Ben Shapiro x Daniel Craig Art Contest

Ben Shapiro x Daniel Craig Art Contest

fuck you what's new you they were the snooze snooze brothers over there with your stupid fucking faggoty sunglasses oh whatever I guess I got a pair too I could rock it out there says the fucking guy then we're gonna line into the side of his fucking head yeah you've never been oh my god dude order hey Bret where'd you get those these have a camera in them Oh God spy cam glasses you can actually get to see the cam they look like dad glasses yeah those are not conspicuous dude you can see the camera yeah I mean if you're looking for it you can definitely see it I'm I just noticed it like I was like what the fuck son you can't like in your five glasses I don't think most people would care there you go TJ you're welcome there you go yeah breaking up the aesthetic TJ yeah I'm gonna suffer with my light-sensitive weepy eyes for you today TJ neat good for you congratulations Paul you really showed me anyway showed you what swaiiowed me what's what so you guys want to start you always want to start with this contest what contest the the contest from last week anymore you're gonna have to give me more than that any boy nothing so last week we were watching a video of ben shapiro complaining about the new james bond casting because they have some kind of woman playing double-oh-seven it's really convoluted like she's playing double-oh-seven but she's not playing James Bond and like it's basically just a publicity stunt and it's intentionally confusing and vague but anyway Ben Shapiro it was like men aren't gonna watch that because they want to see fuckin Daniel Craig with his rippling beautiful sexy body his rippling abs TJ and basically he started like salivating over how hot Daniel Craig was but in a mock show I'm a conservative hetero section he was worth of or what he assumed was that but we saw we read in the subtext and we saw that there was love there so clearly because I wanted that love to thrive and to shine I asked people to create works of art that would depict the beautiful love that exists in at least in Ben Shapiro's mind between Ben Shapiro and Daniel Craig also works James Bond I can't wait to take a look at some of these and I've seen I've seen some of them but I have not seen them all and back to back to back we have to award the winner of this a rise a prize of 150 dollars on Amazon give them an Amazon gift card 450f Bezos just a little richer anyway you know what I hope though what do you hope Scotty I hope that one day that this wherever the winner is its display in the Louvre dude people what if there's contention well I guess what a few of us has a favorite and we're not budging fight yea then we got a fight about it and we have to get in the ring of death and battle out we'll cross that bridge win and if we come to it I'm glad I brought my axe today let's take a look at some of these works of art gentlemen okay you're trembling ready so right out the gate with a strong contender I gave it that's the same dude that used to animate our like South Park intros ok got it I give him I mean that's a strong I felt the love vibe did you guys feel oh yeah it's it's romantic it's cute it's a good depiction of both of them we had a fucking little Star Wars ask you know I love you I know yeah looks like Daniel Craig I mean Daniel Craig is kind of looking a little little bit Han Solo II there as opposed to Daniel Craig he I also feel like he would tower more over ben shapiro i also love it all Ben Shapiro's proportions look right yeah I love that Ben Shapiro is trembling as well yeah at the beginning that's like cuz it seems like what he would do if he were in the presence of actual right yeah so beautiful your abs are so ripped so I give it I give it a nice 10 love points or whatever the fuck tenable I'm not sticking with them I'm holding my cards close to the vest and who I see I've seen every entry know you got a fucking comment a little bit no TJ I think it's good no I will comment I think it's really good I'm not alright so I guess Daniel Craig for some reason is a horrible zombie creature what the fuck oh is it like he's like a de or something or one of the Resident Evil chicks cuz I kinda remember that outfit oh yeah maybe he is a Resident Evil chick and that's Daniel Craig zombie behind him that gets at extra points so maybe he's like pounding Ben from behind I don't know I'm kind of cute I've never seen a zombie romance before portrayed there was there was it was nowhere near this emotionally well not gay oh wow damn I love the colors you know very romantic Daniel Craig really pops there you know and you're holding a bend by the bum dude yeah and it just looks like you know I feel like Ben's neck is a little thick for his body there a little bit thick but I mean come on overall the aesthetic here is romance yeah right manliness I mean this is the perfect scene too because we're like yet the big reveal for Daniel Craig and uh you know Casino Royale he comes out of the water and chef yes and this is what he you know his lover Ben just jumps into his art let's take me take me yeah I mean like you really feel the love and the sexuality in this new I like to think of it more like they were both out there together surfing and little Ben got kind of got tired and Daniel Craig swam him back to shore and is gonna carry him back to their Cabana for sale sweet sweet love me that's a beautiful story too that's beautiful I love it oh my ask almost got like a Lovecraftian vibe yes it does and the I got a I got to give props to the shadow work yeah the shading work on this one is particularly I can tell a lot of effort went into it looks like Benton's hands are about to go south dude well we did ask for Chinese in this one he kind of does look like a little Chinese man but well overall though I think this one really almost rides that line that we gave the artists of it being non-sexual because I'm with Scotty that hand looks like it is on its way to the shadows you know I mean and and you know this is seconds before something that we just couldn't show couldn't show it easily let's see oh this is cute so there's been and you know he has his a his little belly showing oh yeah he's got his shirt tied up a little bit there the names bond James Bond and meanwhile Ben's thinking those rippling abs I should have gone off the derrick years ago what does that mean I don't I've not heard that saying have you I don't know I have not I maybe it's a foreign way of saying coming out of the closet let's see I'm gonna look it up off Derek okay that's this that's kind of clever off the Derek from the Hebrew word Derek meaning path is an expression used to describe someone who leaves an Orthodox Jewish community oh oh it is it yeah it is easy little yarmulkes popping off yeah he's like fuck this so they I like that yeah that's fucking pretty nice