19 thoughts on “Bill Burr – Artisan Ice Cream

  1. mint is a perennial plant which means it grows and all year long. SF peoples heads are so far up their own ass they think they have the world figured out but cant even get their own shit straight…they do it for the facade. they are just as ignorant as any country bumpkin in BFE giving an opinion on politics.

  2. does anyone else find Bill's reactions to so-called bad food ridiculous? the guy can't eat anything without his body doing this and that, I dont get it, i eat good stuff and bad stuff and it doesn't make me feel good or shitty

  3. I haven't even been in an ice cream parlor in years. I just get my ice cream from Win Dixie, Walgreens, Walmart, etc.

  4. All he has to do is go to literally any other state and you'll find about 6 of those old timy ice cream joints that your grandpa took you to as a kid

  5. Actually made point of ordering shit I don't know from ethnic restaurants starting about 2 years ago. It has gone mostly well.

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