ASMR | The Mermaid’s Shop Assistant | Twin 60fps

ASMR | The Mermaid’s Shop Assistant | Twin 60fps

Why hello there? how has my favorite customer been doing? I’m glad to hear it long time no see that’s okay I’ve been busy myself actually I’m very excited you decided to come here today though I have some very exciting new products I’ve been able to expand my
reach well you see, you know I can’t spend too much time up here oh you can tell- my eyes are changing color god forbid they ever get any darker than this I might be a goner however I’ve been able to put most of
the work on my new intern mm-hmm that’s right
I got myself a little intern friend Daisy: intern?? Daisy: It stinks down there Lorelei: It comes with the job I’m a business partner all right tuna? Don’t call me that – you should be lucky I threw you a bone I think you should
stop drinking so much salt water show the customer the goods while I go get the other objects. okay? Lorelei: Sorry about that Daisy: Hello there Hi – well let me show you what we have here today – a few choice objects that uh our fishy friend is looking to get rid of this is our first well apparently, this shaky egg has some
sort of healing properties you can’t get this anywhere else most definitely not from a child’s instrument pack this egg may or may not be pure onyx who knows what’s inside diamonds? you’ll just have to buy it to find out It’s like a Kinder Surprise- but for adults I think she has this marked down as.. five shells fifty dollars next we have… oh! now this – this is a portable light Wow who needs modern electricity when you have a battery-operated light switch well I think the resale value on this will be huge oh I guarantee it why don’t I resell it then? well…um, I am trying to keep a little bit of a low profile lately kinda low on options here but you on the other hand you look like you’re full of options may I interest you in a dinglehopper well we also have tiny cups in case, you know, you’re sick of drinking from normal sized cups or maybe you need help with portion control I would not recommend getting your daily dose of water out of this this comes in a pack one two three four five six that’s a daisy half dozen five for you, one for me no? okay umm well let me see what else she has really just all a..bunch of garbage really
Lorelei: ok, that’s enough that’s enough thank you but you can back up Daisy: ok Lorelei: back up Daisy: alright! you don’t have to tell me twice Daisy why don’t you go grab the relaxation sticks Lorelei: down there Daisy: fine I think you’ll really like these, just.. she’s still learning okay? ..slowly… Daisy: I found it Lorelei: good Daisy: these? Lorelei: I think that these might interest you yes, those. they’re relaxation sticks just put them there okay? and, Daisy call me princess Daisy I want you to go grab the relaxation box that we found, okay? Daisy: are you serious? Lorelei: yes. I am chop chop I’ll chop-chop you that’s.. not.. appropriate okay now these relaxation sticks are a brand new item. we harvested them from a yacht party I believe celebrities and influencers must use these sticks to remain cool, calm, confident I think we could all benefit from that it comes with a strap so that you don’t lose it however if you do lose it, someone like me just might pick it up it says… triangle on it however it is a rectangle not sure what… kind of… joke they’re playing with me I can sell you all three for the low price of ….5 clams that’s right, three for the price of two and a half that’s… business I’ll let you get a little closer to them but not too close I don’t want you defiling the product before it’s sold well just wait and see what we have in the box while we’re waiting I can do a little bit of stress snipping for the low price of one shell… per snip well, I’ll give you the first one for free you simply pull some of that human stress and snip it away just like that don’t you feel better? see it’s a steal a bargain five snips? well that’ll be five shells I see you have it all right…one, as a mermaid, I can see your stress two, it’s also why I’m not surprised you show up here so often three four five mmm trust me dear you don’t have enough shells in the world now let me grab my… jar alright Oh! perfect timing Daisy: found your box
Lorelei: ah the relaxation items Daisy: wasn’t easy to find either well.. that’s why it’s called work well it wasn’t just one box of anchors sorry- you won’t find objects like this anywhere else Daisy: except at literally any normal store you’re excused that’s what SHE wants you to think, but what you’re paying for is my expertise so why don’t you just go alright these box of relaxation items were
specifically handpicked by me for you and that you can’t buy in any store trust
me I’ve tried now what’s in for the season is relaxation pink and there are a few things, I think, are absolute necessities for you. let me move these precious items aside so that I may better assist you first oh yes, this formula not only is it a rosy water “sothing fashell mist” but it is infused with the mermaid properties well I infuse them myself would you like a test spray? a spray after that will be.. two shells nice isn’t it? this will solve any problem you have indeed it says so right here and it smells divine not like, you know how some humans tend to smell well the whole bottle since it’s two shells per spray if you want to take this whole thing home well I’ll sell it to you for the very generous, generous price of 10 clams let me show you what else I have Ah! the relaxation rag now this this can scrub away any stress any feelings of anxiety If you’re feeling overwhelmed one side rubs it away and the other smooths it out so you just simply this is perfect especially after I’ve
