Automotive Basecoat-Clear vs Single Stage – Which Car Paint System is Best? – Kevin Tetz at Eastwood

Automotive Basecoat-Clear vs Single Stage – Which Car Paint System is Best? – Kevin Tetz at Eastwood

when you get to the stage of your
project where you’re getting ready for paint you’ve got great options basically there
are two different types of paint systems you’ve got a single stage system and a
base coat clear coat system the biggest difference is with a single
stage your strength color and gloss are all built in to a direct gloss system it
happens in one application whereas your base coat system you’ve got a color coat
and a clear coat now the color coat is just color only it
doesn’t depend on thickness it has no strength and it depends completely on
the clear coat for UV strength protection against the elements and of
course the gloss we’ve got a couple of spray outs that
demonstrate both of these systems the red car is done with a single stage
system which is a direct loss system it’s got beautiful gloss great color but
it doesn’t have the depth of a base clear now the gold car but it’s really
beep it’s very shiny and of course it’s a metallic color so why would you use one over the other
well a single stage is great for a traditional restoration because it’s all
done in one session it’s direct gloss and there’s less refraction less light
bouncing around in it so you get more of a muted original appearance whereas a base coat clear coat system
the light does different things into it and refracts reflects back to you
differently if you’re an officer if you’re a beginner a base coat clear coat
system gives you the option of starting and stopping in between the steps so in summary if you’re after a
traditional restoration single-stage maybe the way you want to go however if you’re a novice painter a
base coat clear coat system allows you the freedom to check yourself and even
correct mistakes between the stages of the whole process so you’ve got options and you’ve got
great options if you have any more questions go to yeah

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  1. Are YOU an Eastwood Guy?  Check out this video from Eastwood to find out:  Little Kid with a Sawzall – Cutting a Cake – Are You an Eastwood Guy?

  2. Thanks for the info, it really helped me out. Having a restoration done and the guy now wants to switch to Single Stage. I was concerned at first. Not knowledgeable about paints.

  3. Always enjoy watching your videos. Quick question….How does one compare the U.V. protection for different clears?
    As far as I know, there isn't a U.V. rating on them…or is there? I honestly never looked…lol. Like everyone else, I want to save as much money as I can on materials, but not at the risk of doing a paint job that wont hold up or works me to death when I go to cut and buff. Does the solids content have anything to do with U.V. protection? ( higher being better ?)
    Thanks again, and keep up the great videos.

  4. What if I use a single stage then decide to put a clear coat on after to maybe get a little more shine or reflection, Would that make a difference? Thanks in advance

  5. I'm about to respray my brothers 69 Charger in a clear over base Devil Yellow. However, he wants the black stripes painted over the boot and rear quarters. Is it better to paint the stripes over the fresh base ( inside the 12 hour window) , then clearcoat? Or just paint the whole vehicle in clear over base, then paint stripes or fit vehicle stripe decals afterwards? What would be the best/easier process? Thank you .

  6. Hi
    please which of the two paint resists better to sun and high temperatures?
    i want use 2stage system but I fear that the uv and heat breaks the clear coat over time

  7. "if you're a beginner", Single Stage is the only way to go, it eliminates all the hassle, except the prep. Sand through the clear, sand through the base, sand through the primer if need be. try not to reach bare metal. Sand, and sand some more. Lay on a smooth primer, sand to perfection- lay on ss in thick heavy coats without runs-let dry, done.

  8. Hi the paint shop in the UK are saying if you apply acrylic correctly there is no need for clear coat to achieve the gloss …..have you tried this ? And have you tried both ways ? Thanks

  9. not good at typing but when painting start from the bottom up it covers better  making sure u have no holidays plus your pushing the paint up swap sides per panel with gental movement keeps dust down  done this4 years old school

  10. Sometimes after a car have been re-painted its final paint seems not good enough and can be from side angle a curvy paint while on the other hand we see a perfect paint , the question is : the problem for a bad quality paint caused by a non professional painter or bad quality paint and materials ?

  11. can you tell me what hs solo means? I have a gallon of oxford white and on the can it has:  hs11 base coat, also says: hs90 white, hs29 ls black, hs49 indo blue, hs67 yellow iron oxi, hs10 clear. does all this mean it is single stage with all these mixed together? can you please educate me on what this all means? thank you. respectfully, Richard carson. if you email me i am in yahoo with the name richardcarson1.

