Arts Vs Commerce Vs Science: Basic School Test | Ok Tested

Arts Vs Commerce Vs Science: Basic School Test | Ok Tested

Good morning, teachers. (Both) And my dear friends. Did you liked studying in school?
No. Worst was Sanskrit.
I never discriminated. You hated everything equally. I didn’t care about the subjects. I just liked playing. Of course math. Everyone hates math, right?
Math went like that.
Not really. My math teacher was cool. Kaustubh, how much did you score in mental math? That’s why he’s cool. If he would not have been this cool then we would have won. Chemistry was that one subject… …oh man.
It’s still. I like studying. I mean. Today there is a science vs commerce vs arts quiz. We will check who out of the three actually remembers what we were taught in school. No need to worry. Mum has sent me something. -Show.
-She said… …this is a Tiger eye crystal. This will bring you luck. It’ll make us win the quiz. After watching the quizzes, my mum thought it’ll be better to wear this. For every question, we will get 20 seconds. We will try to give the correct answer in 20 seconds. Let’s go, guys. Let’s start with the embarrassment. What? One minute. What is this? One second. At least let us listen to the question. One second. No value. It has no value for me.
I’ve moved on. Ex has no value for me. Ex had a lot of value earlier, but today it’s nothing. Today only the present has value. One. – I hope, I’m correct. One.
– Yeah, one. No. 2x+y=? Guys, 5 seconds left. – What? We are not math people. WTF dude.
– Yeah. Exactly. Dude, I don’t even remember the last time I saw such a question. 2x. 7. Oh okay. Just say it, brother. Be quick, Say it. 3. One second.
2x+y=8 So, 8… …=2x+y. That’s the answer. LHS=RHS.
Hence proved. That’s why I say that I should not even try doing math. I took -6 to the other side but forgot to make it positive. I subtracted it instead. Even I forgot. I was like that’s correct, but I forgot the subtraction. Dude why does the quiz become a math quiz? 1 out of 3. Half or 1/2. 10/20 is 1/2. Ya, 1/2. (Both) 10 winners and 20 in total. So, 1/3. 1/3. (Both) Ya man. -Only 10 won. F**k sh*t.
-It’s okay. -Arushi let’s go.
– I know. I’m saying this for you because my image has already been tarnished. Whatever amount of yours is left will go after this video. If we win this quiz. So, what will you do? I’ll thank my mum for sending the crystal. What else? We will distribute Ladoos, for sure.
We will post a picture of Ladoo being distributed. Ya, promise. What the hell? Brain has parts? Do we have to choose between left and right? Do we have to choose between left and right? Oh sh*t.
Balance. (x4) Cerebrum,Cerebellum, Medulla and there one more, I guess. Amygdala. Amygdala. Ya, I’ve heard this one. It cannot be Amygdala. Then what? If it’s this one then we’ll feel really bad. Let’s just say Amygdala. Let’s say Cerebellum. We won’t cry this time. I’ve contributed. Our guess is Amygdala, but I don’t think that’s right. Cerebellum.(Both) Just one wrong answer. 2/3 last time we got 1/3. And we then rallied and all. It’s either Retina or Iris. I’m confused between retina and Rods and cones. – Pupil or Iris.
-Pupil or Iris one of those. What is Iris?
It dilates,right? Pupil dilates. Then what does Iris do? Iris rotates the image, right ? I think so. Just say Iris,dude. Rod and cone cells. Sure? Rod and cone cells. Iris, dude. Or Pupil because it like. Ya, it dilates. Pupil is our answer. It can be Iris too. But our answer is Pupil. Pup-Iris. The brain gets the message once the light falls on the Retina. So it should be Retina. It should be that, right? Retina. Cone and rod cells are inside the Retina. And they convert the light. We don’t care anymore. Okay? Retina. This is a really weird question. Ya, I don’t understand. Is this literature? What is this question? That does not make sense. Imagination? Sex. Imagination. When you get the two along then a man is made. Our school never taught us about any fictional character, they just taught us to have a good character . So imagination. Imaginary sex gives birth to imaginary baby which becomes a fictional character. Ya. Imaginary sex. This question is from English. No. Yes. We’ve no answer. What is the creation of a fictional character called? It’s called? It’s called playwriting. Characterization. Let’s just go with his answer.
I know it’s wrong, but nevermind. Yaar. Seriously? Thanks. Kaustubh, this is the quiz. In this quiz… …the fate of commerce is going to change. The Tiger eye is working. Even I want it. Is there a copy? Battle of plastic is fought right now. Because PM Modi went to some beach and collected plastic. History was your favourite subject. Not Indian History. 17 something. At least give us an option. We need options for this one, dude. 1787. Or 18 something. I’m not sure about 1857.
1752? Ya, let’s go for it. 1752. What sort of questions are you asking science students. Which country is Plassey located?
I’ve no fucking clue. 1857. Say that. 1857. Ya. (x2) 1840. 1814. 1840 or 1814? I think 1814. We will go with whatever Kaustubh is saying. 1814. (Both) I don’t why, but 1814. I know it’s wrong because it’s a guess. No one remembers the date and year. What is it? Why? We are just a hundred years behind. One century. Just 100 years. What happens in 100 years? Nothing. Proton, Neutron and Electron. Neutron is negative. Proton is positive. Positive, negative and neutral. Neutral. So positive. Electron is negative. Positive. Proton starts with ‘P’ so positive. Proton should be positive. Positive.(x3) Sure?
Tell.(x2) Not sure.
Positive charge. Positive charge. (Both) Ya. -It’s okay. Sometimes you think it’s negative, but the answer is positive. Be positive in life.
-It’s okay, sh*t. It’s okay if we lost. What happened? Did the world end or something? Whatever you do, do it properly.
So, if you lose then lose properly. Commerce got 5? So, they won. -Commerce won?
-Holysh*t. Yes, commerce won. Guys, team commerce finally won. They must not have won. We are saying the truth. Shut up. Team commerce won. -We won? Seriously?
-Anyone has spectacles? Get sunglasses. This is for team commerce. Crown.
Go. It’s for you. We both were not playing. We had this man as well. – I don’t care.
– Neither, do I. No, but seriously we are happy for you guys. Ya ya, we are really happy for you guys. For sure.
You deserve it. We have won. I’ll like to thank my mum and dad. The Ok tested crew, Kaustubh and the Tiger eye. Let’s give the CTA because losers don’t know anything. Actually, ya. If you like this video, do not forget to… …LIKE , SHARE, COMMENT. And SUBSCRIBE TO? OK TESTED. Science, commerce and arts knows the answer to this question.

