BLUE BEETLE! BOOSTER GOLD! Part 2 of 2. Final inks! Art by JIM LEE

BLUE BEETLE! BOOSTER GOLD! Part 2 of 2. Final inks! Art by JIM LEE

hello guten morgen all right Billy ASSA thank you very much for the resub 23 months we are a month out all right what I got going on I do want to say I've realized the last dream someone came in with the raid of yeah DZ Kawa raided with a party of 72 and that was like right at the end of the stream and so I did get that I didn't even know how that happened it's kind of weird oh it looks like there's a huge roll of tape right behind me that's pretty cool Triple A level miming going on right here turn this anyway hey we've got the Chris role here we've got poop kid to a ver mods I think you're a he Co is here to mod prime unexplained soup has resub and road nel road in el mas cerveza por floor my francis pet and deckstar 671 and crispy top crispy Christophe crispy Christopher thank you very much for the subs alright let's get right to it we're gonna continue working on this piece and I'm gonna move I'm gonna move a couple things hold on a second let's try this let's put that there there are you all right now I'd all right I'm just thinking so let's get right to it that's a point for it well maybe I'll start with this who do we got silverbolt wants taken opportunist HS I've got some markers in my pocket I was cleaning up my other closet calligraphy pens maybe I'll use these try them out over here some other markers I just dropped my gum oh yeah some key cards these are great for splattering that's a pretty nice hotel there and so that's from the Consumer Products Show in Las Vegas and this is from San Diego comic-con they're really great for flicking the white out so I've got some two cards all right Jerry Gonzales yeah where have you been we got a mod vza into houses resub 23 months strong can't believe it in almost two years I know it's amazing right so much has happened Tim Boetsch has cheered thank you very much for the bits as has Kanger banger hey good evening I'm mod 3 mod 1377 history sub as has Jake Jake he's a winter winter sunroom winter and tooth also noting how crazy my fastest going time has passed BAM fart as we slept he won Winkle a lot of very familiar names so yeah it has gone by quickly for sure you know it and time has passed since I started this sketch I need to get some clarity on on blue beetles costume here goes over the shoulders I was gonna do it wrong so glad I check this out all right let's do this for a son don't screw it up that's not a costume lines it looks like it goes here and goes there and then it comes down I did it really way short oh and these legs are super long okay and then there's a shorter boy tell that I've not found this character this might be my very first time can't be I've done the new people yeah sure okay stressed enough about that and what's cool is that I like the costume like the big bold black lines like that good I'll do it by hand brother or by pen rather than with a brush those that you went to comic-con I hope you guys have fully recovered by now what's the next show for people that show for me is I'm going to China next week and we'll be at China joy it's sort of like III over in Shanghai so going out there next not this Saturday the next Saturday and then third weekend in August I'll be at Toronto all right the volume is a bit low is it okay is that better it's volume better better how's that ah that's better great yeah it's it's not a new it's not a new headset I've got multiple headsets this this one's Wireless okay so I need to get up to something that I've just tried something different today tonight okay guys I think I'm Brian Bendis is on Seth Meyers tonight anyone confirmed I know he's on soon all right what we got terms of activity we have bald men one five six preacher boy seven seven seven Jaime Ramirez art Faustus Bob like he crept at comics Roy batty oh six all resub Inge Roy batty using prime so if you are Amazon Prime member you're new to all this you can actually sub for free it's complimentary it's part of your Amazon Prime package kind of cool Amazon Prime Amazon Prime Amazon owns twitch give a lot of perks for people that basically subscribe to Amazon you can see how much I've already forgotten let me see what his belt looks like there's like a I know what's going on it's got a plus symbol in the middle okay it's a screen a little dark or is it just me when we have going on right now it's 6:00 the morning in Europe 5:00 in the morning I think in England it is like 120 in the afternoon in Asia like Korea Japan parts of China imagine so I think it's pretty convenient to everyone everywhere on East Coast it's 12:30 all right I will get a raid welcome in got as Hef FRA has raided us with a party 12 welcome in everyone welcome in everybody hello at Khafre what were you doing tonight played night one the hyper zone sim seven I've all subbed thank you very much it's