BLACK EYED KIDS BEK | Draw My Life Urban Legends

BLACK EYED KIDS BEK | Draw My Life Urban Legends

Imagine you are peacefully watching Youtube
at home when, suddenly, you hear the doorbell. You come close to the door, look through the
spyhole and find a pair of kids. You open the door, they inisist that they
need to make a phone call or they ask for a glass of water. When you look at their faces, you realize,
terrified, that their eyes are black. They have no iris, there is no white there,
just empty, with no soul. O deep fear starts invading you and you dont
know how to react. Worst thing is, they already know you are
afraid. We are talking about the kids known as BEK,
Black Eyed Kids. One of the most popular urban legends in these
last years. The first one who ever talked about this paranormal
case was the reporter Brian Bethel. During the mid 90s, he wrote about an encounter
he had with them. Bethel explained that it happened in the parking
lot of a movie theater in Abilene, Texas. Some kids around 10 and 14 years old approached
him. Bethel was in the car, he pulled the window
down – the kids asked him to let them get inside the car and take them home to get some
money they had forgot in order to pay for the ticket. One of them, also insisted that he would let
them see his camera. Bethel felt he was in danger. Given Brian’s refusal, the kids started
to get nervous and show the first signs of aggressiveness. Brian Bethel reacted on time, started his
car and flew away from there. From this moment on, different appearances
have been registered throughout the years, all around the world, up to now. The circumstances in which they occur vary,
but there are some characteristics that are always there with these black eyed kids. They usually appear silently, in couples,
with weird clothes, as if it wasnt from our times, but encounters where they are alone
have also been registered. Their age is usually between 8 and 14 years
old. They repeat their sentences, constantly. When you refuse to do as they ask, they tend
to get more persistent and aggressive. They seem to know what you are thinking and
a terrifying feeling takes control over you when they are around. Once the person leaves, the kids dissapear
without leaving any trail. Truth is, experts dont agree, they dont know
if these kids are demons, vampires, aliens or just an invention. There are lots of theories on the Internet. They could be vampires, as they traditionally
have black eyes, since they lack a soul. They also need your approval to be able to
access, a very recurring characteristic of these black eyed kids. Tho they could have a demonic origin, people
who have informed about these sightings affirm they have felt an irrational fear in the their
demonic presence. Some experts maintain the idea that the phenomenon
might actually be the ghosts of dead children, spirits that have lost their way. They don’t know they are dead, and ask for
help. There are also the theories that say they
are the result of a government experiment on mental control. Or members of a sect that joke around using
contact lenses. Nobody agrees about this sinister phenomenon,
but the Black Eeyed Kids cases keep taking place. We can only warn you to be careful when you
say a couple of kids and feel a negative energy around you…. RUN!

100 thoughts on “BLACK EYED KIDS BEK | Draw My Life Urban Legends

  1. this video reminds me of an episode of the drawing Time of adventure where in this episode Fin and his magic dog find a child with black eyes.😅

  2. This urban legend is true
    I saw a dead black-eyed kid
    BUT she was different the white part of her eyes
    were black and she had no pupils her eyes were pale
    white and nothing there its different than how I have seen
    my cat who died 1 year ago Like if you might seen this too
    but think it's your imagination or whatever but this girl was
    a ghost instead of an alive being
    when I looked away and back she disappeared
    and I didn't see her again also the bottom of her
    part like when it reached her legs it was fade
    and I never saw her again but I might soon again

  3. There’s this kid a my school her eyes look black and she actually never talk not even to her sister

  4. Imagine those two kids came and said “Can I Borrow Your Fortnite CD?

  5. Next time you do a scary Tuesday, I recommend you "Silverpilen" or on English "The silver arrow"! You might wonder what it is. Well, it might be the perfect thing for your next scary Tuesday if you ask me. If you haven't done it yet then listen carefully:
    Silverpilen, a Swedish urban legend know as "The silver arrow" which is the train of the dead. It's a haunted train station in Sweden's biggest city Stockholm there's a old haunted station named "Kymlinge". They usually say the train comes a few times at the year. When you see the silver arrow arrives slowly you get surprised because usually they are painted green and blue. But the silver arrow is an unpainted train which is like silver. And you must NOT enter the train. Usually the train is empty but sometimes there are people. But are they really people? No. They're dead people. If you enter it you must get out as fast as possible! Or you'll be left in a haunted station in the woods with no exit and the train will never come back to pick you up. Or even worse, you might stay in the train in days, months, years or even never get out of the train. It's called the train of the dead. Creepy right? The train appears in the night near 20:00, I don't know exactly, but it sounds creepy. You can search about it since I don't know everything about it, but you can also ask a Swedish person who says they have seen the Silver Arrow. But just so you know: they say it might be true…

  6. You think these kids can scare me? Bish I’m from Nigeria my mum has wooped my ass more times than I can count

  7. It's not my birthday
    My eyes are not black
    I love cake

    I did not lie can I get a like fir not lieing

  8. nothing to comment but just so… awsome!!! yourdrawing was amazing!! And ILOVE your videos but……..scaryyyyy!😱😱😱😱😱

  9. and how do you know They have NO Soul ? just because there eyes are Black They Might have Souls and as fore the Fear Thing Maybe They Feed on Fear or the Black Eyes are just A DNA
    mutation or A Plant/mineral Affect you NO Like How if you Have To Much Silver in your Body you will turn blue or blue'is-gray.

  10. after video Draw The Life TikTak will have black hands because she is removing drawings with hand XD im not funny i know.. Imao

  11. I’m a pilapino not Texas haha! I’m lucky. I’m ot I’m not gonna not watching this enemore ! I’m socket I allmost got dead

  12. I was born that same day and I was his neighbor and I didn’t even say anything so that’s a lie that’s literally a lie guys all these stories are ally

  13. I think I might have encountered them..

    One night I was sitting down on the couch, I heard a loud bang on the door, I went outside in the back door, telling my parents about the bang on the front door. My parents ran to the door, opening the door and seeing nothing, they said it was probably just some wind.

    but I thought it was more then that

  14. So they are actully dead kids who just dont really know they are dead an they do actully want to call home thats why they come to you're house but when you let them in they are gonna call they're parents and then realise they are dead and they are gonna think you killed them so they will want revenge

  15. Me:*watching youtube* door belle rings me:*gets up and open door* kids with black eyes:can we have a glass of water? Me:*looks at their eyes* thoughts:their eyes are all black!? Me:your my brother and sister now cause I’m some pics of me my eyes are either red or all black

  16. Black eyed list:
    Billie Eilish
    Melanie Martinez
    Some animals
    Scary kids tv shows that doesn't meant to be scary, but they are

    If you know something, write it

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