“Beginners’ Luck” | Total Drama Gone Wild – Ep. 1 Part I

“Beginners’ Luck” | Total Drama Gone Wild – Ep. 1 Part I

“Total Drama Gone Wild” – Ep.1
Beginners’ Luck So… What are you doing? What does it look like I’m doing?
I’m carving on this stupid plane. Ok then! Somebody got up on the wrong
side of the bed… Are you drawing?! I’m not “drawing”, I’m painting! OMG, can you draw me? Make sure to capture my
fabulous figure in your painting, And put a little unicorn near me! I’m so excited!
It’s my first time on an airplane. It’s my first time too. Madame! May I just say, I haven’t seen such gorgues eyes
in my whole life. Well… Thank you. I guess this is the time everyone
introduces themselves, So, I’m Tim! You don’t need to know my name, You won’t be here long
enough to remember anyone’s name. O… K… I didn’t say anything, and the
guards let us through, just like that! Could you believe that? Oh, and that one
time the guys and I went camping — Stop! I didn’t come here to listen to
street children like you, Talking about their fancy camping
trips, or their luxurious time spent Riding a horse in south-east Arizona. So can you please, just, PLEASE shut up,
and let me enjoy this horrific flight?! Chad? Chad! Jade, what are you doing here? Move! That’s exactly what I was
going to say! I didn’t know you signed
up for this show too! It’s crazy! So, could you believe
these terrible people are gonna be with us on the show?
– Yeah, ugh, they’re so basic and inferior. Gosh, I wish the world was filled
with more flawless and amazing people… Like us!
(laughing) Hey, you like kickboxing? Umm, yeah! Would you like to see
some sick kickboxing moves? Is that even a question?! Ready? Ha-ya! Haaa-ya! Haaaa-YA! Oh no… Thats bad… Umm, guys, dont start panic
or something, but umm… There’s a hole in the plane! FYI! (Everyone screaming) Somebody call the pilot! There is no pilot! Calm down, you guys, I’ve heard
there’s a slight chance of surviving a plane crash.
– You’re not helping, red head, Not helping! What to do?!
We’re all gonna die! Wohoo! Extreme plane crash!
Ha ha! The hole’s getting bigger! I think we should jump off the plane, Beneath us there’s water,
the landing there will be way safer. Without no parachutes?!
Are you out of your mind?! Yeah, we should,
that’s the only way, Because (together) the mass of
the plane doubles the force That the water will aply on
an average teenager weight! Yeah, extreme! Our suitcases! I gotta know who’s responsible
for all of this! Is it a good time to reveal myself? Anyways… It’s time for
your first challenge! Wasn’t the plane crash
enough of a challenge? I’m gonna ignore that. Your guys’ first challenge is to swim to
the beach! let’s see who can do this! Easy. Let me take out my waterproof
cellphone here. Hi, daddy, listen, I’m stuck here
in a… bla bla bla bla, can you send me a small motorboat?
Thank you, ba-bye. Hop on, Jade. Extreme! Haha! Well, no time to waste!
See you guys at the beach! C’mon you guys! We can do this!
Let’s swim! I’m not going anywhere.
Good luck, perky. My phone! Meh, I’ll buy a new one. Good thing the three of us
landed near the beach. Wooho! We made it!
Right, Nate? Yeah… Sure… We made it… Woooo… That’s what you get from using our motorboat. And the challenge is finished! But, not all of us are on the island… Who said all of you must
get to the island? It was a team picking challenge.
That means – Tim, Sandy, Bobby Joe, Madison, Nate, S. Deezy, Jade and Chad. From now all ’till the end of the game,
you’re team A! The Deadly Parrots! Diana, Daniel, Celia, Nicole, Remi, Michael, Brandon, Maia and Iris, You lazy teenagers are all on team B! The Brutish Buffalos! What will be the next amazing challenge?
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Total! Drama! Gone Wild! captions by OnceUpon563

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  1. Why does that one girls with the red shirt the "rude" one with eh braids remind me of the villian girl from pearly

  2. This can take more then 26 years. If there are 26 episodes. And I don’t know if I have YouTube that long….

  3. Looking at most of theses characters im gonna guess that all the peeps in this total drama are the children of the ships in the other total drama's

  4. Some OC Ideas:

    Name: Coco

    Archetype: A Skater

    Race: Hispanic/Latino

    Hair: Black, straight, and short

    Clothing style: Goth

    Body Type: Short.

    Name: Phoebe

    Archaetyle: The Theater Kid

    Race: Pacific Islander

    Body Type: Average height, perfect cheeks boans.

    Clothing Style: Streetwear

    Hair: Blonde, curly, and short

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  6. When this video first came out I thought this was an official season of Total Drama and when I went on Netflix I was wondering why it wasn't on there but I still thought it was until like 2 weeks ago when remembered this was a thing I went on imdb and it said it was fanmade.

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