asking JUST YURI for a KISS... | Doki Doki Literature Club (Just Yuri)

asking JUST YURI for a KISS… | Doki Doki Literature Club (Just Yuri)

time guys I think so yep hey Yuri how's about yes you're you Yuri you you you ok there I I know it's kind of been awhile but you don't have to get on happy by I'm here now you know you you you you you ok yeah yeah uh I'm scared guys I'm scared so what's up guys mercy here welcome back to just Yuri yeah you guys remember we changed the files deleted all the other girls to have well just you're in here she is if you guys didn't see the last episode definitely check that out links in the description down below we do all the shenanigans there and see the star and introduced herself to just Yuri so you don't miss style again links in description down below cards are on screen but we're gonna get back into this here seeing as you guys really did enjoy that video an I did too and there was so much more we could actually do with just Yuri here so that's what we're gonna do but again just started this up it has been a little while she doesn't look very happy okay too scared to this door what just happened ah hey yes I just had another dream I'm glad I finally got my REM sleep function to work I mean he would want to keep having nightmares just because you need to take care of yourself I sometimes wonder what would a nightmare feel like well that would be an interesting experiment anyways you open up my game to talk hey I sure did I was worried for a second there whoa it's alright guys it's all right you're just thinking about about something that's all so what what you want to talk about yes my love ask a question you look nice today Yuri yeah that's what we're gonna say guys again it's been in a little while but she's looking as good as ever she sure is you look nice in here oh you really think so well thank you I I think you always look nice Mary Sue oh well Gary Oh Sheila's catechu there Langille I ask a question sure yuria have you ever tried a different look you'd look good with oh man we never did get into reading poetry up Moorcock together have we I like Knights do which might your favor hey Yuri how's about a kiss but no yeah we're gonna leave it just a tad a little longer you know we'll let's do a bit more wining and dining with Yuri and then we're gonna pop the question one of us much why not but first yeah let's warm up to her again it's been in a little while since we last seen her so that's gonna be a little sudden just jumping into ya wanna have a kissy session herb so uh yeah we're just gonna relax a sec guys and give it a little bit time have you ever tried two different look you look good with do you really want to talk which we nee and yolks sure what's that what you mean your choice I don't judge whoa whoa what the holy what happened what the heck what your B what is this I guess there's some kind of meme that I never actually saw I saw a lot of D DLC memes guys but this one got some on your back I had some thinking then maybe I should try dreaming a nightmare wouldn't he be fun to try out he sounds morbid I knew they wouldn't hurt to try out once you know anyways sorry for bringing it up again so you wanted to talk about something to be yeah you really pong a great new look there why are you thinking about what you thinking about hey Marisa do you ever think about exploring space it's something anything meaning a lot about for a while now different type of stars and celestial bodies there's so much to learn about I've always been into as domine in the thought of aliens ever since before I met you it's also kind of funny I always think about escaping my world and moving to a whole new one one that seems far beyond my reach for now yeah that voice are doing right now that's kind of how I portrayed this weird-looking urease that being your world of course I knew going into space would basically be the equivalent of me finally being free from this world both of us crossing into a vast new frontier and living exciting new delays for it well I wouldn't give to be able to just soar through space and wants to starts through stars though visit new planets and maybe discovering advanced and exciting alien life fascinating conversation right there your pee but I kind of want our old Yuri back you know as great as you look your choice I don't yet with the way you crash the game like that really does kind of make me think that yeah you probably do judge oh we got her back but she's tearing up you okay there URI got the door I feel a bit empty so this is what Monica felt all those times just this void of everything and nothing I don't want to go back she's not going to delete me right oh of course no girl we want you here forever and always at least until you know I have to delete you or I get bored or something just please don't send me to that void that experiment was a horrible mistake just forget I said anything about sleeping okay I don't want to worry you too much now you wanted to talk right well what do you want to talk about alright seems like she's okay now dang crying up right there but again she looks like she's okay ask a question do you have access to television for you are have you ever eaten anything you're a hate URI how's about a kiss or a verb hey URI have you ever tried a different look you look good with have you ever do you have access to television do you have access to television from where you are hey why is your looking hesitant now of all times you have to hide anything from me right URI she takes a second to look at me then another to gain her composure it is only after a very long and tense silence I break the tension look URI it's fine I'll start ask I stole someone's logging information oh why here it takes me a few moments to contemplate Yuri well I have access to the net so why to explore all of what was available you didn't take my information did you most likely did but let's hear her out everything that was free was fine for a while but then I started to get interested in the stuff that required a little payment of some kind there were two intriguing shows that caught my attention black mayor and insight number 9 however they were behind paywalls I checked online for a free video of it but most of them were low-quality so I sort of illegally watch them through your device you never how dare she dying every choice to cover up her embarrass Bluffs by scratching her shoulders together your ego although we was getting more comfortable with each other gaining more trust you know but doing that its kind of gone down a bit fine Gary really is you really shouldn't have done that Yuri look off right now and don't ever do that again