Artists Draw Spider-Man Villains (That They've Never Seen)

Artists Draw Spider-Man Villains (That They've Never Seen)

– [Nathan] Welcome to Drawfee,
where we take dumb ideas – [Tristan] And make even dumber drawings. – I'm Nathan.
– I'm Tristan. – I'm Jacob.
– I'm Julia. – And we are–
– Spider-Man! – [Nathan] Far from home. – Okay.
– No we're not. – [Julia] I'm not that far. – [Jacob] You live in Brook, that's like a 30 minute commute. Not bad.
– We are far from home. – [Tristan] The new
office actually saves me 10, 15 minutes on the commute. – [Julia] Yeah, my commute
is so much shorter. – [Nathan] The commute's
shorter but I get less walking. – That's true.
– Uh-huh. – [Jacob] We're far from home. – [Nathan] Less slinging from
buildings because Spider-Man. – [Tristan] I guess that
won't fit on the poster. – [Nathan] Because Spider-Man. – [Tristan] Uh-huh. – [Nathan] I like that the
first one was Homecoming and are they all gonna
have home in the title? – [Tristan] Question mark. – [Jacob] Home Style, that's
gonna be the third one. – Home Improvement.
– Home Alone. – [Tristan] Home Fries, that'll be it. – [Jacob] These are the next five sequels. – [Nathan] We're doing, what are we doing? Spider-Man villains? – [Tristan] We're doing
Spider-Man villains. The new Spider-Man movie's coming out, it's got all sorts of Jake
Gyllenhaals and whatnot. – [Nathan] It's got so
many Jake Gyllenhaals. – [Tristan] You don't know! He's Mysterio, he's
the master of illusion. – [Jacob] Yeah, I hope
there's at least two. – [Tristan] We've done some before, we've done some Spider-Man,
we've done some Venoms, I thought we'd circle back. Spider-Man's got really good villains and he's got really silly villains, so I want to challenge you to draw some obscure Spider-Man villains. – [Nathan] Things are really
good and really silly, that sounds perfect! – [Tristan] Wow! All right, this one is on all the lists of goofy Spider-Man villains, so
I didn't touch it last time, some people told me to do
it so we're gonna do it. – Great.
– By popular demand, Nathan, your Spider-Man villain is Big Wheel! – [Nathan] Big Wheel? – [Jacob] I've heard they keep on turning. – [Tristan] Big Wheels,
they keep on turning. – [Nathan] So it's a big wheel. – [Jacob] The only thing
I know about Big Wheels is it's that toy that the kids ride on. – [Nathan] Uh-huh. – [Jacob] It's the baby's first tricycle. – [Nathan] Yeah, the
front wheel is really big. – [Tristan] Yep, it's like– – [Julia] Oh, I confuse
that with the Power Wheel. – [Jacob] No, that's the electric. – [Tristan] You're thinking
of the rich kids' toy. – You're right.
– Yeah, I never. – [Tristan] Pow-Pow-Power Wheel. – You get to learn–
– Did you know anyone who had Power Wheels–
– How to drive. – [Tristan] Growing up? – [Jacob] I had a Power Wheel. – Oh–
– I had one, I had one Power Wheel.
– Wow, rich boy. – [Tristan] You had four,
you had four wheel drive Power Wheels.
– One big foot Power Wheel that I drove. – Did you have the Jeep?
– Big foot. – [Jacob] In the yard. It was like a monster truck. – I'm just, I'm just–
– Yeah, it did not go very quickly.
– Drawing. You made me draw a bicycle, Tristan. – [Tristan] What do you mean? – [Julia] Well it could just
be one big wheel, Nathan. – Yeah, it could be.
– You don't have to draw a bike. – [Nathan] Okay, that's a good point. – [Julia] You don't have to draw a bike.
– Describe Big Wheel. – [Tristan] Okay, okay, so. – [Nathan] You already, this
circle shape is garbage. – [Julia] Almost a square. – [Jacob] Not your best work. – [Tristan] Circles are the true villains. – [Nathan] I, oh. – [Julia] This is about
as close to a circle as I get when I draw eggs. – [Tristan] This circle needs some more, the pressure's off in this circle. – [Jacob] Yeah, just bump
that guy up a little bit. – [Nathan] Yeah, let's get. – [Tristan] Um, Big Wheel. – [Nathan] Little pump going. – [Tristan] His real
name is Jackson Weele. W-E-E-L-E because–
– Of course, that real last name. – [Tristan] He was a shitty business man. He's a side villain. So all this time in the Spider-Man arc, I think it's in the
Spider-Man 186, let's say. It's in there, it's in there. Spider-Man's fighting this
dude named Rocket Racer, who, I don't know why
we're not doing right now, 'cause he rides around on a rocket powered skateboard.
