AYUWOKI | Draw My Life

AYUWOKI | Draw My Life

Hey there, Tiktakers! Probably, lots of you already know about the
spooky Ayuwoki (a new creepypasta that’s been invading social networks for the last
months). For those of you who are afraid of it, we
are gonna explain its origin, and we’ll introduce you to the only person who seems
to be able to stop it. The name Ayuwoki is a deformation (from the
Spanish pronunciation) of the sentence “Annie, are you ok”?, repeated several times in
the famous song “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson. It’s him, precisely, that the face of this
creature reminds us of. It shows up in our room at 3 in the morning
if we are not asleep, to scare us with its dances and its loud cries, imitating the singer’s
classical “He he”. Truth is, the image of this new creepy was
created after a Youtube video titled “My Ghoul Jackson”, uploaded by the user Thomas
Rengstorff, during the summer of 2009. In it, we can see an Elvil Presley real size
animated robot, with a different outfit and a mask that looks like a grotesque version
of the King of Pop. It is also been associated with another disturbing
video where an arm-less figure goes up the stairs, dancing. Even tho it appeared 10 years ago, it wasnt
until 2019 that the image has become viral in Spanish networks, giving birth to the legend
and tons of memes. The phenomenon is such that users have started
teasing him, joking about his aspect and his screams in comics or photo collages. But no matter how much we laugh at Ayuwoki,
the danger of him showing up to us at night is still there. Luckily, it looks like there is another meme
powerful enough to face him and save us all – that s, his arcchenemy, the EO. If Ayuwoki’s origin is a picture of Michael
Jackson, EO was born from the also famous singer Freddie Mercury. Specifically, from the show with his band
Queen in 1985 at the Live AID, a charity concert to help countries in east Africa, trendy again
thanks to the successful movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Between song and song, Mercury plays with
the audience making them shout “EO” in different ways. This magical moment was remastered and versioned
in a thousand different ways, becoming a viral meme powerful enough to face the spooky Ayuwoki. To date, there is no news of a confrontation
between these two heavy hitters on the Internet. But be careful, their final clash could take
place this same night… in your own room….

100 thoughts on “AYUWOKI | Draw My Life

  1. Me:sleep
    Door opens
    Him: hee hee
    Me: boy if u don't get out
    He started dancing
    Me: dude what is this Micky mouse
    Him: I'm going to kill you
    Me:go ahead
    Him:hee hee
    Me: eooooooooooooo
    Me:and I oop

  2. I have made a game and I always play it sometimes we put Chucky into the game it makes it very scary and also if we get caught we will be taken as a prisoner and the have to try and escape the torture room in the basement.

    for rules of the game go on my youtube channel and go on the community page on the 17th September 2019
    edit: thank you if you have done the game without getting caught!!!

  3. annie are u okay- michael jackson
    wow and i thought i was the one joking with my joke
    but its not mine joke its an actual theory that anywoki is actual my old joke
    before i clicked on this video

    but by the way no ones laughing at the fact how she said heehee at the end was funny lolz
    love tik and tak they make me learn things

  4. Esse povo inventa sofre bastante bestagem esse aí nem podia existir Michael Jackson não é que tem basta Isso é uma pergunta mais besta aquela menina lá dançando com a blusa preta você é muito rápido a menina dela aquela menina lá não é aqui basta ele fica botando na tela para embaçada e vocês acreditam de tudo pessoa adulta sua burra


  6. me:watches dis
    also me:blasts gacha music "be gone demons"
    also I have been awake past 3:00 and NEVER SEEN HIM also why the fruk would Michael Jackson's ghost be like hai am in joo rom

  7. Ayuwoki: enters my house
    Me:what are you doing!
    Ayuwoki:just grabbing a drink not trying to scare you
    Me:here try pepsi

  8. Me watching this and laughing at the comments with he-he jokes
    Suddenly I hear like something is crawling on the floor
    Me: grabs my flip-flop what is it?
    hears he-he
    Me:…….. Ight Imma head out

    Sorry my english is brokeen

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