Bloodhound (Apex Legends) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Bloodhound (Apex Legends) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create Bloodhound from Apex Legends. So, everyone was talking about Apex Legends and it was just a matter of time when this game will find its way to my channel and there was one character in particular, which you asked a lot for that I should create and that’s Bloodhound, the one we are creating today. This and also Pathfinder. And both of these characters don’t have a human face and this makes it possible for me to create them, because you know that I really suck at creating human faces, but this isn’t the human face you can see right now in the background. This is the character sheet you can find on the Internet and I think that’s it for the official biography. Let me read it out for you. It’s very short. Bloodhound is known across the Outlands as one of the greatest game hunters the Frontier has ever seen – and that’s about all anyone knows. OK, that’s not much. Their identity is a mystery wrapped in layers of rumors: they are fabulously… Sorr. Fabulously… Let’s go with: They are wealthy, a bloodthirsty murderer, a Goliath whisperer, a former slave, half bat, and a dozen of other things depending on who’s doing the whispering. That’s nice. All anyone truly knows is that Bloodhound is a force to be reckoned with in the Apex Games. Bloodhound’s… Oh, I should stop reading this. I am not really good at reading English texts out-loud in general when I don’t know the words. So, you can read it, you can look it up by yourself. So we don’t really know much about this character. He is very mysterious and dark and there was one fact which was really funny about this guy everyone says he… so Bloodhound is a he, but the voice actor is a woman. Yeah, you really should look it up if you don’t believe me. There’s a video I have just seen where you can see all the characters from Apex Legends and also the voice actors and I was just like… When I saw the Bloodhound character skin with the female voice actor right next to him. So that was a bit strange. Some comments asked if Bloodhound is transsexual. From the official information from the biography you can’t tell if it’s a he or she that’s really interesting, because the official text only says Bloodhound and not he or she. Maybe this is some kind of… …of an ethnic group like the Tusken Raider from Star Wars, you know these wrapped in layers characters, where you can’t tell if they are male or female. Maybe they have both and it’s the same with Bloodhound. It’s just an ethnic group and not just one character. What do you say about that? Yeah, but well, enough of this speculation. Let’s come back to the creation itself. You have seen that I started wrapping the aluminum wire the skeleton with different layers for this skin which looked so crazy detailed. I was looking for a system to start creating with, so I didn’t want to create just with one detail and then go to another body part and so further on. I decided to start with the toes and go up to the head, because this makes it way more easy when you have some kind of a system, on creating a character. This is why we first created the shoes the boots and now these are the knee protection. The knee protection and there are also some shoulder pads look really similar. They are yellow and for the knee protection we also have this brownish red, red brownish stripe and there’s also a white line right on top of it and we will draw it after oven hardening with a white pen. This is the skirt he’s wearing. Now maybe this is another hint that it’s not a he, that is she. I don’t want to judge. Men are also allowed to wear dresses and skirts, sure. I have used a lot this yellow gift wrap you have seen and it’s a great way to get the clay in position. Especially you let’s say you want to create a belt and there is too much bulky clay underneath so I just take this gift wrap to get the clay underneath really tight and really good. You can see what I am talking about and it really works great because then you don’t have to worry about the different layers of clay to become too thick. I don’t know what this is, but it looks like a a belly protection. Or I thought this is a separate, a spare helmet, he’s just wearing in front of him. Who knows or a colander for cooking? Well, this guy also has to eat, right? Also on the battlefields, so makes sense? In some videos I also read some comments about this character, which said that he or she looks like a samurai and I think this is true. It’s not only about all the different decoration parts and all the pockets and especially the helmet, which really looks a bit Asian to me. It’s also the colors. I know there are so many different skins you can choose from, but this original colored skin with ochre, a lot of ochre colors, the brown and we have the olive green, we have the dark red. It looks so samuraish. I really think so. This is the huge strap, he is wearing across his stomach and it goes right there and we will use this strap this belt for some further pockets. This is Indian red and we will throw in some ochre. I did that with nearly all of the colors on this creation. In the end in the final creation you really get the feeling that all the colors match perfectly together, and it’s just because I threw in some ochre into all the other colors, as well. Of course, they are not that shiny anymore and a bit strong, but they fit perfectly together Well, unless it’s brown, because there is ochre inside anyway. Let’s take a tiny tiny piece of silver clay for the