Awkward Age | Henry James | Literary Fiction | Audiobook full unabridged | English | 9/9

Awkward Age | Henry James | Literary Fiction | Audiobook full unabridged | English | 3/9

section 10 of the awkward age by Henry James this LibriVox recording is in the public domain recording by Anna Simon book third mr. London chapter 1 if mid she arrived exactly at the hour it was quite by design and on a calculation over and above the price little pleasure it might give him of ten minutes clear with his host whom would rarely befell him to see alone he had a theory of something special to go into of a plummet to sink or feel it to put forth his state of mind in short was diplomatic and anxious but his hopes had a drop as he crossed that threshold his precaution had only assured him the company of a stranger for the person in the room to whom the servant announced him was not old van on the other hand this gentleman would clearly be old what was it the fellow ran the bank had made it a matter such importance he should really know but where they then simply to have tea there together no the candidate for mr. midgets acquaintance as if quickly guessing his apprehension mentioned on the spot that their entertainer would be with them he'd just come home in a hurry fearing he was late and then had rushed off to make a change fortunately said the speaker who offered his explanation as if it had it on his mind fortunately the ladies haven't yet come oh there are to be ladies mr. mitad was a little response his fellow guests he was shy and apparently nervous sidled about a little swinging an eyeglass yet glancing in a manner a trifle bird-like from object object misses at what broken him I think Oh Mitch he himself felt as soon as this comment had quitted his lips but it might sound even to a stranger like a sign such as the votaries of mrs. Edward Brooke unum had fallen into the way of constantly throwing off but he recognized her hand in the matter there was however something in his entertainers face that somehow encouraged frankness it had the sociability of surprise it hadn't the chill mid she saw at the same time that this friend of old vans would never really understand him though that was a thing he at times like people as much for as he liked them little for it and others it was in fact when he most liked that he was on the whole most tempted to mystify only mrs. Brooke no others mrs. Brooke his elder echoed staring an instant as if literally missing the connection but quickly after the show he was not stupid and indeed it seemed to show he was delightful smiling with extravagant intelligence is that the right thing to say Mitch she gave the kindest of laughs well I daresay I wouldn't – oh I didn't mean to correct you his interlocutor hastened to profess I meant on the contrary will it be right for me to make his great goggle attentively fixed him try it to her to everyone to her husband hello – Edward made she laughed again perfectly and must I call him a twit whatever you do will be right made she returned even though it should happen to be sometimes what I do his companion as it's a look at him with a clear appreciation of this stopped swinging the nippers and put them on you people here have a pleasant way oh we have Mickey taking him up was gaily emphatic he began however already to perceive the mystification which in this case was to be his happy effect mr. van der Bank his victim remarked with perhaps a shape more of reserve has told me a good deal about you then as if in a finer manner to keep the talk off themselves he knows of great many ladies oh yes poor chap he can't help it he finds a lady wherever he turns the stranger took this in but seemed a little to challenge it well that's reassuring if one sometimes fancies there are fewer fewer than there used to be I see what you mean submitting but if it has struck you so that's awfully interesting he glared and grinned and mused I wonder well we shall see his friends seem to wish not to dr. Matthias shall we make she considered it again in its high suggestive light you will but how shall I then he caught himself up with a blush for a beastly thing to say as if it were mere years that make you see it his companion this time gave way to the joke what else can it be if I have thought so why it's the facts themselves and the fine taste and above all something keener cool parlez-vous an approach to some experience of where the lady is the young man's acute reflection appeared suddenly to flower into a vision of opportunity that swept everything else away excuse my insisting on your time of life but you have seen some the question was of such interest that it already began to follow it oh the charm of talk with someone who can fill out one's idea of their really distinguished women of the past if I could get you he continued to be so awfully valuable as to fill a hot mine his fellow visitor on this made in a pause a nearer approach to taking visibly his measure are you sure you've got an idea mr. mitad bradley thought no that must be just why I appeal to you and it can't therefore be for confirmation can it he went on it must be for the beautiful primary hint altogether his interlocutor began with a shake of the eyeglass to shift and sidle again as if distinctly excited by the circuit but it was as if his very excitement made the poor gentleman a trifle coy are there no nice ones now oh yes there must be lots in fact I know quantities this had the effect of pulling the stranger up ah quantities there it is yes submit gee fancy the lady in our millions have you come up to London wondering as you must about what's happening for a founder Bank mentioned I think that you have come up in pursuit of her I laughed the subject offender banks information I'm afraid pursuit with me is over why you're at the age mature return of the most exquisite form of it observation yet it's a form I seem to see that you've not waited for my age to cultivate this was followed by the size of head shake I'm not an observer I'm a hater that only means which she explained that you keep your observation for your likes which is more admirable than prudent but between my fear in the one direction and my desire in the other he lightly added I scarcely know how to present myself I must study the ground meanwhile has old van told you much about me old fans possible confident instead of immediately answering again assumed the pince-nez is that what you call him in general I think for shortness and also the speaker hesitated for esteem made she laughed out for a veneration hour disrespects I think are all tender and we wouldn't for the world do to a person we don't like anything so nice as to call him or even to call her don't you know his questioner had quickly looked as if he knew something pleasant and vulgar which is gaiety deepened that discriminations are only austerity you must fall in then what will you call me what can we after which sustaining Lee I'm Mickey our friend stated his interlocutor looked slightly queer I don't think I can quite begin I am mr. London he almost blushed articulate absolutely and essentially that's exactly what I recognize I defy anyone to see you machee declared as anything else and on that footing you'll be among us unique mr. London appeared except his prospect of isolation with a certain gravity I gather from you I've gathered indeed from mr. van the bank that you're a little sort of asset that hang very much together oh yes not a formal Association nor a secret society still less a dangerous gang or an organization for any definite end we're simply a collection of natural affinities which he explained meeting perhaps principally in mrs. Brooks drawing-room though sometimes also in old fans as you see sometimes even in mine and govern at any rate everywhere bye mrs. Brooke in our mysterious apps and flows very much as that tides are governed by the moon as I say when she pursued you must join but if van has got hold of you he added or you've got hold of him you have joined we're not quite so numerous as I could wish and we want variety we want just what I'm sure you'll bring us a fresh eye and outside mind mr. London war for a minute the air of a man knowing but too well what it was to be asked to put down his name my friend van de bank swagger so little that it's rather from you than for himself that I seemed to catch the idea of his being a great figure among us I don't know what he may have said to you or have suppressed but he can take it from me as between ourselves you know that he's very much the best of us old fan in fact if you really want a candid opinion and magicians still brighter as he talked is formed for a distinctly higher sphere I should go so far as to say that on our level he's positively wasted and are you very sure you're not mr. London asked with a smile dear no I am in my element my elements to grovel before van you will need to look at me as he must already have made out to see I'm everything dreadful that he isn't but you've seen him for yourself I needn't tell you Mitch his side mr. Langan as under the coercion of so much confidence had stood in place longer than for any previous moment and the spell continued for a minute after Mitch had paused then nervously and abruptly he turned away his friend watching him rather aimlessly wander our host has spoken of you to me in high terms he said as he came back you'd have no fault to find with them mid-cheek took it with his highest light I know from your taking the trouble to remember that how much what I've said of him pleases and touches you were a little sort of religion then you and I were an organization of two at any rate and we can't help ourselves there that's settled he glanced at the clock on the chimney but what's the matter with him you gentlemen dressed so much said mr. London Mitch she met the explanation quite halfway I tried to look funny but why should Apollo in person mr. Longton waited do you think him like Apollo a very image ask any of the women but do I know how Apollo must look Mitch he considered why the way it works is that it's just from Vans appearance they got the tip and that then don't you see they've their term of comparison isn't it what you call a vicious circle I borrow a little their advice mr. London heard once more been arrested once more sight of the way then he spoke from the other side of the expanse of a table covered with books for which the shells had no space covered with portfolios with well worn leather cased boxes with documents in neat piles the place was a miscellany yet another litter the