Biggest con artist in Audiophile history? (TRINITY Audio/ IMR Acoustic)

Biggest con artist in Audiophile history? (TRINITY Audio/ IMR Acoustic)

this is Trinity if you don't know about Trinity tourney as a company that started out reasonably good and then things started to occur promises were made and then they were not fulfilled and that's not itself a unique but it started to become a pattern big pattern and then people started to in fact lose their money and they were offered perks to continue to support so they're they're not getting their item and then on top of not getting the rhyme they're being told if you know you can were delayed because of this upgrade thing that we're gonna do not this set but another set so if you you know add twenty thirty dollars then we'll go ahead and include you in that next unit and we'll give you a discount for like helping support us so not only did they take the money of the people from the beginning they actually the people that were getting pissed off they were saying hey hey we're really sorry listen this is how we'll make it up to you you put 30 more dollars in and we'll give you what is essentially a hundred dollar perk and then wait and what ended up happening is a la great number of these people ended up getting back nothing nothing and head fire loud that threat to exists head fight not only allowed that to exist but the company that is Trinity now which is IMR which is run by the same person this company was born by the money that was stolen from these people this is just one of the many items that they stole money from people they stole money this guy should be in jail I'm not it's robbery you promised a performance that's that's that's poor a performance agreement is when one party agrees to perform a certain action in return for an agreed-upon price performance essentially on two sides if you're familiar with business that's what a performance contract is I I do for you this if you do that and these are you're performing in both sides they they people so bad I just realized today when I went to check it out like the history because some people broke it down into like a story and when you read the story all of it true it's unbelievable that they were allowed to even exist and I thought if I did that so that people could keep a chance to get their money back because if you close the thread then you kind of blocking it and almost protecting the company so I thought that's what's going on but they just because I am are exists now they didn't want the one of the Trinity threat to was deleted except for the sponsor announcement so Trinity got protected by head fight I'm kind of speechless head fight for head fires for music lovers that support that site by buying goods that are highlighted on that site basically screwed hundreds of head fires who had no more chance to get their money back and were being called crybabies or whatever because they trusted somebody and paid cash up front and didn't get back the performance they didn't get back the item and on top of that they were said if you get more money will boost you up to the next step and then they did it like like morons you guys bear responsibility and they got instead of losing a hundred dollars they lost one hundred and sixty dollars because this these people started saying sorry you know they said help us do another thing and we'll discount you into that we'll slide you into a perk pretty much so this is the Phantom in a great majority of the people a thousand ninety six backwards never got 129 thousand pounds that went to IM arse development the last time that these people updated was 2017 final batch packed you know the both the it was that's to 2017 let's just read a few of these let's do these people that are in this hobby like you like me let's do them justice tip our cap to them and give them some video time Marcelo I'm another to see personal loss 100 pounds of no product receive yet this is a month ago a month ago yeah it's July 28th a month ago June 28th somebody was still this is 2017 they've been gone for two years Kickstarter cannot kick scammer I think it'll be important attracting vigils behind this campaign who knows maybe they will start a new company bro James Jones super backer it's called IMR it's it's not it's the same guy that owns it is the same guy that owns this company so you don't need to track them down there actually I'll show you in a minute sell entity which society are many potentially you shouldn't be coming to shut preventing future fraud is about being able to identify individuals kind of his name's Bob there you go and then a man from another super backer I asked for full refund I received not Kickstarter was their exit scam they were too trusted would never thought that would heed this is that they haven't logged in since last year and the company website is long gone was hoping to receive was hoping that not receive my earbuds was just a fluke sadly not based on comments I know this isn't a storm and things that go wrong but at the same time company should not be allowed to fall off the face of the earth without explaining why we won't be receiving anything I purported this park and I encourage you to do the same I want my money back there you go Ben yum song Wattana right to the point I want my money back where is my heir losers hey creator want my money back these folks are scammers where's my unit Network six months deep need my money back thanks for stealing my money you clowns were seven months clearly we got scammed I'm not wasting any more news waiting for any more news we must ensure these guys not do this again so do all backers who gave them two hundred pounds for beer let's say attentive and kick their asses this must be somebody in my world as soon as they reappear any well no credit they're overrun drop right now selling I am ours just so you know stop invoking your rights they are gone not even pretending to respond now those that got them got crowd those that didn't cut as much useless stuff as the rest of us I'd vote my rights on the kicks our terms I invoke my rights on the kick-start terms didn't get anything well not many people actually thanks for nothing clowns and it goes on and on so these guys ripped off and now they're these guys good at this what's stimulated this is what seeing this today I I saw a drop I get spam from them and I clicked on it and I saw this and then I scrolled down and I saw this dude the biggest and the hobby and I've called him out several times of course he's here of course he's the guy helping promote Bob who over tons of people if if you respond to me you've you fat I did forget my language because nobody really cares we're talking about money stolen thousands and thousands and thousands tens of thousands up to a hundred thousand dollars stolen talk about that first and then talk about how I should have been raised better and my language is disgusting and also talk about what's important while I talk about you new shill let me give up the second you in this not the third one first goes to the seller you bitch second one goes to Bob Trinity for just being a despicable piece of and you for showing up every time something is sketchy you're right there you fat and by the way that dap in that video i saw the video for it that was given to him as a present by ass telling turn for his birthday a $3,000 at the time DAP was given according to his own video was given to him and I'm thinking to close when a company gives you a $3,000 DAP for a birthday present you're too close moron does anybody trust what this guy says do you know that he would say anything for anybody if he got out of it what he wanted the people that think that this hobbies got some going on in the shady area and dm's and you're totally correct you're actually under suiting it's worse than you think so this company IMR is owned by the same person that owned this company that disappeared off the face of the planet after taking tons of people's money and they're allowed to exist and this company owned head fight even though head fine knows that it was the other company that screwed tons of people it's like everybody's together holding hands and some weird give as much money as you can the public duck Duck Duck Smalltalk glad-hand delete move along what a up hobby and I'm out 12 minutes that's not bad IMR is owned by the same person that this is just an example man if people phantom era stuff tons of stuff hundreds of thousand dollars hundreds of thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars that went into the development of this company built off the back of people that invested in this company and this is the kind of video that other people watch my channel and think I don't want to sell that send that guy anything he seems out of control well to you and to whoever sent you this video suck my dick you you everybody that communicates with you to all the sellers out there that send little messages like I got not that long ago implying that a company was slightly disappointed with my take on their item you all of you there are lots of people out there that will take care of you in the way that you need I'm not one of them I never was one of them I hype what I like I bash what I don't don't ever ever hint what the I should maybe consider thinking about is saying and don't tell me not to bash a company if my mother said that to me I'd look at her and then laugh you're a person I've never met in my life you don't tell me what to say you shut the up and count you money

12 thoughts on “Biggest con artist in Audiophile history? (TRINITY Audio/ IMR Acoustic)

  1. the faces of these effing scammers should be posted everywhere related to audio. I just pray that to who or whatever lord they pray to, to get them soonest to end their scamming ways. Dang effers!!!

  2. Best video ever! Good on you for your honesty man. This video definitely deserved the "I'm out" at the end though! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yeah i agree on this. Now a days youtubers kiss and suck companys balls and say product is good.just to get sponsors and money. Cause the majorty of the people that watches them are contained in a box of mind or mind inside of box. Im with you on this cable slut man! Good vid

  4. I don't really trust head-fi that much. I have reviewed products ( critically and have been 'silenced/posts taken down' ) so to speak on some chi-fi. Thanks for your at least "more" honest reviews… ๐Ÿ™‚

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