interesting inking pencils are break down days later in that way but without planning on doing it's kind of stored in my short-term memory and all of that's kind of gone now so I'm just looking at this going back what is the dealio exactly 21-2 has recept as well thank you very much appreciate it these noodles is noodles that's also subscribed very cool thank you paper Falken for glad you can make it Tony XP twitchcop like twitchcon is in Europe this you're right is it Berlin can anyone confirm well that's kind of cool first time San Diego and I was down in Long Beach before what the dates welcome in news ganado and plum I don't think I'm doing anything when people go there do they stream live from the panels as well that is that kind of stuff happening like dying microphone crackling brah all right hold on one sec hello is that better waiting for confirmation very much for the cheer and angry pata 888 you alright let's switch back to the wired ones there we go alright reference again what I put the reference window actually don't like to use digital reference for this very reason it's kind of annoying to have to look at the screen and fit everything in all right thank you for the the cheer a Queen City amusements appreciate it and let's go ahead and finish up wanted I don't know what they're called water what are these little increments called on a finger I feel like they should have names like furthers or something they look like little frankfurters and since it's a glove there's a seam line which helps with the foreshortening September you know what though I just need them to let me in so anyway I think I asked I don't know if anyone answered sure someone did but winter sunroom has gifted it's up to Tony VX awesome Joe tomb has cheered as well thank you very much the contact she kind of moved on to a different part the business I think I have a friend that knows Justin guy started it he's out right weird flex oh thank you very much that's it turn on there we go I think you can't go I will check my connections as well hufflepuff thank you very much Mason bacon imagine paying to go to a convention no I know it's crazy crazy you get spoiled I mean not you I'm saying me ice to go to anime shows my kids and my Expo anime a la that was one and like Lancaster drove out to once my daughter – like cosplaying so yeah next show is Toronto the next show after that I believe is New York I believe then after that Baltimore and then San Antonio I'll be at this year's uh Alamo City Comic Con again Darth Bolivia any fear and doubt tonight no I I was just going with the flow of that panel no fear sometimes doubt the doubts I think that's normal okay yeah I've got this guy's Ted Kord with the feel like I'm what his mouth to be a little open let's trust try that see what happens I just wide out to kind of clean that up a little bit all right then I gotta fill in the black areas there I think his mouth should be higher the gap there little intense I mean the gap between his mouth and nose so I I don't want that to sit for most of the stream so I'm gonna fix it now normally I would fix it at the very very end and let that dry for a second and then I would go in and I race around it take some white out this also kind of there's the the mouth under the the nose just kind of going off to the side a little bit and we'll add a highlight right there it's a little white dots or reflections on the glass and it does help sell it a little bit XS 1970 has cheer thanks for streaming Jim and still enjoy my spider-man you drew last year honoring Stanley perfect ID you got it I see shroud is just chatting it's got 20,000 people just watch him just chat must be nice he's streaming VR nice alright that's PK PK is probably watching three different streams at the moment okay kind of see that a little better all right now we'll move on to Booster Gold good evening paper Falcon four excess 19:7 a chancer would draw along sometime the next few months yeah I can someone wanna can you create a um can you guys create a vote in chat nor did I have to do it through stream lads so anyone know has to be says Daniel genuine hey oh yeah yeah okay cool thanks man real life mod dead mud nice and bacon making a impersonate appearance alright let's see here let me do a quick poll alright next stream what should it be where do I go I wish this interface which one is the once widgets so what I want where do they but the where they put it again Kirra funny Bobby history sub thanks very much Matthew mark 49 so know if they're any obscure characters that you like would like to give more attention legions kind of obscure at this point I've been where do I go to create the vote it used to be right over here but Curie I told me last time I can't remember spike from Cowboy Bebop I have to say I'm not familiar with that franchise one can tell me Stream labs where I can go to crate they changed it again oh my god a puck spondee one thing that