picture of an admirable order if we're a font Association of to you and I let me accepting your idea do what this way under a gentleman's roof and while enjoying his hospitality I should in ordinary circumstances think perhaps something of a breach Oh strikeout Mitchie laughed it possibly killed his interlocutor who again hung fire so long that he himself at last adopted his image why doesn't he marry you mean mr. Langdon fairly flushed with recognition you're very deep but with what we perceive why doesn't he Mitch she continued visibly to have his amusement which might have been this time and inspired the amalgamation he had pictured for what they perceived but he threw off after an instant an answer clearly intended to meet the case he thinks he hasn't the means he has great ideas of what a fellow must offer a woman mr. longans eyes travelled a while over the amenities about him he hasn't such a view of himself alone as to make him think he's enough as he stands no submit she I don't fancy as a very awful view of himself alone and since we are burning this incense and there his nose he added it's also my impression that he has no private means women in London cost so much mr. London had a pause they come very high I dare say Oh erm endlessly they want so much they want everything I mean the sort of women he lives with a modest man who's also poor isn't in it I give you that at any rate as his few there are lots of them that would and only too glad love him for himself but things are much mixed and these not necessarily the right ones and that all events he doesn't see it a result of witches that is waiting waiting to feel himself in love Richard just hesitated well we're talking of marriage course you'll say there are women with money there are he seemed for a moment to meditate dreadful ones the two men on this exchange the long regard he mustn't do that Mitchy again hesitated he won't mr. London had also a silence which he presently terminated by one of his jerks into motion he shan't once more Mickey watched him revolve a little but now familiarly yet with his sharp emphasis he himself resumed their colloquy see here mr. London are you seriously taking him up yet again at the tone of this appeal the old man perceptibly coloured it was as if his friend had brought to the service an inward excitement and he laughed for embarrassment you see things with a freedom yes and it's so I expressed them I see them I know with adequacy but time after all rather presses and at any rate we understand each other what I want now is just to say and which he spoke with a simplicity and a gravity he had not yet used that if your interest in him should at anytime reached the point of your wishing to do something or other no matter what don't you see for him mr. London as he folded appeared to wonder been emitted a sound of gentleness yes why said the stimulated Michie do for God's sake just let me have a finger in it mr. London's momentary mystification was perhaps partly but the natural effect of constitutional prudence a finger I mean let me help Oh breathe the old man thoughtfully and without meeting his eyes made she has it worth more to say watched him an instant then before speaking caught himself up look out here he comes hearing the stare of the door by which he had entered he looked round but it opened at first Oh vanna Bank servant miss broken ham the man announced on which the two gentlemen in the room were audibly almost violently precipitated into a union of surprise end of section 10 section 11 of the awkward age by Henry James this LibriVox recording is in the public domain recording by Anna Simone book 3rd chapter 2 however she might have been discussed Nunda was not one to shrink for though she drew up an incident on failing to find in the room the person whose invitation she'd obeyed she advanced the next moment as if either of the gentlemen before her would answer as well how do you do mr. Michie how do you do mr. London she made no difference for them speaking to the elder whom she had not yet seen as if they were already acquainted there was moreover in the air of that personage at this juncture little to invite such a confidence he appeared to have been startled in the oddest manner into stillness and holding out no hand to meet her only stared rather stiffly and without a smile an observer disposed to interpret the scene might have fancied him a trifle put off by the girl's familiarity or even as by a singular effect of her self-possession stricken into deeper diffidence this self possession however took on her own part no account of any awkwardness it seemed the greater from the fact that she was almost unnaturally grave and it overflowed in the immediate challenge do you mean to say van isn't here I've come without mother she said I could to see him she went on addressing herself more particularly to michy but she didn't say I might do anything of that sort to see you if there was something serious in Nanda and something blank in their companion there was superficially at least nothing in mr. Mitchell but as usual flesh of gaiety did she really send you off this way alone then while the girls face met his own with a clear confession of it and she do splendid for anything he asked with immense enjoyment what he suppose is our idea none desires had now turned to mr. London whom she fixed with her mild straightness which let the mid she's carrying on and repeating the appeal isn't mrs. Brooke charming what he supposes her idea it was a bound into the mystery the bound of which his fellow visitor she stood quiet unconscious only looking at nanda still with the same coldness of wonder all expression had for the minute been arrested he mr. Langan but he at last began to show that it had merely been retarded it was almost with solemnity that he put forth his hand how do you do how do you do I'm so glad none de shook hands with him as if she done so already though it might have been just her look of curiosity that detracted from her error of amusing herself mother has wanted me awfully to see you she told me to give you her love she said then she added with all irrelevance I didn't come in the carriage nor in a cab nor an omnibus you came on a bicycle made she inquired no I walked she still spoke without a gleam mother wants me to do everything even to walk when she laughed oh yes we must in these times keep up our walking the ingenious observer just now suggested might even have detected in the still higher rise of this visitors spirits a wonderful mere inward ease she had taken no notice of the effect upon him of her mention of her mother and she took none visibly of mr. longans manner or of his words what she did while the two men without offering her either a seat practically lost themselves in their deepening vision was to give her attention all to the place looking at the books pictures and other significant objects and especially at the small table set out 42 it's the servant who had admitted her now returned with a steaming kettle isn't it charming here will there be anyone else where is mr. van shall I make tea there was just a faint Cueva show her commanded situation more desire perhaps than achieved in the very rapid sequence of these ejaculations the servant meanwhile had placed the hot water above the little silver lamp and left the room do you suppose there's anything the matter oughtn't the man or do you know our hosts room mr. London addressing mid she would solicitude yet began to show in a countenance less blank a return of his sense of relations It was as if something had happened to him and he were in haste to convert the signs of it into an appearance of care for the proprieties oh submit she vans only making himself beautiful which account of our absent entertainer gained the point from his appearance at the moment in the doorway farthest removed from the place where the three were gathered from the bank came in with friendly haste and with something of the look indeed refreshed almost rosy brightly brushed and quickly buttoned of emerging out of breath from Pleasant evolutions and renewals what a brute to have kept you waiting I came back from work quite the grind how do you do how do you do how do you do what's the matter with you I don't there as if you were on a street crossing I want you to think this is a refuge but not all that kind he laughed sit down for heaven's sake lie down be happy of course you've made acquaintance all except that mitch is so modest tea tea and he bustled to the table where the next minute he appeared rather helpless Nunda you bless a child do you mind making it how jolly of you are you all right he seemed with this for the first time to be aware of somebody's absence your mother isn't coming she let you come alone how jolly of her pulling off her gloves none that come immediately to his assistance on which quitting the table and laying hands on mr. London's shoulder to push him to her sofa he continued to talk to found a note of which the Yuma was the exaggeration of his flurry how jolly of you to be willing to come most awfully kind I hope she isn't ill doom it she lie down down mid sheet down that's the only way to keep you he'd waited for no account of mrs. Buchanan's health and it might have been apparent still to our sharp spectator but he found nothing wonderful in her daughter's and supported arrival I can make tea beautifully she said from behind her table mother showed me how this morning this morning and made she who before the fire and still erect had declined to be laid low greeted the simple remark with a brewery as mirth dear young lady you're the most delicious family she showed me at breakfast about the little things to do she thought I might have to make it here and told me to offer the girl went on I haven't yet done it this way at home I usually have my tea upstairs they bring it up in a cup all made and very weak with a piece of bread and butter in the saucer that's because I'm so young Tish she never lets me touch her as either so we had to make up for lost time that's what mother said she followed up her story and her young distinctness had clearly something to do with a certain pale concentration in mr. longans face mother isn't ill but she told me already yesterday she wouldn't come she said it's really all for me I'm sure I hope it is with which they flickered in her eyes dimly but perhaps all the more prettily the first intimation yet given of the light of laughter she told me you'd understand mr. van from something you've said to her it's for my seeing mr. London without