19 thoughts on “Bill Murray Reads Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn – Literary and Historical Significance of the Novel

  1. concerning Bill Murray 's reading it's not easy to improv, Mark Twain said it takes three weeks to write a good ad lib speech.

  2. I hate censorship. Read Huck Finn as the enjoyable novel it was meant to be. God forbid that he used the language of his youth and tried to be realistic with the vocabulary ! It may be slavery as viewed by a white man, but even white men have a perspective- or is that racist now too? But that is OK, I guess. This never ending controversy keeps Huck Finn as an American classic, and it deserves to be.

  3. Why is this even a premise for debating? Twain wrote a story, a brilliant story showing the other side to racism. Showing the character's as human and friends. Not every story involving a black person should be written about the atrocities the black race has faced. That isn't skirting the issues. Twain using a certain word is essential to the TIME it was written. How is it that we need to have due reverence to certain history but not other's? Ridiculous!
    This was great hearing Bill Murray, until the discussion.

  4. Oh, I thought that guy was, like, a comedian or something! You may not know this, but Barnes & Nobel sells queer books.

  5. Commie Democrat KKK leftist dopes haven't come out of the 1960's
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  6. And where is the black representative to add something about the tokenism of Jim's character? An all white, male panel to determine that there cannot possibly be an open discussion on racism in relation to this book. Oh no! Shhh.

  7. I agree with the panelist who said, "If you want to know Mark Twain's views on slavery, look at Pudd'nhead Wilson." My best selling title, and my favorite of all of his works.

  8. How am I supposed to compete with this.  Murray is brilliant and if it is so that he had little or no time to prepare, his performance is even more commendable.  I don't know the form of the manuscript Murray was reading from but my own copy, in the recent The Mark Twain Library edition contains strike outs and corrections making it very difficult to read directly from.  Huck Finn is a very complex book for reading aloud and I've only dared small sections with few characters.  His reading actually takes up only the first 14 minutes of this clip.

  9. I was just thinking about world literature, and how although in America he is rightly admired for his wit and breadth of work. The world must hate us for our worship of Mark Twain since most everything he wrote had a touch of Americana Pollyanna in it and not that much substance. I mean to compare him to such writers as pride and punishment's Fyodor Dostoevesky, or Dickens who wrote on matters much more then the nostalgia for their respective countries. It's true what they say America might have many things but it will never have the great culture of the old world.

  10. I like Bill Murray. I really like Bill Murray. But… The pauses  and stutters make this atrocious. The accent is beautiful. A really good southern accent but the pauses and stutters make it evident that he was unprepared… 

  11. I sat next to Bill Murray at a dance concert years ago. He was a big noisy shit and my girlfriend and I ended up moving. But this hasn't stopped me from enjoying him in his movies.

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