ASMR | Professional Worry Removal

ASMR | Professional Worry Removal

and three two one right on schedule hello there you’re new but that’s okay we have actually been expecting you were you referred by anybody to our facility I see yes well we’ve been located here
the entire time most people don’t see us until they truly need us and in your case it looks like you’re a little overdue actually Oh come in, get comfortable we are very casual after all let me talk to you about our prepackaged deals okay we could do one of those or we could
make something completely custom for you let me see.. we are constantly upgrading our equipment so you could always be assured that you’re getting the best well you deserve the best okay first can I get your credentials? okay okay okay mm-hmm Uh! here you are oooh you’re eligible for many of
our plans free of charge mm-hmm however you can purchase upgrades if you wish well, we’ll see what you’re looking for okay, our basic plan, our basic plan is a worry removal via our apprehension
vacuum it does a stellar job and is quite pleasant I know from experience if there are any lingering worries oh we can certainly address that with our mollifier at the end it’s a little stick with a puff on one end and a little hook on the other it’s really good for getting into detailed work and crevices that’s just our basic plan, though if you’d like to take advantage of your eligibility for one of our more in-depth plans, the premium plan is the worry room full of the apprehension vacuum with detail work by our mollifier, finishing with an
alleviating nebula treatment it smells like coconuts okay our platinum plan then is what I would recommend to you and it is of no cost we begin the session with our light
therapy to properly determine and uncover any hidden woes, problems, pains,
or uncertainties that might not visible to the naked eye this followed by our
classic apprehension vacuum treatment and after that our relieving mist will
be sprayed on the most affected areas and then sponged away by our
alleviating nebula treatment details are then taken care of with the mollifier and a post analysis is done to determine if there are any lingering vexations, concerns, or misgivings certainly I will sign you up for a platinum plan are you available for treatment… today? yes right now we have an open slot just for you! well we knew you were coming! all right may I ask you a few questions before we begin? thank you okay…let me just pull these up how many worries would you say that you have? what worries you the most? what worries you the least? are you sensitive to light? are you ticklish? on your face or your neck? ok do you have any pets? they can soothe worries for you do you have any children? they can cause worries… what is your commute like? okay what is your boss like? I see what is your dream job? oh yeah you could pick anything okay… I see oh this.. this is my dream job, so…. how many hours a day do you sleep? how many hours a day do you have to yourself? do you read books? do you watch television? well, what are your favorite TV shows? okay when’s the last time you got a massage? when’s the last time you exercised? do you cry often? okay what’s your
favorite type of music? what do you hope to get out of this session? wonderful okay.. let me just… submit that okay now I’m going to get you set up um, I’m going to get the treatment …. ummm….instruments and I just want you to relax and close your eyes it’ll take me just a minute or so but I want you to make sure that you
are comfortable and ready for your treatment, so, there’s anything that I can do to make you more comfortable you just let me know okay all right I will go ahead and get started then… okay.. are you nice and comfortable as I requested? wonderful, so is it all right if I touch your face? it will help me with my analysis thank you so let’s see oh… oh my… don’t be so worried that’s a little joke we say here because if you weren’t worried you wouldn’t be here so don’t worry.. uh I meant that one seriously, okay we’re going to…. begin.. with our light treatment now this, is going to help me determine just what.. is lurking.. beneath that surface a lot of people put masks on not literally like Halloween or anything but they don’t want other people to know that they’re nervous or worried or oftentimes they’re lying to themselves! I know! but.. it’s okay it’s very normal and that’s why you’re here and I can help we’re just going to… uncover… stresses, uneasiness-es, fears, doubts, but don’t worry because this will not be.. felt any more by you it will just be better seen by me so this shouldn’t make you uncomfortable in any way it’s just simply for me it’s your job to relax and let me take care of it okay I’m seeing some things right away that I’d like to address some things that the mollifier will be able to get out some things that the nebula
treatment will do wonders with but mostly nothing unfixable you’re completely normal you’re completely alright just… scan.. ohh-kay very good and you’re doing really well! sometimes it takes people a little while to adjust to me being.. in their face but you almost seem ..familiar with it are you sure you haven’t been here before? I would remember you okay the light’s gonna go out and off a few
times this is to trick anything that thinks it can hide from me I assure you it’s nothing okay let me write this down now.. did.. section A we’ll want to focus with the… vacuum.. section B would benefit from the mollifier.. Section C should be alleviated with the nebula treatment sorry, I’m writing quite aggressively I’m just excited sometimes people carry their worries with them for so long it’s just nice that you’re finally here okay and then all over I’m going to be using the spray and this will give us the perfect base to work off of after the vacuum okay ok here is our vacuum it makes a very very soft whirring sound it “whirs” away your worries! now what I’m going to do.. is make a couple of passes over the most affected areas now we typically carry worry in multiple parts of the body but with you it’s mostly in your head and that’s because you’re probably thinking about it a lot I also noticed some carrying in your shoulders so you feel very tense there that’s probably why so I’ll do a pass over your shoulders as well if you’d like a full-body scan of
