black belt artist

black belt artist

hello class this is the painting that's one of those paintings sorry making last few months I cannot tell you much right now about whole idea probably later on I will be more verbal more precise about motivation why I am doing this but right now I just want to make sure that you know I've been working I I'm not only fishing I'm also painting so this is the multiple hands artist without head and I call this black belt artist I know there are several meanings but I don't want to talk about this maybe you can find something can let me know what did you see because anyhow I need to make explanation to my gallery owner and any of your help and verbalization what you see will be highly appreciated so don't think that I am get completely crazy not yet but looks like slowly but surely I am going there so see you later

10 thoughts on “black belt artist

  1. "Blackbelt" to me implies that you've paid your dues and have done the hard work of becoming very skilled at your craft of art-making. Much like martial artists have to work hard to earn the high degree of being a black belt, you've done the same Alexei. I love the skillful rendering and illustration of this allegory, here. NeverarGreat and Sky Maskish, I agree with you, both.

  2. This is the height of sanity and excellence! A skillful blending of imagination and reality, fully realized.

  3. Здорово и я восхищаюсь вашим талантом и вашей живописью! Алексей, вы пишете в 7 слойной Фламандской живописи все работы или только натюрморты? Спасибо за ваши уроки на вашем сайте! Продолжаю изучать!

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