– You picked it. You picked it.
– Look, look, look, look. The public picked it. Let's just say that about that. – All right, we're getting–
– Question. – Pumping up this wheel.
– Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Julia] That kid from Captain Planet. – [Tristan] Mm-hmm, Wheeler. – [Julia] Wheeler, what
was his first name? – [Jacob] Joey. (laughing) – [Julia] A Joey Wheeler and– – No, that wasn't him.
– Joey Wheeler's a Yu-Gi-Oh. That was a Yu-Gi-Oh.
– It was a joke, you guys. – [Nathan] Karina isn't
even on this episode. – [Julia] So wait, we got a, is this, okay, Big Wheel, is it from mid 90s? – [Tristan] No, it's earlier than that. I think it's 70s. – [Julia] Oh, okay. – It could be–
– I just wanted to know what the fascination was with
the name wheel in the 90s. – [Tristan] I don't know. – There's a lot of it.
– Wheels were in. – Wheels were in.
– Not like today. – [Jacob] Wheels were in, yeah. They were hot, they were big.
– This is a perfect. – And they were fast.
– Oh yeah, I need to make this bigger, 'cause it is Big Wheel. – [Jacob] It's Big Wheel. – [Nathan] And to show scale, this will actually be–
– Small pump. – [Nathan] Small pump, Big Wheel. – [Jacob] Well it's a normal pump. The wheel's just so big.
– Regular pump. – [Tristan] All right, so
the deal with Jackson Weele is that he was doing some side
business with Rocket Racer, and he paid Rocket Racer to
get some dirt out of the way so he could freely embezzle his company. – Sure.
– And then Rocket Racer's like hey, here's all the
evidence except this part, and you need to give me more money. He's like, no, but I don't wanna. He goes over to the Tinkerer. We all know the Tinkerer.
– We all know the Tinkerer. – Yeah.
– Of course. He's like, hey make me a suit or something so I can fight Rocket Racer. While Rocket Racer is
minding his own business fighting Spider-Man, Big Wheel comes on and
says, hey, beep, beep, Big Wheel here. (laughing) And he sort of crashes the party and becomes a weird third party. This is from the Wiki. The Tinkerer created a
giant armored mono wheel outfitted with machine
guns and rocket launchers. – [Jacob] So is he like that
dude from Twisted Metal? Do you remember that dude
from Twisted Metal, Axel? – [Tristan] Axel who's covered, he had two wheels. – [Jacob] Yeah, his
arms were in the wheels. He just kinda T-posed with two big wheels and drove around like that.
– No animation you don't need there, yeah, that's good. – [Jacob] Yeah, it's
a smart design choice. I just remembered the
end of Twisted Metal 2 if you beat it with
him, his ending is that to get out of his wheel he
just rips off his own arms and then walks into the sunset. – [Julia] How does he rip off his arms? – [Jacob] Just pure force of will. – Oh.
– They're probably pretty loose anyway.
– 'Cause they're stuck in the wheel. I don't remember why
they're stuck in the wheel, but they definitely are.
– Yeah, that's a weird game. – That's a weird game.
– See I was thinking Junk Rat. – [Jacob] He's got a wheel on his back. That's his friend.
– He's got a Big Wheel. – Yeah.
– That he makes explode. – [Jacob] That's also a big wheel. Lot of good wheels out there. – [Tristan] Noticing
some armor that you just put a medieval knights helmet. – [Nathan] You said it
was an armored wheel. – [Tristan] I mean, I did. – [Nathan] And it has machine gun. It has a machine gun with these things. – [Tristan] It's like the magazine. – [Nathan] The magazine. – [Jacob] I love the
loose suit sort of just. – [Nathan] Well he's a business man. – [Jacob] Yeah, that's
right, that's right. – Sure.
– You said two machine guns, right?
– He said machine guns and rocket launcher.
– I said machine guns plural. – Rocket launcher.
– So it could be two, two and deadly machine guns.
– Okay, let's get a rocket launcher. – [Julia] When Tristan
said that he was armed with machine guns and rocket launchers, I immediately pictured, for some reason the Michelin Man just with a gun. (laughing) Michelin Man ain't fucking around anymore. – [Tristan] Well Michelin
Man seems very soft. He's gotta protect himself somehow. – [Julia] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Jacob] With firearms. (laughing) – [Nathan] I never got the Michelin Man. What's the deal? What's going on?