yeah yeah yeah and they gave they gave him like a little another little bright note to it not only does Ben get to fall in love with the man of his dreams but he's gay sheds all that shitty theology yeah I like it man very powerful nice job man it's like a collage here oh I like this is creative collage art scary monsters I'll protect you darling and then we're the monsters so yeah we are the monsters tormenting him but we're in trouble yeah I'm about the grab man I'm like a close bond is there and once again his little yarmulke is popping off he's so scared I like this one this is uh this is creative yeah some creativity I really like this one but my wife is a doctor Mr Bond well we can do something about that can't we Benny oh this one is naughty I like a hush like kind of like secluded restaurant like in a booth or something this is almost like bond sexually preying on poor Ben here it doesn't look like in that face there's a whole lot of resistance I don't know I see a kind of a wistful sadness in those eyes but yeah I mean it's part of the old well that's where the dad dance leads to the horizontal mambo rut ro ro man just as I'm loving it it's I'll try to for some reason that one didn't work what you guys could talk about this one why see if there's a problem the bonding yeah Daniel Craig looks disturbing both of them look disturbing it's like you couldn't find a picture that actually you had the facial nope so you just kind of made them look like no need to even keep going oh god I don't know what's going on he all see is what happened ooh some reason this guy's picture that doesn't want to load right so I'm going to I'm gonna put it on DLC is entertainment well we'll try and find another hold on I'm gonna we're gonna look at it over in this window instead okay no this is back to the one that fucked it up before it wasn't like another one okay cool he's like a school boys like Bakke the grappler kind of a shit so that does not at all look like Daniel Craig by the way just putting that out there it does look like ben shapiro it does they did manage to capture a little kid man I mean he would be next to Daniel Craig I think this is actually one of the few that gets the height right even if Daniel correct because I've been she feels like what five one or something he's a real short dude yeah even if he isn't he is you know what I mean so Daniel Craig says you're gonna learn why they call me bond real quick when you're tied up and calling me daddy and then says I can't call you bat but what about legal guardian of unspecified okay oh that's so good I like it I love these every last one of these is getting $150 today no I'm kidding no incorrect oh let's see so let's go back to the ones on this list here homeless wino it's Daniel Craig after some time has gone by another soup this one's a pretty low effort pretty low effort you know you basically just took a pig that doesn't know I'm sorry little I mean like you gotta bring better creativity than that if you're really trying to win $150 I mean you know whatever thanks for the entry ya know fuck you for this entry it's garbage oh fuck you TJ oh wow now I like this one because they're not going for that super realism they're kind of going for you know I'm almost like the sort of thing been you know 60s James Bond animation that's what it feels like yeah it does it I like it like if they if this person had put like a crosshair around this like they were looking down the barrel of a gun at it I might have had a winner but I really like the aesthetic here and it's very romantic then picked a very nice dress to wear very traditionally romantic which is nice yeah I mean look there's nothing wrong with traditional Rome Romanticism no and I like the I like the loose fluidity of their line work and shit especially on that fabric so that's good stuff nice this you just this is basically a photo shop that you tried to hide how crappy it was with the filter I do like that he picked two people though that both embody the body types of beefy so he picked Patrick Swayze for bond which is a good choice and he picked Demi Moore for a been a good choice this is a much better shoe shoot than the last one but I can't get over the fact that you ran a crappy filter over it instead of actually getting the faces right yeah this is a definite little choppy especially Daniel Craig man I think you you tried to hide the defects with a filter and it's just really obvious that's what you did so but you know this is a this there's a real effort here there was some genuine attempt to make this isolation look if the Ben Shapiro one looked as good at Daniel Craig one looked as good as the ben shapiro one then he might be talking about my twins just wish you just spent maybe 15 20 more minutes trying to get the faces instead of just saying good enough and put mean if you're kind of hide is so it's so jarring look at the Daniel correct then with the neckline it's not good I mean if you're gonna win this with a Shoop it's gonna have to be a fucking jaw-dropping shoe right you got to be immaculate with it because I mean honestly here I think all of us are gonna are gonna a favor I like your instincts though yeah I'm not saying Shoop can't win I'm just saying that hand-drawn art definitely has an advantage in Arma in my mind I don't know about these two let's see what is this okay it's like a song I don't know trust gets you killed love gets you hurt and being real gets you hated Oh Daniel your words are like Scripture and that's what I felt when I debated destroying feelings with facts the liberal machine cracked but still I felt alone and there was something I lacked why are you why are you trying to give this a good read why aren't you reading it like been it was you Daniel Craig this modern hero that gave my life meaning built from zero just like I have amazing gadgets at hand the ad hominem anecdotes and the straw man you carry with you endless treasures these gadgets that unlock my unknown unknown pleasures the 12-inch dildo you ram into me and thy nipple clamps I place on to thee you walk around with loaded gun for others a source of death for me a source of calcium and fun when you pull it out I'm out of breath okay so you have some meter problems on the put on the poem here I think that was just I don't know it was poetry Davis definitely was definitely trying to go for some 12-inch gildo dude Daniel Craig doesn't need a point a 12-inch to this got a 12-inch dick yeah my real problem is that it says that Ben puts nipple clamps on on Daniel and that is anyway maybe that's what Daniel Craig is into yeah but I got the clamp so it's not gonna let Ben Shapiro do that let's be honest okay you're probably right I mean it's not gonna let Ben Shapiro do any of this yeah I mean the meter pray you don't know they're not I don't think the meter problems are so so severe and I think some of the