she thinks her spoiling it oh my dear child spoiling it from the bank protested as he took a cup of tea from her to carry to their friend when did your mother ever spoil anything I told her mr. Longman wanted to see you but I didn't say anything of his not yearning also for the rest of the family the sound of protest rather formless escaped from a gentleman named but Nanda continued to carry out her duty she told me to ask why he hadn't been again to see her mr. Mitchie sugar isn't that the way to say it three lumps you are like me only that I more often take five Mitchie had dashed forward for his tea she gave it to him then she added with her eyes on mr. long lands which she had had no difficulty in catching she told me to ask you all sorts of things this acquaintance had got up to take his cup from Vander bang whose hand however dealt with him on the question of his sitting down again mr. London resisting kept erect with a low gasp that his host only was near enough to catch this suddenly appeared to confirm an impression gathered by fan the bank in their contact a strange sense that his visitor was so agitated as to be trembling in every limb it brought to his own lips a kind of ejaculation I say but even as he spoke mr. longans face still white but with a smile that was not old pain seemed to supplicate him not to notice and he was not a man to require more than this to achieve a divination as deep as it was rabid why we've all been scattered for Easter haven't we he asked of nanda mr. Longman has been at home your mother and father have been paying visits I myself have been out of London mitch has been to Paris and you oh yes I know where you've been ah we all know that there has been such a rom aid about it which she said yes I've heard of the feeling there is none there applied it's supposed to be awful my knowing T she quite too awful mr. London with random bangs covert aid I began to appear to have pulled himself together dropping back on his sofa and attending in a manner to his tea it might have been with the notion of showing himself at ease that he turned on this a benevolent smile to the girl but what my dear is the objection she looked gravely from him to run the bank and to michy and then back again from one of these to the other do you think I ought to say they both laughed and they both have just appeared uncertain but founder bank spoke first I don't imagine then that you really know know as a family your perfection mid she broke out before the fire again with his cup he addressed his hilarity to mr. London I told you a tremendous lot didn't I but I didn't tell you about that his elder maintained yet with a certain vagueness the attitude of amiable inquiry about the family well which is smile about its ramifications this young lady has a tremendous friendship and ensured it's all very complicated My dear nanda said from the bank it's all very simple don't believe a word of anything of the sort he'd spoken us with the intention of a large vague optimism but there was plainly something in the girl that would always make for a lucidity do you mean about carried honor I don't believe it and at any rate I don't think it's anyone's business I shouldn't have a very high opinion of a person who would give up a friend she stopped short with a sense apparent that she was saying more than she meant no strangely as if it had been an effect of her type and of her voice there was neither pertness nor passion in the profession she just made curiously wanting as she seemed both in timidity and in levity she was to a certainty not self-conscious she was extraordinarily simple mr. London looked at her now with an evident surrender to his extreme interest and it might well have perplexed him to see her at once so downright as from experience and yet of so fresh and sweet at tenderness of youth that's right that's right my dear young lady never never give up a friend for anything anyone says it was Michie you rang out with his lively wisdom the action of which I mr. London unless indeed was the action of something else was to make that personage in a manner that held the others watching him in slight suspense suddenly spring to his feet again put down his teacup carefully on a table near and then without a word that if no one had been present quietly wander away and disappear through the door left open on Van the bank's entrance it opened into a second a smaller sitting room into which the eyes of his companions followed him what's the matter none de asked has he been taken ill he is room my dear van Michie said but you're right a charm a distinction insured just the sort of thing we want the sort of thing we want I dare say found a bank laughed but it's not the sort of thing that's to be had for the asking the sort we shall be mighty lucky if we can get mad she turned with amusement to none de van has invented him and with a natural greed of the inventor won't that has have him cheap well he went on I'll stand my share difficulty is that he's much too good for us fan the bank explained ungrateful wretch his friend cried that's just what I've been telling him that you are let the return you make not be to deprive me mr. fans not at all too good for me if you mean that none the brogan she had finished her tea making and land back in her chair with her hands folded on the edge of the tray fan the bank only smiled at her in silence but mid she took it up there's nobody too good for you of course only you're not quite don't you know in our set you're in mrs. Grandin's I know what you're going to say that she hasn't got any set that she's just a loose little white flower dropped on the indifferent bosom of the world but you're the small sprig of tender green that added to her makes her immediately compose London looked at him with a cold kindness What nonsense you do talk your tone sweet to me he returned as showing that you don't think me either too good for you no one remember will take that for your Excuse when the world someday sees me and narrated by your having put an end to our so harmless relations the girl appeared to lose herself a moment in the abysmal humanity over which is fairly fascinating ugly plate-like the world of an eddy marta she gently exclaimed but there was no smile with it she turned to Van the bank who during the previous minute had moved toward the neighboring room then faltering taking counsel of discretion had come back on a scruple what is the matter what do you want to get out of him you wretch Mitchy went on as their host for an instance at nothing found their bank whose handsome face had a fine thought in it looked a trifle absently from one of them to the other but it was there none that he spoke do you like him Nanda she showed surprise at the question how can I know so soon he knows already Michi with his eyes on her became radiant to interpret he knows that he's pierced to the heart that matter with him as you call it thunder bang brought out he's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen he looked at her as with a hope she'd understand beautiful beautiful beautiful precisely Mitch she continued the victim done fool by one glance of the goddess Nanda motionless in her chair fixed her other friend with clear curiosity beautiful why beautiful Santa Bank about to speak checked himself I won't spoil it have it from him and returning to their friend he this time went out made Chien and looked at each other but isn't it rather awful Mitchie demanded she got up without answering she slowly came away from the table I think I dunno if I liked him well you may but she exclaimed after his pudding before you probably on the whole the greatest of your triumphs and I also know I think mr. Miki that I like you she spoke without attention to this hyperbola in spite of my ineffectual attempts to be brilliant that's a joy he went on if it's not drawn out by the mere clumsiness of my flattery she turned away from him currently enough as of time for his talk in the air were always to be allowed him she took in vague leave and the bank's books and prints why didn't your mother come which she then inquired at this she again looked at him do you mention her as a way of alluding to something you guess she must have told me that I've always supposed I make your flesh creep yes Mitch admit it I see she must have said to you be nice to him to show him it isn't quite so bad as that so you are nice so you always will be nice but I adore you all the same without illusions she'd opened at one of the tables and perceiving Lee a big volume of which she turned the leaves don't adorn a girl mr. Mitch she just help her that's more to the purpose help you he cried you bring tears to my eyes can't the girl have friends she went on I never heard of anything so idiotic giving him however no chance to take her up on this she made a quick transition mother didn't come because she wants me now she says more to share her own life make she look at it but is this the way for her to share yours ah that's another matter about which you must talk to her she wants me no longer to keep seeing only with her eyes she thrown me into the world which she had listened with a liveliest interest but he presently broke into a laugh for the good thing then that I'm there to catch you without it might have been seen having gathered the smallest impression of what they can closed she carefully drew together again the covers of her folio there was the liberation in her movements I shall always be glad when you're there but where do you suppose they've gone her eyes were on what was visible of the other room from which there arrived no sound of voices they're off there submit she but just looking unutterable things about you the impressions too deep let them look and tell me meanwhile if mrs. Donner gave you my message oh yes she told me some Hamburg the Hamburg then was in the tone my perfectly sincere speech took from herself she gives things I recognize rather that sound it's her weakness he continued and perhaps even one may say her danger all the more reason you should help her as I believe you're supposed to be doing aren't you I hope you feel you are he earnestly added he had spoken this time gravely enough and with magnificent gravity Nanda replied I have helped her till she sure I have that's what tisha wants me for she says that to be with some nice girls really the best thing for her poor Mitch his face here upon would have been interesting would have been distinctly touching to other eyes but none us were not heat full of it oh he returned after an instant and