oh hey dudes are you are heading off to class well before you get back to school make sure to watch this video because you will thank me later I'm going to show you how to apply art and creativity to every single subject in school even if it isn't arty will creative and if you phase a couple of tussles with bullies in school like I did from time to time I'm gonna show you a little trick that you can whip out to show a tremendous feat of great strength so they'll never harass you again just look them in the eyes and just go get a fellow kids welcome to draw with Jazza I'm Jazza and today we're going to talk about how you can further your art career in school in the classes that aren't art now of course I do need to begin with the disclaimers that this only shouldn't be applied when you've done your appropriate work when you're getting good grades sometimes at the end of your assignments or whatever there's a bit of time to sit around twiddling your thumbs and wait for old teacher to come along and correct your work well that's where this video comes in fellow use I'm gonna show you all of the tips and tricks that I acquired over many years of creating art while getting good grades and paying attention in class while we're opening up with disclaimers and stuff I should of course add the disclaimer that vandalizing property or books of wasting stationery and school supplies is not cool kids so if you have textbooks that you have to resell later or if they're not your property make sure to not ruin them or disrespect other people's property but if it's your own and if it's not going anywhere later well just have some fun I guess I'm not your dad I'm just a fellow youth so let's start off with a bit of a suppliers list I got a couple of textbooks here doesn't matter what subject it could be mass it could be cooking no we just have your basic notebook you're gonna have a lot of these in school as far as drawing materials go this is a fairly average school pencil case some highlighters your basic Pyro's and gel pens however then we have the felt tip pen some whiteout and then we just have a mechanical pencil and some LED and Texas let's go through some of the basics our workbook sketching tips again pretty socks standard stuff this is where you're gonna have your assignments written down the assignment is to do an assessment spouse should pay more attention in school the trick is to not draw a monster summon just flip to the back and use the last pages and work backwards in your workbook and this can these can be your dedicated sketching pages using a blue biro pen is a great way to just draw your basic construction sketches obviously there's no erasing but I rarely erase construction sketches anyway I actually tend to think some of the rough sketches double looks the coolest anyway so what do I draw oh that's a surprise it such as a habit I've never drawn those before original this is where the felt tip comes in because drawing with a black biro on so that's not gonna really really stand out much so you could use a felt tip pen or a sharpie you're gonna have lines that stand out a lot more on your sketches and actually they can turn out to look pretty cool then of course just flip back to your schedule right cool what this house just I love this there's vis me where your assignments you can just correct that there's a big tick you did a great job as a thank you there you go see and it's like I've never even sketched that's all pretty standard stuff I just thought I'd duck through that though cuz it's worth just covering the bare basic minimums but let's move on to textbooks and this is actually where you get to stretch your creativity a bit so there are two spectrums of art skill development that you can actually develop through using textbooks the first is character and costume design and the second is animation so the character design aspect comes into play when you change the character and you can do this and fairly extreme weight now let me start off by showing you how not to do it how many assume you do it you don't do it like this look at this I've got a angry eyes and a and an eyepatch and and and mustache oh I know what a noob we are professional artists we use every tool at our disposal and we take our time and make something really worth looking at there are two tools aside from the biro that we've used here that are really useful the first are highlighters and then we have whiteout or liquid paper which is great because we can actually erase sections of the image and build our own interpretations or additions on there from scratch from a blank white area now let's pick a theme with this dude let's go cyberpunk maybe you know just leave in and start scribbling over your sketch like a basic barbarian you go in with your pencil and your very lightly put in your foundation and lay down some ideas so you can develop them so with this dude for example for going cyberpunk let's give him a mohawk a nice squared off thing and though he's got lots of fluffy hair on the side but I'm actually going to turn this into a helmet and his clothes are all really thick and bunched up so we can add to this let's give him some shoulder pads you can add some tubes going into the shoulders and now that we've got a rough sketch in we can go in with our refined art supplies and add a touch of color and some really refined edges and tweaks to really make this character design alright [Applause] and here you can see with just a little extra effort in time the result is something that looks