BEST SCRAWLRBOX YET?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Drawing Woodland Creatures

BEST SCRAWLRBOX YET?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Drawing Woodland Creatures

Woah. I Just got another Scrawlr Box in the mail. So let’s open it up and see what’s inside! First I need some honesty what you think about these nails? Like do they look like pastel pink that’s been dragged through the dirt or little miniature Jackson Pollock paintings? I can’t decide. Anyway, let’s open this up. Drawing wiff Waffles Inside this month’s Scrawlr Box we have our Scrawlr Box sticker, our prompt word, our list of supplies, A candy. A Swizell. I have no idea what kind of candy that is. Smells? Doesn’t have a smell. Also inside the box Gelly Roll 10. A ten? Is that thicker then normal? Oh how I love gel pens! Hehehe! Love ’em. Micron PN, what’s a PN? Pen? Oh, it’s kind of like a thicker line? I’m just swatching everything on myself. Haha And lastly there’s a little box. Ooo It’s a mystery box inside of a mystery rack. The mystery and the suspense is killing- [gasps]. Oh, yeah Yes yes yes. Oooh pretty colors, look at that. Ooo la la I don’t know what brand these are. do-do-do-do Spectra ad! I’ve never heard of them…Oh but look at that color scheme. Oooh gah la! Oh, I’m so excited. I love markers so much. I love like the flat tones of markers with, you know, a solid line like a little Gelly Roll, ugh. This is right up my alley! Let’s look at the artist of the month ’cause this is adorable. This looks very familiar. Oh, yeah, it’s anixen I knew it. If you like their art you can go check out their social media. It’s actually like four artists trading cards, I can cut those out. That’s kind of cool. One of my favorite things about Scrawlr Boxes is that they actually give you everything you need to make something, including the paper. So, we have our paper at the bottom here. It’s actually several sheets. Feels kind of like printer paper. I don’t know if they… Mentioned. If we look at the list of supplies. Oh, no, it is actually special paper. This is apparently ‘bleed proof marker layout paper’. Says the colors will not bleed through the back. That’s weird because it’s so thin. Can you see through it? I feel like I can see through it. Ooo. Wow, okay, excited to try that. I hope it’s not a specific side you have to use because I have no idea, heh. Little tiny markers! Dual tip, so one side has a chisel tip And the other- ooo is that a brush nib? Oh, yeah, baby. Chisel, brush. Chisel brush, chisel brush, chisel brush! I really like the funny shape of them, they have like a little grip… It’s a funny octagon shape, but it’s sort of like flat… heh I really appreciate that this marker kind of went out of its way to be different. So one is a colorless blender, and then we have Terra Cotta Chartreuse, Soft Coral, and Cherimoya Green? Eehhhh? Is that how you pronounce it? I don’t know. You definitely need to swatch these out see if the caps match the colors inside the ink, so, lets see! It said not to worry about it bleeding through but I’m really nervous. No, I’m gonna put something underneath it. I can’t, I can’t, I’m too terrified Here, I’ll just use this. Oh, well, I don’t need to be concerned. Actually let me make sure I’m not using the wrong side of the paper, ’cause I know with marker paper… You get some funny results… Let’s flip this over, try again. Oh, look at that… Hmm-hmm-hmm Mm-hmm. So my experience is paying off. Look at the difference. Heh-heh, I’ve only used marker paper once before and I made that exact same mistake So we have four different colors, so I guess we’re kind of doing like a four marker challenge. That’s kind of exciting. We can also swatch this, ’cause I’ve never used this Micron PN – I don’t know what that stands for. Also says PN on the cap Oooh. Then of course, we have the Gelly Roll… which shows up on each of those pretty well! You can never have too many white gel pens… Now for the challenge we have to use these art supplies, do-do-do-do And this prompt word: woodland creatures! Now I can’t think of any woodland creatures that are these colors, so this is going to be quite the tricky challenge! Let’s just start sketching something, maybe, and hope for the best And that’s some kind of little bird. A little kid lookin’ at the birdie Although these colours are not really going to work with this. Yeah, not really gonna work. We could just only draw the bird. I wanna practice my birdies. I’m using what I know from drawing t-rexes to draw the bird. Move the eyeball up a bit… It’s cute~ What if we draw a couple birds, that way we can draw like some different shapes things Let’s start some colors on here and see… Erase it just a smidge so that they don’t ruin the markers too much Then we just add some colours on top and see what we like. Should probably go with the green since it’s so light from for most of the colors Maybe the belly’s yellow or something. Use the micron for like the eyeball, big and bold Wow, that really doesn’t bleed. That’s pretty cool. Squawk squawk, it’s a birdie And add his wing… Feathers, butt feathers. [Laughs] It’s a birdie. [Unintelligible]. I feel like I put so much time into these and then I’m like hmm nope, gonna do something else. Well, at least he looks better than these ones. [Laughs] He’s a weird one! [Unintelligible]. Oh that looks so knock-off-y! Okay, so I just doodled these little woodland creatures, which I guess, ahem, was the theme. I think it’s really funny even though I drew the raccoon, I colored him in green ’cause I don’t really have a color that would be raccoon