rhymes are actually pretty clever but you know I don't know if it necessarily it's romantic you know it definitely has a romantic vibe but it kind of in the end just turns in a debauched sexual activities you know oh you are and this is suddenly have a problem with that well this is a you know that's not what the that's not the spirit of this content is true you have a point in saying this is about romance and I mean sex well they can be part of romance but it seems like this one kind of goes well yeah the end of it is a sexual past you know we get to see the courtship and the consummation and you know what's true we want to see the courtship we didn't want to see what happens behind closed doors I mean but you know this does a it does kind of start with a nice thing about you know his lust for Daniel over the years and how he's you know you know what you know just isolated by his own success and just needs a real man choosing this one you ain't choosing this one cut the shit cut the shit TJ I'm not stop sucking this guy's fucking dick TJ I'm not and tell us how you really fucking feel about the shit poem you clearly fucking hate you hate it TJ I don't you hate it no I don't you hate it admit it what do you why you Stalin shit with this why what do you mean why am i Stalin Stalin shit with garbage you the king of fucking bullshit distractions TJ's gonna call someone that wouldn't Dolan right I do bullshit distraction know what I'm doing well I do it it's this is good shit why Jordan from sighs it was this but I do it thanks for terrible Scotty I'm a genius I'm TJ I'm so smart when I do things that right look at me on TJ why are you making this about me Scotty I'm making oh my god I know you're not gonna pick this to the winner okay is this your wire so we're just right here no I'm not who's gonna win how you got you in there we'll think about it afterwards and I said that you made fun of me ago yes I did yes I did I said I'm gonna evaluate you want to keep my cards close to the vest like that's Europe you gotta pick a winner I love my job pick a winner at the end we can try said no you're retarded pull your fucking guys are you a retarded child I agree with that fucking idiot anyway so your poem is contentious as you can see or is that Daniel Craig cuz we have to you guys that Daniel Craig in here wise I think that's I think Reger's Scott cuz it looks more like Scotty and Daniel Craig do I think it's like he said fuck that he went off into his own thing alright so anyway Oh Ben you and I both know how I feel marry me and we'll make beautiful children I don't care if it's not kosher let's consummate our love and grow old together and then I'm there for some reason mind if I get in on this I brought snacks and then uh Ben's like my cover story I mean wife is a doctor Wow why is he's gonna be a I don't know but I like my instinct I'm fuckin I'm proposing the Ben Shapiro he looks like a little Chinese waiter why does why do so many bends that people send us look Chinese I don't know maybe people want Ben Chi for her to be Chinese oh wow this is we've got the double-oh-seven logo on the top oh my god this is a working C yeah yeah I am blown away by this but all these little flourishes no light – it's perfect this is actually perfect do you like is blushy this is like romantic this is detail to look at you can see the moonlight reflecting off of bonds nib and look at how fucking like tenderly daniel craig is looking down at fucking Ben and Ben blushing oh my god and Ben's eyes are just filled with like that kind of anxiety about the first time but the kind of like a wonder of giving yourself over to a partner oh my god it's so beautiful this one is a contender I gotta fuck yeah holy fuck hide wari great fucking job yeah this is smart to put your fucking shit on your picture – yes absolutely that's awesome make sure I can't oh man Oh like dolls there's a creepy factor to this but I kind of like it this one kind of reminds me of the art of Daniel Johnston yeah yeah yeah I know what you mean that was the musician guy right yeah that did the fucking crazy Mountain Dew shit yeah like in a mental institution allottee and it looks very like honestly very similar to some of his joe the boxer stuff that he does I really like Daniel Johnston's art yeah I mean like these little you can see kind of these these these patterns here with like kind of little dots it's like a comic pointillism yeah like the arm hairs the background is kind of like is it supposed to be kind of like an anime thing yeah it's like like a pop pattern pop I like this one – two strong contenders in a row got real strong colors they both pop pretty well definitely unique entry dude you know it's like some kind of weird painting you'd see in some like eccentric I think I need some wall art this is legit you be like since one of those like weird art magazines dude I'm talking about it's it's if it was in a gallery somewhere I wouldn't think twice about like it being there you know it's very it's got a very kind of expressionistic thing to it good color work pleasing proportionality like did I even think it's fucking Trump or something might be weird and like this is Joel Trump I don't know it's if you didn't know this competition you could be interpret that way cuz ben shapiro I mean well I would say this in a big way points Daniel Craig death looks like Daniel Craig but Ben Shapiro cuz that side angle both of these last two that we've looked at you can tell we've got a strong artists hand at work yeah yeah so Wow one after the next after the next this is a storm a flower very similar kind of theme to the moonlit one that we saw with the double-oh-seven you know logo stuff oh yeah absolutely action piece we got a lot more color in this one it kind of looks like the background is actually just a photo that's been placed back there but you know you can't take away from what the artist did no the artist is definitely put in a lot of work on the top and the right Ian West Archaean West I was actually gonna read everybody's handle like when we go back and kind of take Oh brief look at everybody's refresh our memory yeah I don't know that he captured Daniel Craig as well as some of the other artists have but once again Ben Shapiro is and a different kind of romantic look on his face and this one the moonlit pose that we had that was similar to this we had that kind of blushing I think the nail polish on Ben is a nice touch yeah yeah they feminised been a little bit in this a lot of the people choose to get to to really feminized Ben I think it's because he's so anti-trans that they kind of find it funny to put him in a very womanly role I mean I don't know dude it's kind of attractive to me to see yeah and they don't put it putting this more feminine kind of countenance I I'm starting to think that maybe I want it 50 you're attracted to if maybe I want to play