that their widgets in school how to run a poll and create a poll extreme labs stream poll dot TV let's try that dream poll on TV all right great all right what should I do Stream 1 draw a long two art critique twit art critique of a chat member 3 Inc art chat member oh no I didn't want to create it sometimes I hate technology if you hit return it creates the thing that I started all over what to stream next I'm gonna simplify it if I had keyboard where I could see the keys it would help all right one I start over draw along to ink chat member art 3 critique chat member art for draw something I know I have not before or 5 just draw hmmm alright sorry for the long delay here we go that pole dry get out there you right – has reflective goggles all right let's check the results looks like 50% of you guys draw something I've not before and the draw along is that 40% and then ink chat member critique chat member just draw are very small four three three so right now it's neck and neck between draw something I haven't drawn before and a draw long all right point taken extreme and then for the two-year anniversary you know to figure out what we're going to do for that been working on some ideas now if we're going to share them tonight or not funny Bob 85 has reset best two years ever awesome appreciate the support geeky iffy planning has subbed as well how paper Falcon four has resub for 17 months every time I catch your stream I sit down draw my cats pay attention to I guess there are also creatures of habit thanks for the lessons and motivation to us fellow artists in the chat that's awesome send everyone cake yes all right that's enough dilly-dallying do these are flight ring hello quick-draw a13 from Down Under Garcia 33 the real angry ninja can you do another Hellboy sketch or blade vs. ghost on it well you guys have voted you guys want to see something completely different so of our drawn oh boy so won't be Hellboy you all right um I did draw a link golden hands one has subscribed using prime alias 2793 the stylish really enjoyed the San Diego comic-con panel always a fun time glad you enjoyed it you know I've been doing those panels for a long time now now it was kind of wonder like people just kind of get bored with them you know I don't like to repeat myself so it's good to get a little feedback it's actually very shocking how many people in the audience were there for the first time to comic-con and also to that my specific panel like what would give you the insight or idea at your very first comic-con to come to like a panel of mine like I'm guessing like most people that go to comic-con for the first time are fairly casual fans and that I would guess that they'd be there primarily for like the big panels and like ballroom 20 and all H then I always joke like maybe they couldn't get into those because they're new they didn't realize to wait out on all night and I go we can get into this line there's no line here we just get it to this panel right nostalgic fans Jim says Big Boss 138 yeah maybe it's a pretty wide range of Ages though to be honest at the at the events you know you would think it'd be all people can look roughly my age but it's not they tend to be younger excuse me and my Instagram Oh God excuse me um kind of suggest the same thing the bulk of my fans are the people that follow me excuse me on instagram are in the 1835 range I'd say which is reassuring ja Jo you're Jo beador thank you my humility is what makes me so friggin cool all I can market humility twelve-year-old humid humility yeah can't even say it Camila humility people over 35 don't know how to use twitch says dead guy VB it does sound kind of scary I think people think they all got to pay to watch I mean I don't think people realize it was just like it's a URL it's free it's just an address you go to you don't have to sub or anything Lisa my dream okay it's kind of beefing reflections now hmm before I get into it anymore I want to do the backgrounds I think Queen City music ahead of me yeah you know what though uh uh well I use tissue or not what do i what do I say what do I say hmm yeah all right I'll be right back I gotta get some now I don't know that crispy egg roll you could talk about whatever you want Chet I probably only see like one in every six comments kind of my disease Oh anyway uh talking about house of X so I've learned this I didn't learn this from Mike phosphor but mice blocksberg was an artist that worked on American flag remember meeting at a convention once and he did this thing thing with ink and then he would take like a credit card or paper and slide it and he would get these was I kind of very rough staccato kind of transitions and but I'd like the idea of kind of pushing ink around on a piece of paper and in the past people have used sponges and cotton balls but then when I start playing around with tissue paper and ink starting these soft transitions that look like fog