ASMR Mall Makeup Artist Does your Makeup / ASMR Jonie Accent

ASMR Mall Makeup Artist Does your Makeup / ASMR Jonie Accent

look can I interest you into a free makeover there is no purchase necessary all we need to do is while we're doing your makeup huh you take the time to listen to us or explaining you the products that we are offering and in case that you decide to take a purchase of any of the items that I'm gonna be showing you you will receive a free gift and a discount but if you don't mind anything there is no worries all they may cover that you will receive is completely free you'll want to take it excellent thank you so much please take a seat okay so what we are showing today is our newest um Beauty chefs which is completely gorgeous let me start by first cleaning up your face off the makeup that you're currently wearing if I need clean face for or may cover okay let's see I'm trying to figure out the type of makeup that I'm gonna be doing with you today with your features gonna put a lot of emphasis in your beautiful eyes and do very beautiful shadow design of you I want to show off those sides that you have and as I was saying huh we are offering right now the exclusive makeup chest that is completely gorgeous let me show you by refreshing comes in a very beautiful box let me show you the inside it comes with its mirror of course and all the you need for a complete face makeup tell your buddy includes 32 multiple shadows of course very pigmented wah – blusher shades and – highlighters also contour powder that equally easily blend and bronzer along with a beautiful fully blue you can see right here we are not going to be using this kind of blood for your may cover I'm gonna be using other products that we have here but I just wanted to show you our beautiful chest that you have put enough for right now okay so hmm is there in the style in particular that you enjoy with makeup you want to play with colors okay let's see a very beautiful light color so we're gonna play around scholar okay very good first of all we're gonna food our canvas which is we have this one in offer actually this blend is very great for makeup it's the base that we're gonna be using on you today it's perfect for people that are on camera that take a lot of selfies or do a lot of live stream it works wonderful to cover um the light bounce that sometimes people use so we're gonna be using this it's a little bit hmm creamy for a daily use so we recommend this to be used only on situations that maybe you are going on on a night out on or a party that is gonna be pretty light out but for normal day-to-day basis it's not that hmm it's not that comfortable but for other things like the ones that I mentioned it's gonna work great a little bit here so I saying guarantee a lot because if you put a thick layer on the skin it's gonna feel a little bit heavy so we just cover the whole brush with it and apply it directly first on the blemishes that you may have or dark circles we're gonna start right here right here here this is gonna be our first layer right here and a little bit under your eyes – very very gentle like so good very nice we're gonna let that sit for a little bit okay let's see our next layer what I like to do with this is put a little bit of water on top just one spray mix it out well with my brush this is gonna make it a little bit more liquid not that creamy that's what I was saying that we didn't use a lot of product because since it's too creamy we wanna turn it down a little bit with water and then we're gonna start all around your skin but not in the blemishes that we just covered right now perfect now we are gonna plant it normally people like to use this beauty blenders that all over but I prefer to use a brush and for this streak what I like to use especially for this base I leave a bit of water on my brush clean brush of quartz has to be completely clean and then we're gonna blend everything okay like so you're gonna notice that the first layer that I was scouring the blemishes it's gonna blend perfectly with the rest of the skin you may feel a little bit heavy I know but that's because it's very creamy any shows it helps a lot wait the light artificial light because it absorbs that light it doesn't bounce the light like many other foundations do this is perfect actually – for brides for their pictures is great okay right now I'm not green not the thick layer that we normally put on brides or in special events or people with that I'm gonna show up on camera we use a like two pumps of this for that type of makeup but for you since you're gonna be out and about and shopping I'm gonna put just a very thin layer of this but it still is gonna be absorbing all the light they're gonna see right here in the mall and you're not gonna be shiny at all good I also like to use this as a primer for the eyeshadow I like to use the same that we use you don't need to use another product not a primer for this base in particular it's gonna work well just on its own so you don't need to buy a second product like the primer that sometimes it's gonna be a little bit more expensive okay so now our skin he's completely blended it's just one tone we have hidden some of the little blemishes that you have a little bit of the redness that you may have and the dark circles leaves only one tone but we want to hmm I'd leave a depth into your skin okay leave your shadows here and there ain't your cheeks forehead a little bit on your you know finger change just a tiny bit so he doesn't look mmm plain okay for this we are gonna use our chest all right like about this is that you actually can take it off from the chest in particular I have it in your hand like a painters color so just take the protector off so we just took the protector and we have our polite here in our hand which is much easier to work with it has aa hansik on the outside that lets you handle with my hand okay I'm gonna show you now the products that