it on yeah is what I'm saying maybe I want to be the next Bond alright so here we go this looks like an old like it kind of it kind of looks like a fucking Frida Kahlo painting or some yeah and I love the caption here why Benjamin I say we go together as well as facts and logic damn and Daniels sharing his dry martini shaken not stirred with another beautiful feminine honest high version of Ben and saying come here big boy their body language in this is really great I think so too I actually like the idea that Ben is not just the blushing recipient in this one right Ben is taking a fucking kind of a dominant role here just grabbing the tie pulling them in closer you know yeah there's a there's a reciprocity here yeah you know saying the rest of them are like rapey or anything but this one's very much more like you know a lot of them it's like Ben's this virgin flower and you know Daniels bringing him out of that no but this one it's more like Ben confident woman who knows what she wants which I think I think they picked up on from the way that Ben talked about the rippling abs and muscles in the clip this was born fro so I give points fan Shapiro's a public feel like he knows that a hand on the side I'm like you always gonna pray I think that's honestly a good thing about this one like he's not just the blushing bride here he's the fucking one taking charge like come here another strong artist's hand at work here to this aisle but it's a very pleasing minimalistic style like I said it reminds me of like a Frida Kahlo painting nice good line art looks for the background you know you can tell not a whole lot of time and energy yeah I almost kind of like it but you know or they could have even gone the biggest points against this one I can honestly say or is the fact that the beach moti because that kind of everyone kind of went with that I mean it's such a strong romantic trope but yeah I would have liked to slow maybe on the slopes of a ski slope or some shit well do kind of associate Daniel Craig with that Beach of course and I get that I'm just saying like when we have so many of that that has to be appointed yeah yeah absolutely points for originality oh yeah oh wow this is a fucking work of art now once again trouble I don't think that this absolutely captures Daniel Craig he's got a very enigmatic face but Ben is actually I know this is probably not something I should say but he almost has a concentration camp I mean there's definitely something at play there look Paul there's a line in the sand he put a banana – to lure you TJ I know I saw that that's a fresh fruit for them to eat after their oh yeah you know okay so I really love the colors Daniel Craig looks like a little bit too much of a big stupid thug in this yeah I think there's more refinement to Daniel Craig than that there is he's not as thick as lines I like the background like how this one doesn't try to hide the fucking you know contemptuous sort of look that exists on Ben no no look at this his moments of ecstasy you kind of still tell like he's a prick that's why he's a more honest depiction of Ben I think look at the eyes dude the fucking gateway to the soul look right there like Ben Shapiro is an utter axises he's taken sure I Daniel yeah but we asked not sexual and it looks like Slough do you not it's not the moment of insertion no I think this might be you know I think there's a you know there's a heart around them it kind of has you know oh it looks like Ben Shapiro is is kind of surrendering a little bit there but the gayest thing we've ever done I love it I know right isn't it beautiful good line art that doesn't really look that much like Ben Shapiro I feel like it does in the face it does but I don't know the body is a little weird what kind of a tiny little hairy stubbly ass which I appreciate yeah I just feel sad as a flitter – I mean I've got this like against it but not I mean you know and that there's no color to this but I just don't think there's enough detail going on to make it you don't I mean yet another Beach trope yet another kind of you know if there was more to this and it was basic like man it's I think it'd be better this has been done and done better by other entrants but this isn't bad I mean there's obviously some you know I would like to see with this and this might have fucking won it for me you know they have that sunscreen with like the dogs pulling down like the kids but or whatever oh yeah if it was like Daniel Craig was there looking at Ben's pack you know like speed or whatever was coming down that would have been a different one you're right but I mean so much color work was put into so many of these entries that you know just to kind of a I like this one I bet the line work is real nice but knock our socks off – probably that's another beach scene – it's not James Bond double-oh-seven in his most romantic adventure to date the love story we don't deserve Mr Bond I love your rippling sweaty abs Oh Ben I don't want this moment to end ever obviously a little more primitive than some of our other entries but you know it's got a kind of a unique little style to it kind of looks like Superjail to me yeah the animation style I mean yeah you know obviously there's a bit of stylization going on here and I can appreciate for what it is but you know there's not a tremendous amount of creativity in the caption or the setup of this it's just kind of I'm not a particularly romantic depiction either it's very the hearts were kind of like oh I'm cluing you into what this right yeah you know if this was romantic enough you wouldn't have had to embellish with the hearts you feel me yeah should be able to tell just from their body language and I mean we can to an extent but you know there's just I would have liked a great lord ozone and people are doing stuff as creative as like having Daniel Craig pours martini into Ben's mouth and Ben's pulling on his tie like something like that really like wow that's like a cool romantic gesture it's not looking down at Ben that's like there's no it's almost like he's just looking forward like ah you know I'm out there to conquer the world and that would make sense it may be there if they were jealous well like maybe if there was like a beautiful like scene in there and you just see their backs and there's like you just holding each other then it's like I understand why we're not getting that now but yeah I don't think this one is gonna probably would yeah oh wow all right interesting so I kind of like this this is very bondi then has a creepy countenance in this one more accurate and i like a little teenage girl in one of those horror like japanese horror movies or whatever like Ben's life is endangered bond is there to save him yeah one's there to protect been that kind of a resident evil vibe to it yeah and Daniel Craig looks like Daniel Craig which I can say more for that