and old scanners could not really pick up on that transition it wasn't until like scanner scan technology got better and better that you can do it and I still look kind of you can keep that kind of those great values in there and that's when I started I just kind of fell in love with it it's just something I just keep going back to over and over and I wouldn't say I do it every piece of that ink but and a lot of them you can sort of see that you do something that looks would be very hard to recreate with the brush it's kind of a glow although I promise it's very kind of hard to control so you can see I've already kind of inked over those fingers but that's where the whiteout comes into play but you can kind of control it so I can get pretty close to objects without completely going over them you can see I can get a load of these trap berries in there these white lines so it's kind of cool nice that's a long time okay time to reload of them Sam Mills are hey there's my first live stream on your channel that's the first time I've talked to you so two firsts the real angry ninja a very drawn Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles transformers of the Terminator and stream I don't think so I don't think in stream after on those characters except for the Dominator that's how because I all right Annie if you draw something you happened before no not really I'll do some research though and cat Oh 22 any chance you'll draw a new joke around stream love from India possibly after the movie comes out first week in October bootstrap 252 that was very bad approximation realization of the teutonic language Yaya mmm Eli sleaze and tips for drawing hair yeah drama and chunks don't draw each individual hair I cleaned up my drawing area I'm very proud but now I have lost all my impromptu little bottle caps that I used to holding maybe there's still one here that I forgot to throw away you see oh look at that that's what you get for hoarding these two lovely things we're looking at and that one's pretty that goes in the trash all right here we go brush dip it in and then we're a fill in all the areas that you know are hundred percent black another thing with the tissue paper effects it actually fill large areas faster than you can with a brush need to pick up the paper so I don't get an encounter table see I kind of trashed the brush nut like super gentle with this draw 13 thank you for the cheers thoughts and the animated adaptation of hush without spoiling that why did they change it so much my guess you know I inherited that project that that project was greenlit and well into production before I became chief creative officer so I really only saw the finished production excuse me let me tell you I think in some respects they had a difficult challenge in that if they stuck too closely to the source material people would be like I've already read this I've already seen this so I think they chose and I think they've done that with a lot of their DIRECTV's directive video sorry is that they are loose adaptations of one or two different complex series but the idea is not to be slavish Lee just literally follow the source material but to be inspired by it and so it's interesting reading the gamut of reactions it's doing well at least on Apple iTunes charting pretty decently my last checked but yeah you have reactions you know ranging from you know they've really liked it they'd like to change this to people that didn't like the fact they didn't like the fact that it's kind of deviated from the source material I think the I've always kind of heard about my style too is that it would be very difficult to bring to life in an animation not just because all the cross-hatching but just the level of detail yeah I'm sure they had all sorts of quite creative meaning kind of discussing exactly the tone they were go for it's uh in deciding whether to make them all black or put that highlight I put the highlight in I don't know if that's the right decision figure it though I could always go back in and fill them and if I don't like the highlight that put same applies to this here ready all right so let that and then I've said to make some decisions about areas like this I'll go ahead and go to the line maybe not I think has go all the way yeah that look better might ask people put like kind of an artificial halo around figures often do it fate or Spectre asked Jake 7:03 one for I think I don't think I've drawn Spectre in the stream but dr. fate for sure okay now I noticed that having done this almost all the shimmer or shine is kind of in the center I will problem-solve for this in a second like this will definitely be cleaned up here let's bring this down here you this is all lit up weird angle so this is actually kind of what it looks like on kind of angle to the camera then might put it flat on the table kind of warps it a little bit things look bigger over here or smaller over here kind