Bikini Girl Turns Up The Heat In Audition On American Idol | Idols Global

Bikini Girl Turns Up The Heat In Audition On American Idol | Idols Global

hi oh whoa Wow
you go out to all auditions like this no just this one oh let me Teddy mom yes to
do a rotate for the guys they’re just sort of turn around yeah that’s good Oh
Timon you are standing out absolutely fine Yeah right you free that what are
you gonna sing Donny treating me kind we destiny carry me through desperation the
one I was waiting for me beautiful you crushed me I’m still I believe another
one I needed was Sammy sensually I had a vision of love and it was all too given
to me thank you oh yeah let me kick this one off whoa um yeah yeah okay so the
hardest wait wait wait wait wait I can’t allow that without touching then why why
not I think that you have a lot of potential I’m gonna say yes okay
honestly and this isn’t because you’re a beautiful girl and I don’t want this to
come across well she was angry cuz she’s beautiful and young no no no I’m not no no I like em better – honestly you
don’t have to tell the thing that softly and your beautiful girl but that was a
big loss for women Jason listen anybody that was but that was all because you do
not have to spray no I’m sure he said that yours was not I know I’m gonna
agree with Katrina on this I’m gonna yeah yeah what’s your first and last
name cuz it’s Trina Darrell we just nebulous
top and bottom love – here’s the deal welcome to Hollywood
yeah oh this is one more time welcome to Hollywood I have to admit that she really does
have a very you like it Oh terrible Brian good on anything you say we just
want to sort of stand here by the pool so I can make out with him well Idol and
the yellow ticket with you sure off the Hollywood soap why do you think the
judges put you through to Hollywood Katrina what do you think they saw in
you um I think it was my way yeah M bikini and how are you swimming look so
good well then I feel guilty thing you should jump into the pool though but it
is high you take a swim we’ll take a break okay and we’ll come back

100 thoughts on “Bikini Girl Turns Up The Heat In Audition On American Idol | Idols Global

  1. I feel sorry for all the future (and past) men this little "lady" will bulldoze mentally, spiritually and financially.

  2. and I thought the female judges were the only ones salty
    most of the female commenters in this video are just as salty lol

  3. Am I the only one who didn’t think it was slutty or bad or DIDN’T CARE about her coming in a bathing suit😂🤷🏾‍♀️I also lowkey thought the girls were a little jealous but at the same time idc.

  4. That look increasing and weird as hell who goes to the American got talent backed and have a under were and a brh really enberssinh and weird

  5. The judge wasn't any better honestly and she was jealous as hell I think the girl coming out in her bikini was a bit desperate but her voice was decent

  6. I think she has a good singing voice and she's also good looking sexy and confidently pretty and that's smart…But there's only two things that bothers me (either she is too confident and wanted to make sure to catch attention or at the same time insecure that she has to prove herself) by thinking that both, it's not wrong for being confident but for the sake of respecting the show and for self-respect, u shouldnt wear bikini coz its not related in the act that u r goin to show. And I guess that's the reason why the girl judges reacted negatively, because they thought she was so over-reacting and too much proud or too much confident of herself…But she didn't say anything wrong,she still push through what she want to achieve by using her body to attract attention…not bad…but she needed to learn self-respect so that others donot misinterpret her…

  7. So a mom would let her daughter go and sing half naked ?? Are you serious ? Yea it’s cool she got through but she obviously has no respect for herself. She’s a disgrace to women. I’m so disappointed. She makes us look like idiots.

  8. Umm am I the only one who seems to notice she had NOTHING at all including sex appeal she was FLAT ALL OVER no boobs ass NADA and to top it off her vocals were more flat than the rest of her which was iron board FLAAT . Guys have SOME standards for fucks sakes man this girl was BELOW average at best sorry but anyone who disagrees isn't being honest !

  9. In my opinion it was inappropriate for Kara as a judge to initiate a competition against the contestant. People see Bikini girl as being rude here and maybe so, but even if she was, she did not initiate the rudeness, Kara did as is commonplace for these judges. In any case, bikini girl was unwise to turn Kara against her and in this position it is wise to be humble. Kara comes off here looking insecure and like she felt the need to prove herself instead of rising above such pettiness. Maybe something in bikini girl stirred up jealousy in Kara and the need for her to establish dominance and mark her territory.

  10. Sleazy way to go to an audition. These people should only be judged on a recording they should not be seen till after they get on the show.

  11. This woman is a whore. She insulted the audition by assuming the men were so dumb they would give her YES votes based on her bikini body, which those stupid horny idiots did, then insulted the women, pranced out to the pool and forced herself on Ryan, who was not happy with her grabbing his face and sticking her tongue in his mouth. She is a classless, crude manipulative gold digger. Instead of winning on talent, she forced her sex appeal on everyone. This is a singing competition, not a strippers competition. Bitch.

  12. The women of the judges were jealous and that made me a lil angry. .. The girl has an absolutely good voice and they should care only about that. That's my opinion

  13. Oh PLEASE you whores. Even my grade threes know that is all ILLEGAL felony automatic jail time I have to arrest men destroying their very lives because you believe you are above the law. You are sick

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