I have he has this beautiful lip gloss like that dad Beauty right now glitter is pretty big on makeup kind of like the one that I'm wearing right now in my lips we have my brush for our contouring that we're gonna be using right now or I shadow brush that we will not work with in a little bit okay so now we're gonna add a little bit of depth into your skin we have two tones right here that we can combine so we're gonna be working on that okay I like to do here it's just add a few touches of color to the skin a little bit in the hairline like that just later shadows tiny tiny shadows here then a happy line into your cheeks do you have a little bit of depth then sometimes you can slim up the face it's a very good trick if you are like me that have cheeks good very good just a little bit you don't want to overuse this and make it look unnatural okay now we're gonna draw like the jaw line I'm not saying that you don't have a join our family drop but this had a little bit more shadow on the area can you go like this for me okay very good explained then with my darker color just a little tap my dad we're gonna tack into the nose a little bit just a little bit so it doesn't look that flat like so that looks pretty good you have very beautiful face few shirts so you don't need a lot of blending and contouring okay just a little bit yes you can see you have only one you don't need anything else you have good eye shadow so you have your blushes you have your contouring your lips pain right there good perfect now let's see your eyes oh we're gonna work on that okay let me show you some of our very affordable I shadows that we're currently managing we have the ultimate edit by NYC I love this palette it's very very beautiful this is called that Phoenix shadow palette where doesn't say you know person but let me share with you it's very beautiful well it's my brush right here I especially like this jela right here almost like sweet master very nice colors and tones that you can combine and you can even get the second one that is a little bit more bold I will say this I will use it for I night out a fun night out he's also de ultimate edit which is a little bit more more out there more bold for people that really truly in love colors by or by color you can see this yellow his brighter has the other one that he was more of a mystery caller these stones here are into the orange and purple and are really really beautiful blue angering it can be combines very beautifully but with you I want to do a point with the monster and jello that I believe will look completely gorgeous on you let me say in our big palette we have a glittery one okay we're gonna use this one as a base and we're gonna be working to wait our Gladers sweet the chest bullet okay okay start right here close your eyes please good very good a little bit more what I like about this polite that he's very affordable but the pigmentation is very very good for its price I'm gonna show you in a little bit okay we have that let me show you now that I have applied it in your face I show you the color right here I really love that tone very nice and then we have our crunch over here that we're also gonna playing you it's so beautiful just look at that tone so so beautiful my skin is ready to be white in this bar because the Sun doesn't get there say it's a little bit pale know that we have added our base color wait this beautiful mustard we're gonna go please our chefs here we have a similar color right here but this one it's a little bit delivery and he's gonna add all I can do it so you're gonna be using this one okay close your eyes please and it's just a little bit on the top like that good good good good that's the perfect combination see you uh more planned um let's gonna add this bit of grain right here I'm gonna add leave happy trees no I'm just joking just a tap off green right here like that just a little bit actually looks great it looks perfect for your eyes looks beautiful we have our glittery green right here just a little bit nice oh good good now where do we have our beautiful orange all right here just above it with this one it's very beautiful and getting it to use a lot of product to have a pigmentation because I would add that to the crease like that good looks very nice okay perfect like so now he looks very unified very beautiful lovely lovely no normally we will like to use hmm an eyeliner in pencil mode for this but I wanna use our plate so you can see that you can use this palette only and do your full makeup I'm just gonna need a brush this one mm yeah you sir brush your chest here mmm we're gonna be working with this dark circle color looks very very beautiful okay and let a bit of this good okay can you close your eyes again please we're gonna do a soft eyeliner on the top of your eye give you that little bit of depth like so it's gonna look lovely it's like framing the eyes now you really need anything under your eye we're gonna add a little bit of color there we're gonna go we'd light orange and I use my holder right right here or under your eyes we're gonna be using this color right here like this Oh your eyebrows I hope or guide okay but I like to do the eyebrows too in the last part because eyebrows completely feel the job and first I wanna see how the eyes look Quinta shadows that I have chosen and give a beautiful styling the eyebrow the completely framed they may cover looks wonderful good a little bit of color down there I'm gonna remove haze this cotton swab for that like that he doesn't have a lot of fall off but there is some expected and we're taking care of that with this cotton swab he doesn't take that long to remove very good let me just remove this so I don't stain your clothes when I get near to you okay now we're gonna be working on your beautiful eyebrows I see that it's a little bit hot groan do you want me to fix them for you I can just dress them up a little bit I'm not gonna read the sign or