of thing okay it's gonna fat dry put this brush over here for now get this eraser and just like kind of lightly erase the areas that are inking inked and dry kind of avoid the areas that have ink on them so I don't smear it and I don't mind leaving a little pencil I think I had something to have the kind of gray stuff line there got to avoid the Arizer before I put wite-out because I'll smear gray on to it hunker 13 wakes up from his hangover – how about Brainiac possibly what for an elephant I didn't see let me see let me see you know I see scroll up ooh Ryan elephant must have but posted something what's going on maybe with his papa what does vz8 in the house love danger boy 13 that's what he loves oh oh my mom got mad at me and said to sleep superheroes for my art yeah probably time for bed sleep well superhero summer art the weekend is almost here what did a danger boy 30 ah sorry guys I'm just trying to caught up on it's being discussed and so I want to repost what he wanted to do at VCA Oh take a back line I thought I saw it go you're probably right that's what he said I don't know and so Oh any of the Bionic six says I suggested an flux oh okay got it AM flux that's cool yeah yeah yeah just like your technique defeat you that makes so good this best one bit and this immunity this I missed I miss em you dare sticks survive when we had a Jim Lee documentary night all right so I get caught up on what's going on out there Ren j52 has sub golf boy Sunday has cheered quickdraw 13 has cheered would love to see your take on Guyver Google that I know a guy for is dude not to be confused with MacGyver yes yes I know I have a guy for model somewhere right now and later has resub my key bracket has resub using prime nrz Kane has recept shown in defeated the by Zeus Ain a leucine a phosphate it's nice again to be here somewhat late kind problem and RZ Kane Panzer Ian hey J move trying to get a draw Kang the Conqueror for all 15 of these months that would be the perfect time okay golden hands one has recept alias 2793 has gifts up to captain abs very kind SM car T three one three has Risa 18 months I Jim hey Jim late to the party thanks for the stream I'm great to see you San Diego comic-con again yeah it's good to see you Scott zero coot Vern elephant the update in case we don't see you again what is going on give us the two sentence update who told me to Google grifter and that would be kind of funny actually pandemic of my voters grad pandemics is have is taking a piss son piss out of you most of the phrase wrong I don't know this British slang is very difficult was that Brunel fan last message it's like goodbye cruel world puts up the emot– walk cast reboot for the wind speed racer's cool always love Speed Racer Trixie's bridle Racer X Roy batty Oh sixes grifter the most popular Wildcat character yeah most likely certainly mine okay this is dried I think so I'm gonna go back in and kind of beef up mine weights what happens when you erase lines is that now the lines look thinner okay so we'll just kind of systematically go from one end to the other alright so anything on the bottom side is going to be a little thicker and we're going to clean up any debts and debts that look like kind of and then add some transition rendering and yeah how many guys are Toronto I asked before cuz man I meet a lot of people that watch the stream now it shows I don't recognise all their handles it turns out a lot of them kind of watch it on YouTube so they're not actually here one industry which is fine so I always have to ask them like do you wash it live you watch on Twitter or twitch or on YouTube now I'm also twitchcon in San Diego excess 1970s got his experience ticking awesome that guy VB not loud in Canada anymore obviously tried to bring something nd shouldn't've do I draw the muscles in the back of hands nine skill kind of I did some dad's yes yes mas mas cerveza por favor for sure dude more power to you silly utters yes Jim Jim yes Jim Jim the monkey very cute okay superhero are getting nine hours of sleep you okay when under an elephant came in and out drive-by drive-by poster Grimes jr. as sub to Tier one Joe tomb has cheered something from space battleship yamato Yamato 2199 Rorschach headshot honor of dead – said watchman coming out later this year on HBO Haislip while showering the Optima look of the shrikes fish fights in felon shower that's the grim outlook of a teenager danger boy 13 what should happen in my portfolio little stack of hundreds this crisp and neatly stacked up would be nice I have IRA John Ryan her snippy still the utters no land soul 33 I'm off to bed Jim that drawing looks fantastic as always thank you very much I've been been enjoying it I would say we are at the 70% finished point all the difficult stuffs been done I'm just kind of rendering doing line weights kind of sell this metallic sheen I'm just darken up the line weights well you don't want to do too thick