BIG Canvas Ocean Pour | Acrylic Pouring | Abstract Art | Fluid Painting

BIG Canvas Ocean Pour | Acrylic Pouring | Abstract Art | Fluid Painting

hey guys it's Molly I am going to do a poor tonight that is really just panes gray negative space and I'm gonna do some wave action down at the bottom I have done another one of these a link it in the video I did it long ways vertical and I had the waves just across the bottom and the whole top was negative space I really liked it but I wanted to try to do one horizontally and I wanted to do it big so I'm working on a 30 by 40 inch canvas I'll show you all my colors and Mike wearing medium down below the video as I always do and I'm gonna go ahead and get started so I'll see you in a sec so I wanted to show you guys first what I do so this is just regular acrylic paint no no pouring medium in it and I go around when I'm doing a dark canvas and I'm using thin paint the sides can kind of bleed through so what I do is I go along and I actually paint the sides with regular paint before I get started on the painting so that when things drip down the side I don't have to worry about covering any of those edges they're already covered ok guys hope to try to show you guys these big pores because I can't get you all the way in my video so like the canvas into the video so I'm just gonna pour some paint spray all over the canvas here and then I'm gonna spread this out and then I'm gonna start with the actual pour so I'll be right back okay so I have got a layer on the canvas my arm may be in the way just a little bit but I'm gonna start with the my favorite I'm using my favorite colors again and I used a blow dryer to spread this paint out because it gives such an even like thin layer why I'm here I shouldn't paint with my hair down okay we wanted to be up like this so I did the last one with the woman with a straw and there is no way I'm doing this one with a straw so looks like I'll be doing it with it the bullet driver and I did this one I did the last one and kind of layers and so I'm going to do that again but the whole point is I want it to kind of look like a stormy ocean and then I'll put the white on last I'm gonna come around the side and kind of blow with the blow dryer to mix the colors together a little bit I'm moving it in different directions because the water is not you know it doesn't all flow one way whenever you guys hear my blow-dryer going on hi it's actually cool like not like not life it's cool as in like super cool but like the airflow out of it is cool my cool setting on my Revlon blow-dryer actually blows the paint harder than Milo I never used hi because I don't want the heat setting on it to to you know make the paint dry too fast it's time for the next layer I'll try to do it over here so that you guys can see it I kind of want it to come up this way a little bit as if you're like looking at it crashing so may get some more of this there I haven't used that cerulean blue I'm still deciding if I'm going to or not I really like the lacing that this aqua is doing oops okay there were two boo-boos there I didn't know with a lot of aqua right there which I'll end up blowing off and they scrape the canvas I'll just save it for my next blooper video okay so this one's actually gonna be a ton of negative space and I think it's gonna be really really pretty when I add the white for the lacing in there when we look at it from this but I really want this top layer up here to really be more of a line and I have some paint spray tips here I'm gonna make up a little bit more phthalo blue I'll be right back okay I've got this extra hard stuff a little bit of paint spray in here extra blue I think this time I'm going to try to flow it kind of down this way because again I go my way used to be like super chopping it there and then a little bit more last a little bit of my cobalt yeah it's much easier to have control on the small canvasses with the with your straw but on these big canvasses I would be glowing for days add another line of the blue right here okay I think I'm ready to add oh my gosh that's so beautiful I'm ready to add the white okay and see because I painted my edges I'm okay that this just drips over otherwise it would have been a white canvas or you know if the panes gray hadn't come through there and that wouldn't have been as nice so I'm gonna come in with oh my gosh some white and I'll show you my consistency you see if I can so it's like very thin okay the other one that I did was one that I put a little bit of alcohol in but I'm not gonna do this this time because I'm using my acrylic paint cause pink blossoms sure so I don't use too much all right well that was a big white wave anybody went up there okay I think that's it for now I'm gonna mount pull this out down here so I'm gonna continue blowing this out okay I finished blowing it out and I must say I love it so there's a glare but that's what it looks like and in here you can see there's no silicone in this this is just coming from the white that I'm using but you can see all the details and how they look like they're kind of mixed together how some of the little let me see if I can find one how they almost look like they're crashing like the little waves are crashing over each other I really love it yeah just love it kind of foamy really really happy with this one and I'm gonna leave the edges like that because I think it adds interest I really like it that way and I'm super happy so that's what she looks like going for like waves crashing on a dark stormy night on the beach so you guys let me know what you think all right thanks for watching yeah bit painting by you

30 thoughts on “BIG Canvas Ocean Pour | Acrylic Pouring | Abstract Art | Fluid Painting

  1. Hey guys! I really like how this one came out! I was going for dark and stormy! What do you guys think?

  2. This is so BEAUTIFUL…
    THANNK you for sharing this video…
    I have learned so much…
    Question: What brand is your Hair Dryer??

  3. Beautiful! I could just do with dipping my toes in there right now, it's so hot here. Love watching you work. On which note, I'd better go and do some!

  4. Do you get to view the sea much? There reason I ask, is that most of your work is refecting water in motion and sea forms. As nice as these images are, some feel to be imaginary rather than observed. Not that this is wrong, it's just a question. Before my arthritis stopped me painting, by choice I would always paint from life. Even when I abstracted the observed land or sea scape, I felt a connection to the nature that inspired it. The motion of the water and waves or the movement of trees and woodland in the wind and elements. Even the unmoving aspects I worked on, moorland, harbours, medieval churchs and the like were always set in the movement of nature and the movements of light. Thank you again for your work. I enjoy it greatly.

  5. Wow very cool molly , O and again Thank you so very much for getting back with me, we totally appreciate yr time out u took 4 us … 💙 Nikki & Jr 😎

  6. This is absolutely beautiful ❤️🔥 you're amazing Molly, you really inspire me to want start fluid art again❤️

  7. I was worried the paints were too thin but when you added the white it really came together 👍👍

  8. I’m in love with your “ocean waves” Molly! The color combination is gorgeous & you definitely got the storm waters look! Just went outside & it’s so nice & cool. What a welcomed change. Have a great week beautiful lady, Grandma from Iowa 🥰

  9. Could the white also be done with the blow dryer? I don't have the lung capacity to manually blow it out like you did, even with a straw. It's beautiful.

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