anything just gonna pluck out some of the hairs that are straying out is that okay okay gonna have you seen wait tweezers now I'm just gonna take out some of the hairs like I just stand up so I can look a little bit closer very good ghetto here don't worry it's not gonna get red I'll ring you like this no I made it myself yeah it's my hobby to make I'm just kind of you really good that's the latest race hairs here and they're taking care of them okay that looks very good perfect now for your iPhone accan tin you using our polite here for you we have the perfect color which will be I'm gonna go with this one right here just to fill it up okay and I'm gonna use my brow brush for it okay we're just gonna fill up some in the arc like so very welded define eyebrows does it take you too long to have them done isn't it very beautiful as I was saying we are aiming with this makeup chest to only use one thing one thing only to do your complete face makeup you have for your cheeks your eyeshadows your eyebrows your lips everything the only thing missing is the foundation but that always can be purchase apart good very good now just to frame your eyebrow can I use a little bit of foundation that we just used before we need her brush right here so we're just gonna have little tiny tiny drop must remember that we don't have to use a lot tiny tiny bit of water not even that much spray we're just gonna completely blend it and then make it that liquid and we're gonna frame our eyebrow like so good it looks great excellent now right here under your eye we didn't put any eyeshadow or lighter we're gonna put a little bit there good so sore that part you're gonna go we did stone right here but he has a tiny bit off later like that and now they we have framing we're just gonna brush a tiny tiny bit with our bro shape the finer that I also have here in might boom we're just gonna add a little bit we don't want to put too much just a tiny bit to brush it so he gets your eye about in the place he doesn't add that much color but it's gonna make your eyebrows stay kind of like a gel just a tiny bit like so do you need done much and now for your lashes we're not gonna do freak lashes for this we're gonna use a great mascara product that we're really proud of here it's from book so this is a big piece these mascara is gonna send your eyelashes do you have it it's gonna make them thick it's gonna make them large it's gonna make them stay I don't love this mascara so so much you can see the one how thick it is and how close together it is that way when you're brushing your eyelashes I'm just gonna get a lot of product into them make them look big and long okay alright good blink blink blink that's our first layer we're gonna let it sit let it dry for a little bit now this eye blink blink blink blink good again we're gonna let it dry for a little bit we're gonna do a little bit under your lashes right here at the bottom just a tiny bit of color the same here like that gonna help the process a little bit with my fan doesn't take that long now the final layer we're just gonna do one pass blink blink good we do not a lot because if you had too much products gonna start looking like litres pilot her legs yeah we don't want that natural look to look volume and a little bit think okay and now for your lips we're the look that I have given you I would like to try our beautiful light plus weight a little bit of glitter on it it's completely beautiful but if you want to go with a more natural looking your lips we have the one that came weight on the chest right here it's also very very pretty which one will you'd want to try this one okay very good this is a new one we're gonna get a lot of product there we go hey fishy lips good perfect no we're just gonna add a little bit of color into your cheeks we did there are our contouring but that was to add a little depth so we went to add a little bit of color there just a tiny bit we're gonna use our washer right here he looks a little bit bright but don't worry I'm just gonna barely be there okay very good like this just barely touching going to the back to your ears barely touching like that the same here barely touching gosh good very good now to finish our look we're gonna seal the makeup the regis applied read our rose water my grace Stella that is gonna refresh in your skin and seal the makeup that we just applied okay you close your eyes please we're not going to play too close to the skin we're gonna play it like in this instance okay and then when you're gonna put it like this so just a little bit for your face like that okay and well we are done will you recover you can take a peek in the mirror right here do you like it see as I was saying all your face makeup and just one thing the only thing that doesn't came from the from the chest is the foundation base which is this way and the mascara these are the only two products that are not in their chest but they are very inexpensive and can be bought no part mm-hmm oh you like the mascara and and we see okay um this one you say well great choice just one moment I have them right here and let me see okay stop like pack it for you and gift that I was saying you will receive aids eye makeup that we will receive this one it's particular it's very cute and they enough to put on your makeup for trouble or to be carrying around angel parts so I'm gonna be putting your premise here this cone that you're gonna receive is five percent of your purchase and oh no that may cover hey it doesn't have any costs completely free oh no no you don't need to take me does okay let me just get your phone yeah right here right here okay so that will be all me and you can take your gift box right here in the cash register and my partner right there it's gonna help you with that it was a pleasure serving you and I hope that you enjoy your makeover today thank you so much take care bye bye you

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