BEN DROWNED | Draw My Life

BEN DROWNED | Draw My Life

So…I’ll introduce myself. My name John Coiffure , and now that the story
of Ben Drowned has become popular, I’d like to clarify some facts that I’ve been researching
on after his death. I’ll start from the beginning. Ben and I went to school together. He was a very shy boy, but we became friends
right away, as we shared a passion: videogames. One of our favorite games was The Legend of
Zelda: Majóra’s Mask for Nintendo 64. Ben was a slim boy with blond hair to his
shoulders, and his eyes were sky blue. Everyone considered him a weirdo because his
personality was different. The bullies in the class, Matt, Jack and Alex
constantly picked on him. Matt was the worst of them, he was despicable
and he had a scar on his lip from an old fight he usually bragged about. Poor Ben’s situation at home wasnt very
nice either. His dad had died the previous year in a car
accident. Right before dying, Ben had told him about
his problems at school, and he had calmed him down. “I’ll go talk to your teacher tomorrow. I’m sure it’ll all have a wonderful ending,
right?”. He kissed him on his forehead and laughed,
without knowing those were his last words. Ben didnt smile much, the happiest I’ve
seen him is when he bought the Majora’s Mak game with the money he had been saving. He’d spend hours and hours playing, and
he always had it with him. “I wish I was like Link and I could be brave
and face those bullies”, he’d usually say. One day, I went to his house to pick him up
and go to school together. When I got there, he was playing the Majora’s
Mask game, I remember he saved the game in the “Skull (scól) Kid” phase. Then, he put the game inside his bag and we
left for school. During the break, he came to me, desperate,
because Matt had been searching in his stuff and his game had disappeared. I went to the teachers’ room with him to
tell what had happened, and we went to find Matt. “Ben, are you sure it was Matt?” the teacher
asked. “Yes! I saw him searching on my bag!” “Dont worry, you won’t see it again”,
I heard Matt whisper, with a dark voice. The teacher asked Matt to empty his bag. There was the game, without the label. Ben asked me to hold on to it, he was afraid
they’d take it from him again after school. He told me he’d call me to meet at some
safe place and give it to him. When I got home, I was waiting for his call. 10 minutes passed, then 20, 30.. and the phone
didnt ring. I was worried. What if Matt and the others had done something
to him?? I ran to Ben’s house with the game on my
hand. Right before reaching his house, I heard cries
and moans coming from the shore of a nearby lake. I got closer, and then I saw Matt, Jack and
Alex, next to Ben, laying on the floor, hurt. He was screaming in pain, and covering his
face with his hands. I stood some meters from them, and I saw Matt
grab a wooden stick from the floor. You were saying you saw me taking your stupid
game, huh? Dont worry, you won’t see anything ever
again!” He put the stick in one of Ben’s eyes and
then in the other one, Ben was desperately screaming. The show was horrifying, I wanted to do something
but I couldn’t move. Blood was falling from his sockets, covering
his face and his clothes. I threw up and started crying. “You shouldn’t have done that”, Ben
said to Matt. Matt grabbed him by his neck and dragged him
to the lake. He sank his head on the water, drowning him
while he laughed and laughed. Jack and Alex got scared and ran away. When Matt finished his job, he let Ben’s
dead body go and left in the same direction. Nobody was there. I got close to Ben, my legs were shaking. I held him on my arms, hugging him, without
letting go of the Majora’s Mask game that I still had on my hand. I remained like that until the police came
– they had been warned by a neighbor. My best friend was dead and I couldnt do anything
to avoid it. I still have nightmares about this. When I went back home, I went to the bathroom
to get rid of the blood. The Zelda game was also dirty. I wiped it and saw something handwritten on
it, a word, Majora. I hadnt realized about this earlier, but I
didn’t think it was important. The next day, when I woke up, the game was
gone. I looked everywhere, but couldnt find it. After telling the police about what had hapened,
they sent Matt to a juvenile (lluvenáil) detention center. Three days after that, his death under strange
circumstances was on the news. They said his eyes had come out of his suckets
while he was playing The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. On the tv, they showed a picture of the game. It was exactly like Ben’s, the one I had,
with the same handwritten word! I almost passed out, I felt a chill, What
was happening? I started investigating and I found out Jack
and Alex had also died, in the same way as Matt. It Had to be Ben’s revenge. But things didnt stop there, everything started
to get more serious and more deaths took place. I got in touch with people who had played
the same version of the damned game to know what was different about it from the original. There was a saved game with Ben’s name. Usually, Skull Kid would show up in phases
where e is not supposed to be, staring at you. And Link’s sinister statue followed you
everywhere, doing weird things with evil bloody eyes. One day, I borrowed the game. While I was playing, Link’s statue appeared
and, when the game was over, one of the screens said “You’ve had a terrible ending, right?” I was stunned, it was a very similar sentence
to the one Ben’s dad told him before the accident. There was a phase that didnt appear for the
other players, when Link was dying, the dialog said “Even tho you didnt help, I dont hold
anything against you, my friend”. So it is true… there is a cursed version of the Zelda game
where Ben Drowned enjoys playing with your mind, to scare you. His image will haunt you even when you sleep,
until you probably lose your mind…

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  1. A lot of you asked us about this creepypasta, tiktakers! Well, it's finally here~~~ did you like it?

  2. I think I wanna cry but at the same time I don't because I don't know what to feel half of me is shocked and the other half is shocked so I basically don't know what to say for once

  3. I have a Creepypasta OC that looks a little like BEN Drowned..
    Name: Luner Drowned
    Age: ???
    Gender: Female
    How she died: By drowning in the ocean by bullies
    What she is: A ghost
    Likes: Killing people by taking their eyes out, the color red
    Hates: Water
    Appearance: Yellow hair, purple hoodie, a long leather brown pocket, black pants, brown boots, the eyes same with black eye sockets with red pupils and blood coming down from her eyes
    Line: ' ' I wouldn't do that if I were you… ' '
    Okie dokie! I'm done with my OC! More Creepypasta OC's coming soon!

  4. Not to ruin the mood tho, am I the only one who thinks ben would be an amazing Isekai protagonist. He got it all. He loved video games, was "bullied" ( if you can even call it that) and wanted to be link

  5. I’m confused, maybe because i have never came across this channel. Where did you get all of this information from? Or is it just a fake back story to add some immersion to the creepypasta

  6. “I wish I could be like Link and go against those bullies!”

    rips out bully’s eyeballs through screen
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Me in my head : If I ran into one of these guys I would be so excited because I love creepypastas

  8. Me:watch video Imma skip school
    Me:do you want me to be a bullied
    Me:and my eyes fall out my head with a fuking stike

  9. Alright so,
    Is anyone wondering why is Ben Drowned/Link looking like Peter Pan?

    I searched up "Why does link from the legend of zelda look like Peter pan?"

    And it said that Link's animation was INSPIRED by Peter pan. That's why he resembles peter pan alot.

  10. Ben didn’t deserve this…. why do these terrible people exist?!?! Matt should have been tortured in prison!!! Not put in juvenile detention!!!! One like=one bully erased from our cruel world

  11. Who would FOR EVER play a game? bullys Oof ben drowend LOVED the game! poor ben Oof R.I.P 😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😰😰 EWW blood! bad friend you didn’t save him

  12. if I was his friend I and they put a single finger on him in a bad way…… ether way I would
    run up kicks his head stad out his eyes drown him and lie about it and say
    " my friend diead dut he hurt my other friend please help pls "and id help den as much as i could

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