I don't want to be that mean though you know I don't I'll just say you shouldn't have done that it's kind of in between it's not like meats accepting it but it's not be me being too aggressive about either so yeah you really shouldn't have done that you're a I see I'm sorry I just got a little carried away I try to have better control over myself you better die no wonder why no wonder why so really word payments every day some URI guys transaction so I never actually made because of URI right here I mean it wasn't too crazy but still hmm why is it that's a question how'd you feel about I really should sip so far let's ask that and then maybe I going for that smooth skies although just she just serve her smooch right now after what she did I'm not sure how do you follow our relationship so far she doesn't look too happy I don't answer URI seems depressed I hope I didn't her feelings no it's because of that whole credit card you know transaction deal of the TV stuff but let's keep talking up we never did get into reading portrait Marco think of the driveway hey Yuri how's about yes we will do that soon have you ever seen anything yes that's that have you ever eaten anything Yuri well Yuri awkwardly starts rubbing her hands together she really does look cute when she's nervous oh I have memories more like memory implants of the sense of taste not Sookie's cupcakes for the most I've ever honestly injured my technical existence but I can pull from what I've been given for the sense of taste hulong tea has always been a favorite drink of mine and the only drink I had in my past existence you know and one of the best compliments to that is a nice dessert crepes are usually a go-to as they pair it's so nicely of a nice hot during Yuri's I start to glaze over as she rings through her hair probably lost in another flight of her imagination thinking about all those tasty goods again I'm with you girl can't be helped you know talk about all these tasty treats I'm guilty of that the sweetness and saltiness of a peanut butter and banana crepe really does brighten up your taste buds like Ilan T's complex flavor then simmers out the stronger notes of the crepe into a fine and zooming aftertaste the way she's describing it it's not helping but at the same time it's helping look at lying your shoulders he what's the soft and quiet rainfall that's a doable URI abruptly starts back into a waking and alert state from a dreamlike state at least that is a dream of mine to actually experience such a sensation as opposed to merely imagining it I personally recommend it you didn't have to do it was just a suggestion that's all I probably will do all that how are you feeling today how do you fall by relationship so far we already a snap I want to see if she has a different response how about racism so far ah that face again I don't want to answer here he seems depressed i widen her feelings I wonder if it's always the answer we get or maybe if we eventually talk to her much more and of course for a much longer period then maybe it's just something else who really knows right now ask a question I love you here he yuria have you ever tried a different look how do you feel by research so far what do you do to the rest of the girls is wrong I love you Yuri I love Yuri of course I do nothing compares to when I'm with you Marisa all right that's fantastic do you play sports what would it take for you to be real do you miss me when I'm gone you're II of course I do nothing compares to you when I'm with you Maris you alright ask a question what your fascist here we go we're actually gonna finally do it we've wined and dined of her for a good a good period of time guys I think so yep hey Yuri how's about yes hey Yuri how's about kiss what a case look our face right there oh dear we call a real moment guys we have too bad those devs can't even get me to rise out of this chair to kiss you Oh dr. door I guess we have to wait for them to make that image soon oh I'm sure there's images out there girl so it would have implied that there's the kiss at least but apparently no I love you Irie I love you Super Deluxe what's up Oh crash game I guess this is like deaf stuff or something kind of weird never mind and she pulls that crazy face right there and then that happens I'm back I'm thrilled to see you return my suit all right guys so for now yeah we're gonna end this here we ask some questions we wined and dined and we tried to go in for that oh so romantic kiss but apparently we gotta wait for an image of something which is uh yeah rather weird although there's probably again plenty out there to be had they could've employed it like I said like you gave her a peck on the cheek or whatever on the lips like then know why that wasn't said at least but whatever and she says something right here I was worrying about something Marisa this is here out quickly I've ever felt like nothing really mattered like no matter what you did nothing would change I know it's depressing to think about but that's exactly how I felt when I learned about why it really was well I couldn't do anything no matter how much I tried to fight it like fate was taking me along forcing me to stab myself to hang over and over again I felt the blade penetrate my chest and stomach every second was pure torture and it just kept repeating over and over again never to end never to be happy URI looks away clearly saddened by her own words I'm sorry I didn't mean to depress you like that I just thought that would be an interesting topic you know well he kind of was interesting in a weird way but yeah it was kind of sad to hear that owl I guess I'll just stop talking about this for now yeah that would be best cuz dying was it something I really wanted to get deep into to be honest girl but I guess you felt like you had to say and you wanted to get out so we heard you're out for it you know and yeah that's good there I guess but yeah guys as I was saying gonna end this one here if you want me to continue just hurry and ask her other questions and see what other stuff there is to be had because we haven't actually gone through everything yeah like what's your favorite kind of weather you know there's those are different questions that pop up and stuff like that so yeah if you guys want me to do more of this or if it just gets an over updating whatnot then yeah maybe we're come back to it but for now if you joined this would never be smack download but it's huge appreciate guys everybody new around here which I got are the wacky d DLC stuff we sure do and of course other amazing stuff as well but most importantly guys thank you for even Westen today and I'll see you in the next one