without profane mirth that seems to me the best thing for anyone then the bank however might have caught his expression for vander bank now reappeared smiling on the parrot of struck by their intimacy how you are keeping it up then to Nunda persuasively do you mind going to him in there I want him so really to see you it's quite you know what he came for none that seemed to wonder what will he do to me anything dreadful he'll tell you what I meant just now Oh said nanda if he's a person who couldn't tell me sometimes what do you mean with which she went quickly off and can't I hear which she asked of his host while he looked after her yes but only from me found their bank had pushed him to a seat again I was casting about for cigarettes be quiet and smoke and I'll tell you Mitchy on the sofa received meditation a light will she understand there's everything in the world but one he added but that's half Thunder Bank before him lighted for himself what is it a sense of humor oh yes she's serious she smoked a little she's tragic his friend at the fire watched a moment the empty portion of the other room then walked across to give the door a light push that all but closed it it's rather odd he remarks he came back that's quite what I just said to him but he won't treat her to comedy end of section 11 section 12 of the awkward age by Henry James this LibriVox recording is in the public domain recording by on ocimum book 3rd chapter 3 is it the shock of a resemblance to her grandmother and the bank had asked of mr. Langdon on rejoining him in his retreat this victim of memory with his back turned was gazing out of the window and when an answer he showed his face there were tears in his eyes his answer in fact was just these tears the significance of which fan the bank immediately recognized it's still greater than than you gathered from her photograph it's the most extraordinary thing in the world to observe to be so upset mr. longan smiled through his tears but if you'd known lady julia you'd understand it she again as I first knew her to the life and not only in feature in stature in color in movement but in every bodily mark and sign in every look of the eyes above all how to a degree in the sound in the charm of the voice he spoke low and confidentially but with an intensity that now relieved him it was his restlessness with a discovery he moved about us with a sacred all he might a few steps away have been in the very presence she's all lady Julia there isn't a touch of her mother it's unique an absolute revival I see nothing of her father I see nothing of anyone else isn't it thought wonderful by everyone he went on why didn't you tell me to have prepared you a little friend the banker felt almost guilty I see I should have liked to make more of it though he added all lucidly I might so by putting you on your guard have caused myself to lose what if you'll allow me to say it strikes me as one of the most touching tributes I've ever seen render to a woman in fact however how could I know I never saw lady Julia and you had in advance all the evidence I could have the portrait pretty bad in the taste of the time I admit and the three or four photographs you must have noticed with it at mrs. Brooks these things must have compared themselves for you with my photograph in there of the granddaughter the similarity of course we had all observed but has taken your wonderful memory and your happy vision to put it into all the detail mr. Longman thought a moment giving a DAB with his pocket-handkerchief very true you're quite right it's far beyond any identity in the pictures but why did you tell me he added more sharply that she isn't beautiful you've deprived me from the bank laughed of the power of expressing civilly any surprise that you're finding herself but I said to you please remember nothing had qualified at job my sense of the special stamp of her face I've always positively found in it a recall of the type of the period you must be thinking of it isn't a bit modern it's a face for Sir Thomas Lawrence it's a phase of Gainsborough mr. long and returned with spirit lady Julia herself hark back from the bank clearly was equally touched and amused let us say at once that it's a phase of Rafael his old friends hand was instantly on his arm that's exactly what I often said to myself of lady Julius before it's a little too high except from the bank that's just that excess that with the exquisite eyes in a particular disposition round it of the fair makes the individual grace makes the beauty of the resemblance released by lady Julia's lover the young man in turn grasped him as an encouragement to confidence it's a faith that should have the long side ringlets of 18:30 as you know the rest of the personal arrangement the police the shape of bonnet the sprig muslin dress and the cross laced sandals it should have arrived in a pea green Tilbury and be a reader of mrs. Radcliffe at all this to complete the raffle mr. London who his discovery proclaimed have begun this might have been said to live with it looked hard a moment at his companion how you've observed her fan the bank met it without confusion whom heaven died observed they like her he then rather oddly and abruptly asked the old man broke away again how can I tell with such disparities the men are must be different from the bank suggested and the things she says his visitor was before him again I don't know what to make of them they don't go with the rest of her lady Julia said mr. Longton was rather shy on this to his host could meet him she must have been ananda yes certainly doesn't give that impression on the contrary but lady Julia was gay he added with an eagerness that made van der banks smile I can also see that nanda doesn't joke and yet friend the bank continued with his exemplary candor we mustn't speak of her must we as if she were bold and grim mr. long then fixed him do you think she's sad yet preserved their lower tone and might with her heads together have been conferring as the party out in some game with a couple in the other room yes sad but fen the bank broke off I'll send her to you yes it was he had come back to her nanda on joining the elder man went straight to the point he says it's so beautiful what do you feel in seeing me if that is what he meant mr. Longton kept silent again at first only smiling at her but less strangely now and then appear to look about him for some place where she could sit near him there was a sofa in this room too on which observing it she quickly sank down so that they were presently together place little sideways and face to face she its own perhaps that she supposed him to have wished to take her hand but he forebore to touch her though letting her feel all the kindness of his eyes and their long backward vision these things she evidently felt soon enough she went on before he had spoken I know how well you knew my grandmother mother has told me and I'm so glad she told me to say to you that she wants you to tell me just the shade that this might have appeared to drop over his face but who was there to know of the girl observed it it didn't prevent that any raid her completing her statement that's why she wished me today to come alone she said she wished you to have me all to yourself no decidedly she wasn't shy that mute reflection was in the air an instant that no doubt is the best way I thanked her very much I called after having had the honor of dining I called I think three times he went on with a sudden displacement of the question but I had the misfortune each time to miss her she kept looking at him with a crude young clearness I didn't know about that mother thinks she's more at home than almost anyone she does it on purpose she knows what it is none that pursued with her perfect gravity for people to be disappointed of finding her oh I shall find her yet said Mr London and that I hope I shall also find you she appeared simply to consider the possibility and after an instant to think well of it I dare say you will now for now I shall be down her companion just blinked in the drawing-room you mean always it was quite what she meant always I shall see all the people who come it would be a great thing for me I want to hear all the talk mr. Mitchell says I ought to that it helps to form the young mind I hoped for that reason she went on with a directness that made her honesty almost violent I hoped there would be more people here today I'm very glad there are not the old man rang equally clear mr. Vander bang kindly arranged the matter for me just this way I met him at dinner at your mother's three weeks ago and he brought me home here that night when as knowing you so differently we took the liberty of talking you all over it naturally had the effect of making me want to begin with you afresh only that seemed difficult – without further help this he could naturedly offered me he said I mr. Longton recovered his spirits – repeated tenet I'll have him here for you I see he knew he'd come then she caught herself up but we haven't come have we oh it's all right it's all right to me the occasions brilliant and the effluence great I've had such talk with those young men I see she was again prompt but beyond any young person he had ever met she might have struck him as literal you're not used to such talk neither am i it's rather wonderful isn't it they're thought awfully clever mr. van and mr. Michie do you like them she pushed on mr. longan he who has compared with her might have struck a spectator as infernally subtle took an instant to think I have never met mr. Mitchell before well he always thinks one doesn't like him none they explained but one does one or two she added her companion had another pause he likes you Oh mr. long that needn't have hesitated I knew he does he has told mother he has told lots of people he is told even you along and smiled yes but that isn't the same I don't think he's a bit dreadful she pursued still there was a greater interest do you like mr. van this time her interlocutor indeed hung fire how can I tell he dazzles me but don't you like that then before he could really say you're afraid he may be fools at this he fairly laughed you go to the point she just call it to have amused him so but he quickly went on I think one has a little natural nervousness of being carried off one's feet I'm afraid I've always liked too much to see where I'm going and he don't with him she spoke with her curious hard interest I understand but I think I like to be dazzled oh you've got time you can come around again you've a margin for