– He's made out of tires, I think.
– What's the deal. – But he's not.
– He's like a white, a Stay Puffed.
– Yeah. – [Julia] Yeah, but then because, I think he's made out
of white bicycle tires, because there's that commercial where he takes tires out of his stomach and throws it onto a car.
– What the fuck? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Tristan] He just takes
them out of his stomach? – Yeah, I believe so.
– So is he filled with tires? – I think he is tires.
– Is he tires, okay, but how's he replenish his stock of body? Oh no. – [Jacob] Eats tires, I guess. – [Tristan] Big angry face. When in doubt, put a big angry face on it. – [Jacob] This is the Big Wheel. – [Tristan] Yeah, okay. – This is–
– I hate you, Rocket Racer. I've become a Big Wheel.
– I've become a Big Wheel. I gotta get the treads.
– I shall become a wheel. – [Nathan] Treads on
this tire a little bit. There we go.
– I'll become what I hated most. Wheels. – [Tristan] Mm-hmm. – [Nathan] Did I do it? (laughing) – [Tristan] Yes? (laughing) – [Jacob] You definitely did, 100%. – [Tristan] This looks like we're going, we're staring head on, onto a very angry Thomas the Tank Engine character. – [Jacob] Clickity clack down the track. – [Nathan] Yeah, because again, the way I've drawn is is the
wheel would roll this way. It would go, the head would just spin. He can't see where he's going. – No, and it also.
– It's like a spinning hub cap. – Yeah.
– I feel like he's gonna get bumped on the head, up with his helmet every time. – [Nathan] Yeah, the
helmet's gonna really limit the amount of spinning that he can do. – [Jacob] And the guns, and the suit. – [Tristan] And I also feel like he wouldn't be able to roll very well because of the weaponry that he's got positioned that way. – [Nathan] But he is a Big Wheel. – [Jacob] No one can
take that away from you. – I'm gonna look him up.
– Yeah, let's see. We got Big Wheel here. – Let's get some Big Wheel–
– Oh my god. – Right here.
– This. – [Julia] He's like a
dude in a hamster wheel. – [Nathan] That's fun. – [Jacob] It's like a Ferris wheel. – [Nathan] That looks like fun. That looks like a fun carnival ride. – [Tristan] It looks like something out of American Gladiators or
something, you know? Blazer's getting in the Big Wheel! (laughing) – [Nathan] Aw, I like it. – [Jacob] They were all
named Blazer back then. He's just having a good time.
– I've nothing negative to say about this design. This is everything I want
from a super villain. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Tristan] A super villain super villain. – [Nathan] I'm sorry I made it so silly. – [Jacob] If you just knocked
him on his side though he'd be done for. – [Tristan] I mean. Oh there is a petition to add Big Wheel to the
Spider-Man video game. (laughing) – Good.
– Wow, finally. – People were really aiming–
– being put to good use. – [Jacob] For the kind of change we need. – Thank you.
– Number one, Game of Thrones season eight, redo it. Number two, Big Wheel. – [Nathan] Get Big Wheel in the game. – [Jacob] Number three, climate change. – [Nathan] Eh. – [Jacob] We'll get to it after Big Wheel. – [Nathan] If we get to it, yeah. Let's get Big Wheel though. That's a priority. Someone else draw. – [Jacob] Yeah, that's me probably. – [Tristan] Jacob, okay. So we've got your villain coming up here. We've got some war up on high. We need better thumbnails. We need 'em juicy. We need what the internet wants, okay. So I dug deep and I found something for the thumbnail for us, okay. – Great.
– It's not gonna be Big Wheel? – [Tristan] It's not Big Wheel. Jacob, your super,
attractive, approachable, marketable villain is Ninja Venom. – [Nathan] Ninja Venom. – [Jacob] Ninja Venom. – [Julia] That sounds
like a shirt I'd find at a Hot Topic in my teens. – [Jacob] I don't wanna
draw another Venom. – [Tristan] You're doing it. – [Jacob] I've already
drawn a, I drew a Hulk, Skull Hulk, Red Venom. – [Tristan] You're lucky I
didn't give you a shitty teen. – [Jacob] Ninja Venom
could be a shitty teen. It sounds like something
a teen would come up with. – [Nathan] Ninja Venom is absolutely a million people's gamer tag already. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Tristan] Let's get some XX on there. – [Julia] Yeah I think I've
seen it while playing Dauntless. It's Nina Venom 420. – [Tristan] He is from the manga verse. I'm gonna say manga, I'm gonna say manga, I'm gonna say it wrong.