than a lot of these I think he's a little bit I think should be a little bulkier than that but I really like it I like the way the faces are done it's a different kind of romance to this is the man protecting his woman right romance which is very Bondish yeah oh yeah it definitely gets to the kind of the heart especially of like classic Vaughn which you know maybe I feel like there's been stronger female characters and a lot of that in pretty much all the Daniel Craig ones than there have been in like traditional Bond movies so this is kind of almost like a throwback to that but I really like the way like the pose the fan I don't like is the background yeah the background could have used either either like this this would just pop so much more if there just was no background you know if that's what I was gonna say yeah chosen to a fucking stark white background or pick a good color yeah primary color and just let it happen but yeah I don't know it's a minor right but it's really good over yeah yeah I don't know that it's I mean it obviously has a romantic angle to it I don't know if it feels tremendously romantic it depends on your perspective on romance I can definitely see that okay so this one's very romantic it's like some alien sex about to go on dude I do not feel like that looks like either actually it looks like some weird Asian alien man Shapira about the fuck this looks like weird alien Daniel Craig this looks like the portrait that Napoleon Dynamite paints for that girl now you know but I spent like 20 minutes on the shading on your upper lip it was really hard you know I kind of liked it honestly I do I don't it I don't like it as Ben Shapiro and Daniel Craig but it's got a it's got a unique little look to it and I actually think it's kind of endearing but I mean we asked for three things right we asked for Ben Shapiro Daniel Craig and romance yeah this one has one of the three yes it has romance a good entry but I don't know yeah okay all right this is a meme I hope that the weed that you smoked right before you did this for us was awesome is that a big old song it's it's a more stylized depiction of Ben yeah Danny the hair color is not right he looks like he looks more like John Travolta themselves not everyone has the same level artistic talent I'm not expensive anyway take a look at the whole fucking aspect even with Castro then this one might have been a contender but it's another beach scene sure all right so another Shoup pretty lazy one they kind of just took Ben's face you know they did go through the trouble of blending it and making it look like it's actually on there but this is pretty lazy overall this is he found a PR photo from another Bond film or some and shoeplt in Ben's face he did go through the trouble of shooting in a yarmulke – Andy did find the right angle on the facial pose yeah a bad shoot but it's not blowing my socks off no but thank you like I said thank you though ooh okay so this is the inverse yes this is Ben Shapiro as the body Rama kept away from my man bitch I like the different ways people interpret this relationship yeah yeah yeah this is another bin as the Dom interpretation which I really like actually I like that that some of the people took that tact maybe it was to just stand out or maybe it's because that's how they perceive it oh look at all the dead bodies behind like no good way of filling your background with something that is relatively simple but interesting I have just the nature of Ben Shapiro I was like dude I don't I don't know that I necessarily like how much of a fucking like I'm just going along with this kind of empty vessel they've turned Daniel Craig into but I mean he made he kind of looks like he's feeling a sense of maybe like woundedness at the fact that there is this inversion that he's not used to but there's also a sense of you know him relenting to it as well right fuck you TJ this is beautiful you don't know why because fucking bench Daniel Craig is James Bond's always having to fight other people's battles and now he's got a fucking man that supports him it's on his fucking show love a gun who's already killed other men TJ killed them to protect the man he loves Wow I mean when you put it like that Scotty that's superpower I think this one hits it go go back to it for us – TJ yes I think this one hits it on all cylinders dude like it's got it's a good depiction got a really really strong artistic hand to it good line work it's a total inversion of what we've come to expect from a lot of ease with Ben is the submissive little flower giving herself over to you know Daniel Craig that's a tote I like this one this is a contender for me yes definitely damn Wow very putin ish looking Daniel Craig who tannish who tennis Daniel please destroy me with facts and logic so we've heard the facts and logic curled up like a kitty cat Greg this I know we we're constantly talk about the line work in these but the line work in this one is actually really fucking sharp and well-defined so that's good I know it is it's it's got a strong hand bind that I like the it's a very manly depiction of both of them even if obviously Daniel Craig is not in a very manly position he still looks very manly he's not they haven't turned him into a woman or something this is like strong gay vibes to this shit my biggest issue is Daniel Craig's head looks kind of like he looks like Vladimir Putin more than Daniel Craig to me is the mice there is a Putin kind of not to keep drilling away at it but I really like the way that Daniel Craig kind of looks like a boss from an old beat em up video game from the 80s he looks like a Bobo from Wow what was he in final fight or double dragon double dragon yeah he's kind of got that kind of appearance but once again this one is kind of that direction that everybody took it's been being kind of more submissive it's real is a strong hand behind it I like it but it's a little I thought where they put been they posed him like you know he's like he's on his fucking leg he's curled I was trying to just jump into his arm he's got a very cat-like sort of but Daniels still resistant though he's like he's letting a man Bracy you know it's like the bond is he won't like really willing to let him all the way in to lower the armor I don't know okay so these that doesn't look like Daniel just not a Daniel Craig vibe it's not double-oh-seven yeah he doesn't really come across just like a prime picture you know obviously there's some real artistic skill here yes but I also don't really feel that looks particularly like Ben Shapiro so I'm not really getting the right vibe from either the character designs it doesn't look particularly like either of them yeah so that's kind of a problem but um you know what it's romantic you've got a nice atmosphere it's kind of nice to see them on this very traditional sort of date I like the game of footsie