removed some of the larger lumps of stress on you yes you can feel that’s working
quite well these are particularly hard to come by so I would part with it for two clams all right hmm next we have an air distributor these are wonderful you place this tube in the direction of somebody you would like to embody then simply mist their aura, their air.. onto you now, this is a very interesting tool to use because you have to get quite close to the person and humans can be a little off put by the practice it is not in their culture, I have found but still..a marvelous tool none-the-less if you can manage it what do you think? is my aura telling you to purchase it? only…15 shells that’s a bargain very well how about…. liquid relaxation? Oh certainly it doesn’t come with uh, as much as you might think, but a little goes a long way you simply place this on your face, your hand, your fin, uh your legs and when it dries it simply draws out any stressors, internal negative feelings it is particularly difficult to remove but works quite well and smells like cupcakes I have a few tubes of these so I would let this go for five shells all right similarly we have… a calm marker yes! well, this scent um, I wouldn’t get too close mmhmm, however use this on any piece of paper, stationery, etc and use it to write out anything that’s bothering you the ink will draw from your aura and be
removed onto the page I would recommend then burning it absolutely you can never be too careful you don’t want it to seep back in well it’s a fine point so, it’s not great, it’s not bad but, it’s fine so I’ll give it to you for… three shells hmmm alright, I thought you’d like that one ah! This is something I had my intern pick up I don’t usually get products in their original packaging but this this is a lip mask so it covers anything you want to say you simply get some on your tiny little spatula slather it over
your mouth and whatever you say next will be construed exactly how you want it to be mmm, exactly. this is a very fine product and almost completely full if not for my intern oh i made her pay Oh! She almost forgot this.. here we have a cool, rose.. quartz.. mask for your eyes now this, will grant you the most powerful dreams and if you’re seeking relaxation, well, this can help your shut-eye be a little more positive do you have reoccurring nightmares? of the planet dying, yes, well, nothing uh nothing humans are really doing about that now, you put this on while you’re sleeping and all of those thoughts will disappear I know because I infused it with mermaid magic of my own feel it this one’s particularly strong well I used it last night and, well I dreamt well, we won’t talk about that but it comes in this very cute package what do you think? I would say it’s worth about a conch and.. five clams but if you do have a conch on you, I’ll let it go for just that well alright that sounds good to me I think
we have ourselves a little deal now if you don’t mind I am getting a little bit parched here Daisy: a little? Lorelei: and uh, dry Daisy: you’re about to disintegrate, hmm Lorelei: ok.. the rudeness is not necessary I’ll have you ring them up Thank you. let’s’ see what you decided on… mmkay mm-hmm oh my! well, she certainly got you, didn’t she? whatever price you’re paying for ’em I’ll give you somethin’ else for two times the price this: now I found this… locked away but you know.. if.. she really didn’t want me to have it she would have made her three locks a little bit harder to destroy there it is… now I haven’t really had the chance to identify this because she’s been a little..all up in my business but if she had this locked away I can only imagine that this is truly a real… mermaid… ring not something you can actually get up here on land name your price hmm I don’t know, we do get a lot of customers here go on… well… pleasure doing business with you then that’ll be… cash, correct? well if you need to go to an ATM I can meet you there at… how’s ten o’clock? mm-hmm I will need your phone number just for …confirmation… mm-hmm! let me grab a pen okay you weren’t gonna buy this were you? okay that’s what mm-hmm mm-hmm okay now I’m gonna text you …three emojis and I want you to reply with three things that you find attractive about me just so I know it’s you, okay? see you at ten I gotta go -get outta here! she doesn’t like when customers hang around makes it a little more suspicious but I don’t know how long I can last here she’s uh… whatever, but.. I just don’t really like anyone telling me what to do mmkay well, it was pleasure doing business with you I’m sorry that some of the items didn’t …work out buh-by now

100 thoughts on “ASMR | The Mermaid’s Shop Assistant | Twin 60fps

  1. Lorelei personally knows the little mermaid shown by the first appearance
    Daisy now confirmed in lorelei universe
    Daisy = Disney princess?

