BEST & WORST WHITE PEN?! | Testing EVERY White Pen I could find! | Sakura, Uni-Ball, Sharpie, etc

BEST & WORST WHITE PEN?! | Testing EVERY White Pen I could find! | Sakura, Uni-Ball, Sharpie, etc

These are white gel pens. They’re really great way to add highlights or life to your illustration. These are the two that I have tried in the past, however, after spending a little bit of time on the internet, I realize there are a lot that I have not tried yet. We’re gonna put them to the test to figure out which one’s the best Starting with the least- Nope, that’s not it. starting with the least expensive. We have the sakura gelly roll you’ve probably heard of this before purchased this for a dollar 35 and as you can see It’s having a little bit of that uhh… I don’t know what you would call that? It’s very opaque So it passes that test. something I like to do with gel pens to be able to make quick tiny little dots. ehh, It’s not bad I feel like it could be better if you stick there and make a dot and like do a little swirly motions It does perfect dots Another thing that matters to me with white gel pens is being able to make like, long Lines without it drying up like in the process So we’re gonna make just try to fill this entire space here with a line and see what happens Whew I’d say it passes that test pretty good okay my last two tests Include it has to go over an alcohol-based marker and water color. So It’s not opaque on top of this But there is definitely some ghosting of the colors through that and let’s test it on the watercolor. They’re pretty similar to that I’m definitely seeing some weirdness happening or it’s not drawing as opaque as in other spots So that’s interesting onto the next one Next up we have the sakura glaze gel pen in white This one actually comes with a little Rubber bit that’s covering your nib you just pull that off and then you can start writing So that’s how you know, it’s a brand new pen sakura I bought this for a dollar eighty It’s really not showing up at all. Oh, it’s actually turning white over time. Look at this. Look at this. Oh really cool I’ve never heard of this pen before but now let’s try the length test I don’t like it to give up on me halfway through See what happens.. space.. Okay. There you go Yeah, it starts really transparent and then over time it becomes opaque It was really good at doing the dots and it’s really good at like filling in spaces So definitely the less ink you put down the faster it dries and then the quicker it becomes opaque because like where I was adding like a lot more ink and creating the little swirly dots they’re still kind of transparent the square is still a little Transparent and like here where I was going very slowly. So more ink was being deposited on the paper. It’s still more transparent Well, you can’t even see where I’m putting it on this. That’s kind of scary Like if you were drawing something you kind of just have to trust your gut with that. Yeah, same thing I really cannot see it. I can see a little bit of shininess I don’t know if you can see it on the camera It just gave this pen a little Google And it’s supposed to the reason it’s called the glaze pen is because it’s actually supposed to leave like a raised effect Which yeah, I can feel it- aw yeah, this feels really cool with the dots where I was going quickly I don’t feel any raised surfaces, but where I was going slowly I can feel a little bit and then the dots I feel it a lot Barely a raised surface like that’s a bit of a stretch It’s been like two minutes maybe and this one’s still very transparent I can’t see it at all over this like light purple color and the reason I’m testing it over alcohol-based marker and watercolor because those are the two mediums that I use the most so For it to be the best white gel pen for me It has to be able to work on these two mediums before they both kind of failed watercolor We’ll come back to this and give it like use some more time. But let’s test the next gel pen Next up is the uniball signo angelic color gel pen in point seven millimeter with white ink This one’s much thinner than the last couple that I’ve used. It doesn’t glide as smoothly as the other two either It’s a bit scratchier feeling this one I paid Two dollars and thirty cents for dotted lines. Oh This one has that gel pen pet peeves you see how it’s like fading out and then there’s the strokes like they they suggest like drawing very lightly to avoid that but Look, it’s still fading out as I go and this is a brand new pen Oh Alright do the dot test put something under this so it’s not bouncing up and down. All right now the length test see how it does with the long lines and squiggles Yeah, see how it like just gives out I’m not like changing the pressure at all. It just randomly stops working That is one of my biggest gel pen pet peeves Kay lets test it on the marker not bad. And then on the water color. Yeah, they’re all kind of ooh I didn’t have that on view sorry, let’s see. It’s barely showing up on the water color. They’re all kind of failing that one Which is sad this one’s not doing too well on the marker. Oh Did okay right there maybe so yeah, that was the uniball signo angelic color Yeah for two dollars and thirty cents. I would expect a little bit more out of this pen. That one’s a bit of a disappointment Next up. This pen is the same brand is the last one. It’s the univille signo. Gel pen I guess it’s the classic version. We’ve got a much thicker barrel with the metal tip and pretty cool cap It fits on the other end