that's going on under the table I like the you know I think if Ben had darker hair and a yarmulke on it would look way more like him yeah just some minor things that you could have changed Daniel Craig needs a craggy er face a little bit beef exactly he needs to be a little a little bit more yeah beefy and and I think that honestly Ben Shapiro is a little too thick I mean I think he went for a more realistic view which maybe I were not a pre shading here in the body types at least right really creative piece I mean like I mean the hard thing obviously in the background I'm not a big fan of with the eyes I actually think that's kind of cool yeah I'm getting kind of sick I think some of these entrants are probably suffering from being seen after others unfortunately that's just have it kind of goes well good entry but I feel like the hearts in the background really getting tired of it a knockout stand out entry and this style would have stood out despite that right but there's just a few little things wrong that I think keeps it from fully coming together despite your obvious artistic talent yeah okay so Nature doesn't care about your feelings obviously this this person has depicted us as seagulls I think cool it looks like Scotty is taking a shit maybe I don't know you're shitting you man Paul I got my banana Paul what do you got there is that though is that lipstick what is that no it's a sunscreen dude oh oh so there's been shit on a shark looking fat doing the ocean scene again there's a shark coming maybe to eat them I don't know I mean fun for a quick sketch it's good but for anything but that just doesn't know I appreciate it no it's God Nature doesn't care about your feelings and there's a shark to the barn there's shit brush it in birds you know we are we are pessimist productions here and this is a very pessimistically romantic entry and moment of romance right before they believe about levels from the other ones we've seen it down so I'm just saying I'm not saying it's a bad piece but I think like this is like a 30 40 minute sketch it's one thing right but uh I think it actually does look more like Daniel Craig than the previous entry looks more like Ben Shapiro too even though I know yeah soo points for that sure that point once you be shitting on a shirt I like the crazy about the fucking Ben Shapiro face shape I think it's a little too round I feel like his face is a little thinner and his chin is a little weaker a little narrower yeah oh I know what I have I've got a joint oh you got a joint cool oh cool ass Siegel show the other fucking seagulls do thank you another shoe and this is pretty lazy one Oh Craig you are so ripped is that your Glock poking me call me mr. Bob oh well shouldn't you have actually come up with a good line if you're gonna set it if you're gonna come up with a good setup if like is that your Glock poking me like shouldn't he say something yeah bottle have a way someone lever the you know theirs and call me Mr Bond like I know what my favorite already did do you have a vape a favorite Daniel Craig bond line Daniel Craig I have one for sure it's from Casino Royale he's having that meeting on the train with the femme fatale of that movie for the first time okay and she and she they're talking about the menu and he's sitting across from her and she goes what are you gonna get and he said lamb and she has oh how do you take your lamb and he waits this long pregnant pause and he says skewed like that's perfect fuckin Bond line this guy should have watched more bond cuz you're right bond would have a way better Oh Landing out of this Glock poking me yeah yeah maybe thanks for entering what you traced some people out of a magazine you keep working you win buddy working on your skills yeah needs a little more work sorry oh no this is almost like they've been together for a while this is not like couple dudes yeah this is like they they're to get I like the I like the the legs they put on Ben he looks very femme in this that doesn't once again look like Daniel Craig or have Daniel Craig's hair color or body shape or any of that yeah I like I gotta tell you I liked rap ben shapiro i think you're right though Paul yeah I'm starting to get more and more into trap Ben Oh morning babe what's for breakfast cage free eggs florentine hmm I don't deserve my little Benny bear teehee oh stop you okay so this is over the top stop it's cute it's romantic it's melting my heart a little bit it's romantic though this is it once again it's a different angle on romance this is not be we just met on the beach right this is like we're like right domestic partners we've been together we're very much in love you know what now they fall in love they stay together and Ben is cooking breakfast and no one really besides this guy really envisioned this yeah good good allowing the background to get out of the way of what you did not spend a ton of time on it yeah awesome looks great okay to a Jew or do you want to read this in some kind is this supposed to be from Ben Shapiro as perspective in banner I don't know I think should be Shakespearean do I see a little Shakespeare I also know it's two would you then it's from Daniel Craig Oh to a Jew roses are red violets are blue I'm Daniel Craig and I love a certain Jew even though we've never met we love each other badly we'll never meet I bet and our love be separate sadly soon will consecrate our bond underneath the shining Monde so until then my Joey friend I will always love you Oh everybody's a critic here – I've got a child read rhymed badly with Sassoon it's double consecrate our bond you have a problem bond and I don't I don't know what I'm on it is but I don't have a problem if you love this team don't even play all right mm-hmm no I mean whatever it's an interesting shoe I mean so it's at least an eye cream basically okay so he's made so okay I love that I'm trying to soak this scene in right so there's me back there there's a bowl back there yeah there's Paul back there yep and we're like he's just fuck Scotty Scotty doesn't matter it's me and Paul and movable right which admittedly would be a better show damn but there's day Reuben over there guard with that dude Superbowl I mean you know it'd be better if moveable replace any of it all of us he guys coming it was just like oh yeah another deep fat fucking who cares you're all stupid shits for watching this stupid fucking show but you know omitting me dude I guarantee you're mean look uh yeah you fuck you really fucked yourself on getting that Scottie vote yeah I mean how are you ever gonna vote for you you should totally where Ben where Dave Oh No let me just abolish this this is really fucking bad I mean like now excluding me like the fucking Photoshop you did on the face of the woman there is just it's so fucking lazy it's barely it's barely qualified Daniel Craig the same thing Dave Dave Rubin