Blessing - Imtiaz Dharkar - iGCSE English Literature O Level GCSE Analysis

Blessing – Imtiaz Dharkar – iGCSE English Literature O Level GCSE Analysis

hello my name is Shiraz and welcome to my English and math Channel today we're going to have a look at this fantastic poem blessing by India's taka but before we have a look at the poem I would like you to have a look at these pictures so you know think about what is happening in these pictures let's have a look at the first one so you can see a goal and she has cracked skin so why do you think she has cracks in her skin okay think about it and I will discuss that in the point and in the second picture we have little children and they are very very skinny and you can see their bones so think about why they are so skinny and the next picture there is a boy drinking water think about if he has to pay for this water or if it's free and the same goes in this picture here so you know think about why all these people have gathered here to to collect some water and you know how these children feel while they play in the water okay so just now have a think about these so let's move on to the actual volume now okay on the right side here you have some yes you have some poetic devices and you know some terms if you are not comfortable if you're not very much familiar with all these terms please have a look we will also try to explain them in the point but it would be worth you know reading about them beforehand okay so blessing you know the word blessing you know whenever you hear this word so you start thinking about religion you know about God and you know the the the things the holy things that we have in this world okay so from the very outset you know the the point very successfully takes us into you know that kind of religious atmosphere okay the skin cracks like a port so first of all this word here like so whenever you see these who are like there is a simile here so the skin cracks like a port you know you can see the port here the P port you know the way it cracks you can hear the sound when you you know open the the Seaport so in the same way the skin cracks now think about why skin cracks if you go back to this picture here so maybe there's not enough moisture in her skin that's why the skin is cracking and you know when there's not enough moisture that means there's not enough water okay so the skin cracks and because of that the lack of water the skin cracks and you can even hear the sound you know in this word here cracks so this is a very beautiful example of onomatopoeia so onomatopoeia is when the word you know gives the sound that it makes okay so cracks the skin cracks like a boat and there never is enough water okay and this is because there is never enough water so you know we we we are kind of you know taken into that you know you know place where there's not enough water so we immediately we start thinking about poor countries for example you know maybe Africa or certain parts in in Asian countries where there is not enough water you know and people who live in other countries where there is enough water they don't seem to you know it's difficult for them to understand you know that feeling of having no water not enough water and this is the words never it you know encompasses past present and future so there never is enough water ok so it's a very very you know dark imagery here you know we start thinking about we start visualizing about a place where there's not enough water and you know people have skins which crack like like a boat ok so these two lines here which form a couplet a couplet so this is the the theme or the main idea of the the whole point so this is why these two lines are very much important ok so let's move on to the next stanza here four lines of stanza imagine the drape of it small splash a coal in a tin muck the voice of a kindly God ok so this word here God he's associated with the the world blessing so you know once again the the religious imagery here imagine the drip of which now the the poet is asking us to imagine okay so maybe the he's she's asking the people who have enough water you know who live in rich countries where there is enough water so she's asking them to imagine okay so it's imperative here imagine the drip of it okay so the drip is once again an example of on ametropia so when you know a drop of water drips it makes sound like trip so that is the the sound which you know we can hear in this word drip so the drip of it it is you know it goes back to water so you know the she's asking us to imagine the drip off wait now when we have a drip like it's only one drip it's not for a long time it's just instant a very short sound so that relates to this idea of there never is enough water okay so there's a kind of repetition of idea here to reinforce the lack of the lack of water the small splash so small splash so you can hear the sound is similar in these two words so the first sound and it is called alliteration okay and now because this is a soft sound a kissing sound sound so this kind of alliteration is called sibilance okay so the small splash or drip again you know it's instant very small and small splash once again it's kind of you know description of that sound splash is also an example of onomatopoeia okay splash you know echo in a tin mug so echo echo is also example of onomatopoeia okay in a tin mark so there's an empty tin mug and imagine a drop of water drips into that tin mug so you can hear the small splash only for for a few seconds or few moments and you can also hear the echo echo of that sound so you know very vivid imagery here and it's a very extreme situation that there is only one drop of water that splashes into that tin mark and this image is very beautiful it's a tin mug it's not very you know one of those expensive marks so all the you know these people are poor people they come from poor countries the voice of a kindly God so now that I call a small splash or drip it is actually the voice of a kindly God so the goal here is is water okay so this is a metaphor metaphor here metaphor for water and once again the religious imagery here is being used you know blessing and then we have God okay so this God you know water is like like a figure of God for them it's it's a kindly God of a kindly God okay so this is a metaphor and also personification say the voice the voice of four kindly gods so only human beings have in our voices so this is a example of sonification here okay so now we are going to move moving on to the the big long stands are here and this is the most important stanza in this in this point because it will it will narrate the the main event of in this point sometimes so now what happens is you know sometimes it doesn't happen very often sometimes the sudden rush of fortune today's sudden rush of fortune so a sudden you know instantly we have this idea of sudden you know something happening really really quickly like you know winning a lot of winning the lottery or maybe a jackpot you know this fortune the idea fortune so you know there's something you know they become fortunate suddenly you know and what happens is the municipal pipe bursts so these municipal pipe here and maybe in a street or somewhere which is you know public pipe and is free so it bursts so that is the main event in the this whole point and that is like a jackpot but it bursts now the word burst is also an example of onomatopoeia and it's a very strong sound now try to you