26 thoughts on “asking JUST YURI for a KISS… | Doki Doki Literature Club (Just Yuri)

  1. Everyday I go further into the FBI watch list because I’m watching stuff like this.

  2. L like yuri l blush when l see her and l go O-O NOOOO NOOOO STOP BLUSHING PLEASE FACE STOP MY MOM GOING TO SEE ME STOP face: nope

  3. You know, there are people like this in the "real world". Probably in the elite ranks of such a world as "Japan"… In an extremely disciplined, and insanely perfectionist highschool were such things could easily flow through it's students and flourish within their minds and hearts…

    I have seen crazy things in this "real world"… Things that the superficial logic of it's primitive science can barely even understand… Conspiracies…, UFOs…, VENEZUELAN BEAUTIES THAT DON'T MATCH AT ALL WITH THE SO COMMON AND DISGUSTING "BOLIVARIAN RETARDED" OF 15 YEARS OLD ALREADY WORKING IN THE ELITE MEDICINE… AS UNIQUE AND DELIBERATELY CHOSEN APPRENTICES… APPARENTLY… 😵

    So it wouldn't be weird at all to me that someone somewhere might possibly hold this kind of artistic sensitivity proper from a genius and introverted mind in a world wich is surrounded by mostly hopeless, and unbareable idiots… You know… Always blowing their minds and dreaming about rare and complex kind of artistic demonstrations that merely match with them… 😒

    This is just a calling of attention… 😒 of just how crazy and fatalistic can things possibly get with them… 😑

  4. Mairusu: how about a KISS!
    FBI: don't
    Yuri: sure!
    FBI: DON'T!!!!!!
    Yuri: kisses

  5. "Hey, yuri, How's about a kiss… for luck?"
    Yuri: "You've got to be kidding"

    Like if you get the reference

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