Avoid Injuries from Drawing

Avoid Injuries from Drawing

one morning I woke up and seemingly out of nowhere I had an immense pain in my right shoulder I had spent one year drawing every day but with such incredibly bad posture that I had messed up my shoulder and after that I could not spend time drawing for about a year now I’m not a physical therapist but when I was going through this I couldn’t find a lot of helpful stuff for a similar guy so here’s advice I would give to anyone who wants to avoid repetitive strain injuries or someone who is currently dealing with one tip number one you are not a dinosaur a very common computer sitting ailment this day is rounded shoulders since we try to reach for the keyboard a lot we can over time end up with our shoulders facing out front your shoulders are supposed to be at your sides not sticking out of your chest like a t-rex if you look in the mirror your shoulders should be placed in the same line as your ears number two your shoulders are not attached to your ears people who sit by the computer all day tend to tense their shoulders up and over time they slowly move up and eventually your shoulders can feel like they’ve ended up by your ears try to keep your shoulders relaxed and not elevated number three rest your elbows on the desk or the share’ if you don’t rest your elbow while drawing you will put a lot of strain on your elbow and your shoulder and number four probably the most important thing out of anything here don’t push your pen too hard and don’t grip it too hard if you push your pen too hard against the paper or the tablet while you’re drawing you will put a lot of unnecessary strain on your hand and shoulder and elbow and everything and this can completely wear down your joints for no good reason number five don’t draw from your wrists this might seem contradictory since my personal problems were with my shoulder however the most common complaint out of anything amongst artists is wrist pain your shoulders and elbows are a lot more flexible and reliable than the wrist and the wrist is actually very sensitive to repetitive movements along with that drawing from the shoulder is just better for your drawings in general people who draw with the wrists will often rely on the space around their hand but when you draw from the shoulder you get a lot more available space and a lot more free movement you can start practicing by drawing circles with your shoulder it takes some time to get used to but by the end you might find yourself a lot more liberated and the last one number six forward head posture don’t lean your head forward over time this will lead to a lot of pain because your body will be struggling to keep your head attached to your neck this can also compact nerves in your neck and problems better in your neck can feel like things in your arm so why don’t we learned our body is not built to handle repetitive motions over and over you need to listen to your body because you could be one injury away from loosing a lot of time or a lot of income along with that all of this brings up a very important question what about pen display tablets like sin teks and we learned that we need to keep the head erect with eyes forward the shoulders should not be elevated the upper arms should be vertical the elbows should be at the side and our wrists should be straight along with keeping a natural curve for our spines so as good as a Cintiq might be you need to be extra careful if you own one you are a lot more susceptible to drawing injuries and ailments you know what while we are at it here are some additional quick tips sleep properly because sleep is when the body heals itself if you’re not sleeping properly then you are not healing properly and things like sitting up all night and sleeping during the day it will upset your healing because your body might just have to cope with your weird sleeping habits instead build up muscle because if you draw until your arm hurts and then you relax and then you draw until it hurts and many relax when you repeat this over and over and you’re straining yourself over and over eventually you need to start training your arms so you can build up strength and tolerance and be able to draw for longer take up exercise like walking running swimming anything that gets your blood flow going look I don’t know how the body works I don’t understand biology so simply put for stupid people like myself when you are healing it’s the result of the blood and the blood flow coming in and replacing all the old bad things in the area exercise gets your blood flow going and it stimulates healing if you are in pain right now and you can do this in other ways too when you’re in the shower you can put very cold water over the area for 30 seconds and then switch to hot water but not so hot you’re scolding yourself then repeat this back and forth the blood flow will go back and forth can be this might not work as well as exercise but it does relieve pain if you are in severe pain or you have persistent pains then you should seek out a physical therapist they can help you if you’re a particular case and they can keep up with your progress take breaks every 30 minutes stand up from your desk and you know stretch because you will have stretch frequently there’s a free PC software called work rave and you can set it up so that your computer tells you when to take a break after 30 minutes or something it will also tell you how to stretch does that seem like a lot o human beings we’re not designed to sit and draw all day a lot of people imagine the artists life stylists staying up late and sleeping poorly and never going outside but the way I see it being an artist is closer to being an athlete you train yourself so you can sit for long periods of time and do what you love that doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym every day and be super healthy but if you want this kind of lifestyle then you have to keep yourself healthy or learn that the hard way over time you would not only be physically unhealthy but also mentally unhealthy so get out there and do what you need to do also here are some great videos for stretching and the like they might not be super fun but once you have learned this stuff it comes a lot easier to you so don’t be afraid about learning miss stuff and thanks for watching this video bye bye [Music]

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  1. Ok if you get back pains
    Go to bed and sleep on your back it’ll straighten
    Wearing a pillow might make it worse idk

  2. I am thankful that you made this video. I’m an art student and only recently on one of my projects I pushed myself way too hard. This helps a lot

  3. There's a park near me. If I plan on drawing for more than an hour, I walk there. Then I draw, periodically moving around the park. I would say it also gives me fresh air, but rotting seaweed hardly makes for the freshest air… Sitting for twenty minutes and sketching, then getting some water, then going to the other end of the park and drawing some more is really nice. I do also go to the gym, but I don't draw AT the gym, typically (only if I forget my inhaler and someone comes in smelling like fermented christmas tree).

  4. I had pain in my wrist from Drawing all day in one whole day when I was doing a project of doing poster artwork for my School's conference last year. I had to do 9 Pages and my wrist sort of hurt alot from it, but I don't think I'd go that far to say it was an injury.

