Badanamu Arts & Crafts EP11: Fun with Clay 2! Make Jess, Curly, and Punk

Badanamu Arts & Crafts EP11: Fun with Clay 2! Make Jess, Curly, and Punk

Hi boys and girls! Welcome back to Badanamu Arts & Crafts! This week we’ll be using our crafting clay again to make our friends, the Pengies. We’ll be making Jess, Curly, and Punk. And as always we need our friends, the Handy Helpers! Hi Handy Helpers! My! Isn’t that a beautiful, beautiful
pink bow you’re wearing today! So can you show the boys and girls what we’ll need for craft today? Hm. What do we have today? Wow! We’ve got clay! Lots of beautiful colors of clay! What colors do we have? White. Black. Pink. Yellow. And red. I can guess from the colors we’ll be making Jess first. Do we need anything else? Looks like we do. That’s right! We need our tools. We have our roller… and our knife. Handy Helpers, is that a sharp knife? No! That’s right! It’s a safe knife. Remember boys and girls! If you don’t have a knife just like the Handy Helpers, you can also use something like a popsicle stick. It’ll work just fine! Okay, Handy Helpers! Let’s get started! Clear the space so we can work! Very good! And now grab a nice, big piece of white clay! Here we go. Roll, roll, roll! Roll the clay into a ball! When you’re done, squish it down! And make it even flatter by using your roller! Just like the Handy Helpers! You can see they’re using the roller to make an oval shape. Kind of like a long circle. Just like that! What should we do next, Handy Helpers? Oh I see!
Handy Helpers want to make Jess’s forehead. What color do we need? Ah! Pink! And we need to make a triangle shape. Using your fingers just like the Handy Helpers,
make the dough into a triangle shape. Watch! Then when you get the shape just right,
you can use the roller to make it nice and flat. When the triangle is just right
you can put it in place on Jess’s forehead. Gently pat it into place. Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat! Great job, Handy Helpers! Then finish by using the roller. Roll, roll, roll, roll the clay! What should we make next, Handy Helpers? Oh! We’re going to make Jess’s p-p-p-ponytails! Of course, we need more pink! Jess’s famous for her pink ponytails! Now to make the ponytails, we need to make three pairs of balls. Going from big to small. Watch the Handy Helpers. Big to small. Then use your hands to roll them into the right shape. Nice and round. We should have six altogether. Let’s count them to be sure. One, two, three, four, five, six. Perfect! The biggest circles go right next to Jess. Then medium circles and then
the smallest on the outside. I think we’re ready to put them together. First, attach the big circles. Then the meduim ones. And finally the smallest ones. Wow!
Okay. What comes next, Handy Helpers? Oh I see! Jess’s wings. Of course, we need more pink. Jess’s so pretty and pink. How many wings does Jess have? That’s right! She has two. Following the Handy Helpers,
roll the balls into a tube. When you have the tube shape, you wanna make it thinner on the ends and fatter in the middle. Pinch the ends in just like that! Ta-da! And now it’s time to attach her wings. Pat, pat, pat the clay! There we go! Now Jess has her wings. So cute! What should we do next, Handy Helpers? Oh I see! Let’s make Jess’s eyes so she can see! We need our black clay. We only need a tiny bit. So pinch off two small pieces. One and roll! And place. Two. Roll. And place. Oh so cute! Look at Jess’s cute little eyes. Now will be a good time to use your roller
just like the Handy Helpers
to make sure everything is stuck nicely together. Great! What should we do now, Handy Helpers? Oh, it’s beak time! What color do we need? Oh I see! We need yellow. Break off a small piece! Roll it in your hands! And use your fingers to make a triangle shape. Now very gently, put it into place. Ta-da! Wow! You did it! Great job! What’s next, Handy Helpers? Oh right! We need to make Jess’s shoes! Two shoes for walking and dancing! So what color do we need? That’s right! Jess’s shoes are red. We need to break the dough into two pieces,
and then roll them into balls. One. Two. Now you know what to do. Put on Jess’s shoes. Wow! Jess looks fantastic! And I love her ponytails! Now we need to put on her colorful hair bands. What colors do we have? Red and yellow. Now it’s time to roll again. Roll, roll, roll the dough into a long, thin string. Can you do both at once just like the Handy Helpers? Looking good! Almost ready. Following the Handy Helpers, you can break off a small piece. That’s right. Just like that! Very carefully pick it up and place it on Jess’s ponytail. One. Two. Wow! Jess’s ponytails look colorful and so pretty. And now it’s time for the red! Be very gentle! One red hair band. Two red hair bands. Ta-da! Jess is so beautiful! Now very carefully, pick Jess up off the table. She’s all done. Hi Jess! You can wait over here while we make your friends. Okay? Okay! Let’s begin with our white clay! You know what to do. Roll it into a ball. Put it on the table and squish! Grab your roller and roll it flat into a nice oval shape. You’re getting really good at that. Next we’re going to make the forehead. But wait a minute, Handy Helpers!
