Baydardi Episode 3 – 9th April 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

Baydardi Episode 3 – 9th April 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

Bajo?!! Bajo?
Bajo?!! Bajo Bhaiya? Bhaiya?! Bhaiya please come quickly Bhaiya! Rabia? Rabia open your eyes! Rabia, open your eyes. Rabia! Rabia talk to me! What happened? Talk! Bhaiya what happened to Bajo? Why is she not talking to me? Why won’t she open her eyes? Bajo, open your eyes! Nothing happened to her I will take her to the hospital right now Tabinda Go and bring my phone! In fact go and call the ambulance! Rabia, wake up! Rabia, breathe, Rabia! Talk to me! Rabia wake up! Why are you standing there staring at me? Go bring an ambulance! Rabia, wake up! Rabia talk to me, what happened to you, tell me! Nasir, there’s no use Rabia is no more! What are you saying, Tabinda? Bajo, open your eyes, how will I live without you?! Open your eyes, how will I live without you?! Rabia, open your eyes! Rabia, talk to me! My sister, Rabia! Open your eyes, bajo! Open your eyes! It’s 11 o’clock Sonia will kill me today Rabia texted? Rohail, your evil face has not only broken my heart but also dishonored me in front of my brother Your betrayal and my brother’s resentment will not let me live which is why I am leaving this world I will meet you on the day of judgment now That day I will definitely ask for justice You haven’t left yet? I told you to leave before this morning Listen to me, man. What do I listen to? Do you know why I have tolerated you so far? so that your future doesn’t get ruined because of me! But after last night, I can’t tolerate you even for a minute! tell me what did you get by playing with that innocent girl’s feelings? and by the way
tell me what did you get by playing with that innocent girl’s feelings? tell me what did you get by playing with that innocent girl’s feelings? She’s not that innocent She knows how to take revenge quite well I faked my suicide, right? Now she will. You know she doesn’t lie right? She really loves you? when my love is not true, how can hers be? Nobody dies for anyone these days Your love is fake, right? but you can still care for her as a human being? Did you call her? She’s not picking up the phone and Bia? neither is she Oh my God! Come with me Where?
Oh my God! Come with me Where? To Rabia’s. Where else? I will not go. I don’t have any spare time. What did you say? You don’t have time? For years you have been making fun of her love, who loves you with her heart and soul. You’ve made such a spectacle! and last night you humiliated her in front of her family after that you have the audacity to say that you don’t have time? Shame on you, Rohail!
after that you have the audacity to say that you don’t have time? Shame on you, Rohail! Come with me! I said I won’t go. Sister? Say, what is it? the washer of dead is asking for more money Why? Why is she asking for me? You’re talking about money? She said she doesn’t wash bodies of suicidal deaths Oh God! How many more troubles do you have to bestow upon us? Rabia did very bad by doing this have put all of us in trouble look, who will we explain this to? who will we answer to? we can’t take care of this washer of dead now you’ll see, I wonder how many more troubles will be bestowed upon us? Alright, go bring her fast Listen, ask her to not blurt out. Go quickly Why would such a young girl die a forbidden death they must be hiding some problem What is it? Why did you call me? Come inside first It’s funeral time, and I don’t know what important things you’re coming up with this is something to be told before the funeral prayer that’s why I called you Do you know, Rabia committed suicide What? Suicide? Did you find out? Nasir’s sister committed suicide What? Rohail, this is What did you do Brother? Its time for the funeral prayer Funeral prayer? Yes, brother Have patience, Nasir son! You have to depart your sister yes yes we have to depart her but in a red dress she has worn white I- How can I depart her in a white dress? I do have to depart her but in a red dress, not in a white dress Have some courage Everybody is waiting I never thought that we will have to depart you like this in a white shroud You and Bia were my life support How could you do this? How could you leave me alone, Rabia? What will I answer to mother and father? They will ask me on the day of judgment, they will hold me accountable and ask me Why did you not take care of my daughter, what will I answer, Rabia? What will I answer, don’t go! Don’t leave your brother alone, I will break, Rabia. Don’t go, Rabia Don’t go Pick it Where are you taking my sister? Bhaiya, where are you taking my sister? Listen to me! Bajo can’t go anywhere, how will I live?! Nasir, wait for a minute Funeral prayer will take place at Isha (night) Leave the dead body with the family for a bit Come with me, The mosque leader is calling you You are a murderer! You are a murderer, Rohail! What did you think? You thought how you take everything as a game and joke and played, others do too? You were wrong How will you forgive yourself? I for one can’t understand, how will you look into your own eyes, shameless man! I did not murder her. You killed her! You killed her the same time you’d make a spectacle out of her create drama, to make her believe in your lies think about what must her family members be going through but your subconsciousness has died why would you think about it you are an awful and worthless person! you don’t deserve to be called a human being, Rohail! Shafay, I did not kill… Stop this tattle! Don’t say my name with your filthy tongue! Rohail, get lost from here! before I kill you, get lost! You have done such cruelty, Rohail, why did you do this? such an oppression! You get lost from here! Get out of my sight! Get out of here. Go. Poor, Nasir! he has raised both his sisters like parents would have such a loving brother, and what did he receive? Sister has left him with humiliation for life I have heard, people who commit suicide do not get a funeral prayer You are right. That’s why they did not perform the prayer in our mosque. And the leader is a saint who saved Nasir’s reputation and performed the prayer at another mosque far away Hey, nephew! Come already, how long will you have us waiting? We have grown old waiting for you I can’t come right now, uncle. Why, all good? What’s the matter? Your studies are finished, your university is over, exams are over Why are you staying there now? There’s an important task, uncle. What is so important? Uncle, please! Please. Doses it have something to do with dating a girl?