Wow, this one’s fun to use very smooth like the This the point seven millimeter one who felt scratchy this one feels smooth and like you can see the ink coming out very well This one cost me Two dollars and fifty cents it fills in a square very good This one is very nice I’ve used these ones in the past either it was some of my favorite one This is my go-to gel pen currently, but even this one will cause some troubles So, let’s see if it passes the test I have here. Yeah, see mmm The dots it’s actually pretty good at the dots. I Like that and the swirly stuff very good, you know, oh my gosh would you stay down! Now the length test this is where I think this one usually fails Doing pretty good Oh Dry it up a bit there. Oh, it’s just I’m not missing the paper. It just stops writing sometimes I like to have a nice consistent line because sometimes I need to do straight lines for things and If it’s gonna stop working on me, I have to go back and draw again And that’s just something that drives me nuts and it’s my biggest pet peeve and maybe it’s just not possible for a pen to be Able to do that but that’s what I’m looking for. And I’m gonna test for it anyway All right. Let’s take it over to the marker really more opaque than the last couple Let’s see if it shows up on Whoo. Hey, this one wins on the water color. So I just noticed that the last one we tested It’s like causing discoloration Idk if you can see that it’s like made it darker instead of white so that signo what’s at the end angelic so far I don’t know which one’s the best but I know that one’s the worst. Yeah Do not recommend that one. Let’s test the next one This one has a very thick barrel, huh? This is the Pentel hybrid gel grip gel pen in 1.0 millimeters white very grippy This one’s a bit scratchier than the signo It’s having a little hard time writing sometimes it just sort of gives out she doesnt like pet peeve this one I also paid two dollars and fifty cents for It works really well. If you keep going over the same spots, it’s when you do like the straight lines And even the square like it’s a bit streaky if you can see that All right. Now the length test Not bad for that one there are parts where it is not coming out as cleanly So there’s like a difference in color almost like opaqueness That’s not bad. Not bad. Not bad. All right over the alcohol marker. It feels really smooth on this mixed-media paper I’m seeing something for the broa- the signo the uni-ball signo broad is actually calling causing some discoloration on the outside of the gel pen. Can you see that right? Like the water color is actually becoming darker That’s something to be aware of it I would call this a pretty basic pen I feel like just the opaqueness is better in the signo broad and it’s the same price so it beats it out next pen I bought two different white sharpies, but the first one the one to test is this water-based one I think it’s actually a marker but I didn’t realize that when I bought it. So we’re going to test anyway Go so this is the sharpie This is fun to write with more of a paint pen Obviously, so you’re not able to get a little fine details with this one cost me about isin sixty cents Bet this one will fill the square in real good. Oh yeah This one’s not having any of the problems that I hated about gel pens, but it’s not a gel pen. So that makes sense Let’s see. There’s very there’s a lot of consistency OOH, it’s very good doing dots and since it is a paint marker. You gotta be careful not brushing up against it Although something I’m noticing is it becomes a little less opaque over time like where I just let go of it it seems brighter than where I Painted in the past and I could see it becoming more gray looking over time and over the alcohol marker. Oh Yes, very nice. I like that And then on the watercolor Oh Hey, we finally got something that shows up on watercolor Like out of all the last ones look at that That one wins hands down. It loses points because it can’t make fine Details, but if you do bigger illustrations, this is definitely something to consider now these next pens I was only able to find in a three pack and only on Amazon this is the fine point white gel pens by art-n-fly We actually have a rubber grip and metal tip with a cap that fits on the other which actually costs $8.99 for the set. Ooh. They’re very Scratchy *disgusted noises*. I can’t even get a consistent line to write with on this one $8.99 Three which comes out to about $3 each This one is..kind of sucky (lol) See how scratchy that is. You can see the strokes. Yeah, I Think we have a new contender for worst. Oh, yeah, you can see like the scratchiness of it Hmm now for the length test, I don’t have very high hopes for this third Actually making funny sounds like squeaking Ooh! Did you hear that sound?? (its like the demigorgon’s squelching noises from Stranger Things) Sometimes it just doesn’t really work Yeah, this one man and I have three of these stupid pens Okay, do not recommend these ones. This is the art and fly white gel pen See this one really has no excuse of being $3.00 a pen when you can get a secure classic gel pen for a dollar 35 and it’s better so Yeah, this guy out of all the ones I’ve tested so far. This one is the loser. I have no idea How you pronounce this but this is the most highly recommended gel pen to me It’s the Sakura decorese gel pen in point six millimeter comes in the color pastel white It’s definitely the most uniquely shaped pen Oh fancy cap cap fits on the other end Wonderful, beautiful. Thank you very much. It’s