because then it looks heavy if I play up lines here and there it will make things pop more three-dimensional smoggy box do you have any advice when experiencing a burnout yeah you could either take a break or you can keep plowing on I feel like those are two options right they never give up go to art museum some paintings on the wall that might inspire you try something different what's going on what do you do when your drawings are terrible says uh somebody who's named scroll up too fast sorry um who add or shadows have Pendennis Jim wouldn't know oh if only that were true not man we all have our off days for sure 100% all right bought the inaugural run of the first three prints that we did we did the Batman poison I know Batman what a woman and mr. freeze I thought they turned out pretty good when I was just started the program we're trying to figure out like kind of how often to do them and which ones to do I also want to uh Jim Vic and Jacob have both donated cash dollars thank you very much Jacob asked if you could have a chance to work on any book past or present which would it be I'm gonna get to work on the Legion of super-heroes with Michael Michael Brian Michael Bendis because you're having eight pages first chapter to a sort of the book that kind of launches it so I'm very excited to do that been kind of waiting a long time to draw the characters I wish I could actually draw like the book regularly I just don't have the time so committing what I can to it and then whoa got some big spenders going on Jim Vic as if you could work on any comic book past or present late it's Jim pick the same person as Jacob asked the same question and that EXA project has gifted 5 subs crazy to lanús would jepty turbo grappler Mirko f77 I'm Dexter $29.99 that's a baller right there Arctic fish has subbed using prime very cool his kids maybe Alex Fritz streams hey Jim Lee what was like to me at mark hamill excuse me I met mark several times now he's a sweetheart of a guy super nice big time comics fan super knowledgeable his knowledge puts mine to shame I mean he came to the DC offices went down to the archive he's looking at stuff from like the World's Fair for like you know gosh nineteen forties fifties I don't know when but he was familiar with that stuff and he knew like how many copies of this stuff existed I mean it was crazy his knowledge and then obviously his talent his ability to to voice that Joker is so awesome his grayton I mean I'm a series and then obviously Arkham Asylum the video game trilogy and super gracious you know for a guy that is like so well you know renowned world roll with a world renowned so I'm just a little tired long day at the office so down to earth on both his like sofa media feeds and in person you know he was at the show I didn't see him I know is there promoting so I need to clean that up and probably I don't know fix okay and then I just need to kind of beefed up some of these lines here with that that's smeared from dried dried semi-dry ink love to clean that up a lot of these kind of sketchier lines we can kind of see the start-stop of the aligners so I'm just making look a little more fluid it's like cleaned up and the way I do that sort of override it with a darker doesn't have the brakes in them right oh I think I've done all the line work so now I need to basically get the white out and clean up you'll see like it makes a huge difference when you clean up the edges you don't realize like how much like the ink and the from the tissue paper when it goes over the line how much it kind of distorts in makes it look wrong ah man million hybrid has cheered a crapload of bits thank you very much my million hybrid I really appreciate looking great Jim cheers to you buddy anonymous has gifted a sub to Marcus well weld MD should be Marcus Web MD it that was the TV show all right you drawing anything cover our four deceased no plans at the moment that's at the moment okay now go ahead and continue to clean up some of the stuff here all right let's get the white out I inadvertently ink the shoulder here let's fix that clean up this head here fingertips there the shoulder in the hair here okay doodads here janela has cheered all the way from the Philippines glad I caught the stream good afternoon and Rinella kevin conroy is a great batman over the years because we've done so many panels like Batman's 75th Batman's 80th together or kind of meeting him I've gotten to know him a bit and what a gracious guy and yeah I'm gonna make this foot smaller because it looks like it's oddly bigger than the other foot there's really no need for that no need at all so if you ever see my work in person when I ink it myself you'll see that there's always a healthy amount of white out all right so I've got this and I've got had these patches of black all around okay let's take a look I think I'm gonna go ahead and I kind of want the energy to be around Booster Gold and