Uncle, please! Please. Uncle, please! Please. What is it, Shafay? You sound a little upset. Uncle, a very good friend of mine has died. Who? Rabia, my friend. “Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return” َ Sorry, son Uncle, I will talk to you later. Alright, son. Take care of yourself. All good? Yes, I was just talking to Shafay. Is Shafay alright? Yes, Shafay is alright but he told me a close friend of his has died “Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return” َ It must be such a grieve for her parents Tabrez, my heart breaks thinking about how the death of a young child empties the parents I will call him right away No no, Maimoona, there is no need to call him at the moment give him some time, he is a little disturbed, call him in a while Shafay is very sensitive, this must have really affected him he has stayed away from me and his home for so long but his habits haven’t changed May God protect him, May God protect everybody’s children Amen My condolences Bajo? Why did you leave me? Why did you leave me? How will I live without you? You said you will take care of me like mom Bajo, I get so scared! How will I sleep without you? How will I live, bajo? I told you, just like a murder can’t be hidden, a forbidden death can’t be hidden either Everybody found out! People have been throwing dirt at us since yesterday! What did you do, Rabia? You not only set fire to your last day, but made our lives hell as well! Baji is right
You not only set fire to your last day, but made our lives hell as well! Baji is right As much as we have tried to hide this, it has spread to people like a wildfire. People are gossiping People were looking at him like he has committed a crime I don’t understand how will we live in this area What are you talking about? Forget about living in this area People will kill you by taunting if you live in this area Start preparing to go somewhere else This area is not to live in Area? We will have to leave this city as well I don’t understand. Nasir, you tell, will you be able to face all the talks? Good Gracious! What will happen now? Bhai jee has taken Rabia’s death to his heart God forbid if something happens to him God forbid something happens to him If something happens to Nasir, I will leave no stone unturned I will not forgive anyone
If something happens to Nasir, I will leave no stone unturned I will not forgive anyone Sister, bhai jee is grieving more for the defame Rabia has brought than her death What do you know what people are saying Rabia did what she did. But, Bia, I won’t even let her breathe. Leave it, sister. You don’t have to do it. Just be strict to her That’s what I’ll have to do now. Stop it now, you have been ignoring me for days like this I call you but you don’t receive my calls If I ask you to meet me somewhere, you make up excuses that you’re ill I am really not well, Soniya What happened to you? I don’t know why but I don’t like anything I don’t know about anything but I do know you don’t like me Its not like that, Soniya That’s what’s it Because you really started loving that worthless Rabia That’s why you were ignoring me, right? Soniya, mind your language I won’t hear a word about Rabia, understand? Why, why can’t you hear it? Because she was your lover and I your girlfriend? You’re mourning her, right? Yes, I am mourning her! And she was my love, who I didn’t recognize because of useless girls like you! What did you say? Useless girls like me? And what are you? What is your worth? Go! Go, Soniya, I don’t want to get into an argument with you. Please go. Argument, my foot! I don’t even want to talk to you! Go from here Go to hell! And don’t even try to meet me again. Beware! Don’t say my name with your filthy tongue! Bia, I had no idea Rabia would leave all of us like this suddenly. You made her leave this world, Rohail. She killed herself because of you And now my brother has to leave this city because of you You have ruined us, Rohail. You destroyed all of us I am ashamed, Bia. I know all of this happened because of me, I understand But, Bia, I wish Rabia hadn’t committed suicide. Bajo did not commit suicide, you have murdered her! You are my sister’s murderer! Bia, I loved Rabia Beware! Do not even form the name of love in your mouth! Because a sinful and vagabond like you can’t love anyone! You have the right Say whatever you have to Maybe I am your sister’s convict You are not only my sister’s convict, but also mine. and I only came here to tell you that I will not forgive my sister’s murder. On the day of judgment, I will hold you accountable One more thing I curse you to have a long life but may you spend each moment of that life sobbing! Be suffering become your destiny for as long as you live! May you ask for death but may death not be your destiny Rabia. Rabia, child, forgive me. In this life, despite loving you unconditionally I could not give you the trust that you have the right to ask me for forgiveness and that no matter what I would have forgiven you You were not only my sister you were also my daughter My own daughter Does someone hurt their loved ones so much that they could not live the burdens of a daughter’s fate has to be carried but what fate is this, Rabia? what sadness is this? How will I carry such a big grieve alone? but these people these people will not let us live that’s why, Rabia, we are leaving this city but I don’t understand Am I leaving you alone and without support in this city or have you left me alone in this crowded world? This meeting is our last and my existence is crushing realizing that Forgive me but never forget me I want to live in your memories forever I heard shoes bite the feet in journey But, Rabia, this journey is biting my heart People will now explain and say you can’t leave with the ones who are gone but you can’t live without the ones who are gone either Rabia, I’ll leave now May God be your Guardian Bia, hurry up, it’s getting late Come quickly I am leaving Are you upset with me? Why would I be upset with you, Rohail? What relationship do I have with you to be upset you? Shafay, don’t say that We have spend four years together Nobody becomes anybody’s friend by spending some time together I know I have sinned I am ashamed, Shafay I accept that I am Rabia’s culprit You are not only Rabia’s culprit, Rohail You are responsible for her whole family destruction You have brought them shame Can you even surmise what humiliation they will have to face because of you? I am also suffering! My peace has also been shattered I feel like I have suffered the pain of years in these few days Not yet, Rohail Your journey has not even begun It’s only the beginning When you will die daily and live You will realize the punishment of abusing love My burdens will be lighter if you forgive me. Please forgive me. Why are you apologizing to me? If you want to apologize, apologize to your God, to Rabia’s family If they forgive you, Rohail, maybe your burdens will be a little lighter

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