accidents for disappointments and recoveries you can take one thing with another but I've only my last little scrap if you want to make no mistakes I see well I'm too easily upset ah so am I said Nanda I assure you that in spite of what you say I want to make no mistakes either I've seen a great many though you might not think it she persisted I really know what they may be do you like me she brought forth but even on this you've spared him to a look appear to have been enough for her how can you say of course already if you can't save her mr. fan I mean I should seen him so much when he asked me just now if I liked you I told him it was too soon but it isn't now you see it goes fast I do like you she gave him no time to acknowledge this tribute but as if it were a matter of course tried him quickly with something else can you say if you like mother you could meet it pretty well now there are immense reasons why I should yes I know about them as I mentioned mother has told me but what she had to put him kept up his surprise have reasons anything to do with it I don't believe you like her she exclaimed she doesn't think so she added the old man's face at last partly bewildered partly reassured showed something finer still in the effects she produced into what mysteries you plunge oh we do that's what everyone says of us we discuss everything and everyone are always discussing each other I think we must be rather celebrated for it and it's a kind of trick isn't it that's catching but don't you think it's the most interesting sort of talk mother says we haven't any prejudices you have probably quantities and beautiful ones so perhaps I oughtn't to tell you but you'll find out for yourself yes I'm rather slow but I generally end by finding out and I've got thank Heaven except mr. Logan quite prejudices enough then I hope you'll tell me some of them Nunda replied in a tone evidently marking how much he pleased her ah you must do as I do you must find out for yourself your resemblance to your grandmother is quite prodigious he immediately added that's what I wish you'd tell me about your recollection of her and your wonderful feeling about her mother has told me things but that I should have something straight from you is exactly what she also wants my grandmother must have been awfully nice the girl rambled on and I saw her I don't see myself at all is the same sort of person oh I don't say you're in at least the same sort all I allude to mr. long Lynne returned is the miracle of the physical heredity nothing could be less like her than your manner and you're a talk nun now looked at him with all her honesty they are not so good you must think he hung fire an instant but was as honest as she you're separated from her by a gulf and not only of time personally you see you breathe a different air she thought she quite took it in of course and you breathe the same the same old one I mean as my grandmother the same old one mr. long then smiled as much as possible someday I'll tell you more of what your Curie is off I can't go into it now because I've upset you so none too frankly asked that's one of the reasons I think I can see another two she observed after a moment you're not sure how much I shall understand but I shall understand she went on more perhaps than you think in fact she said earnestly I promise to understand I've some imagination had my grandmother she asked her actual sequences were not rapid which had already anticipated him I thought that before because I put the same question to mother and what'd your mother say imagination dear mamma not a grain the old man showed a faint flush your mother then has a supply that makes up for it the girl fixed him on this with a deeper attention you don't like her having said that his colour came stronger there was slightly strange smile did what it could to diffuse coolness I don't care a single scrap my dear in respect to their friend I'm speaking of for any judgment with my own not even for our daughters not even for her daughter's it's the longer had not spoken loud but he rang as clear as a bell none de for aberration of it broke almost for the first time into the semblance of a smile you feel as if my grandmother were quite your property Oh quite I say that splendid I'm glad you like it he answered kindly the very kindness pulled her up part of my speaking so but I'm sure you know what I mean you mustn't think she eagerly continued that mother won't also want to hear you on the subject of lady Julia he gently but very effectively shook his head your mother shall never hear me none that appeared to wonder at it an instant and it made her completely grave again it will be all for me whatever they may be of it my dear oh who I shall get it all out of you she returned without hesitation her mixture of free familiarity and of the vividness of evocation of something whatever it was sharply opposed the little worry of this contradiction not altogether unpleasant continued to fill his consciousness more discernibly than anything else it was really reflected in his quick brown eyes that she alternately drew him on and warned him off but also that what they were beginning more and more to make out was an emotion of her own trembling there beneath her tension his glimpse of it widened his glimpse of it fairly triumphed when suddenly after this last declaration she threw off with quite the same accent but quite another effect I'm glad to be like anyone the thought of who makes you so good you are good she continued I see already how I shall feel it she stared at him with tears the sight of which brought his own straight back so that this for a moment they sat there together my dear child he had last simply murmured but he laid his hand on her now and her own immediately met it you'll get used to me she said with the same gentleness that the response of her touch had tried to express and I shall be so careful with you that well you'll see she broke showed off with a quaver and the next instant she turned there was someone at the door found the bank still not quite at his ease had come back to smile upon them detaching herself from mr. London she got straight up to meet him you were right mr. Van it's beautiful beautiful beautiful end of section 12 section 13 of the awkward age by Henry James this LibriVox recording is in the public domain recording by on ocimum book forth mr. cash for chapter 1 Harold broken ham who mr. cash more assured in and announced had founded the act of helping himself to a cup of tea at the table apparently just repaired Harold broken ham arrived at the point where the – so direct as I leave the visitor and option between but two suppositions that of a desperate plunge to have ashamed soon over or that of the acquired habit of such Appeals which had taught him the easiest way there was no great sharpness in the face of mr. cash more who is somehow massive without majesty yet he might not have been proof against a suspicion that his young friends embarrassment was an easy precaution a conscious corrective to the danger of audacity it wouldn't have been impossible to divine that if Harold shut his eyes and jumped it was mainly for the appearance of doing so experience was to be taken as showing that one might get a five-pound note his one got a light for a cigarette but one had to check the friendly impulse to ask for it in the same way mr. cash more had in fact looked surprised yet not on the whole so surprised the young man seemed to have expected the ring there was almost acquired Gray's in the combination of promptitude and diffidence with which Harold took over the responsibility of all proprietorship of the crisp morsel of paper that he slipped with slow firmness into the pocket of his waistcoat rubbing it gently in its passage against the delicately buff colored duct of which that garment was composed so quite too awfully kind of you that I really don't know what to say there was a marked recall in the manner of this speech of the sweetness of his mother's droop and the tenderness of her will It was as if he had been moved for the moment to moralize but the eyes he raised his benefactor had the oddest effect of marking that person himself as a theme for the moralist mr. Cashmore who would have been very red-haired if he had not been very bold showed a single eyeglass and a long from lib he was a large and auntie with little petulant movements and intense ejaculations there are not in a line of his type you may say anything you like if you don't say you're a paid that's always nonsense I hate it Harold remains sad but showed himself really superior then I won't say it pensively a minute he appeared to figure the words in their absurdity on the lips of some young man not like himself tactful I know just what you mean but I think you know that he ought to tell your father mr. cash more said tell him I've bored of you mr. cash market humor Utley demurred it would serve me right it's so wretched my having listened to you tell him suddenly he went on after an instant but what I mean is that if you're in such straits you should speak to him like a man Harold's smiled at the innocence of a friend who could suppose him not to have exhausted that resource I'm always speaking to him like a man and that's just what puts him so awfully out he denies to my faith that I am one when what's supposed to hear him but only that I'm a small objectionable child but I'm scarcely even human he doesn't conceive me yes with human wants Oh mr. cash more laughed you've all you youngsters as many once I know as an advertisement page of The Times heralds children admiration that's awfully good if you think you ought to speak of it he continued do rather to mama he knowed at the hour I'll go if you'll excuse me to give you the chance the visitor refer to his own watch your mother herself who gets the chances the chances you take Harold looked kind and simple she has come in I know she'll be with you in a moment he was halfway to the door but mr. cash more no so easy had not done with him I suppose you mean that if it's only your mother who's told you may depend on her to shield you Harold turned this over as if it were questionable sovereign but on second thoughts he wonderfully smiled do you think that after you've let me have it you can tell you could of course if you hadn't he appeared to work it out for mr. cash most benefit but I don't mind he added you're telling Rama don't mind you mean really it's annoying her so awfully the invitation to repent thrown off in this could only strike the young man as absurd it was