less around Blue Beetle although if I do that I'm just gonna add some black because I feel like there's too much white still so I keep adding black until I feel satisfied like so we'll see where this goes and it's gonna take the shape of like Kirby crackle you okay and what that allows me to do is do transitions out of the dark areas because it's very hard to replicate the tissue-paper effect so I've got kind of both going on at the same time does that make sense all right got energy and kind of smog effect going on and it's good to kind the energy behind the figure here and there is it crates depths see cool Dallas it's weird out after that I would have to go back and look at my streams but I feel the inclination to speak more German like late at night must be that my brain is more relaxed that areas that govern that then the useless cells that still retain whatever knowledge I have about German are active at night yeah to Kirby invent this I if he didn't invent it he popularized it but I'm pretty sure because we all call it Kirby crackle Bogart's hey what's up screen glad I didn't miss look skirt this is great thank you very much appreciate it Thank You Jen Ella what is that pin for what is that pin for what pin this pin up this piece is that what you're asking sorry if I don't quite comprehend kurby crackle should be a candy bar rice krispie treats embedded you know yes this is for a friend Ted man 61 174 Scott Williams has an anchor work lately as he's still your yeah he is he'll he'll be inking the Legion story I just been making a lot of my own covers and things lately but Inc the San Diego Comic Con ever making kirby crackles a little takes you longer than you think it would I have tried taking up pencils and taking the ink side of the eraser side and dipping it in can just like but all your carbecue dots are the same size and it looks very mechanical it doesn't look right ready to try it if this were digital I guess you could copy and paste or clone all right that probably will go pretty quickly I can go off like this do the blobs and then just make sure you get circles on the outside so these are not perfect circles but I'm just laying them roughly because I'm gonna go back in with a marker and kind of fix them up see how that's done in a second all right so it allows me to look at this and go see how it's I'm gonna go all Kerby crackle down here see what happens instead of having this kind of grayed out transition maybe I'll agree the bottom there okay the cipher den holy heck I remember watching to make art in high school we were in a high school together you were in high school you were watching me make art it's been a while but absolutely amazing to see him on Twitch I guess right good to see you a bassist to cure he co-chaired the dms design has resub for 12 months appreciate the support and M XD 7 alright good morning red muse I'm just letting this dry and so here's what I do I use this an example up here basically means I have to go back in and recirc along these dots not all of them but enough of them I guess I'll go to a point 8 which is the thickest marker you can go to so that's a point four five point eight point eight so allow me to make these dots faster so yeah so I'm gonna put some white Kirby crackle on top of the black once I do the black and then I'll do a little splatter for a kind of energy and stars and whatnot and then I should be done give my big fat head out of the way just cleaning these curvy crackles in that anymore I'll just focus on the Kirby car I don't even know if this looks right from the bigger I have not to kind of zoom my my lens back or whatever my point of view on it I'm very kind of narrowed in on each one I'm just hoping of course that it looks good Izu mech look at the whole thing okay I'll take us pause looks good yeah I like where it's going I think I'm recycling love those vertical lines didn't really work out the way I planned so I think it's faster to kind of roughly put down these um every crackles with the brush and then circle and kind of trap them with the pen then it is to try to make perfect circles with the brush at least for me official 10 say hey love you too buddy alias 2793 this is amazing thank you very much well showing that gratitude I appreciate that how do you guys Ted men 6170 whatever I was at a Chicago Comic Con a while back I remember meeting you in person you got a cast on your pinkie or something you have broken a finger yes there it is right here playing softball you can see that it's basically right here the tendon that attaches that to the to the bone right here that bone chipped while I was trying to feel the ball you know I think the ball like jammed and hit right here I know it probably went there in hyper-extended it broke the bone or the chip the bone with the tendon so it's like a rubber band that was attached that keeps your finger straight like this and so that bone chipped off and so