100 thoughts on “Baltimore Museum of Art to collect pieces exclusively created by women

  1. Well to be fair, it's 2019. If you want your art to be featured and you're a man all you have to say is "I'm a woman now", problem solved. What is this world coming to? 🤦

  2. "Baltimore Museum of Art to collect pieces exclusively created by women".
    NO. Fox meant "Baltimore Museum of Art to exclusively collect pieces created by women".
    See the difference, Fox? Why are so many of your video titles mangled like this?

  3. And when they collect them all within a week, they'll blame the patriarchy for there not being enough art created by women that want bought at Hobby Lobby.

  4. don’t you want your art to be picked because of the quality of it not because of what’s between your legs! This is just weakening your gender

  5. Lmao you guys really try to make a big deal out of a museum making a decision on what to focus on with their purchasing. It's not sexist, it's literally something any museum can do. Some museums are even narrower, such as for a single artist. Made by a single society or local culture, maybe. You guys still focusing on identity politics and being lil alt right trolls are the absolute definition of cringe. Please stop.

  6. How are you allowing these comments to stay up, get likes, while mine are instantly manipulated/hidden? You can't pick in choose. Silence the good. Don't silence the bad. You need to make a decision.

  7. What did he say? Did he say PLUMBING?? to not judge ART by what “plumbing” one has?? He’s supposed to be an educated journalist, could he BE anymore insulting? Who the heck does he think he is?!

  8. Baltimore "Charm" City continues to alienate by race and gender an important part of their TAX BASE that is not DEPENDANT on the Federal Government for support. Rename it "The Baltimore Monument to Social Justice" stick a big ol' picture of Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King on it and trigger any free enterprise to stay FAR FAR away. Brilliant plan. Hows that working?

  9. Go for it, nobody Even Fuking Givers a FUK anymore……Make sure you have the Period BLOOD painting the First one Everyone See's…This is Idiocracy at its finest.

  10. Baltimore musuem going WOKE going BROKE. Maybe the women only artist will create statues of vibrators – but that may be a flop🤣

  11. Why are Republicans SO SCARED of girls?
    Oh, that's right, bible Mythology teaches Filthy Misogyny.
    The fact that Women are actually equal to Men in all intellectual respects just causes problems.

  12. Leftist ideology…..
    "Baltimore Museum of Art to collect pieces exclusively created by MEN…."
    Mass hysteria, chaos in the streets, helicopter gunships, people sword fighting. A meltdown of human society.
    Women.. All is well with the world. This idiocy cannot be long before it literally breaks itself.

  13. Jon Voight is a real man , a true soldier …. he would be devastated at how his daughter has panned out .
    I doubt very much they speak , she is kooked !!

  14. Baltimore Museum women collection's of great art of schooling, civilization of naturalization specimen's and exclusive donors to give life, relive their dead bodies.

  15. Wait a minute…Trump called Baltimore a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”.
    It has an art museum?
    Hmmmm. Our fearless leader may have been BSing again. No?

  16. A world without men. Hmm. How would have I have been modeled in my psyche or thought without my Daddy, brothers, male cousins,, male classmates, male teachers and authority figures, and, lastly, the wealthy, nice, older man who took all the 15 year olds for their driver(s') licenses training and then testing on a road worthy vehicle. He was not a "predator"! Thank you, to all men. We real ladies love and appreciate your roles in our lives.

  17. I just went there. I thought it was just a special month long thing. Jeez. They just removed the statue by that museum because it apparently was from the civil war. I just thought it was an awesome dude riding a horse, but a dozen SJW's cared so now that's gone too. This used to be such a cool area. Why does Baltimore try to ruin itself all the time?

  18. Are they gonna have Hitlery's gal pal Maria what's her name? The Spirit Cooker? You know the lady who does Satanic rituals and calls it art? Smearing blood and feces on canvas that the Elites can't get enough of? That all the Hollywood scumbags praise? If that's what it is I'm going to have to pass.

  19. LOL, so the message is, women are so weak and unqualified that they need a leg up to have their art featured in a museum. Good luck with that, that actually is sexism. The wacky feminists will of course love it, I'm sure normal women will mostly think 'that's pretty F-ed up'. Women can acomplish things without help from the radical left, that is honestly an insult to women.

  20. Trans gender artists should jump on this! I would love to see this museum announce that they will only buy art from Biological women.👍

  21. Sexist.
    Suggest that only legislation and spending be for everyone and never for only one group. Eliminated most of dissemination already legislated…..

  22. HMMM lets see, you know I think I heard that Rembrant was trans so if maybe he thought he was then maybe we could include that, sorry I'm at a loss at this point

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