buttons on these two pockets. You have seen that image on my Instagram account before, where I complained about all the pockets I have to create for this character for Bloodhound. Oh, it looks so great. I’m not really a pocket guy, but I think they look so cool while creating on skins. Also on a lot of Fortnite skins there are so many tiny pockets and I love that always because they are not that difficult to create. You have just this opening mechanism. You have a button. And that’s it for tiny pockets. And they look so authentic. This is the gift wrap. We use it again and let’s cut away some ochre. Yeah, this will be the position where we will add the hands later the gloves because they are red or maybe the skin color of this guy is red. This is also possible I try to get the arms into the right position. You’ve seen the Raven in the intro, of course, which is sitting on his left arm and the right arm will be the one where he is holding his knife. So, this is just some silver clay and we will add some yellow. I even threw in some ochre into this yellow that it isn’t that strong anymore and these the creation parts go, right to his arms. Now, I’m really curious how many of you have already played Apex Legends? Please let me know, participate in the poll. I haven’t and I’m not really able to because I’m a Mac guy. It’s only available on PC for Windows and and Xbox and PlayStation 4 which I also don’t own. I have a Switch. Yeah, maybe with the huge popularity of this game they will bring it to further platforms. I mean, it’s the same way Fortnite started, right? It started first on PC, I think and on Xbox and PlayStation, but I’m not sure. Then it came it went mobile and for me this also includes Switch and a mobile phone. This is the knife he’s wearing. It’s just a very short knife. A very hunting knife. And we will also create the grip, which you don’t see because it’s inside or the red hand, his left hand is wrapped around it. But this is just a simple technique and it looks nice. Let’s add another tiny detail for the top of the knife and that’s it. Now we can focus on the upper part of Bloodhound. When I started this character I knew that he would be difficult to create, but I have never thought about how long it will take. And it took 9 hours to create this guy. It was really crazy. I started this week on Monday and well, I had other stuff to do, of course, but I worked on it almost every day. I finished the creation yesterday and then today I was working on the video editing stuff and all that kind of post-production thing. And I hadn’t expected this creation to be that difficult. Somehow I think I could have made him way more easy and less detailed, but I was so into this creation I enjoyed the whole process so much that I decided to really go crazy on this guy. This is some kind of… it’s not a rocket. It’s not a pocket rocket. I don’t know what this engine is supposed to be. Well, I can assume. Okay, what do we got? We have two engines and it’s all wrapped to his belt, so maybe he is able to fly and this is really a pocket rocket where he can launch and fly just a few feet above the ground. He has some really powerful skills in some gameplay videos I have seen. I saw this ability called tracker and he is able to see footsteps and doors opened or destroyed and enemies for the last 60 seconds in the game and everything is highlighted in red and this is so powerful. I mean you go just across a corner and you see these red footprints on the on the ground and you know that there will be an enemy right behind the corner. This is mind-blowing this is so tactical, this is so strong for a character. But still have no clue what what this pocket rocket is. Let’s focus on the head. I assumed that the skin color would be something like grey ochre, but well, I don’t really care because we take this… Is it called perforator? And this is aluminum foil. This will be for the glasses. The reason why I don’t really care about the skin colour is it’s covered underneath the different layers, wraps. These are the glasses. Let’s place the foil right in the middle, I haven’t done that before, so I’m really curious how it works out. This is the black outline. It’s not only for decoration. I really hope that this outline will also hold these tiny pieces of aluminum foil in position and then we have a lot of different stripes and folds and whatever in brown. They can hardly be seen because he’s wearing that crazy helmet, but what we can see is this oxygen mask? Is it oxygen well it’s a mask. I can tell you it’s a mask. And we will work on some details and all that looks funny, like a duck. Let’s mix a very dark silver for this nose stripe. Yeah, let’s call it a nose stripe. And right in front there is a hole the opening part of the mask. Probably where the air is filtered. All the other characters in Apex Legends are not wearing any masks, right? This means that Bloodhound is not able to breathe oxygen and this means Bloodhound is not human. We are making some progress on this guy, to get to know him better. Yeah, he’s probably an alien. Let’s try to get some really really thin stripes of silver in front of air, this is the filter. I love it how it looks like. And this is… do you know this feeling when you are right in the middle of a battle on the battleground and you need salt and pepper. Yeah, that’s what it is. Another two tiny stripes. And we will place it onto the torso and now let’s take this is… This will be for the shoulder protection and it contains three layers. We have the black layer I’ve already created, then we have the ochre and then