BLOPEN Art Challenge - EPIC Art with Children's Stationary!

BLOPEN Art Challenge – EPIC Art with Children's Stationary!

give a lesson Jo and welcome to draw with Jazza I'm Jazza and today I'm going to be playing with blow pens now I forget what a what what there was a video that I did where people saying it reminded them of blow pens so I thought what what what's the blow pen so I went and bought some off eBay I got the super activity center and if there's anything that makes an arti activity fun it's a charming looking cheeky blonde whippersnapper this box comes with 15 blow pens plus a bonus material I have never used these though and a lot of people will say may have nostalgia I never enjoyed the nostalgia of Blois pens so I as an adult man I'm going to experience this for the first time and share my thoughts and process with you there better be some buddy pens in here wow look at all these colors yeah alright I'm gonna set up my activity center with my colors of no particular okay very nice my console here so that's the center and these must be the super activities these seem to be stencils so I guess you're you pop them out and you get a picture that's cool no thing is a fish but there's the last bubble alright I've got a fish stencil maybe we'll give it a bit of a college trip good hard go and they also come with two paper sizes a four and half a four it's a five isn't it a five who really gives you everything you need to have a blast of a time so let's start off with paper number one we've got our fish stencil here we go is there a way to like stop it going outside the box being a little tricky here but cuz I'm I'm a little OCD I don't want to go over the edges of the thing I'm just gonna draw a little box and I'm just gonna quickly do the chop-chop that's a reference that about 1% of you will understand how does this work well let's pick a few colors shall we the fish can be a nice mix of yellow and orange and the sea can be this turquoise and blue we have a deeper blue as well man look at that we can create gradients hopefully I don't even know how this works I'm just gonna do a test test blow to get fit they the cat oh oh it's just like a pen that's cool because then you can draw with it as well nifty but then where do you do you just blow through there no you flip it is there an instruction manual oh there's a picture under here but I don't want to ruin is this kissing the cheek Wow for God's sake why did I possibly think anything else could have happened that kid what's he doing he's got that he's good he's point that puppies pointing down and the marker is also down so that is how you load it up takes quite a lot of pressure whoa [Applause] all right now let's spend 10 minutes cleaning everything up quality content there we go we're even color-coordinated okay let's do this let's uh let's see how this looks with a stencil so for the our Turk wait this was turquoise color for the ground bit oh that one came out way quicker fish let's do the fish first shall we start off with the yellow base orange just get it going is there like a way to like make it more effective if I maybe if I push it in deeper ah look at that alright so if you push it in deeper when you blow it it's more effective alright a little red maybe right and now for the rest of the water will go out a nice light okay and how do we finish this baby off lit maybe a touch of green for the fauna I'm gonna get into this I don't like when it bleeds over into like the other parts of the picture just a little picky you like that and I'll tell you what let's just be a little fancy switch it up and just use the pin bit to do the eye there you go just drew in there man I feel like such a pro cuz I'm gonna go in here with the orange grab the pen and do the same thing just draw some scales and just like that we have a lovely little fishy oh that's nice look at that ha this is fun how can we get more ambitious with that there's my question I mean that's cool we could even add a subtle touch look get my light blue and just add a little water look at that look how fancy we're getting realistically I can't imagine using these without a stencil unless you're working in a really large area I'm gonna turn things up a notch and try and do something a little more ambitious all right so what we can do with this how did I miss this it has a pamphlet oh my god I want all of them there's like a whole video at each one of these I'm such a lazy youtuber so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna try and attempt to paint and draw a Phoenix I think the mix of like fiery colors will look really cool it's a simple enough shape slash creature that it doesn't need to be super detailed I could also go in and add detail later but I think really the mix of colors and gradients is where the potential is there and as far as shaping the blow patterns I'm gonna try using these and cutting them into shapes if I need to from time to time and just try and be as ambitious as I can I think it'll be quite difficult because I don't think the heezen made for particularly ambitious or refined art but you know what I like pushing the limits of things now then wish me luck huh and that looks pretty good oh my god my ears like I feel like I have like earplugs in because I've been like blowing so hard and like the pressure that's held in my head to push the air out in a strong stream is like ah feels so weird this is probably not good for you but it's good video check this out totally covered in my blue pen ink but the result is something I am really really proud of and super happy with this is gonna be one of my favorite art challenge results with a a slightly tricky or unprofessional art supply and the fact that I was able to get this result just with like some kids art blow pens it's just I don't know really cool and really satisfying it sort of shows that when you really push yourself and work hard and nearly pass out sometimes you can end up with the result you're proud of oh god I feel so lightheaded right now I hope you loved this artwork too and you know what I love it so much I'm gonna scan it and put it up on the shop so if you want to get a print of this or a poster you can go check that out and grab one for yourself and blow it up or get it framed or get it small or get a little art card whatever it is it's a support to the channel and you get a bit of artwork for yourself and a little bit of a reminder that you don't need the fanciest of tools to make something a little bit lit get it cuz cuz fire and it's Phoenix lit anyway thank you so much for watching like this video and subscribe to draw a jazz have more fun with art and creativity and until next time I'll see you later

43 thoughts on “BLOPEN Art Challenge – EPIC Art with Children's Stationary!

  1. Thanks for watching!! If you loved the artwork (it's one of my personal favorites now!) you can get it from the print shop as a poster, art print, framed print and more, plus it's a big support ❤

  2. NZ student: oh can i borrow that pen
    Aussie student: yeah sure
    NZ Student: How do i use it

    Aussie student:u put your mouth on it and blow
    NZ student: uses it wrong
    Aussie student:*2:39*

  3. "Alright so, if you push it in deeper, when you blow it…


    – Clueless Jazza realizing it sounds so wrong 2018

  4. He said "chop chop" would be a reference only few would get and I thought he was meaning that old movie 'Robots' where Bender was terrified of ending up in the Chop-Chop…
    And then the song played. I was sad. 💔

  5. Anyone else getting How to train your dragon vibes from this? Like imagine the Phoenix as a dragon and you have yourself the HTTYD poster….

  6. OMG! I remember BLO Pens from my childhood. My friend had them and I used to blow the red one on paper to make it look like blood splatter.

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