AutoDraw: Fast Drawing for Everyone

AutoDraw: Fast Drawing for Everyone

Think about all the stuff you
can do on your phone… You can get directions Translate stuff Make movies You can check your pulse Start your car See earth from outer space Power a satellite. No really. Your phone has enough power to
put a man on the moon! Now, use your phone to
DRAW a moon…. Exactly. Your phone can help you do
anything, fast. It just can’t help you draw
something simple, fast. Think about it, if you’re not a
designer and you want to make a quick party flyer… where do
you even go for that? You probably have to
download some app or buy a design program. So a few of us at Google
created AutoDraw… It’s a drawing tool for
the rest of us. AutoDraw pairs the magic of
machine learning with drawings from talented artists to help
you draw stuff fast. Say, you want to make your
friend a poster… for her bday. You’d go to the AutoDraw site
from your phone or computer… And you’d start
doodling something that sorta looks like a cake. The AutoDraw suggestion tool
then guesses your doodle and you pick a cake you like. And you can do this with all
kinds of drawings. Flowers. Dolphins. Socks. Furniture for a new
living room layout. A bike for an event poster. A giraffe, on a house, in the
sky for no good reason. You could make a coloring book. And your aunt can sketch out
her weird dreams. You can also draw
without the help of the AutoDraw
suggestion tool… So you can doodle in meetings. Play tic tac toe. Sketch a stranger at a bus stop. Yada Yada Yada. With AutoDraw
there’s nothing to download, nothing to buy… And it works anywhere. It works on your phone, your
computer, your old laptop, your new laptop, dusty desktops,
and fancy tablets. So no matter who you are or
where you are, with AutoDraw you can draw anything, fast. AutoDraw.
Fast drawing for everyone. ♪♪

100 thoughts on “AutoDraw: Fast Drawing for Everyone

  1. What if instead of trying to draw a cat, you'd simply type "cat" and the tool would propose different cat pictures ??? Yeah, less AI required but maybe more efficient !?

  2. thanks google for putting more people out of work and making it 'easier' for a designer to ask money for things. be-byeee.

  3. I think autodraw is a neat idea, but it feels like a risky waste of time to invest in a new Google idea anymore. Can we look forward to it shutting down in 2018 or 2019? And how soon until the pen tool is moved to Google Allo as an exclusive doodle tool?

    Seriously though, my faith in Google products has been severely damaged by how they treat Hangouts (which is my primary messenger) and then later Keep, crippling features to promote Express, which I cannot use. To say nothing of the ads on Google Home.

  4. Because Google image search is so difficult and time consuming to use >_> I can see this technology aiding AI (human machine interaction), no need to make an app out of it.

  5. so this autodraw bs couldnt figure out what i presumed to be a super simple drawing. my cup of coffee…..

  6. Love where you are going with this! Hoping when I look into it, we can plug this into the picmonic picture mnemonic authoring tool for students?!?! Those without artistic abilities could so much more quickly create their memory palaces 🙂

  7. Is there something like this but for music? Like Automusic? It would be pretty cool as a compostition assitance tool.

  8. while using it on the web version I couldn't insert any photos or images of paste it from my clipboard how could you forget such an important feature and you must add crop feature to your AutoDraw app and your products must support pasting from clipboard like Google+ still doesn't support that there is still a lot of work to be done and you launched autodraw without providing a way to send some feedbacks

  9. no creo que el obejtivo sea dibujar. Creo que mas bien es para otros usos. Creo que el nombre le queda bien.

  10. 0:29 NOT TRUE. there exist many design platforms that work free while we use with their existing amazing hip designs be it with these clip arts or more, once such called CANVA.

  11. This can seem cool to those who don't draw, but i have one thing to say about this.

    This can put ANY artist OUT OF BUSINESS, this makes anyone a artist, it can ruin the point in art, talent isn't something to make easy for everyone, everyone has their own, you can even learn how to draw and get better, but it isn't something to make a website out of, i UNDERSTAND if people like this, but some artist may feel offended and feel like their talent is useless, i think this will only makes things worse, but i am not a judge. This is my OPINION.

  12. 0:09 "[…] power a satellite. No, really, your phone has enough power to put a man on the moon." That quote is extremely misleading. When people talk about "powering" something they usually mean providing the necessary fuel or energy. The amount of energy required to "power" a satellite, or a car, or a refrigerator, or a light-bulb, is completely different from computational power. What you meant was that modern-day cellphones are capable of performing the mathematical calculations required to pilot a rocket to the moon, not provide enough energy.

  13. this is helpful for those who can't draw, but what happens when it replaces real artists with real talent? a lot of the suggestions are plain boring flat pictures with no detail whatsoever. I think it's a cool idea and all, and it can probably be fun to mess with, but don't let it go to far.

    okay bye

  14. Dear Google,
    This comment is from a artist, and you're wrong a can draw a moon on my phone so ha. So when I tried your Auto Draw thing I drew a cat and the auto request was a dragon. This Auto Draw sucks, just saying. You aren't going to replace real artist because every drawing on there is so simple that my brain is dead. This website really needs work if you want people to use it. This is my own opinion of your new website.

  15. I really hope it doesn't take artists jobs tho…..because I know it's not that detailed but if it gets more upgraded we might not even need artists anymore which is something I don't want because I wanted to become a artist some day

  16. Because gods forbid that anyone should try to develop their own skills…
    I MEAN, COME ON! Did you guys just copy and paste basic silhouettes from google, or did you steal traced art from a 3rd grader?
    Not to mention that the A.I. itself is crap. It can't even detect what REAL artists are drawing most of the time.
    Listen here all ya lazy mortals, if you wanna draw yourself a good picture, THEN LEARN HOW TO ACTUALLY DRAW INSTEAD OF RELYING ON AN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TO DO THE WORK FOR YOU.

  17. K I'm not gonna rant I'm just going to give a quick opinion,even though I am a bit 'offended' by this.
    If Autodraw can recognize basic drawings and create minimalist clip art, then yeah ok do what you want.
    BUT, if Autodraw gets too advanced and could say copy a frame of animation from a movie or anime, then yeah, abandon the project.
    I'm not letting a company as lazy as Google put me and other artists out of work. Ever heard of skill? Your lazy image autocorrect will never have that even if you busted your ass working for the next century.

  18. Before I started saying the same thing as the very knowledgeable dudes commenting about search instead of scribble, I thought of trying it out, one word for it, WOW! It's neat, it's faster than searching something and not getting what i wanted, it's futuristic, downloadable large size images (>2000px) and it's fun! Awesome job Team, KUDOS to you!!! If you are reading this comment, please give it a try for 5 min, I am sure, you'll find it very useful.

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