spectacular and now 53.9 Fran's goal from 1758 to 1828 can be renamed captain Franz Galactica's from twenty seven fifty eight to twenty eight twenty eight perfect there are two things they're gonna help you get away with this on a regular basis and the first is being good at your coursework if you hand in your stuff on time and you do all your work and the teachers can't complain about all that stuff they're gonna have less grounds to stand on when they come across this and the second is if you do a really really good job on your artwork they're gonna struggle to tell you off because they'll be too damn impressed when they're looking through your textbook right now we talked about character design and costume design we've sort of touched on that but this was also sort of black and white but you can also apply the things that I talked about to colored images for example so we can turn this horrific Goblin into a pretty lady for example we can use the blush trick which is just to put down some pink on the cheeks and then wipe it off straight away that's just gonna give us a little bit of a subtle blush let's go in with the white out and sculpt a lovely hairdo we can totally white out this big suit and put on a really nice winter dress with long sleeves no with a foundation of white out down and we can go in with our highlighters and textures and add our color now I'd recommend to add color before you go in with lines because the markers will smear your line where and always make sure you allow for time to dry because this will take longer to dry than you expect while we're waiting for some areas to dry we can go in and add details to our other areas for example we can give some nice luscious lips add some definition to the chins now that things have dried enough we can go in and add some definition to the areas that we've drawn down and just like that what was once a hideous toad is now a pretty pretty lady with lovely dainty hands this is actually the page on personality disorders narcissistic personality disorder borderline personality disorder paranoid personality disorder and it has a picture of the President welcome to the Australian schooling system we don't for out so there we go we've gone through costume design character design in our textbooks now let's touch on the animation and I'm sure watching yourself some budding future professional animators well guess what you can practice your frame-by-frame animation skills in your school textbooks I'm sure plenty of you have tried this in your notebooks and that's fine and all but they usually aren't as many pages they don't flip as easily because they're not as even to hold and sort of squeeze and pinch and then the other thing is there's no visual cue as to the position of where and what you're animating is and should be sorry that's why it's hex books are really useful because in the bottom right corner you usually have things like numbers and the books are really cleanly cut so actually flipping the pages is nearly always super neat that's important to always start at the back of the book and animate chronologically forward in time as you move page by page towards the front of the book you're going to start to use the method of the old men of Disney the great masters and that is rocking the paper back and forth let's have a stick figure falling down from the sky like this and now just rocking back and forth it's actually helpful because we can see the page behind so we can use that as a bit of an onion skin and just like that we can see our little stick figure moving and you can see that we're actually able to make some pretty quick progress especially once you get the hang of this dude is moving very quickly so while there's quite a bit of distance between the frames it's important to remember that this is going to be moving at like thirty to fifty frames per second depending on how fast you flip through the book so you're not gonna want to have too much motion or movement between the pages so for example here when he touches down we're gonna want to have a bit of a lingering pose like a superhero landing so we're not gonna want to move much from this position because a common mistake that people make when they're animating in their text books is that they're constantly moving there's no give-and-take there's no slow in the ease out there's just always something different on the next frame whereas sometimes it's I want to just make sure that things move slowly and then things move fast you want to practice your dynamic animation techniques so now I'm gonna go forward and keep animating him I'm gonna animate him jumping up and kicking in midair and landing again and then we go back and have a stick figure coming in to be hit so we animate one stick at a time and if there's ever a point of contact do the point of contact first so that we know that they're in the right position at the right time and then we can animate backwards or forwards as we need all right so to have a look at what I've done if stick figure falling landing then another dude has come along what's happening big slam look at that now the victim of the kick falls away and lands on the page over here bounces and there he is and then he sort of disappears and our badass dude after kicking does a flip lands chills out for a bit does a backflip and jumps off the page the best way to do this shows off smoothly and as easier to show a smooth animation is to have less motion between each page and double the length so that you can just flick through a