Beginner Painters Try To Paint Like Bob Ross

Beginner Painters Try To Paint Like Bob Ross

– This is gonna’ get weird. (upbeat electronic music) – I love Bob Ross. He’s like “Do it this way if you like to. “If it looks different
from mine, it’s okay.” – There’s something so hypnotizing about the way he speaks,
and it’s just so soothing. – I know he’s a painter, but I totally had no idea that he was dead. I thought he had a new Netflix show, so. – Let’s do this. – Let’s go right in here, and just put in a happy little glow. – So I’m painting like,
it looks like a sunset. I think I did mine
darker than his, though. – Kay, hold on, Bob,
give me a second here. – So he does move quickly. – Eh, fine, sure, yep. – Wants it to blend now, and
I don’t feel good about this. – This is lookin’ good! I legitimately feel like
I’m doing a good job. – Bob, Shit, Oh God. – (muttering) Dammit, what, suck it. – I’m using the wrong brush, shit! – All we’re doing is applying some very, very basic little shapes. Think about the shape of a tree. – I’ll think about the shape of a tree. Oh God, oh God. (laughs) – Well that one kinda’ looks like a tree. I feel good about that. – Blending, we’re
blending, we’re blending. – I think we’re using the same brush, but for whatever reason, what I’m doing is not what he’s doing. – Trees look a little bit like penises, but you know what, what are you gonna’ do? (growls) – The left side looks
better than the right side. This looks like trees,
this still looks crazy. – And here, maybe, lives
a happy little bush. This is what keeps the little
rabbit warm in the winter. – It keeps a rabbit warm in the winter. Ugh, heartfelt, this scene
is not just a painting. There’s life in it! – I think this is salvageable if I just stick to the lower half. – Bob’s voice is what I
imagine like, if Mufasa, Morgan Freeman, and God decided
to teach a painting class. (tapping loudly) – I think these are supposed to be bushes. I can’t be sure anymore. (sighs loudly) – If Bob and like the Reading Rainbow guy, did they ever team up? Because them together, like if Bob and the Reading Rainbow guy, I can’t, I think his
name’s LaVerne, a duo. It’s not LaVerne? – Okay, so now we’re basically making the whole ground with
this nice blue, which, I’m finally getting the knack
of not having too much paint. – I guess Guy Fieri is
kinda’ the Bob Ross of food, just way less likable. Was that kinda’ mean to say, sorry. Shit, what, what, what? – My confidence is back down. I felt great, and now I’m like, “Oh, Crap. “Mine doesn’t look like that.” – Maybe today we’ll have a big old cabin. – Cabins, I was always
amazed by his cabins, because like, “What?” He’s like, “Three strokes, and “there you have it, a beautiful cabin.” – Touching and pushing at the same time. – Can we paint it something
cooler, like a bear? – Oh God, I don’t know how to do this. – I can’t even imagine like,
if you’re watching this IRL, commercial television, you can’t pause. Who did this? – Oh, yes. – I just like the sound
of this. (scraping) – The knife is always my favorite part, because he works some fuckin’
magic with this thing. – Okay, so it’s like a Christmas
getaway for me and Bob. The economy’s bad, so
no gifts this year, Bob. – I’m just not even
gonna’ try the windows, ‘cuz it’s clearly gonna’ be a hot mess. – Um, I’m not feeling great,
this feels a little bit crazy. He’s crazy, everyone’s crazy, I’m crazy for thinking I could do this. – I think we’ll call that
one finished, in fact. – Wait, we’re done? What? (laughs) – Thank you Bob, I’ll see you next time. Um, okay. (laughs) – Yeah, I think I’m done. (orchestral music) – I had to pause multiple times, and mine looks like complete
garbage after like an hour. My trees are definitely gonna’ need some therapy before they’re happy trees. – I am most proud of my
tree here on the right. It looks like it’s ready for Christmas. He has a special place in my heart that only Bob Ross can have. I feel like I was about to
cry and I don’t know why. – This looks like a
thing, like a human person would be like, “Hmm, sure.” I made this, and how
many people can say that? Thanks, Bob. – I’ll see you next time. (orchestral music) (squeaking)

100 thoughts on “Beginner Painters Try To Paint Like Bob Ross

  1. Bob was a master of his technique, for people who have never painted to get even reasonably close is a testament to his assertion that anyone can paint.

  2. In earlier days I would send comments back regarding BOB ROSS’s art , it took those in concerned to inform me that he had passed away about few years back. I was disappointed but 👍👍 I still watched but did not comment 👍

  3. As an amateur artist, let me just say that everyone did great. When judging your own art, it's going to look bad because you have expectations of how it should look instead of what it really is. So even if you painted a good looking painting to someone else, it's not what you envisioned. Also what's great about painting is that you can just keep painting over what you don't like. Or paint around those "happy little accidents" to make them work.

  4. professional artists try to paint like Bob Ross !! like so they can see ! (i'm actually super curious because i haven't seen this kind of idea anywhere yet)

  5. Here's my recrate: If you want to check it out, i will be very happy about that 🙂

  6. LOVE what she said near the end… and I believe that holds true for many things in life: "I MADE this, and how many people can say that?"

  7. blending would’ve been easier if you put a layer of liquid white down BEFORE you started with any other colors

  8. whay they swear…???? !!!! I don't like the way how those people acting… I am really mad… wanna to report them all!!!

  9. Bob Ross paintings are the worst examples of paintings. They are craps. It is a tragedy that people learn from him. Monet would shoot himself when he sees Bob's paintings.

  10. I uploaded my first painting on Instagram 🙂 @fatmario39 I decided to paint the beach near me and I am not disappointed. Bob ross inspired me! I will be painting more!

  11. I’m a beginner and I think I nailed my first one! All you have to do is do what he says. It has alot to do with taking your time, bending the bristles in the right direction, and mixing the colors correctly. . I’m no expert but I must have done something right. It came out pretty good

  12. Actually these beginners' paintings are far better than Ross'. They have personal styles. Ross' paintings are the same as those done by any limners or daubsters in the streets, can't tell the difference.

  13. Anyone else felt warm when Bob said "I'll see you next time"?
    I watched this video like 10 times and that part still gets me T^T

  14. love these videos. there is no such thing as bad art. ppl have bought are that have nothing but polka dots on it. and everyone is different so copying someone else isnt possible.

  15. we don’t make mistakes, we make happy accidents.

    “happy accidents”

    that’s what my parents called me

  16. Instant dislike because you didn't start them of with liquid white which means no matter how hard they try, they're doomed to fail from the beginning.

  17. they forgot the most important part, the foundation of his wet on wet technique, A LIQUID WHITE BASE COAT! without that blending is impossible

  18. MAtt's painting is pretty good, if just looks a bit unfinished. Ryan got a bit lost. Niki was doing great until the cabin started.

  19. I am confused… Morgan Freeman and god? you know Morgan Freeman IS god, HE IS GOD… HE IS THE ONE WHO CREATED ALL LIVING THINGS YOU FOOLS!!!

  20. Ryann: "this is a winter cabin getaway for me and Bob, economy is bad so no presents for Bob..sorry Bob."
    Me: Same.

  21. "Like if you were watching this IRL you couldn't pause…who did this?!"

    VCRs. You could tape things and then watch them later, including pausing!

  22. Their paintings looked really great and amazing! I would buy one! Don't be so hard on yourselves guys, you did awesome.

  23. I feel like they aren't even trying, which is a slap in the face to Bob. It seems to be more about making a funny video on why you can't paint like him. Shame on you.

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