this yellow, yellow ochre it is. And we will place it right on top. We have four screws on each of them. And after oven hardening, we will also take a white pen to get the last colored layer on top. Or maybe we should move all the tiny pockets and what are these you can’t see them right now, what are these three buttons right in front? Are these grenades he is throwing? I think so. I may have seen some gameplay where is throwing some grenades. This is probably the oxygen filter, because the tubes are going in. And this I am currently creating looks like a quiver for some arrows. I think some of the more legendary skins really have some arrows on the back, so this really may be a quiver. This will be the tube and there is this easy technique to make it look like a tube by just using any kind of a sharp edge and just rolling over that you get these prints. There’s a very thin tube on the left side. And now let’s take some olive green for the helmet and we need two different kinds of olive green. I really feel sometimes like one of these chefs on television which are telling you how to cook. This is the let’s call it silverish green and we have just olive green. This is the shape of the helmet. Let’s make it bit thinner and there is this silver greenish outline and we can place it right on top of his head. I try to get this shape really nice and these are maybe some feathers or french fries. I’m not really sure how to read these. Yeah, probably these are French Fries because we already got salt and pepper. I don’t really want to make fun of this guy. No, honestly, I love this character design I just love it the way he looks right now. Okay, he reminds us of Boba Fett from Star Wars, but that’s okay. He still has so many unique French Fries details. This is a very thin wire and we will use these for the decoration parts which are hanging from his helmet. My neighbors, well the neighbors from my parents used to have these chimes these tiny tiny bells which are moving when the wind is blowing in their garden and this was always really nice to listen to. And these things reminded me of of that. Well, this guy is a game hunter. So I guess that these things are not making any noise, but they look really nice and unique as well. So, we are wrapping some black clay around the very thin wire because these will be the claws, the claws from the raven, which we will place on the Bloodhound’s arm. Some lines for details and there is also this silver wraparound that you know that they are counted. The pigeons and the birds are counted, So this means this guy this raven is officially counted by the birds department from the city. Some details. This guy is just black clay nothing more than black clay and this means we have to be really careful about all the tiny lines and scratches we are doing, because this is what gives all the details to this bird. This is a nice technique to get all the tiny feathers in. Maybe we should add some more feathers to the neck. Oh, this looks nice. I think he… the bird looks quite authentic. I did some raven feathers on the female skin, what’s it called? Ravage skin. Yeah from Fortnite. So for those of you who are familiar with the game Apex Legends did I get it right? There are just these six characters these six different kinds of playable characters you can choose from and that’s it. I know they all have different abilities and different ways of playing with them. The one you have a tank I would guess but I’m not sure. You have Bloodhound as a really tactical character and that’s it or did I miss something? Maybe I should really play this game, but this would mean I I would have to buy a console or a PC. I know what we should do. We are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Bloodhound! Yeah, we finished all the clay sculpting process and all we have to do well, that doesn’t really sound difficult, but still is is to assemble all the different parts. I’m cutting away some parts of the handle from the knife, so we can glue it into his hand and also gluing this feathered friend onto his arm, the right arm and the pocket rocket, as well. We make another black outline. I changed this. I haven’t shown you in the video. There was first there was a black outline and then I went with the silver. Now let’s take the transparent polish and we really try to make all the silver parts on this creation shiny. Bird beak. The eyes. This was too much of transparent polish the pocket rocket and this is the white pen for the shoulder patches and also the knee protection there is this white stripe. I really love this white and because it it covers up so so good and there is some fur on the shoulders on one side. This also looks nice. Let’s go with some grey. I did that first before on the Marshmello skin. I have never… No, that’s not right! I used it on the Prisoner skin stage one. I used the grey to get some shadows into the creation and somehow I really loved the effect because it’s not much of work, but you still get some more realistic and and used looked objects or body parts or whatever you have just created. In this case, it just looks a bit dirty and I love this on this creation. The last working step. I can’t believe it. I think we did it! That’s it Bloodhound from Apex Legends! Before today’s video is over please let me know what I should create next. Should it be Apex Legends? What do you think about that game? Write it down in the comments. I guess that’s it for today. Have a great weekend and take care guys! Bye! I am your father. You know Bloodhound?

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