ArtResin Featured Artist - Luc Tessier

ArtResin Featured Artist – Luc Tessier

some people ask me often that what's the the painting you you like best it's always that the last one because you find something new it's perfect at that moment but one week after two weeks after setup I can do better than that I was drying when I was young my mother gave me courses of art and she knew at that time she had the feeling that I'm more artist I'm a photographer so I had a lot of pictures and I choose one pictures at a time and I try to make some movement in it starting with the subject of the picture is not important because I take the negative and I stretch it I twist it and change the color sometimes I put two tree four pictures together to find something good happen when I'm working I see where the color aren't good or not together because even i if I like two colors if sometimes they don't go together it's I have to put something else between them that's a process that's saying that does that's creation it's not the subject but the color to mix together that make me I don't want to have a rule say okay you have to put that color over there that color over there of that movement it's because I don't wanna add a recipe I need color lines okay after that what can I put in it to make a good thing when I think it's finished that's why I have to take two or three days not to see it because it's too fresh you you're not you do not have a good judgment when you're in it but to three days you have another look more fresh and it's if it's good perfect if it's not you you I make some adjustment after that I send it through another printer when he printed the printing is the same color the same thing that I seen the computer after that it's mounted on panel wood and I put varnish and risen again two or three layers of resin I want my works hypnotize you with nice people it's bring you in the heart I start like painting like after something bad happened to me my life six years ago my boyfriend died he told me before just few weeks before he died you are an artist after that I started painting I was crazy crazy because I was very very mad and very confused and I had a need to to do something and that was painting I want to show to the world my work I don't want to be a critical attention but I know that what I'm doing it's for everybody my life and I there's a difficult part but for now I think I am at my right place in my life I found my my you you

15 thoughts on “ArtResin Featured Artist – Luc Tessier

  1. Arg, but no actual painting. Oh well, I guess you're selling resin, not paint. Love what he does with the photographs…so you're saying all those pictures are done by manipulating photographs?

  2. Wow this was absolutely beautiful and inspiring you can tell that his passion is as real as it comes and his soul shines right through he is a powerful person with powerful words and I wish him the best and hope that he's able to heal God bless his boyfriend! Oh sorry his art is absolutely stunning I love how he works!!!

  3. Such a wonderful man, full of energy and inspiration, channeling pain, energy and happiness to create such beautiful pieces. Great video ArtResin Thankyou for the share. 🙂

  4. Just absolutely beautiful, not only your art but you soul that come so brilliantly through your works of art. He was right you are an ARTIST and through your pain you create beauty and put your love out into the world. Don't ever stop.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us!!

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