  5. I'm an artist, but I paint, not draw. I don't even know why i clicked on this. However, I noticed that most people, who aren't even artists, have horrible posture. Ever since I was 11 or 12, I always sat with my back and neck upright. I even got a comment from someone about how my back is always straight. Improper posture is really damaging to the body, and that it will really mess you up as you age. It makes me sad how so many people don't know this when it's avoidable by implementing sitting up straight habits into your lifestyle.

    TL;DR, everyone should know how important proper posture is.

  6. Tip from my mom:
    Do not wash your hands before 30 mins. after drawing.

    I hope this is true cuz I never felt pain or stiffening in my hand after washing

  7. (im left) haha my way to grip the pencil is so bad my finger grew a defformation to grip properly the pencil lmao now i have a bigass ball in my finger

  8. I never got strain injuries, or then i did. Maybe its just becuase i sleep very poorly and in a poor posture with 3 body pillows top kek

  9. Also my shoulder the doctor said I only could've gotten that from lifting something heavy. The truth? I got it from trying to draw a straight line and I pushed my body past it's breaking point because it wasn't cooperating with me.

  10. You are a blessed being! Thank you! I'm notorious for all of the mentioned postures and habits, I'm also naturally very hard handed and trying to train myself out of it, but it's very difficult :')

  11. oof i have a hard time sitting down when drawing mainly because my chair sucks and doesn't have any back and neck support and i also have a crocked spine to top off the pain though it doesn't bother me too much and medicine usually helps the pain

  12. the animal crossing music at the end😌 also great video I've been dealing with wrist pain these last few weeks/months and it's been soo frustrating because it keeps me from drawing… I think I'll try out these tips, thank you 🙂

  13. i dont know if i draw with my wrist, but ive been drawing for about three years and my wrist only hurts when writing. drawing? nope.

  14. I used to draw with my pen tablet in my lap, it's confortable and thanks to not leaning forward all the time my posture was also on point. However since I've gotten a new tablet with different wiring and a new chair I'm struggling with bad sitting habits. You video has a lot of valid points and is also very helpful. 🙂

  15. I found you again. I’ve been looking for you for 3 years. You are the one who shown me the art community on YouTube. I am so happy I’m crying. I found your channel before I had an account on YouTube and I couldn’t subscribe to you. Damn algorithm made me lose you I’m subscribing immediately. You have inspired me to draw professionally.

  16. I agree with most of this, but I do not agree with the advice of not drawing from your wrist. I see too many people take this as 'NEVER' draw from the wrist. Artists need to learn how and when to draw from the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and even the fingers. I've seen a girl struggle with small details and shoulder pains cause she refused to use her wrist. With that said, taking care of your body with strength training, stretching, and rest is great advice.
    The only drawing injury I have ever had to deal with is from drawing on whiteboards. I worked for a company that every wall had a whiteboard on it, and I was the only artist working on the second floor; I covered those whiteboards up with huge drawings. While I did use my full range of motion of my arm, I didn't hold the pen correctly. I should have held the marker more like charcoal, but I held it like a pen with my wrist cocked back. I developed a big painful bump on the top of my wrist. I don't know how anyone can draw like the guy at [ 2:51 ]. Looks so painful on the wrist.

  17. During summer break I can fall into drawing hours on end every day (6+ minimum) and don't even work as an artist yet- when I do I'll be looking at looking forward to a lot more hours. I'm… Anticipating carpal tunnel within the next five years.

  18. This video has taught me as to why a lot of characters tell injured characters: "you need to rest more! You can't move yet!"

  19. Mattias: Make sure u sleep, don't procrastinate, its important for your body to heal itself.

    Me watching this video at 2:24 AM: o_o yep

  20. Yesterday i drew so much it hurt a lil bit to type stuff on my phone & i couldn't properly animate a simple line, it sucked so i went to sleep and now it hurts way less :^0. Imma try to remember at least some of these tips!! Thank u!!!

  21. Now what about writing an essay in a day.
    That hurts. And then I have to stretch and it wastes more time because I’m doing it every 10 seconds.

  22. In my school we were forced into that t Rex position and we couldn't rest our elbows on the table and they said it was good we did do that..

  23. 4:14 You say this as if it's easy to contol shower temperatures. Nah, you move that knob a tidge it either doesn't change temperature at all or swaps to the complete opposite end of the spectrum, my wrist would die

  24. Hi ive had bad posture my entire life but i heard the words "your body is struggling to keep your head attached to your neck" and ik its an exaduratuon but that's literally the scariest thing I've ever heard im never leaning forward again

  25. I wish I'd have seen this video earlier before I hurt both my wrists 2 years ago and now they still hurt every time I try to draw longer than 10 min

  26. drawing all day can be so bad for your health…One day i took a whole day making commission sheets and forgot to eat so i was shaking and couldn't walk properly (i'm glad i'm now far more healthier but please e a t

  27. Oh yeah no there's the shoulder issue. Sadly don't have a way to rest my elbo- I have had this chair for the better part of a decade how did I only JUST find out that the arms can be adjusted?

    Erm, anyways, yeah, adjusted my posture and oh god I'm sore in that good, "FINALLY YOU'RE STRETCHING THESE PARTS!" way. Going to take a while to get used to that though…

  28. I draw with a pen. I draw with my right pointer finger oof. And i usually lay down while drawing. So i don't know if i have any of these to worry about. shrug

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