worries and discomforts we could certainly make an appointment for that later but I think that this will really help you a lot okay I’m gonna go ahead and turn it on now that’s all it sounds like it’s gonna go over like this is that all right? good, good! you can just… relax… it’s taking away a lot especially.. in the beginning everything that’s really on the surface here so it’s going to… feel pretty, pretty crazy just going try to brush up the more stubborn grievances here okay very good! now this is going over the back of your head almost feels like a scalp massage I know.. that’s why I had to ask if you were ticklish somebody almost punched me in the
face by accident last week okay okay and now I’m gonna go down to your shoulders yup! there’s a lot there that’s for sure and around just breathe yeah you’re okay all right we’ll do a couple more… passes can you feel yourself getting a little lighter? a little less tense? oh yeah don’t worry it can’t get out but I see a lot in here like I said you were pretty overdue good, keep that off oh no it was just a hair don’t worry oh I gotta stop saying that okay next we’re going to be using this solution misted.. all over now we don’t wanna spray directly on you it could be a little bit… too concentrated.. I learned that the hard way on myself so I’m going to be spraying around you and letting the mist fall naturally onto your body like this now I’m gonna go across and then, on the lower thirds and your feet very good now because it’s all concentrated in your head we’ll do a little extra up there so go ahead take a breath in and out and in…..and out good! we can let that settle for a moment there here if you wanna… smell it yeah it’s so nice this will dissolve general worries maybe things that you’ve held onto for a very long time but it’s time to let go of this will help dissolve that so while that works.. we have our very soothing….nebula treatment next we keep it in this container but what it is, is a bit of cloud mixed with other ingredients to effectively work as a natural sponge to sort of….. dab up anything this one, I think was infused with coconuts like I said do you want to smell this? yes very coconutty so I’m just gonna get a bit of this oh you know what? I’m gonna take my jewelry off first that.. was some trouble for me last time okay I’m ready go ahead and.. take some ah this is brand new..ugh… little bit… squishy sticky… okay c’mere there we go now.. this is going to catch what we just dissolved ready? then we just… go like this and… very good now we… go ahead and okay let’s put this on your… shoulders for a moment I’m just going to spread it evenly, like that okay and press.. in peel up…good other side.. put it on your shoulder spread it out evenly and press… and peel… very good! good and…oop.. see there it goes again oh my I had too much confidence.. okay let’s try that one more time and … very good! very good it’s reacting really well that means it’s picking up some good stuff okay let’s make sure everything’s under control there and since this is organic matter it is self-cleaning so… the worries just get mixed away and dissolve.. they can’t survive on their own nope! how did you like that? pretty good okay I’m gonna go ahead and… get a little… mist here you’re doing so well! you really are! I hope this has been an effective treatment okay good it’s time for the mollifier this thing is magical so… I’m gonna get pretty close and detailed and go scratch off some of those worries that just don’t wanna let go and then brush them away so let’s try it with this one here and then… poof! yeah that was a good one! okay let’s try this poof! under here.. oh my! goodness! hmmmm ok.. I got it okay very good! and here poof! poof poof poof! sometimes when there’s a worry stuck on one side, you’re almost guaranteed to find another over here eh, it comes with being in the biz for so long and all gone! now worries really like to hide inside anything
that’s dark um, so your earholes are pretty pretty susceptible so I’m just gonna go ahead and look..over here and.. just let me know if this is uncomfortable at all and… poof! poof poof poof! okay that was a trapped one for sure let’s try the other ear ah yes here we go and poof! poof poof poof! yeah, it can really make a difference exactly! let me see.. oh up here! poof! and then of course we have to check underneath your chin okay, a little bit okay that one wasn’t bad okay… got it good! you’re doing perfectly! all I have left to do is assess so we wrote down some things at the beginning and I just want to check your levels now at the end of the session as compared to at the beginning let me get my handy-dandy light out again I’m gonna put it.. point it at you so be careful okay Wow! so much better I’m really really glad you came in oh yeah I’m really proud of you! thank you let me just go side to side here see if we can catch anything goodness me! sparkling! just wonderful! okay okay okay! well, comparing.. your results to your.. before state.. I’m very happy with the improvements that I’m seeing of course, you are free to come back especially if there’s anything specific you would like to address or have us look for like I said this one was completely on the house so don’t worry about payment or anything like that we are all set so! I’m just gonna go ahead and submit your file so that way when you come in next I’ll have all that information saved now.. is there anything else at all that I could do for you today? okay! well, it was very very nice to meet you and honestly I would recommend go taking a big, old nap well you deserve it! exactly! okay, feel free to rest here as long as you want and.. I’ll see you next time!