know contrast this sound with the sound of drip you know so there is a there is a direct contrast between this you know brief and sudden sound and this loud and violent and very strong much stronger sound okay so the municipal PI bursts and what happens silver crashes to the ground now silver is a metal isn't it and it's an expensive metal so here silver is a metaphor or water now remember water is very precious for them and it has a you know a gordly figure for them and you is also very expensive you know this idea for tuning and silver so you know that the whole point is full of you know these these beautiful images you know which portray they the whole scenario so crashes you know and there's so many examples of anima topi as well so it's like you know we we the portage is trying her best to take her to take us you know physically take us into that that place where we can visualize and we can hear all these sounds it's a very beautiful point I must say okay so the silver silver here is water crash and it crashes to the ground crashes once again example of onomatopoeia so there's so much water you know the this would the sound crash and burst these are strong and violent very loud sounds and you know compare them to you know echo and splashing drip here and the flow has found a roar of tongues okay so the floor is the the flow of water and what has it done it has found a roll of tongue so they this roar another example of onomatopoeia so there are a lot of people you know they are shouting and there are you know very they are very loud and these kind of the sense of alarm and panic you know a roar of tongues so a lot of people are talking about this incident now that musical pipe has burst okay and this image of roar of tongues it can also you know you can also tell us about you know those thirsty people so the tongues might be very thirsty because of the lack of water okay from the huts our congregation from the huts so these are poor people you know once again this image of huts showing that they are not very rich people so water is not the only thing that they are lacking is its accommodation as all you know they don't have proper houses our congregation so there is a congregation there are a lot of people they have gathered because the means for pipe has personally this word congregation is it also has a religious connotation okay so it's a religious it has become a religious gathering because they this whole incident is kind of it's a blessing for them and it's this religious atmosphere every man women child so these a list here man women child but there are no commas okay so this lack of commerce suggests that there is this rush of people you know they are going so fast that there is not enough time for for comas okay so every man women child for streets round butts in with pots brass copper aluminium plastic buckets frantic hands okay so you know from the from the corner of every street you know men women and children they they just come in you know butts in you know they interrupt so this can have two meanings you know so whatever they were doing they just interrupt they stopped doing it okay or you know this incident has kind of made them stop doing what they were doing so a you know they just rush towards this municipal pipe and what do they take with him with pots they take pots and the pots are brass copper aluminium plastic bucket so there once again you know they they are not religious people I'm sorry they are not very rich people and that is why they don't have you know expensive pots and they are just rushing towards musical party as if it's like like a religious ritual for them to kind of worship their God frantic hands and they are so frantic they're like crazy it is an atmosphere of panic and people are just you know rushing towards this pipe and you know they just want to get to as much water as they can you know so this word 20k also shows poverty and hardship that they are so poor that when they see an opportunity to get free water they just you know frantically they they just run towards it okay right and naked children so what about naked children so this is a very you know powerful image naked children they don't have enough clothes so you see water water is they they don't have enough water and then they live in huts and they don't have expensive pots okay and then there are naked children they don't have enough clothes either so there's so many things that they are lacking so you know the whole picture is really sad I would say and naked children screaming in the liquid Sun okay so these children are screaming in the liquid Sun so they are playing you know they don't have any worries so they see these are an opportunity to play in the water you know so so there's a little bit of you know positive picture here and I mean that is the only thing that they the this poem has to offer so this image of liquid Sun you know it can have different meanings so they are screaming in the water they are playing in the waters or liquid Sun is a is a metaphor for water okay and they are rejoicing in that water they are happy and because they you know they are in the waters or in the water they can see the reflection of the Sun as well so the Sun has kind of you know become liquid or you yeah so they are happy they are screaming they are shouting and their highlights polished to perfection so their highlights their body parts you know their main parts of bodies are polished a because they are you know having a bath so maybe their bodies were not very clean before and maybe they are not you know this is not enough water so maybe they are not you know washing up regularly because there is no enough water so they find this opportunity to you know play and also have a bath and their body parts become really you know polished to perfection so they become really clean flashing light so is the flashing light of the Sun as the blessing sings so this blessing blessing is a metaphor for God and water sorry water so and it is also an example of personification because blessing cannot sing so here the blessing things so this water is a true blessing for them over their small bones so while they are having a bath in that free water that water is singing over their small bones so once again this you know the point finishes at a very on a very dark image here small bones so you know these children they lack proper nourishment as well because they don't have enough food okay so there are so many different things which they don't have so they don't have water money wild clothes food you know pots houses there's so many things that they don't have so you know empty as darker has you know beautifully portrayed this scene here and uh you know I I think she's probably trying to show it to the people who have all these blessings they have all these facilities and it is difficult for them to visualize you know people who don't have them so using very strong imagery and you know a lot of metaphors and simile personification and most importantly onomatopoeia to you know to make us hear those sounds so it is a very beautiful point I think you might wish to write about the the imagery which she has used you know more than welcome to ask me any questions that you might have about this poem might have missed certain things because there's so much in this poem to talk about so okay great thank you very much indeed for watching take care bye bye

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