so previous to any enjoyment Harold liked things in their proper order but at the same time his evolutions were quick I dare say I am selfish but what I was thinking was that the terrific wigging don't you know well I take it from her she knows about one's life about our having to go on by no fault of our own as our parents TARDIS she knows all about once no one is more than Lemar mr. cash more soundlessly Clara's amusement so she'll say it's alright oh no she'll let me have it hot but she'll recognize that at such a pass more must be done for a fellow and that may lead to something indirectly don't you see for she won't tell my father feel only in her own way work on him that will put me on a better footing and for which therefore at bottom I shall have to thank you the I assisted by mr. cash Moore's class had with a discernible growth or something like alarm fixed during this address the subject of his beneficence the threat of their relations somehow lost itself in a subtler twist and he fell back on mere stature position and property things always convenient in the presence of crew goodness I shall say nothing to your mother but I think I shall be rather glad you're not a son of mine Harold wondered this new element in their talk do your son's never borrow money of their mother's visitors mr. cash Moore had taken him up eager evidently quite to satisfy him but the question was caught on the wing by mrs. broken him herself who had opened the door as her friend spoke and who quickly advanced with an echo of it lady Fanny's visitors and though her eyes rather avoided then met his own she seemed to cover her ladyship's husband with a vague but practiced sympathy what on earth are you seeing to Harold about them does it was that at the end of a few minutes mr. cash more on the sofa face-to-face with her found his consciousness quite purged of its actual sense of his weakness and a new turn given to the idea of what in one's very drawing-room might go on behind ones back Harold that quickly vanished had been tacitly disposed of and mrs. Brooks Kohler had moved even in the short space of time so far in another direction as to have drawn from her the little cold question presence you don't mean money he clearly felt the importance of expressing at least by his silence and his eyeglass what he meant her extravagance is beyond everything and though there are bills enough God knows that do come in to me I don't see how she pulled through unless there are others that go elsewhere miss broken had given him his tea her own should place on a small table near her and she could now respond freely to the impulse felt on this of settling herself to something of real interest except to Harold she was incapable of reproach deliver of course shades in a resignation and that wrote his report of her to miss a London as conscious of an absence of prejudice would have been justified for a spectator by the particular feeling that mr. Cashmore speech caused her to disclose what death is feeling wonderfully appear unless strangely irrelevant I have no patience when I hear you talk as if you weren't horribly rich he looked at her an instant as if a guessing she might have derived that impression from Harold what is that to do with it there's a rich man enjoy any more than a poor his wife's making a fool of him her eyes opened wider it was one of her very few ways of betraying amusement there was little indeed to be amused at here except his choice of the particular invidious name you know I don't believe a word you say mr. cash more drank his tea then rose to carry the cup somewhere and put down declining with emotion any assistance when he was on the sofa again he resumed their intimate talk I liked tremendously to be with you but you mustn't think I've come here to let you say to me such dreadful things as that he was an alt compound is the cash more and the air of personal good health the untarnished bloom which sometimes lent a monstrous serenity to his mention of the barely mentionable was an occasion balanced / matched by his playful application of extravagant terms to matters of much less moment you know what i come to you for mrs. Brooke I won't come anymore if you're going to be horrid and impossible you come to me I suppose because from my deep misfortune I assure you I have a kind of vision of things the wretched miseries in which you all not yourselves up which you yourselves are as little blessed with as if tumbling about together in your heap you were a litter of blind kittens awfully good that he do lift the burden of my trouble he had laughed out in the manner of the man who made notes for platform use of things that might serve but the next moment he was grave again as if his observation had reminded him of heralds praise of his wit it was in this spirit that he abruptly brought out where by the way is your daughter I haven't the least idea I do all I can to enter into her life but you can't get into her railway train while it's on the rush mr. Cashmore swung back to hilarity you give me lots of things do you mean she's so fast he could keep the ball going mrs. Brittenham obliged him with what she meant no she's a tremendous dear and we're great friends but she has a free young life which by that law of our time that I'm sure I only want like all other laws once I know what they are to accept she has her precious freshness of feeling which I say to myself that so far as control is concerned I ought to respect I tried to get her to sit with me and she does so a little because she's kind but before I know it she leaves me again she feels what a difference her presence makes in one's liberty of talk mr. cash more was struck by this picture that's awfully charming of her isn't it – dear the thought of it for mrs. Brooke seemed fairly to open out vistas the modern daughter but not the ancient mother mr. cash more smiled she shook her head with a world of accepted whoa give me back give me back one hour of my youth oh I haven't a single thrill left to answer a compliment I sit here now face to face with things as they are they come in their turn I assure you and they find me mrs. Brookside ready nanda has stepped on the stage and I give her up the house besides she went on musingly it's awfully interesting it is the modern daughter we're really doing her the child and I and as the modern has always been my own note I've gone in I mean frankly for my very own time who is one after all that one should pretend to decline to go where it may lead mr. Cashmore was unprepared with an answer to this question and it hostess continued in a different tone it's sweet her sparing one this for the visitor was firm aground do you mean about talking before her mrs. Brooks assent was positively tender she won't have a difference in my freedom it's as if dear thing new don't you see what we must keep back she wants us not to have to think it's quite maternal she mused again then as if with the pleasure of presenting it to him afresh that's the modern daughter well said Mr Cashmore I can't help wishing she were a trifle less considerate in that case I might find her with you and I may tell you frankly that I get more from her that I do from you she has the great merit for me in the first place of not being such an admirer of my wife mrs. Brooklyn took this up with interest no you're right she doesn't as I do see lady Fanny and that's a kind of mercy there you are then you inconsistent creature he cried with a laugh after all you do believe me you recognize how benighted it would be for your daughter not to feel that Fanny's bad you're too tiresome my dear man mrs. Birk returned with your ridiculous simplifications Fanny's not bad she's magnificently good in a sense of being generous and simple and true to adorably unaffected and without the least miss canary she's a great calm silver statue mr. cash more showed on this something of the strength that comes from the practice of public debate then why are you glad your daughter doesn't like her mrs. Brooks smiled as with the sadness of having too much to triumph because I am NOT like fanny without mrs. canary I'm not generous and simple I'm exaggeratedly anxious about Nanda I care in spite of myself for what people may say your wife doesn't she towers above them I can be a shade less brave through the chance of my girls not happening to feel her as the rest of us do mr. cash more too heavily followed to feel her mrs. Brooke floated over the would be in that case perhaps something to hint to her not to shriek on the housetops when you say she continued that one admits as regards fanny anything wrong you prefer dreadfully what one does freely grant that she's a great glorious pagan it's a real relief to know such a type it's like a flash of insight into history nonetheless if you ask me why then it isn't alright for young things to shriek as I say I have my answer perfectly ready after which as our visitor seemed not only to read used to doubted but to baffled to distinguish audibly for his credit between resignation and admiration she produced because she's purely instinctive her instincts are splendid but it's terrific that's all I ever maintained it to be mr. cash more cried it is terrific well his friend answered I'm watching her roll watch it's like some great natural poetic thing an Alpine sunrise or a big high tide here amazing was the Cashmore laughed I'm watching her too and I am also watching you mrs. Bruce Utley continued what I don't for a moment believe is that her bills are paid by anyone it's much more probable she sagaciously observed that they're not paid at all oh well if she can get on that way there can't be a place in London mrs. Brooke pursued where they're not delighted to dress such a woman she shows things don't you see as some fine tourist region shows the placards in the fields and the posters on the rocks and what proof can you'd use she asked Mr Cashman grown Restless he picked a stray thread off the knee of his trousers ah when he talked about at using he appeared to intimate as with the hint that if she didn't take care she might bore him that it was the kind of word he used only in the House of Commons when I talk about it you can't meet me she placidly returned but she fixed him with her very penetration you try to believe what you can't believe in order to give yourself excuses and she does the same only less for she recognizes less in general the need of them she's so grand and simple poor mr. cash more stared grander and simpler than I you mean this is broken and sold not simpler no but very much grander she