lot faster and it just plays forward in a more reasonable speed but this gives you the general idea as to how to do this so let's be able to sculpture and there are two ways of sculpting while in class the first is with our trusty races in the second is with blue TAC let's start off with our races now this can be done with scissors if that's all you have access to but it's difficult but if there is a class you have where they have hobby knives and you're able to use them and that's the easiest way to accurately and smoothly get nice cuts from your erasers one of the things I used to like doing which is a little morbid is cut the eraser like this I've had a little cuff in the shape you know where this is going don't you know without coffin shape and as carefully and accurately as possible we can Finlay cut off the top of the eraser like this oh now I roared at fiddly cut a layer off the top you want it to be eat as even as possible there you go look at that that's our lid now you're gonna want to create a bit of a bore you don't want to cut all the way to the other side we're digging in and leaving a little bit of a gap at the bottom so it requires a little bit of finesse a little bit of accuracy so we're practicing our falling motor skills and as you can see we've got a bit of a lip around this central mass so we're gonna carefully go inside here and just on one side cut in not all the way through but just enough to separate that middle section there we go look at this ah perfect so yeah we got a little coven without a lid now I got this little block here I'll just grab your pencil and sketch a little vampire figure now we can just carve the edges outside of our silhouette look what you have little sculpture of a little vampire but then later on he's covered and then you can take it off and go ah you have woken me from my slumber that's one method of sculpture the other as I mentioned is blue tack and I have done a dedicated video about this on my channel so I'll link to that in the card the great thing about blue tack is you can just keep a lump of it in your pencil case and then whenever you feel like sculpting it you just pull it out give it a bit of a need get ready to go and get sculpting what can you sculpt with the blue tack well here's a little something that but the other kids at school are gonna love check this out you ready you may go make a little paper at one end just like a soft-serve we're gonna wrap this around there we go look here this week wrap it around itself a few times and for sculpting we can use our scissors which this down then we're gonna roll the leftover blue tack into two little balls just like this you have a little bit of blues how to shape this into a bit of a semicircle pop it on the front there and using our mechanical pencil you can hide the lid and just use the metal point to put in two little eye holes and the inside of a mouth look at that it's a poop emoji kids love poop emojis this is just a few little examples but really you can get quite ambitious and again these things are very portable and easy to access when you're at school and if you have the spare races and blu-tac the world disguised as the limit and you can express yourself and make cool stuff but as with everything else I've shown you we've discussed the way to do it and get away with it if you get caught is to make it so impressive that they actually can't help but just not complain and be impressed the last thing I want to go through with you guys is actually something that I didn't know how to dude you're in high school and I wish I did because I would have shown those bullies who not to mess with I'm going to show you how to fake a feat of great strength to terrify those around you into not messing with you I am finally gonna show you how to tear a book in half this is a great party trick that I've never had a chance to share with people and I'm using this video as an excuse to do it because it makes me feel really tough and cool just demonstrate this for you okay the great thing about that is people who assume it's impossible or requires a lot of strength so all you need to really worry about is how to hold the book the top cover you want to be really flat and the bottom you want to be really bending and you want to fan in all the pages out in the middle to be between that so you start off by bending the book in and then you pull up like this while pinching the bottom so that you can see that we've spread all of these pages out and then really if you can do that effectively enough all we need to do is tear the front cover and then you're basically tearing one page at a time and you can rip a phone book in half this is a real waste of phone books you probably can't do this a lot so that brings us the end of this video ladies and gentlemen I've shown you how to make art when people don't know you're making art practice your creativity when people assume you can't or shouldn't practice your creativity and all the while keeping those bullies at bay after having shown them a feat of incredible strength that they could never reproduce I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to hit that like button subscribe for more fun with art and idiocy and creativity on draw with Jazza thank you so much for watching and until next time I'll see you later make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind-the-scenes daily vlog channel daily Jezza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later

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