like gold detailing very pretty. Let’s test that one out I have high hopes for this puppy. You can like feel the ball in there moving up and down Is that how pens work? I dunno It started off a little scratchy, but it’s definitely warming up as I use it This one cost me three dollars and thirty cents. It’s a very juicy pen So yeah, I expect it to do that pretty well. Nice This one definitely seems to do best if you move slowly like quick motions It does that scratchy Texture, but if you go slow you can get a very nice line So if I go slow and then speed up you can kind of see the difference I’m not like blown away, but I like it. I feel like it’s also getting better the more I use it All right, let’s do the length test. Oh It’s giving up a little bit there Come on, you can do it. We’re running out of paper. It’s pretty consistent line there Yeah, I like that. Yeah, this one definitely does its best the slower you go with it. Let’s test it over some marker That’s pretty good. It’s better than the art-n-fly Over watercolor. Oh, it’s actually showing up Well, we’ll give it some time see if it fades into it. You definitely see it compared to the art-n-fly so far only the paint pen and This one are actually showing up, but I think it’s starting to fade into the watercolor So we’ll check back with that and it’s definitely on par with the Uni-ball signo broad pen. Although the broad one has a thicker line The only place where I think it takes the cake The broad one had some discoloration and this one is definitely more opaque on the watercolor. Next up is another paint pen It’s the posca paint pen. I Got it in white and I got the finest tip. I could find. Ooh, I like this a lot This one costs me $3.50 Oh, I’m loving this. Actually now that I’m getting a little bit more control lets fill in the square. Oh Yes, very nice. You can barely see any strokes at all in that. Okay good Let’s go slow at first Speed up Yeah, you can see how it’s like a bit grayer there and whiter there. All right. Let’s do the length test See how long it can go and be consistent it’s a bit Textured if that makes sense. And this one definitely seems to fade over time Like it becomes more grey but it’s still white compared to the black paper. See what it looks like on the alcohol marker. I I like it then on top of the watercolor.. Ooh, Very good. Very good. Yes It seems like if you want to do watercolor, paint pens seem to do the best thing for highlights But even that one is kind of fading into it Whereas the sharpie one is still very opaque and even here too. Like you can see it’s it’s not as white It’s becoming like a light purple and a light yellow and a light green color instead of white Yeah, that is the Uni Posca pen Next up is another paint marker. It’s the Raymay Two millimeter. This is a thicker. This is a thick one. This is the Raymay florescent board marker pen. I Don’t know it was recommended to me as a white gel pen cuz I’m so not a white gel pen put see how it works It’s sealed again Release paint pens, you gotta prep it I see it’s coming. Yeah This is so fat Raymay you do you see how it’s like becoming gray. The sun’s not good not good on paper I don’t know if it’s for something else, but this one cost me $4 and 25. Yeah, this one’s kind of gross EW not liking this Yeah, let’s just get this over with I don’t like this one. Mm-hmm you see What happens as it dries? That’s weird. I don’t know what this is meant to be written on. It doesn’t look florescent. It almost looks like crinkly paper My god, it’s like a tissue texture, but let’s test it on alcohol marker Yeah works really well on that Oop it’s starting to fade and get that weird crinkly texture to it. It’s kind of gross. I don’t like it, Yeah and for $4.25 For a pen. I hope I like it. Next up is the Sharpie paint marker, which I couldn’t find Anywhere, so I had to buy it on Amazon and I paid way too much for it I’m sure this is like the last sharpie one I tested but this one is oil base Ooh it has a much finer point other end. Perfect. I don’t know if this one needs to be prepped hmm Its dissapearing.. Oil Based Well, this one’s a bit of a disappointment I don’t know if it’s old Had to buy this on Amazon and it costed me $5.23 Got a weird number Like it starts off really white. I don’t know if you could see that and then it just fades into nothing It’s almost like writing Invisible messages. Yeah, it’s really yeah I mean unless you’re looking for this sort of effect Or you can you just want a lighter version of something But it’s consistent, alright, let’s try it on the alcohol marker Yeah, it does the exact same thing. I don’t know what this pens for.. It just fades into oblivion! Where is it? It also has a bit of a smell to it, which isn’t pleasant I don’t know if i’m doing something wrong Oh Wait see like the the ink is definitely white but it just Goes bye-bye. Well, that was a disappointment. I had high hopes for this one. All right. What do we have? We have one left! Whew don’t fail me now Mr. Expensive marker Last one and most expensive one mostly because I could only find it on Amazon. This is the Derwent graphic line Panter So I guess this is probably more easily accessible in the UK But here it cost me eight dollars and forty-five cents Eek for one pen. This one I believe is also paint. Yeah It’s a water-based pigment painter with a Japanese nib so this works much like the sharpie oil-based one, but the ink is a water-based and it cost me like I said Oh, Eight dollars and forty five cents for one pen eeek. Not impressing me This doesn’t feel like something I would pay that much for and everyone in the UK is gonna be like what that’s like a dollar pen you paid way too much for that. I needed to test it Okay, and I’m not loving it either it definitely acts more like the in the two dollar range. That’s good dots though That’s better dots than any other two dollar pens Oh wait No