wouldn't in the case you conceive recognize really the need of what you conceive mr. cash more wondered it was almost mystic I don't understand you this is Brooke seeing it all from dim deaths tracked it further and further we've talked her over so mr. cash more groaned as if to conscious of it indeed we have I mean we and it was wonderful how our accent discriminated we've talked you too but if we talked to everyone she had appalls through which there glimmered array from luminous hours the inner intimacy which privileged as he was he couldn't pretend to share then she broke out almost impatiently we're looking after her leave her to us his envy of this nearer approach to what so touched him then he could himself achieve was in his face but he tried to throw it off I doubt if after all you're good for her but mrs. Brittenham knew she's just the sort of person we are good for and the thing for her is to be with us as much as possible just live with us naturally and easily listen to our talk feel our confidence in her be kept up don't you know by the sense of what we expect for splendid type and so little by little let our influence act what I meant to say just now is that I do perfectly see her taking what you call presence well then was the cash more inquired what do you want more miss Brooke hung fire an instant she seemed on the point of telling him I don't see her as I said recognizing the obligation the obligation to give anything back anything at all mrs. Brooke was positive the comprehension of petty calculations never I don't say the calculations are petty was the cash more objected well she's a great creature if she does fool his hostess lost herself in the view which was at last all before her be sure we shall all knew it that's exactly what I'm afraid of then don't be afraid till we do she would fool as it were on us don't you see and set mrs. Brooke with decision this time in her head shake that couldn't be we must keep her up that's your guarantee it's rather too much she added with the same increase of Bristol's to have to keep you up to be very sure that if Carrie really wavers carry his interruption was clearly too vague to be sincere and it was as such that going straight on she treated it I shall never again give her three minutes attention to answer to you for Fanny without being able to answer to funny for me do you mean he'd flushed quickly as if he waited her there it wouldn't suit you you contend well then I hope it will ease you off he went on with spirit to know that I wholly loathe mrs. Donna mrs. Brooke staring met the announcement with an absolute change of colour and since when pray It was as if a fabric had crumbled she was here but the other day and is full of you poor thing as an act of meat was the cash more could only blush for her I don't say she wasn't my life's a burden from her nothing first spectator could have been so old as mrs. Brooks disappointment unless it had been her determination have you done with her already one has never done with a buzzing insect until one has literally killed it mrs. Brooke annum wailed I can't take that from you my dear man it was yourself who originally distilled the poison that causes through her veins he jumped up at this as if he couldn't bear it presenting as he walked across the room however a large foolish fugitive back on which her eyes rested as an approve of her penetration if you spoil everything by trying to deceive me how can I help you he had looked in his restlessness at a picture or two but he finally turned round with whom is it you talk is over with peloton and its friend Mitchie with your adored fender bang with your awful Duchess you know my little circle and you've not always despised it she met him on his return with a figure that it visibly fleshed out for her don't file your own nest remember that after all we've more or less produced you she had a smile that attenuated a little her image for there were things that on a second thought he appeared ready to take from her she petted the self as if to invite him again to be seated and though he still stood before her it was with a face that seemed to show how her touch went home you know I've never quite thought you do his full honor but it was because she took you for one of us that carry first at this to stop her he dropped straight into the seat I assure you there's really been nothing with the continuation of his fidget he pulled out his watch when she come in at all do you mean Nanda talked me over with her he smiled if you like if you don't believe mrs. Donner is dust and ashes to me he continued you do little justice to your daughter do you wish to break it to me that you're in love with Nunda he hesitated but only as if to give way to his reply awfully I can't tell you how I like her she wondered and pray how will that help me help me I mean to help you is it what I am to tell your wife he said looking away but he evidently had his idea which he had last produced why wouldn't it be just the thing it would exactly prove my purity there might have been in her momentary silence a hint of acceptance of it as a practical contribution to their problem and they were indeed several lights in which it could be considered mrs. Brooke on a quick survey selected the ironic I see I see I might buy the same law arranged somehow that lady Fanny should find herself in love with Edward that would prove her purity and you could be quite at ease she laughed he wouldn't make any presence mr. Kesh more regarded her with a candor that was almost a reproach to her mirth I like your daughter better than I like you but it only amused her more is that perhaps because I don't prove your purity what he might have replied remained in the air for the door opened so exactly at the moment she spoke that he rose again with a start and the butler coming in received her inquiry fool in the face this functionaries answered to it however had no more than the usual austerity mr. van the bank and mr. London these visitors minute appear I miss Brooke not stirring still only looking from the sofa calmly up with mr. cash more used the time it might have seemed for correcting any impression of undue levity made by her recent question where did you last meet nanda he glanced at the door to see if he were heard at the Grandin's so you do go there I went over from Hicks the other day for an hour and Carrie was there yes it was a dreadful hard bore but I talked only to your daughter she got up the others were at hand and offered mr. cash for an expression that might have struck him as strange it's serious serious he had no eyes for the others she didn't tell me he gave a sound controlled by discretion which suffice nonetheless to make mr. Langdon be holding him for the first time receive it with a little of the stiffness of a person greeted with a gopher mr. cash more visibly like this silence of Nanda's about their meeting end of section 13 section 14 of the awkward age by Henry James this LibriVox recording is in the public domain recording by Anna Simone book fourth chapter two misses broken ham who had introduced him to the elder of her visitors had also found in serving these gentlemen with tea a chance to act at him with an intensity not to be resisted talk to mr. Langdon take him off there she had indicated the sofa at the opposite end of the room and had set him an example by possessing herself in the place she already occupied of her adored fender bank this arrangement however constituted for her in her own corner as soon as she'd made it the ground of an appeal will he hate me any worse for doing that from the bank glance at the others they'll cash more do you mean dear no I don't care whom he hates but this for long that I want to avoid mistakes then don't try quite so hard found a bank laughed is that your reason for throwing him into cash Moore's arms yes precisely so that I shall have these few moments to ask you for directions you must know him by this time so well I only want haven't helped me to be as nice to him as I possibly can that's quite the best thing for you and altogether why this afternoon I brought him he might have better luck in finding you it was he who suggested it and he has had by himself I'm in a general way found the bank added watching over him I see and he's watching over you mrs. Brooks sweet vacancy had already taken in so much he wants a judge of what I may be doing to you he wants to save you from me he quite detests me founder bank with the interest as well as the amusement fairly threw himself back there is nobody like you you're too magnificent I am now that I can look the truth in the face and not be angry or silly about it is as you know the one thing in the world for which I think a bit well of myself oh yes I know I know you're too wonderful this is broken ham in a brief pause completed her covert consciousness they're doing beautifully he's taking cash more with a seriousness and with what is cash more taking him with the hope that from one moment to another naina may come in but how on earth does that concern him through an extraordinary fancy has suddenly taken to her this is Brooklyn Swift to massive effects he's been meeting her tissues and she's talked to him so effectually about his behavior that she's quite made him cease to care for Carrie he prefers her now and of course she's much nicer Fanta bangs attention it was clear had now been fully seized she's much nicer rather what you mean is he asked the next moment that nanda this afternoon has been the object of his call yes really though he tried to keep it from me she makes him feel she went on so innocent and good her companion for a moment said nothing but then at last and will she come in I haven't the least idea don't you know where she is I suppose she's with tea she was returned to town founder bank turned this over is that your system now to ask no questions why should I ask any when I want her life to be as much as possible like my own it's simply that the hour has struck as you know from the moment she is down the only thing for us is to live as friends I think it's so vulgar mrs. Brookside not to have the same good manners with one's children as one has with other people she asks me nothing nothing from the bank echoed nothing he paused again after which it's very disgusting he declared then while she took it up as he taken her word of a moment before it's very preposterous he continued mrs. Brooker peered at a loss do you mean her helping him it's not of an and I'm speaking it's of him from the bank spoke with a certain impatience his