actually looks better than that I mean the people that are not the focus of the contest don't like that Ben's terrible Daniel Craig's terrible Dave Rubin actually looks more realistic I feel like I don't really feel like Daniel Craig looks that bad I feel like pretty much the only one he really fucking dropped the bomb was Ben there that just doesn't off right it really is distracting to the eye and it's kind of a shame because you kind of have a nice atmosphere going with the rest of it it does I actually there yeah but uh like if you just mentally remove the terrible ben shapiro photoshop from it the rest of it's actually pretty nice yeah but unfortunately you just really fucking drop it it's a scene it's that's a decent scene and I mean like I said like the Dave Rubin looks good and you guys look good in the background but just Ben Shapiro just does not look like Ben Shapiro at all I don't look as you want Daniel Craig I don't think it's horrible Baida I just don't think it's weird emissions I just I feel like it looks fine like I really wouldn't even notice it looks okay but whatever I mean what we all agree that the Ben Shapiro looks totally some aspects of it are better than the other shoots we've seen a sense of light I really like there's some good ships here but there's not the central figures are both I mean especially Ben is not good here ya know yep thanks it's a letter D okay okay Paul you hear mr. Craig I find I cannot control myself I've been your idol for the longest of time wait a minute I've been your idol I have been your idol okay for the longest of times and while I want to be with you it's forbidden fruit that you must be that you are since I first laid my eyes on you I was in a trance I was fixated to an unhealthy degree though I do have a wife she means nothing to me she's the embodiment of a lie that I've been masquerading that I've been living for far too long I have a career a daughter fans all of whom who have followed under my thumb and absorbed my words the grand irony is that my words which I propel so high claim against the kind of love we love we can't have the love we can't have as it would destroy me I cannot say it would be all bad as it likely wouldn't show you in a bad light I send this letter to show and represent the feelings that have been inside of me for countless years feelings that are so old but continue to remain strong I want you to know that I can and I do exist as long as I go on in my life you will be the strongest source of light for bite hard so ultra depressing realistic unromantic – romantic – so it hits that it mentions Daniel Craig I don't know I mean this is this is a valid entry I'll give it that much right there's a few weird wording choices like I don't understand we means I've been your idol mm-hmm that's he's kind of reversing it yeah have you been my idol might be somebody who's got English as a second life yeah and there's a few other little awkward about choices like that but I think the overall concept of it is pretty nice pretty interesting pretty interesting way I like Viktor it it kind of fits into potentially reality you know yeah like it does you don't have to believe some fantastical shit to accept this no not at all you just have to believe that Ben Shapiro harbors an unrequited boner for Daniel Craig which is in fact a premise of this contest who can say he doesn't dude this actually isn't a letter from Ben himself I don't know I can't I did not know this contest was gonna take this long but whatever is good shit so this is another pretty Soulfly fucking piece of work here but it looks like Daniel is kind of not interested in Ben at this point you know what this kind of right he almost is annoyed by him this kinda reminds me of John back derf dearths art from fucking my friend Dahmer yeah yeah a little bit especially in phases oversized eyes and the odd angles of the faces to show perspective yeah it just uh it doesn't really have a very romantic guy because Daniel doesn't really look even remotely interested in Ben he kind of looks like he's trying to get past body language is very standoffish kind of like yes no I thinks it doesn't get romance points but a good depiction of both of them yeah it definitely looks like Ben Shapiro and doing a Craig ooh Daniel Craig at all that looks it looks like gay Bruce Willis don't worry about this sweetie yippee-ki-yay motherfucker this was the gay Bruce Willis vs. Ben Shapiro competition this might be a contender Daniel Craig I appreciate this one there's Bruce Willis and Ben Shapiro yeah okay double-oh-seven the Jew Oh behave Ben my feelings about you Daniel don't care about facts and then they're back there I can't even read what you're saying what the fuck yeah and then I say didn't think it would actually happen and then Scotty saying shut up this is hot this is a fun one Fausta for your Ben Shapiro Wow that might have one I'm so sorry the TJ limited all of you people with this stupid don't show sex yeah I mean I mean it's romantic I didn't say it couldn't show sexuality I just said it couldn't focus on it you know as obviously it is that's not flying onto his face that I think I don't know I'm not called the money shy I'm not alright well that's fine TJ oh and this one this for some reason this person there shit doesn't like this is the same motherfucker Beyonce just can't have another shot we got two entries from one person huh I didn't limit well it looks like it looks like that's actually their only one I think yeah so I guess it must have just put it on there again got it so that's everything oh wow oh that was a gauntlet so let's go ahead and just take a quick look back at every entry really quick yeah skim through them well just let you know the name of the artist so that you guys can let's just give each one a number so like say number one this number two this so we can remember our favorites and narrow it down okay so I kind of move this one here all right this wasn't originally first all right so the number one one – okay oh I wanted to say the names of the people – so this is hide wari this art here is from forever reptile ease or Twitter handles by the way is Andrew 1990 rows number three here this is Otello at number four oh yeah he's a he's a guy that's okay I know I tell oh this is ben quadinaros quadinaros I'm gonna give my best on these pronunciations at number five this is bg9 threes okay sorry it's it's bg9 something at number 6 and number 7 they did both of those oh cool this is Calais Steen right here okay and I guess eight that's that one that doesn't like to load which I'll just pull up this way it's like the schoolboy been one yet school boy been by who the fuck was it chasin Tom oh I know Jason Tom – Jason Tom it's a Heidi ology frequenter this is coffins and cream right here alright a runner-up for sure this is a dark nooks op there's too many numbers for me to