Whose forehead are we making? Oh I see! Blue dough. That means one thing. It’s Curly! Right! We’re going to make Curly’s forehead just like Jess’s. Using your fingers, make a triangle shape. Here is a secret. You wanna make the triangle round on one side. So it’ll match perfectly with the top of Curly’s head. Using the roller, make it nice and flat. If you want to check to see if you got it just right compare it to Jess. Let’s try, Handy Helpers! Wow! It is just right! Let’s put it in place. And pat, pat, pat, pat, pat! Let’s use our roller to make it stick really well. Looks great! What should we do next, Handy Helpers? We need to make Curly’s curls! You know what to do. Grab some more blue. We’ll start by taking a piece of blue dough and rolling it out into a long tube. When we’re done, we’ll cut it into pieces. How many pieces do we need? Four. That’s right. Let’s count! One, two, three, four! Now let’s give Curly his curls. Two on each side. One, two. One, two. That’s right! And use your fingers to make them nice and round on the ends. And now it’s time to stick them to Curly’s head. Pat, pat, pat. You’re getting pretty good at this by now! I see two of Curly’s curls. There’s three. Just one more. And that makes four! Great job! Handy Helpers! What should we do next? Oh I see! Curly needs his wings. Just like Jess! That’s right! Let’s get our blue clay! And break it into two pieces. Do you remember the shapes we made for Jess’s wings? We’ll do the same thing. A tube that’s thin on the end and fat in the middle. When the shape is just right,
connect them to Curly’s body. Fantastic! What’s next? Ah~ Curly needs eyes, two eyes! We need black. Just two small pieces. One. Roll and place. Two. Roll and place. Pat, pat, pat. We can roll it to make sure they’re stuck just right. Okay, Handy Helpers! What comes next? Oh~ Curly’s beak! We need yellow! Break off a small piece. And using your fingers,
make the same triangle shapes we did for Jess. Here is a hint!
Use your fingers to pinch the clay. And put it into place on Curly’s adorable face! Wow! Curly looks awesome! What’s next, Handy Helpers? Right! Curly needs his shoes. What color should we use? Oh I see! The same color as his beak! Yellow! How many pieces? One, two. Roll into balls. And put into place. Ta-da! Oh.. Something’s missing. Oh, that’s right! We need to put stripes in Curly’s hair. What color do we need? Red! That’s right! Now we’ll do the same thing we did for Jess’s hair. Roll a nice, thin string. Then using your knife,
we’re going to cut it into eight small pieces. Let’s cut, Handy Helpers! Let’s count! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Eight stripes for Curly’s hair. Put four on one side and four on the other. Now we’re ready! Very gently place the stripe on Curly’s curl. Two stripes for each curl. We’re half way done with Curly’s stripes. Let’s finish the other side. Wow! Handy Helpers! Curly looks awesome! Well Hello Curly! It’s very nice to see you today! Now boys and girls, carefully lift Curly up off the table. Crafting clay can be very sticky sometimes. So be very gentle. Great job! Curly looks awesome! Now he can join Jess. Oh! It looks like we have room
for one more friend in our pengie party. It’s Punk! What colors do we need? That’s right! We need white, black, red, yellow, and orange. Wow! Punk is so colorful. Just look at all those beautiful colors! Alright! Let’s start by taking a big piece of white clay! Just like we did with Jess and Curly! And roll it into a ball! Then squish it down. And use your roller to roll it flat. See it looks just like Jess and Curly. What’s that, Handy Helpers? We need red.
Of course! We need red for Punk’s forehead! Break off a small piece. And use your fingers to shape it into a triangle. And pat it into place. You can use the roller to help make it stick. Wow! Looks excellent! What’s that, Handy Helpers? Oh, you want to make Punk’s rad hairdo next.
Don’t you? Let’s use yellow! Following the Handy Helpers, you’ll need to break off three balls. One big and two small. Roll, roll, roll them into just the right shape. When you have them just right, you can pat, pat, pat them into place. Right on top of Punk’s head. Wow! Handy Helpers! That looks rad! Alright boys and girls! It’s time to make Punk’s wings. You’ve done it with Jess. You’ve done it with Curly. You know what to do. Grab your red clay. And break off two small pieces. Then roll them into a tube
that is thicker in the middle and thinner on the ends. When you have just the right shape,
you connect them by patting them into place. Wow! You’re getting really good at this now, boys and girls. Those wings look awesome, Handy Helpers! What should we make next? Oh! Punk needs his eyes. What color do we need? Right! Black, of course! Break off two tiny, little pieces. And roll them into a ball. Now very gently, pat them into place. Remember if your play-dough is not sticky, you can always use your roller to help you! We’re getting close, boys and girls. But now Punk needs his beak. That’s right, Handy Helpers! Just like Jess and Curly. We need our yellow clay. Break off a small piece and
pinch it with your fingers to make a triangle shape. Put it into place and… Ta-da! Looks great! What’s left? Oh, Punk needs his shoes for walking and dancing. Let’s use our orange clay. Make two separate pieces. Roll them into balls. And use your fingers to squish them and pat them in place. And wonder-waffle! All of our pengie friends are done! There is Jess, Curly, and Punk. You know what I’d like to see, Handy Helpers? How about a Po Pow Pay dance party? Woohoo! Wow! You Pengies sure know how to dance! So much fun! Well, boys and girls! That’s all the time we have for today. I hope you had fun making our pengie friends! See you next time! Bye-bye!

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  2. This is so cute! ((Me and my brother were repeatedly questioning Curly's gender. We agreed at some point that Curly's a girl. We were wrong.))

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