so this right here looks like pork right
yeah and it also has the same texture as pork that is actually well so it seems
like our plans went to waste today we were actually going to show you some
street art and some clay jetties or what it was called where people are living on
the water actually they’re not paying any taxes a lot of cool things but the
rain is taking the best out of this day so actually what we’re gonna do today is
actually show you the best food place in entire Malaysia let’s go there so change
of plans and the fun part is that this is our last day in Penang and we have
been here for like a week or so and almost all that time we have been
working actually and haven’t had a lot of time to explore and the day that we
decide to explore yeah we got this awesome weather so maybe we won’t see
anything in Penang besides the malls and eating yeah so this is actually our
hotel room that we’ve been saying in for one week hi guys
so awesome shower nice toilet and then also tv on the wall we haven’t been
using that because we have been sitting over here Vanessa have been sitting here
with a computer and I’ve been sitting here with my computer and sometimes we
sit here on the bed with a computer that is all that we’ve been doing actually
because the weather has pretty much looked like this the entire week it has
been a wet week here in Penang so but now we’re super excited to show
you this food place are you hungry babe alright so this is pretty fun inside of
this hotel they’re having an escalator that doesn’t work so if you can go in
this like you doing in a normal staircase where you can take the
elevator but this feels a little bit like a ghost house actually don’t you
agree yeah so for you to get a feeling of what Penang is like it’s quite an old
town with like a lot of these old buildings that you can see so we’re
standing outside our hotel right now but we’re using the local transport tation
here which is called grab and then you can follow the driver like this which is
pretty cool so now we’re waiting like three more minutes and then we’re gonna
go to a mall where we’re gonna show you this place that has amazing foods I mean
doesn’t matter what we’re eating it’s just purely amazing so we are now at Gurney Plaza let’s go
inside so you can find the restaurant that we’re going to on the third floor so this Malaysian malls are always super
crazy big this is no exception here in penang with like seven floors i think
and if you haven’t watched our previous video on the biggest shopping mall in
malaysia click up here so we have actually been
here seven times which is crazy that’s how much we love this food it’s just so
nice that they are like having healthy stuff and like teach you what all the
benefits of these foods are which is incredible that’s one reason why i
really love this place and here are all the foods look so
delicious if I haven’t said it before this is like a vegan and vegetarian
restaurant which is awesome for us and also they have like calories put
here like this for example this meal is good for digestion and this is like
improve blood circulation and anti aging reduce bad cholesterol so they teach you
how to get healthy with healthy food I love it because I really believe that
you can improve and get healthy with the right
nutrition so actually because we’ve been here seven times in six days which is
insane we actually were trying to look through the menu and all the selections
but then she took the menu put it away and told us that there’s throwing a
birthday party here today you can see the tent in the background there and so
we’re actually gonna get served a buffet which is awesome are you saying no
to a buffet no no so we’re super excited what she’s
having to give us we feel like VIP guests to start off this party buffet we
got some party drink cheers passion fruit that was really nice
so we’re also always are getting this super cozy rooibos tea to start off our
meal with did you know that it’s super good to drink warm before you start
eating well if you didn’t now you know super-nice buffet look at this cool to be at a birthday party and take from the buffet mushrooms veggies a lot of
goodies in here and then we have some rice cabbage I think it’s much not
mushroom it’s like a lot of veggies to coolest thing is actually with this kind
of food is that it looks pretty basic but it tastes nothing like basic it tastes delicious and then we have some protein tofu I think this is tofu
in like curry sauce I’m gonna take some tofu here looks
amazing and more veggies and more protein you
can see I’m already have filled up the whole entire place here don’t be shy
don’t be shy right now it’s your turn I mean here we have glass noodles we have
a variety of different foods and like we already told you this is a buffet this
is not normally on the menu but their menu is so rich out of like all kinds of
pumpkin suits you have all kinds of power bowls with a lot of protein inside
to get your protein veggie protein that to be and they’re having so much vegetables that
are so tasty and actually a new thing you remember when we have that like bowl
