Awake – Abstract pencil drawing [timelapse]

Awake – Abstract pencil drawing [timelapse]

Hello everyone, it’s Milyusia, with another graphite drawing this time, I had a really weird idea, you know, I was sketching last week when I thought of doing a strange eye separated from the bottom eyelashes, with a feline inspired iris inside a round one and a really small pupil inside it And I was so fascinated with this weird sketch I did, that this week I decided to do a proper drawing w/ it with the upper eyelashes connected to a leaf that is also different, and the eye between two, a big and a small And I don’t know why either, but I drew something which is supposed to be an insect looking at everything And there is no explanation, it’s just supposed to be strange looking please, if you can, tell me what you think about it in the comments… it’s ok if you can’t so anyway the pencils I used were the faber castell and one from caran d’ache The paper is the canson bristol, and the graphite powder I used in the end is from sennelier the full drawing process was 6 hours and about 40 minutes, not including the initial sketch if you want to see that one, I also recorded it and I’ll leave a link somewhere (cards) I hope you are liking this video, we are almost 100, thank you for watching, and bye for now

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  1. Very nice drawing. Good idea using the sheet protector to prevent graphite smudges. I will definitely be trying that.

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