The glaze pen did really good dots that glaze pen is getting way more vibrant And I’m starting to really like that one. If you go too fast with this one, it can not keep up better okay, and then test it on the Alcohol marker here seems to show up pretty good and then the watercolor yeah, I am NOT impressed for how much I paid for this I probably shouldn’t classify it as an almost $9 pen Let me google and see what that’s actually worth So the cheapest online I was able to find this as maybe four dollars if you get it in a pack but then it you don’t really get to pick the colors and obviously you want the one that’s in snow if you’re looking for a White gel pen and the cheapest is about four dollars if but that’s in a pack when you have to get four of them This one is definitely a bit of a letdown. Yeah, even at four dollars what that puts it That still puts it as one of the most expensive ones here So yeah bit of a disappointment with the graphic line painter, so to review here After testing all twelve of these different white paint pens and gel pens. I think I’ve come to a bit of the conclusion here Definitely the Uni-ball signo broad is still one of the best The uh the glaze pen was something that I’d never tried before and I was really impressed and the fact that it’s only a dollar Eighty so it’s one of the cheaper ones I think it definitely is just a little bit better than the classic gel pen in my opinion just because you can get the more clean Filled in shapes like the square. Whereas with the classic one. It’s a bit scratchier But if you like a scratchier gel pen go for it, go for the classic Um, the two that I definitely don’t recommend are the oil-based Sharpie paint marker I do not like the angelic the uniball angelic. I don’t know what you call this the uniball signo Angelic one didn’t like that one at all Like it’s just very inconsistent and just not a fun pen to use also the art-n-fly one is just way too overpriced for being about as good as The dollar thirty-five Sakura classic gelly roll pen. They’re kind of the same pen So go for the cheap one, obviously. Um, I was I really like the water-based Sharpie paint marker I’m going to probably be using that in the future For any times that I need large areas of white filled in that one was really cool I was hoping this one would be that but that just didn’t really live up to it And I liked the posca paint marker when I was using it But now that I’ve stepped back and I’m comparing the results with the Sharpie one I like the sharpie better than the posca and the sharpie was cheaper so yeah, although the poscas supposed to have a finer point, but they look very similar here where were those (muffled words) posca, and then the *du du du* oh I see, so the posca has a bit of a finer point at the end. Whereas the Sharpie is rounded so if you need it to be finer point, then I would go with the posca but I think the results. I really preferred the Sharpie in that one and even over like watercolor the Sharpie did better Although the Raymay they actually did really well over Things they did a lot better than over the black which is interesting. So yeah, that is As for which one is the best which I’m kind of sad to say this because it’s the one I’ve been using Here’s my baby. It’s the uni-ball signo broad. White gel pen seems to be after Testing all these the best one And like it has a good price point too and it lasts you a pretty long time. I Was hoping to find like a whole new answer I was really I had such high hopes for this guy that really high hopes for this guy but you kind of just blended into the crowd like Wasn’t the worst wasn’t the best did really good. It was definitely juicier than some of the other ones So maybe it’ll last longer. I don’t know. I haven’t used it for a long time But yeah, it’s a good pen if you want a funky looking thing, but on your desk Yeah, I hope maybe you learned something Hopefully some of these tests helped you figure out which of these gel pens or paint markers is best for you I think I can officially say that this is the best white gel pen for me and For what I want to use it for. However, it really doesn’t work on watercolor very well It has that weird had a weird discoloration if you see right here Barely opaque on watercolor and it creates almost like a discoloration on the outside of the line But it works really well on alcohol-based marker so if you’re you’re looking for something to use on watercolor, the best one is the Sharpie water-based one and Posca pen and I guess actually the decorese look at that I didn’t even think of that this one worked the best as this is the best gel pen for watercolor But this is a better gel pen overall. Does that make sense? Yeah, I guess there’s no right answer. I tried to find one I think this was my favorite though, and then I’ll have this guy as a backup basically. Yeah Anyway, thank you guys for watching. I hope you learned something Hope ya got some information for your noggin about what gel pen is best for you And if anything you learned maybe which ones not to buy and yeah, thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles! Byee

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