Barbara Jenkins, Author - Brooklyn Caribbean Literary Festival

Barbara Jenkins, Author – Brooklyn Caribbean Literary Festival

I think I have to love when people talk about my writing career I I've had a career in teaching all of my life I've had a career as a mother which never ends no matter what you do but my writing career as such is a very young one I started writing only ten years ago and I'm 77 so it's a kind of a lovely welcome appendix to a life that had already been lived in different careers I think that's why although I take the writing part of writing career very seriously in that I work to make the work the best it could be the career part of it I'm afraid I treat very lightly because I see it as something that I love and I enjoy doing it gives me a lot of satisfaction for the career part no no that's not serious well my Caribbean identity how does it influence my writing how could it not I am a Caribbean person I live in the Caribbean although I've lived elsewhere and we've already established the Caribbean is a very multifaceted space so that the landscape the forests the sea in particular the swamps everything comes into the writing because it's my everyday experience including as well the many different sorts of people I come in contact with on a daily basis they come into my writing to I think I there is a huge body of work that was written by other Caribbean writers before I came on the scene and I'm a very avid reader I think actually I devour books and when Caribbean writing became more easily available and more accessible this was the sort of thing I submerge myself in so my influences are not just a land escape on the people but the writers who came before me all of the Caribbean writers have influenced me more than the landscape I would say the landscape is just a something that is there that has to infuse your work as do the people

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