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  1. How can you be wrong in "Characterization" and "Palasi" dude !!??? Palasi was the first battle that actually helped British to be in rule,in Bengal. That's how British invade India!!! It's so simple to memorize yaa! 1757 Palasi – 1857 Sipahi -1947 Independence!!!

  2. I love how Joshia tried that "repeating question and hoping that an answer will just magically appear in your mind" method when the fictional character question came..

  3. After so many Videos…! Ab pta chl gya h… Arts commerce lene ka koi fayda nahi h… Kamiyaab hona h…to Science zindabaad…! Now I'm feeling good for choosing science stream after 10th

  4. Celebrating this win thoπŸ’–πŸ€£ I always wished ki Commerce wale Jeet jaaye and now its here ! Congrats kaustubh and Satyam !
    PS: I watched all videos so far from ok tested no kidding one of the best YT channels !

  5. Damnnnn maaannnnnnnn. Kya huaaaaa antil aur joshua ko πŸ˜”πŸ˜’. Kaustubh ki 'tiger eye' kaam aai πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. Finally!!!finallly😭😭hum commerce vale jeet hi gaye….khushi ke aansoonπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜…
    Thank you so much Kaustubh anf Satyam ye quiz jeetane ke liye….
    #Team Commerce

  7. Am a commerce student too🀘🀘🀘😁😁😁πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻 proud of u guyzz !!

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