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  2. my boyfriends been getting stressed recently and it's really been worrying me, but this video made me smile a lot and i feel better now 🙂

  3. I love all the role plays you do! You’re so creative. Usually, my mind is filled to the brim with chaos and it takes long for me to fall asleep….. but ASMR role plays give my mind something to focus on and make me fall asleep quickly. Needless to say, subscribed!

  4. Can you do a video of just the whirring thing with the warm light? That was the most intense tingles I've had in a long time.

  5. This character is so cute!! Like the little details like the sniffles, and little smirk smile AAA adorable!!! Good job on this one gibi!

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  7. I like thinking that this is some sort of magical-kinda thing that only appears when you really need it, like some of the things this girl says are a little weird, but not in a creepy way, more in a “how did you know..?” Way, anyone else get those vibes? Like it only appears to help you when you are in some sort of trouble mentally or emotionally (those might mean the same thing idk)(also I mean the “worry clinic” not this video lol)

  8. Wait did anyone notice how many numbers gibi pressed when she asked about how many hours question? From

    7:14–7:25 😂 it's over a hundred hours a day

  9. timestamps:

    0:00 – 9:36 – introducing you to the technology, asking questions (typing on keyboard)
    9:37 – 10:25 – touching your face
    10:26 – 13:52 – light treatment (shining light, tapping and clicking button)
    13:53 – 15:33 – writing on notepad
    15:34 – 20:07 – apprehension vacuum (whirring sounds)
    20:08 – 22:30 – relieving mist (spraying and water sounds, lid sounds)
    22:31 – 28:05 – nebula treatment (tapping, lid sounds, slime)
    28:06 – 28:42 – relieving mist (spraying, face touching, rubbing palms together)
    28:43– 30:50 – mollifier (face touching, scratching with hook, brushing with puff)
    30:51 – 32:20 – mollifier (ear cleaning)
    32:21 – 33:08 – mollifier (face touching, scratching with hook, brushing with puff)
    33:09 – 33:28 – writing on notepad
    33:29 – 34:30 – light post-analysis (shining light, clicking button)
    34:31 – 36:06 – post-analysis (writing on notepad, talking, tapping, face touching)
    36:07 – 36:14 – goodbye (finger flutters, face touching)

  10. Is there an ASMR app? It could really helpful for people to look towards a central hub and group for ASMRtists and people who enjoy the content and in places with no wifi (if that feature could be set up/affordable)

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    Gibi: do you have any pets?

    Me: i used to have a dog, but she horrifying mauled my child causing him to die on the way to the hospital.

    Gibi: do you have any children?

    Me: i jus-…

  12. Name this new OC Cybelle! It sounds like Sybil, your first idea, but I think Cybelle would be much quirky, fitting this new OC!! She and Daisy is loooove :(((

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