with it’s soup yeah the steam boat actually they were putting in like raw vegetables inside of
a soup that is like boiling I’m so sad that I don’t have footage from that but
it was so cool to put in like raw veggies like this into a bowl and let it
cook like maybe for one minute – something like that
it got so nice taste with a pumpkin soup taste but now we’re gonna enjoy this
buffet so this right here looks like pork right yeah and it also has the same
texture as pork but it’s actually mushroom which is super cool and also
very tasty so we started this out in the wrong way
eating with a fork apologize now for the sticks or what do you call them sticks
chopsticks okay this is quite embarrassing I’m not very good with this but look looks good yeah okay the veggies I look like a pro yeah we are also getting served some sushi
roll so you can see here looks nice right yeah these are going down
okay struggling a little bit it’s so slippery that’s a new one yeah okay it has that mushroom inside here and
like different vegetables cabbage salad I’m not really sure what this is but it
was really refreshing with like sweet kind of sauce the craziest part was that one we came
here and it was a birthday party for a one-year-old and the second thing was
that it was a buffet and the third one that was super crazy was that we didn’t
have to pay anything so she gave us the food for free which was delicious and we
just blown away by how we got treated at this place this place is called idealite and it’s amazing food amazing people always explaining the menu for
you when you’re coming here don’t expect that you can come here get the buffet
for free at a birthday party which was awesome but it has amazing foods now
we’re gonna go outside and see if the weather lets us explore the street art
so let’s go outside now as it seems the weather seems to be with us it is
currently 30 degrees and the sun is shining so if you still want to continue
watching this video we’re gonna go ahead and watch some street art in Penang so
follow us there so we are here now at penang street art and we actually grabbed a
grab and that took about 16 minutes which we paid 10 ringgit for and that’s
about 2.5 dollars it’s so cheap to take a grab here and that’s why we haven’t
rented a scooter because grab is more convenient so let’s check out the street
art so he’s taking a picture you want one of these also maybe yeah what a photographer I got everything with yeah perfect alright taking pictures of others that’s one thing that we do daily actually it was
a lithuanian guy that has created all this street art he was trained in London
I read something about on Google but actually it was in 2012 so it’s quite
recently that he created all these street arts and I think the walk is I don’t
know 15 to 30 minutes or something like that you can also go with this wagon
kind of thing that you can see over there
trishaw but it’s a lot of like street arts and it’s super cool actually
this looks like a bazaar all kinds of stuff here you can buy also
but we’re gonna check out this retard right yeah yeah okay so let’s go to the
street again we’re going to take one of this trishaws to go around so we’re actually sitting in one of these trishaws so
a man is right behind us and he is biking us around to see this beautiful street
art as you can see over there and it’s super fun yeah right he’s waving hello hello on his trishaw having somebody who’s giving you a ride on this trishaw is very fun supporting the locals yeah it’s a cat over there you barely see that it’s a cat everybody’s waving at the camera is
pretty fun you feel like a royalty yeah so it feels like we’re disturbing
everyone here actually they are taking their photos and we are just like being in the trishaw
oh yeah that’s the famous with a bicycle beautiful street art here actually in Penang and it’s a lot of people because it’s Sunday today so it’s I think the most of
the people are having more days free that’s why it’s crowded I think we’ll have to
skip some places to take photos because it’s so many people yeah because in half an hour we actually have our second vaccination against hepatitis and we’re gonna take that here in Penang because
we didn’t do it before we left Sweden so we have to take it and I’m pretty afraid
needles is gonna be fun so the first stop what did you see the umbrellas wow it’s so beautiful okay time to take
photo bye wow we have to look at this so this china temple behind us is over 100 years old looks like this I think this is one of the coolest street arts
here that’s made of Cakarevic I think it’s yeah the lithuanian guy that’s actually an real motorbike so
we got our vaccines and are back to check out the clan jetties which is
super cool look at my arm you were brave today
thank you we have had a really great day here I hope you enjoyed this video like
it if you do and I hope to see you in the next one yeah bye guys

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    Address: 3F – 60, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 George Town, Pulau Pinang

    Phone: +604-226 7296

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