go through all the know goes okay this is designs dry oh yeah I like this one this is Nvidia 13 okay it's forever reptile this is gimme gin arm this is handle Amman okay hipster coffee in west art impromptu ng's jaqen coal art jeido Jersey Josh dough six wah know vark Kevin a bunch of numbers Lee Apollo to mark w bass me a me Miami masquerade M Milton I'm sorry melting ttan my balls itch seven okay Nicole – five numbers I don't do the number strings naughty Walker none of your fuckin and rock poetry readings to punch Hickson rag magnet 76 same the flame slightly immune scald o of the Lance sketch man 9-1-1 weird zo arse weird Zords the crafty art show – yep yep and there you see is crafty our show thing but as twitter handle is weird Zords okay so that's everything well I have mine narrowed down to I think – so what are the two your narrowed down the two that I am narrowed down to our number one hide worries art or an agreement there yeah and number two I had the name and then the assault of names took it away it is the one that I said look like a Frida Kahlo painting it's a beach scene it's uh I think it's around yeah I think it's impromptu yes no no no no oh is it the one that he's like holding him go go back it's before the yeah the first ones go back see Jackie that one this one here yes yes alright moving toward the top sorry I said the Frida Kahlo pan this is the one I said look like a yeah that just so those are my so those are your two finalists guy oh and you said what did you what do you what do you think is there not go back because I think it's like just keep going backwards with it back will beware it's like I think it's the babe series holding him weighs holding point to it oh you're talked about here second from left okay so that's our Telos so that's this yes I think so the one Paul said is number one and this one there's my top two fine okay right yeah strong choices and I favor this one I think if we're all voting for that one that's prom I mean I think if that one gets brought up and all of our finalists I think we've got a clear winner here I mean they've pretty much the moment I saw it I was like okay that's the winner I mean look and it let's talk a little bit about why yes because there was a lot of strong line work in this competition a lot of really really good characterizations a lot of good body likes movement like this has a real strong sense right so let me tell you why to me yeah go I mean basically the facial expression first of all they both look like themselves yes the facial expressions tell the entire story there's not a bunch of stupid hearts and shit in the background to convey what's going on it has both just you could feel the love you could feel the sexuality they're both there they're both present here's something has a real nice vibe to it it really feels like genuinely romantic it actually kind of sells me on the what would normally be a disgusting idea of trap ben shapiro right yeah yeah they just look right it feels right if I just genuinely feel the love radiating off of it pieces oh dude it's just everything about this is perfect in Lima and I the characters the fucking background the nice little cloud the romantic evening just the way Ben Shapiro is looking at fucking Daniel Craig is just like its total love and you feel at 100 you can almost feel that night breeze yeah how many of these did we look at where we were like I wish the background was out of the way this is an example of only maybe one of the only examples we saw of one where the background not only needs doesn't need to get out of the way but it augments this positively there's a strong lighting hand here I love I love all you can actually see the moonlight hitting their faces from behind it's a complete picture even the little detail work the scrollwork done that kind of frames them in the double-oh-seven logo all of that little detail work is totally complete in this picture so I mean I can't really see giving it to anybody else yeah this is just to me fucking Bravo Hydra and congratulations to I would I agree our two runners-up in hipster coffee here I'd probably put them in number three but um I'll tell out also a great job yeah but I also like to give honorable mention – which one was it toon impromptu –nz even though there was the uninspired beach scene I thought the body language here was really I really appreciate it actually I think you did a good job I think that the problem with this one is the view isn't dynamic enough it just looked we're just looking straight on at profiles which you know I I kind of appreciate maybe kind of turning the camera a little bit of an angle give us a little bit more creative of you but I love the body language between them great interplay but a lot of drawing entries ultimately beat this 90% of the people who submitted something submitted something that was good submitted something only one only it was in the spirit of the contest only one entrant made me actually want to fuck ben shapiro and it's this one right yeah this is the one yeah this is the bench is the thigh wanna stay there and white with this Ben Shapiro so will will reach out to you on Twitter hi and worried for your prize after three dollars an Amazon thank you for your entry thank you thank you yeah thank you to all of our contestants and you know we got to do this more often this is great stuff I always think we should do just a monthly contest yeah why the fuck not so alright well thank you guys for tuning in hey guys watch and let us know if you agree or if you had another entrant that you think should have won and was robbed because I'm sure that you're out there and uh you know let us know what you think

36 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro x Daniel Craig Art Contest

  1. Oh man I don't think I've laughed that hard in years. Craftyartshow's Lion King edit was the clear Victor in my eyes.

  2. For some weird reason Shapiro kinda looks like Alexis Tsipras (previous Greek prime minister) in most depictions. Weird. They don't look alike a lot.

  3. Fuck yeah monthly contests. They are some of the funniest episodes. I still remember the draw Paul's Ego ugly contest.

  4. Some Bond dialogue;
    “That’s becomes you know what I can do with my little finger.”
    “I’m going to tell everyone how you scratched my balls.”
    From Logan Lucky: “I’m about to get naked, so no peeking.” Just some lines what could of made for some better art phrases.

  5. you know I've had in my mind before DFF started but since I noticed you guys subscribed I will focus on making you guys the new intro I've had planned all this time, I don't expect it to replace what you have just something I hope people enjoy stay tuned.

  6. Scotty getting triggered at 18 minutes in is hee-larious. The poem was…B for effort. But that's still ok.

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