now the rubber bands just kind of loose so I can go straight with that finger and this finger is permanently bent yeah of course old man finger yes that's exactly what it is gross old man finger all right all right are you supposed to be in bed tell your parents pulling me online all right past your bedtime okay we're kind of near the end of the stream for those of you who are new to this at the end we go and raid another stream or usually a creative always a creative I share the love we have 530 people not too bad for a Thursday night but yeah a bunch of us will go and drop it on someone else that's live streaming and just kind of share the love of art comics sometimes they're into Western comp sometimes that or not sometimes they work digitally I mean we've dropped in all sorts of people sometimes they they know something about Who I am it's not a necessity but yeah we've been introduced a lot of interesting artists through the rating mechanism that twitch has and we will do that but before that we want to thank all our mods prime mod prime which was cute let's try that again well thank Kira hiko who is in these fights and it's early morning there thank her thank you for being up early and then we have crispy egg roll and poop kid or California mods and then the guest appearance of our an elephant mod an abstention stenchy up stanchion all right so I got to turn these into Kirby crackles make sure they don't look like brush leaves with Kirby crowd is that it can go over to so let's do that like they're dancing in the negative zone or something or the Phantom Zone the Phantom Zone is a very cool concept I do have to say very kind of advance for something that was created back in the day so much of the comics seemed absurd at that well still seems absurd but way ahead of his time shrunken cities intergalactic collectors of civilizations phantom zones where people are imprisoned for eons while kept alive or in stasis at me it's some crazy stuff man I always looked at the Phantom Zone is like Australia no offense to withdraw as we all know Australia started out as a penal colony right the Austria has you General Zod you will forever be bench to Sydney Australia's own what mate Oh crikey crikey that's that's British dude Bamford that's not Australian wait is it now Craig he's a British thing okay you vision this is he vision superhero all you have to do is go to bed it's over yes we are all convicts that's the best thing I would be proud to be a descendant of a convict alright so we are at 11 o'clock I'm gonna push this just a few minutes to get it done like I said we're gonna go braid someone else so don't go away let's just go ahead and put like my name somewhere here okay and then let's take the white outs where'd it go oh there it is placing it randomly and if there's one thing that's regular about Kirby crackles is that it is irregular all right now we'll take one of these hotel keys drop some wite-out in it and then we're a splutter kind of some random crackle around the edges but kind of more dense around the center and then lighter as it goes out there okay Gustus Kuno quickdraw 13 says Jim crikey you hurt my feelings only a sketch will heal the pain worth the try he says all right I've got chat in the way here let me turn off chat for a second so that we can see this and here we go in discord and online you guys gonna check it out tell me what you think meanwhile hold on we're gonna go read let's see see what the mods have chosen now alright thank you again to the mods and thank you all for tuning in as we approach the two-year mark I want to thank you guys for your continued support of the stream means a lot to me that hundreds of you out there and over the course of the two hours thousands of you have checked out the drawing I feel sufficiently warmed up I'm going to draw a little bit more tonight and I don't think I'm streaming the Sunday I'm gonna be travelling but there will be a stream probably sometime before I go to China hopefully next week another evening stream so thank you good night Clayton you need to go to bed your mom texted me and said that can you please stop streaming so my son can go to sleep I Thank You Jeremy l.joe and check out the discord channel it is a great place for people to kind of hang out in between streams and connect and talk about comic book art pop culture the stream etc cetera so here we're gonna go we're gonna go get ready we're gonna load up the raid we're gonna go check out this person clock foxed in 1 and we're gonna go raid alright see you guys later

16 thoughts on “BLUE BEETLE! BOOSTER GOLD! Part 2 of 2. Final inks! Art by JIM LEE

  1. Oh ur drawing the ted kors blue beetle I thought u were drawing the Jaime Reyes blue beetle still cool though 😁

  2. If you would have told me at 12 I could watch Jim Lee draw a piece from start to finish, there is no way I’d believe you.

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