32 thoughts on “ASMR | Orlando Pamphlet / Literature Show & Tell (Whisper)

  1. How did you know l was going to Orlando? Is universal nice if you cant ride any of the rides?

  2. So relaxing🥰I am new to your channel. I am in the asmr community and I would so love it if we could be friends🌞

  3. Fun Fact: The Harry Potter section used to be a Medieval like area that had a dual rollercoaster called Dueling Dragons. It was my favorite! I do love the Harry Potter area though!

  4. Do you guys any chance know if she was in the St. Pete airport in Florida recently? I was just there and I saw a lady that looked a lot like her but I didn’t ask if it was her or not

  5. Mary…. Walmart now has the little fake fingernails on the front of each color for Sally Hansen’s polish. It shows what the color will look like. 😉💜💜

  6. Thanks Mary ♥️ it's 5:21AM in France and I am feeling anxious about today… I don't even know why 🙈 but I was looking for a video to calm down and here you come with a new one… you are the best, thank you so much for your dedication and your endless kindness 😊

  7. i was about to fall asleep until i heard iFly Orlando. I distinctly remember going there all the time as a kid. now they’ve built a tunnel closer to where i live and my brother is a competitive bodyflyer, but i totally forgot abt that tunnel until you said that 🙂

  8. On the Hogwarts Express, I've been on it: it's just okay. Its visually stunning to be in line, but the line is not air conditioned and you have to sit in a small room with strangers and you can tell the window is a screen. I wouldn't have waited for it.

  9. Theme parks like the minions one love your nails love the color of your nails Thsnk you for the video youre the best Mary 💝😞😀🐱🙏

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