Basic Urdu Verbs with English Examples | Urdu Grammar Lesson

Basic Urdu Verbs with English Examples | Urdu Grammar Lesson

you basic or do verbs for beginners with examples go ja ja I go to school Maskull jati who watch dick dick I watch TV in the evening mansion khou-tv dick team who eat car car Amelia eats chocolate Amelia chocolate Katya speak ball ball my father speaks all do made a boo-boo bolting hair drink pee pee Ali drinks coffee Ali coffee PETA hair play kill kill my sister plays football marry behind football kill t hair watch dick dick I watch Indian movie man Indian movies day to whom but loser car was a looker I take about every day may her Rose muscle car T who cook paka paka my mom cooks chicken Mary a me movie piccata hey wake up jog jog I wake up at seven o'clock mass of Assad body jock Tahu and for girls we see massive Assad body jug tea who learn seek seek I learn you do Fatma or do CT he'll make Bona Bona I shall makes coffee I shall coffee Bonacci head read for but my brother reads you do Mirabai old o Partha Hey right lick na likhna Chris writes although Chris will do licked ahead for girls we say Jennifer or do lichty head drive Gela Jala does Lina drives a car key aleena car gelati hey come my father comes home at night marry a Buddha go girl ah – hey listen soon soon David lessons music David music sunta hey use is the marker is the marker I use a laptop my laptop is the mall Kirti who work conquer concur I am working Maycomb Currahee moon miss yard girl yata girl I miss my mom may amico yard Kirti whoo rest Arrancar Arrancar I want to rest may Aram karna chatty who boy eval Ubah I am boiling anak may under Ubel receive him brush the teeth dot soft curve dot soft curve every day I brush my teeth may her rose dot South Kirti who play Baha Baha I like to play piano Mayer piano Bojana person karta hoon no John John my friend Lena knows although Mary dosed Lena although jaunty head count ding-ding I am counting money man Pasi gin rahe ho sing gah gah I sing very well may board HR Gotti whom we're the hen then I will black shirt Macaulay shirt Pentti moon fly hula hula I fly kite in the park may park may button Oh Lottie who sleep so so Amelia sleeps at ten o'clock Amelia does badge SOT hey run door door I like to run in the park may park me Dorina Poisson cart even eat breakfast Nash Tucker Nash Tucker I eat breakfast at 7 o'clock in the morning Maseo Hassad bhaji Nash Daugherty who help madad madad girl I want to help you may up key madad karna chahti who and for voice we say man up key madad karna cha-cha who tell butta butta I want to tell you may up kupatana Tata food food can I ask you ta absolute sakte ho doc but her but girl I want to talk you may observe at karna chata charty who teach Baha Baha my father teaches or do in the university mary abu university may or duper hot tea hey dance not not my friend Lena like students Mary dosed Lena not Gina person Kirti hair open cool cool I want to open the door Mader vasa call not jati who to take Lena Lena the natives vehicle use Lena as to buy so you can use it if you want to buy something for example I want to buy a phone mer phone Lena Chatta

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  2. Tempo of this lesson is perfect. 12 minutes passed in no time. Great examples, very informative. I like lady's voice. Good job 🐻 πŸ‘

  3. Assalamualikum ustani,shukria for share this new lesson and many time without,see your videos,and my respect to the ustad Omran.β˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ’πŸ’

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