  2. Jdjdjdkdk okay so idk if I just didn't realize it before but I love how she slowly gets more and more con-artist-y as it goes along.

    Also how much is a clam? 15 dollars? 20? 50? 100? I need to know

  3. 25:19 you're the closest I'll ever get to dating a smurf. Thats it.

    Daisy: wut

    Me: well you see it is my belief that smurfs are the most sexually and asthetically pleasing creatures out there. Now you may think I'm talking about smurfette but no. I am talking about all smurfs. From papa to ette to clumsy. Their blue skin is very VERY pleasing. And don't get me started on how provocatively they dress.

  4. Me a few seconds in: Why does this feel a little sexual? 👀
    Me a few seconds later: Yep, definitely porno vibes. 😂

  5. 3 things.
    1: your personality.
    2: your beauty.
    3: the fact you are single because every episode your asking for our numbers.

  6. Alright, we’re all thinking it so I’m gonna say it. I submit my soul to overlord Daisy. May she have mercy on this world.

  7. This is what seperates Gibi from the other great ASMR artist out there. Gibi takes it to a new lvl. Absolutely hilarious. Gibi you slay me. Ty for the hours of humor and relaxation. You've got such a great way of seeing things as they are… "Influencers" haha nice. And Daisy is a great character to mix with Lorelei. Plz do more of these two.

  8. I now kind of want to see a sequel when you go back and return the ring back to the mermaid and maybe rat Daisy out or something XD.

  9. I’m honestly offended that she didn’t choose me as her intern because I would love to hang out with a mermaid all day! So I’m kinda jealous!!😂

  10. Oooooh. So this is Daisy's "partner". Also that egg is just a rip off.

    4:46 I sea*. I don't have any *porpoise for that otter than the trash.

    6:03 Relaxation Sticks 😏👉👌

  11. I have an idea!!

    How about we (the viewers) discovered loreli because of our visit to mistletoe at the beach and we met her! Then Loreli finds mistletoes little small folding scissors and sells them to us and we know what they are 😉 that would be a cool easter egg for mistletoe fans….

  12. I laughed so hard when she came out with the switch and was like “now this, is a portable light” flicks switch “…wow”

  13. I love how Lorelei started off as your basic mermaid just wanting to sell some items to where now she is this corrupt buissness woman obviously ripping you off with every item you wish to purchase.

  14. For anyone wondering about the exchange rate from mermaid currency to US dollars…
    A shell= $10
    A clam is 8.3 times rarer than a shell (I think?) so
    a clam= $83

  15. I just went on vacation and found out you have some stuff on Spotify and that literally saved me from sleepless internetless nights!

  16. I actually wish all the relaxation things were real things. Might make me a more positive person. If I could just snip away stress or wipe it off my face, I'd do much better in school and at home. Sadly they don't exist I still have to struggle aimlessly.

  17. Please do a “Behind the ASMR” where you show how you get ready to shoot a video by applying the make up and setting up the items and green screen and putting on the wig. It would be so cool to see how you get into your characters!!

  18. Friend: Dude they're con artists.. freaking sexy hot Mermaid Con Artist and they are most certainly we-

    Me: Punches friend in the gut They may be Con Artist but I will still buy their merchandise because I enjoy hearing their voice and Love their expertise

    I truly love your content. It always helps me with stress that I get so much from my friend. Even helps me go to sleep and ever since I watched your content I can sleep peacefully and haven't had a Night Terror in weeks. I thank you and appreciate your hard work as well as your editor. Have a great and awesome day and Stay Amazing P.S tell him I said hi and to keep up the great work. If you have time to tell him.

  19. If these two had met I thought that the mermaid personality would over power (how easily she belittles humans an all) I'm surprised how patient she was and didn't threatened Daisy with some of her mermaid power

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