Barn Wood Picture Frame

Barn Wood Picture Frame

I cut this project for the 2019
scrollsaw artists challenge that Russ Claridy over it simply wooden creations
puts on. Let’s see if we can dress it up a bit by adding a frame. Hi, I’m Paul, welcome to my messy workshop. The wood I’m using in this project I bought at the
big box store. It’s basically just a piece of probably 1 by 4 pine. It’s got a real rough surface on it and it’s been prefinished. So this is what
we’re going to use to make the frame. Let’s get on with it. Because this wood is rough and finished
on both sides I’ll run it through the thickness planer to get a smooth
reference surface and a consistent thickness. Next is to rip the piece down the center
to get two pieces of equal width. To create a rabbet on the backside of
the frame to hold the artwork, I’ll turn to the router table and a straight
cutting bit. Now it’s back to the table saw to cut
the miters. For the assembly of the frame it’s just
some glue and some pin nails to hold things together until the glue dries. I painted just a slight shadow line to
cover the raw edge of the wood. When it came time to put the artwork in the frame, I decided to hold everything in place with some hot melt glue. An acrylic
panel, the artwork, and a piece of black poster board. And here’s the finished product.

7 thoughts on “Barn Wood Picture Frame

  1. Nice job Paul, and the prefinished wood was a great choice. Fyi, my shop is so much more messy than what I saw in this video!

  2. I love the look of this frame Paul. It's very fitting that an owl would be framed by barn wood. Painting a shadow line was brilliant and gave a really nice bit of extra depth. I've never thought about using hot glue to hold in the backer board and project but I will be using it for a future project for sure. Thanks for the great video and congratulations on an excellent looking project.

  3. Did you resurface the frame?
    Looks good.
    Making a frame and fitting the glass I can do….
    making a frame to fit the glass…I just don't get it.
    Take care.

  4. That's nice work. I couldn't help but wonder about the glue cooling down before putting the piece on it. That's a lot of area to cover.

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