to enjoy original the food trucks have just started popping up and you know it does give Columbia's something unique and different to it this is Scott's office/den for the most part some food is prepared in the kitchen at the Big Apple but the rest happens in the truck it pulls up to various locations around town the side window opens and people show up it's like getting to open up a new restaurant every day and then that really taught me we have a very loyal fan base try to change our menu at least weekly and that's part of the fun I think of coming to the truck and to see what what we've got going on that week there is no traditional advertising so that fan base is reached entirely through social media Facebook and Twitter everyone's you know leaving their two cents or talking about how you know what they enjoyed or what they didn't enjoy from the truck and I think it's a really neat way to get that and to get that information out there are a few regular stops for the truck during the wheat ball on other days there's no telling where it will pop up Scott says he gets a handful of calls each week from businesses wanting them to park at their place there's tons of merchants who are excited about you know this trend as well it's also mutually beneficial if we're in a merchants parking lot it draws attention to their business it stood for hope of us there's almost a whimsical nature to the business in the food served out of the truck the idea is to make the dining experience fun we definitely sort of take risks that I think a lot of brick-and-mortar restaurants wouldn't wouldn't do necessarily these trucks a lot of them putting out very interesting creative food that I think challenges all restaurants to up their game Scott's idea is to one day open a brick-and-mortar restaurant the food truck is just the first piece of a larger plan I love the drums but I see it like as a different asset of the brand that I hope to be putting together it's possible that those buffet lunches at the Big Apple could be seen as a trial run to see what the market is for sit-down place strictly off the record yeah I think it was even if there is a brick-and-mortar restaurant owned in artisan barbecues future though Scott has no intention of criminally parking the truck I want the truck to be a staple in the Columbia food scene

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