being with her in any sort of direct relation at all his mixing her up with this other beastly Affairs mrs. Brooke looked intelligent and when about it but also perfectly good human My dear man he and his affairs are such Tweddle find the bank laughed in spite of himself and does that make it any better mrs. Brooke thought but presently at a light she almost smiled with it for us then more Wolfie don't you want Carrie to be saved she asked why should I not a just carry be hanged but it's for funny mrs. Brooke protested if Carrie is rescued it's a pretext unless for Fanny as the young man looked for instant rather gloomily vague she softly quavered I suppose he don't positively want Fanny to bold to bold surely I've not to remind you at this time of day how captain den Douglas is always around the corner at the post-chaise and how tight on our side were all clutching her why don't let her go mrs. Brooke at this short reel resentment go then what would become of us she recalled his wandering fancy she's the little light of our life Oh from the bank skeptically murmured she is the ornament of our circle his companion insisted she will she won't she won't she will it's the excitement every day of plucking the Daisy over found the bank's attention as she spoke had attached itself across the room to mr. London it gave her there's an image of the way his imagination had just seemed too heard astray and she saw a reason in it moreover for her coming up in another place isn't he rather rich she allowed the question all its effective abruptness fala Bank looked round at her mr. Longo I haven't the least idea not after becoming so intimate and usually with people the very first thing I get my impression of they came into her face for another glance at their friend no crudité of curiosity but an expression more tenderly wistful he must have some mysterious box under his bed down in Suffolk a misers hold who knows I daresay found the bank went on he isn't the miser but he strikes me as careful mrs. Brooke meanwhile had thought it out that he is something to be careful of it would take something really handsome to inspire in a man like him that sort of interest with his small expenses all these years his savings must be immense and how could he have proposed to Muammar unless he had originally had money he found a banker that'll helplessly wondered he also laughed you must remember your mother refused him ah but not because there wasn't enough no I imagine the force of the blow for him was just in the other reason well it would have been in that one just as much if that one had been the other mrs. Brooke was sagacious though with trifle obscure and Sue pursued the next moment Marat was so sincere the fortune was nothing to her that shows it was immense it couldn't have been as great as your logic from the banks smiled but of course if it has been growing ever since I can see it grow while he sits there mrs. Brooke declared but our logic had in fact its own law and her next transition was an equal jump it was too lovely the frankness of your admission a minute ago that I effect him uncannily ah don't spoil it by explanations she beautifully pleaded he's not the first and he won't be the last with whom I shall not have been what they call a combination the only thing that matters is that I mustn't if possible make the case worse so you must guide me what is one to do found a bank now amused again looked at her kindly be yourself my dear woman obey your fine instincts how can you be she sweetly asked so hideously hypocritical you know as well as you sit there that my fine instincts are the thing in the world you're most in terror of be myself she echoed what you'd like to say is be somebody else that's your only chance well I'll try I'll try he laughed again shaking his head don't don't you mean it's too hopeless there's no way of facing the bed and or of starting a good one on this with a drop of his mirth he met her eyes and for an instant through the superficial levity of their talk they might have appeared to sound each other it lasted till mrs. Brooke went on I should really like not to lose him fanta banks seem to understand and at last said I think he won't lose him do you mean you'll help me van you will her voice had at moments the most touching tones of any in England and humble helpless affectionate she spoke with a familiarity of friendship it's for the sense of the link with mama she explained he's simply full of her oh I know he's prodigious he has taught you more he comes back to it mrs. Brooke eagerly asked well the young man replied a trifle evasively we've had a great deal of talk and he's the jolliest old boy possible and in short I like him I see said mrs. Brooke blandly and he likes you in return as much as he despises me that makes it all right makes me so much so happy for you there's something in him what is it that suggests the uncle Dominic the eccentric benefactor the fairy godmother he's a little of an old woman but all the better for it she hung fire Bell instant before she pursued what can we make him do for you found a bank at this was very blank do for me how can anyone love you she asked without wanting to show it in some way you know all the ways their van should breathe in which I want to show it he might have known them something suddenly fixed in his face appeared to say but they were not what was on this speech of hers most immediately present to him that for instance is the tone not to take with him there you are she sighed with discouragement well only tell me then as he said nothing I must be more like mama his expression confessed his feeling an awkwardness your perhaps not quite enough like her oh I know that if he deploys me as I am now she would have done so quite as much in fact probably as seeing it nearer a good deal more she'd have despised me even more than he but if it's a question mrs. Brooke went on of not saying what mama wouldn't how can I know don't you see what she would have said mrs. Brooke became as wonderful as if she saw in her friend's face some admiring a reflection of the fine freedom of mind that in such a connection quite as much as an any other she could always show of course I revere mama just as much as he does and there was everything in her to revere but she was nonetheless in every way a charming woman too and I don't know after all do i what even she in their peculiar relation may not have said Tim Fanta Banks laughs came back very good very good I returned to my first idea try with him whatever comes into your head you're a woman of genius after all and genius mostly justifies itself to make you right he went on pleasantly and inexorably might perhaps be to make you wrong since you have so great a charm trust it not at all or all in all that I dare say is all you can do therefore yes be yourself these remarks were followed on either side by the repetition of a somewhat intense er mutual gaze though indeed the speaker's eyes had more the air of meeting his friends than of seeking them I can't be used certainly van mrs. Brooke sadly brought forth I know what you mean by that he rejoined in a moment you mean I'm hypocritical hypocritical I'm diplomatic and calculating I don't show him how bad I am whereas with you he knows the worst of this observation mrs. Brooke whose eyes attached themselves again to mr. London took it first no further notice that might have been indicated by the way it said her amusing calculating she'd last to come up on what is there to calculate why said Fanta Bank if actually you just hinted he's a blessing in disguise i perfectly admit he resumed that I'm capable of sacrifices to keep on good terms with him you're not afraid he'll bore you oh yes distinctly but he'll be worth it then mrs. Brooks said as he appeared to ascend he'll be worth a great deal she continued to watch mr. London who without his glasses stared straight at the floor while mr. cash more talked to him she pursued however dispassionately enough he must be of a narrowness Oh beautiful she was silent again I shall broaden him you won't heaven forbid from the bank heartily concurred but nonetheless as I've said I'll help you her attention was still fixed it will be him you'll help if hear to make sacrifices to keep on good terms with him the first sacrifice will be of me then on his leaving this remark so long an answered that she had finally looked at him again I'm perfectly prepared for it It was as if Joe Cosley enough it had time to make up his mind how to meet her what will you have when he loved my mother nothing could have been drona than the gloom of her surprise yours too I didn't tell you the other day out of delicacy is broken um darkly thought he didn't tell me either the same consideration deterred him but if I didn't speak of it friend the bank continued when I arranged with you after meeting him here at dinner that you should come to tea with him at my rooms if I didn't mention it then it wasn't because I hadn't learned it early missus Brooke more deeply sounded this affair but she spoke with the exaggerated mildness that was the fool mostly taken by her gaiety it was because of course it makes him out such a wretch what he comes in that case of his loyalty to your mother's memory oh it's all right he hasn't quite straight she came later mine after my father's death had refused him but you see he might have been my stepfather this is broken him to get in but should suddenly a brighter light he might have been my own father besides she went on if his line is to love the mothers while on earth doesn't he love me I'm in all conscience enough of one ah but isn't there in your case the fact of a daughter fan the bank asked with a slight embarrassment mrs. Brogan Hempstead what good does that do me why didn't she tell you Nunda she told me he doesn't like her any better than he likes me found a bank in his turn showed surprise that's really what she said she had on a return from your rooms a most unusual fit of frankness free generally tells me nothing well said Randa Bank how did she put it this Brook reflected recovered it I like him awfully but I'm not in the least his idea his idea of what that's just what I asked her of the proper grandchild from Ammar fadna Bank hesitated well she isn't then after another pause but she'll do his companion gave him a deep look you'll make her he got up and on seeing him move mr. London also rose so that facing each other across the room they exchanged a friendly signal or two I'll make her end of section 14

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