100 thoughts on “BEST MAGIC REVEALS!! – Top 5

  1. I do a reveal using nitinol wire. I get great reactions… Have you ever used nitinol wire in your magic? If so what are your thoughts on it?

  2. lmao i haven't finished the video yet but i couldn't focus on a card so i paused and played and paused and played while you shuffled through and there was hella four of spades i see you

  3. I like the rising card…. Cost me $20 from the las Vegas magic shop in the stratosphere… Just kidding i didn't pay for it. I got it free when I purchased the book royal road to card magic… The guy working at the shop even showed me how it worked.

  4. I really like your videos Chris! You add a lot of perspective and positivity to the art of magic… I know this may sound a tad boring but could you also do something on the theory of magic, keeping in mind the educational quotient as you do, but going through the depth of it! Thanks!

  5. How?! Dang…no joke I had a tough time choosing a card so I played that part like 5 times changing my mind and then finally chose my card…man…nice work bro!!

  6. bro don't get pissed if I'm actually revealing something because I have no idea and haven't bought the trick but I bet you could do that watermark effect with just some water repellent spray like for shoes and stuff I'm gonna buy some and try it.

  7. I thought you were going to actually tell us how these are done. Not just show the trick and say what everyone just saw. Kinda dissapointed

  8. Play it on 0,25x speed and you’ll see like 8 cards of 4 spades 😂 he also did it so it was harder to see the other cards… well played 👏🏼

  9. Hello ,my name is Drake
    I am 15 years young & I just want to thank you for teaching me awesome card tricks
    I started magic about a year ago & kinda got upsessed with it.

    I hope you see this & I would like it if you could give me a few tips to become a better magician.

  10. You actually got my card and I thought you wouldn’t cause I wasn’t sure if I saw the 4 of spades or the four of clubs

  11. I've seen the riser reveal (paper version) in person and it was the most baffling thing I've seen to this day. Using your arm tho? That's next level!

  12. Ok can someone actually explain the timestamps thing to me I got "disintegration one is the my"
    I saw other comments about the four of spades so I know he got it but seriously I'm so confused

  13. The riffle through the deck at the start went way too fast for me to actually make out any particular card. I had to pause it, and when I did I saw the 8 of diamonds. I think I fucked it up by doing that though.

  14. Never seen riser before, but was a piece on your skin superglued with the card already drawn, with the slit hidden by the black line of the top of the box?

  15. I’m not gonna reveal that just yet, but it is one of the best pieces of magic I’ve bought in two decades so glad not many people have peeped it.

  16. I chose the Jack of Diamonds. It was still super cool with all the hype though, I was really hoping it was the one lol.

  17. Riser looks amazing I’m a stay at home mom 29 and I’m no magician at all but I think I figured it out and I wish I could I say and get a yes or no. I think it has something to do with glue.
    And now that I know how to the time stamp trick I’m gonna try it on my kids I mean not time stamps just pick a card and I’ll tell you the one you picked type of thing I’m almost 100% positive it has to do with multiples. My girls are 3 and 5 and they go nuts over magic tricks they see you do.

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