  12. just curious .with California over regulating most safe and non harmful products on the market nationally , can civilized quality products be purchased from eastwood .? it is in the great/beautiful but sadly retrograde state of California?

  13. What is the difference between "Single Stage Urethane Paint + Single Stage Urethane Clear Coat" vs "Two Stage Urethane Base-Clear Coat"?

  14. Dried base coat cleans up with paint thinner. so if you make mistakes, you can clean it off. Clear coat (at least dried) doesn't seem to be affected by paint thinner. so id rather use base/clear so I can clean up my makes before coating it with the final powerful clear coat.

  15. single stage no depth really you can color sand and buff single stage to amassing results solid color only

  16. Look at eastwood trying to scare noobs into the more expensive stuff. The singe stage is also forgiving because you can re-spray anything and all flaws can be sanded out. If there is a problem in the base with the base/clear system, it is more involved to fix.

  17. When repairing or restoring a car what is recommended for the underbody and wheel wells and trunk areaWhat is used for New Factory cars and Trucks for underbody trunks and cabin ares not visible ie floor pans and head linear ceilings areas

  18. videos a little biased towards the base-coat clear, a single stage can be polished out to look just as deep and wet as the to stage, it even looks like they didn't polish the single stage as good as they could have, to perpetuate there sales.

  19. Why wouldn't you do both sprayouts in the same, or similar color to properly demonstrate the differences in the finish between both paint systems?

  20. My rule of thumb is, if its a non-metallic, non-pearl paint, I go single stage. If I want to spray a metallic or pearl paint, I go base/clear.

  21. " ….. the single stage does not have the depth of the b/c job …. as stated by Tetz " – This is simply False … or should we say let's just qualify, quantify and clarify that statement as it is on face value not correct and is simply wrong … The clear coat is the only so called depth you are going to achieve with the bb/cc system as the base coat has no hue or pigment/binder qualities to render any depth … by it's basic chemical component makeup it can offer no depth and as stated it is flat when applied and relies on the cc top for it's shine , yes shine but renders no true tonal perceived paint depth… on the other hand the lacquer , enamel or urethane paint has as part of it's chemical component makeup elements that contribute to and enable a true light visual perceived depth quality … A clear coating has only visible light transfer capabilities like a glass of water with no components within it's component makeup to bend, manipulate or enhance it's perceived depth … it only has the thickness of which is applied to give it depth, kinda like there is no depth to those high glossy hooker finger nail polish jobs either or those overly thickly applied clear coats on wooden bar and restaurant table tops we have all seen on time or another ….. The enamel has this due to it's pigments and binders and the base it is emulsified into thereby rendering the ability to manipulate hue, tone and bend light to your eye in such a fashion as to create depth and richness that a clear coat of water or urethane cannot chemically or physically achieve … simple as that … taking that even further this is the same reason for what appears to be why one can just about dive into a well applied multicoated lacquer paint job … the deep and hues here are endless something a bb/cc job could never achieve … bb/cc is for ease of surface maintenance but never drink the Cool-Aide that a bb/cc job has any real depth … it is the pigment and binders that create true depth not clear layers of clear over clear …

  22. Hi wondering if anyone could give me feedback. I have 2000 Chevy 2500. It's pewter metallic. I'm having my rockers and cab corners replaced. Would single stage be OK for this job ? I'll also be painting my cowl hood. Some people have told me single stage isn't as good and may turn saying instead of glossy ?? Any feed back would be appreciated

  23. Can u wax and shine both types of paint the same? Im restoring a car but customizing it for shows. Cost is what im thinking but i also want it to last and be shiney. Thanks

  24. I'm going blue and white, blue is single stage urethane , white is base can i use the base paint clear coat on on the single stage urethane

  25. You compared a solid color in single stage to a metallic color in Two stage. That just wasted all of our time. Compare the two using the same metallic colors. Otherwise it looks like you are trying to trick us.

  26. Which one is more durable. Single is more easier. Three nice coats and that's it. As long as you dont run it your fine. Cheers

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