color. But I really really like the way that turned out. So I think I’m gonna use this idea and make an illustration with it! [Snaps fingers] I kinda want the raccoon to be the main element. It’s just the first sketch, doesn’t need to be perfect. Ehhh…..Let me try this again Pull the tail this way… We’ll work on that later, I just wanna get the layout. [Paper scrunches] Dang it… Noo… Tail.. So the layout is a little funky… I guess we can bring the birdie over here, maybe? It kinda looks kinda cute…not turning out too bad… for something I’ve never drawn before, besides that. Ooh, what if I put the frog right here? He’s funny! And then put the bird on that I wanna try like the bird straight on though. There we go. Okay, so everything’s up and to the right, but if we draw a box here… It pulls it down a little? I dunno. All right, I’m gonna go in and add some more details to everything And then if I like it, we can start adding the lines and then the color, whoo! Slimmer snout to look like a fox…It kinda looks like a cat right now. I think I’d like to just appreciate how far I’ve come drawing animals in such a short amount of time. This frog has slowly become a beloved part I think I like the smaller legs better. This leg gets obliterated. Byee~! Here we go, we got some woodland creatures. Now- oh wait first I’m going to take my kneaded eraser and lighten all the pencil. And then we’ll go over it with the line art. This just really helps if, um… You have a hard time seeing exactly where you want to put the line. If you just lighten it first, you’ll be able to see everything. It’s really really helpful. Still not crazy about the fox’s face. I’m gonna go over that again. [Chuckles] Kinda cute! Goodbye little paws. And his tail… Meh! The paper just bent, what happened? Trying to keep with the… …roundness of his tail. Trying to keep that somehow. Oooh… Iffy. There we go. Now let’s do the birdie. Done. [Laughs] And now the fox. Do foxes have dark paws as well? That I should probably colour in with this liner? Or no? I’ll have to look at a reference. Yep, looks like it. Looks like he’s wearing little boots. Here we go. No, I think we can go ahead and… …erase all the pencils [Paper scrunches] No! It did it again! Dang flabbit, no! We have our little creatures. And our bent paper… ‘Cause I made a mistake… So I used this, I believe…No. Terra Cotta. Yeah, Terra Cotta for the fox. Oh, I just realized what I did wrong about the fox. Just our reference. This should be all fluffy. Hmm…I wonder if I can get away with this. That’s gonna be cutting it close. Let me let that dry completely before I play with that. Let’s use pink for the little froggy. Making the froggy pink. Here we have a cute little pink frog. [?]. Oh, bird is chartreuse Might use coral for his…[beak] Maybe a little coral on his belly. These colours do not blend well at all. I’ll probably use the gel pen to add spots. Warts or something. Cute! And then I wanted this color, the Cherimoya green for… …the raccoon! I’m surprised how well that kind of works as a raccoon colour, even though it’s green. I’m surprised that it doesn’t look worse, yeah? Ooh, I feel like the color is bleeding. The pen is bleeding into some markers here. Wonder if we can get away with some soft coral in his ears. Now we need terracotta and colour in the foxy! That is such a perfect fox colour, I can’t even get over it! Don’t colour where the fox seems to have white hair. Let’s give him eyebrows. I don’t know if foxes have eyebrows. This one does. That’s a fun squeaky sound. Oh I just went outside the lines! Right in this tail Make sure I don’t color all the way to the end, ’cause it’s gonna have white on the end of the tail. Here we go, kind of blended it out, that kinda looks cool. And we might be able to get away with some soft coral in his ears as well! I think my favorite is definitely the raccoon! Which one do you think turned out the best? Anyway this was really really fun, trying to draw things I don’t draw everyday. Didn’t use the colourless blender. So whoopsie. Ooh. Ooh I like that, woohoo! [Laughs] Experimenting! What if I use the colourless blender on the end of his tail? That’s kind nice. It was really fun trying out a new brand of marker! Spectra A D? Or Spectra AD? Spectra A D? Probably Spectra A D. Gelly Roll pen always good. And then also trying out the Micron PN for the first time. That’s pretty cool. I had a lot of fun with this box. I hope you did too and watching me draw with it? I had a lot of fun with this box experimenting with different creatures, and I love the way a little raccoonie turned out! Um, yeah. Thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles! Bye-ie!

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  2. Idk if you figured it out but micron pn stands for plastic nib I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong tho.

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  8. I thought that you were going to do a deer with the terra-cotta and the white gelly roll, but I like what you did much better

  9. Your nail design…I had a shirt that had that EXACT pattern in the '80's, lol. Maybe a shade darker pink but crazy. I just found your channel today and love watching the box challenges. Probably because I'm creative in every way BUT drawing (musician, acting, singing, jewelry design, cooking, cookie design, etc) and it always fascinates me to watch people for whom it comes so easily. I took a metals class at RISD but one of these days I'll just have to take basic drawing. For now I'll just watch you, lol.

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