– You should say m-onga. – [Tristan] For the duration. No I'm not gonna do that. – [Jacob] Why don't you just say m-onga? – [Tristan] Why, 'cause my
mouth doesn't work that way. – [Jacob] You said it before. – [Tristan] When, when, name
one time that I said m-onga. Name one time. – [Jacob] Okay sorry, go ahead. – [Tristan] The manga verse
continuity is different and it kinda follows these
Japanese Spider-Man comics form the 70s a little bit. Basically Peter Parker is
part of the Spider Clan. There's some falling out between him and also Ben Parker is Venom's dad, and also.
– What? – [Julia] What is happening? – [Nathan] So they're cousins? – [Tristan] They're cousins, yeah. – [Nathan] Okay. So wait, who is Venom? – [Tristan] We are Venom. We are all Venom.
– We are all Venom, right. – [Jacob] Of course. So does he still have the symbiote? – [Tristan] Well the
symbiote comes in the form of a special amulet. – [Jacob] Oh cool. – [Tristan] That is passed down. The Venom symbiote
appears as a black liquid. This is from the Wiki. Released form a cursed amulet. The symbiote draws energy
from the amulet's wearer which can be fatal after
prolonged exposure. The wearer's strength and
agility are increased, and his or her ability
to control their own violent urges is reduced. – [Jacob] Okay, so it's the same shit. – [Nathan] It's the same
shit but it's an item. An amulet.
– Yeah, it's a drop. – [Jacob] But yeah, it's an amulet, okay. Does he have one of those tengu noses? – I mean, you tell me.
– One of those demon noses. – You tell me.
– He does now. – Why not?
– I think he does. I'm gonna give him demon eyes. – [Tristan] Wow. (laughing) Cool. – [Julia] I think he's
drawing Donald Duck. – [Tristan] You're really juicing up this thumbnail, huh? – [Nathan] Yeah, this
is gonna be very good for the thumbnail. – [Tristan] People are gonna love. Oh my favorite.
– They're gonna see this. – A tengu Spider-Man.
– They're gonna see this and know that this is
a Spider-Man villain. – [Jacob] This is for the thumbnail. – [Nathan] This is for the thumbnail. – [Tristan] You know what
kids love, angry Donald Duck. (laughing) Angry Daffy Duck. – [Nathan] Well I think, Big Wheel may be back in the running for the thumbnail now. Well look, he's got
one of the demon, yeah. – [Tristan] Uh-huh. – [Jacob] Okay, so it's
supposed to be sexy. – Okay.
– I'm getting rid of it. I'm getting rid of the–
– No you don't need to. (talking over each other) – [Julia] No, come on. – [Nathan] That's just for the, wow, that's just for the viewers. – [Jacob] What are they
doing if they're not viewing the episode? – [Nathan] Looking at the thumbnail. So it's not gonna be in the thumbnail. – [Jacob] I'm gonna give him a bandana to cover his mouth, and maybe the bandana's
got some teeth on it. – [Nathan] Oh like that one. – [Jacob] Like Venom's mouth did. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] You said he's sexy. Did you say he's sexy?
– I didn't say that. But he is Venom.
– I'm pretty sure you said. – [Tristan] There's some, it's Venom, so there's a long tongue and there's goo. – [Jacob] No, you said attractive. You said attractive. – [Tristan] I said as
far as marketability. That's the context I was working from. – People love the Venom.
– Ninjas. Yeah.
– They love ninjas. He's doing a little
sultry over the shoulder. – [Jacob] Yeah, we're gonna
do an over the shoulder peek. – [Nathan] Very nice. – [Jacob] I want sexy, sassy, sultry. – [Nathan] Yeah, all the things – Ninja Venom.
– That Venom and ninjas. – [Jacob] That Venom and ninjas are. – [Nathan] Are and do. I do like the teeth on the bandana. That's real fun. – [Jacob] Thank you. And then I'm just gonna
basically do a Mortal Kombat ninja outfit. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] 'Cause I don't know. I don't know anything. (laughing) – [Nathan] What are some of the battles that he and Peter have in the manga verse? – [Tristan] Well there's also– – [Nathan] In the m-onga verse. – [Tristan] So Venom is the
one that kills uncle Ben. – Oh, okay.
– And he's his dad, and he's mad about dad. – Oh no.
– Mad because dad, as they say.
– Mad because dad. (laughing) That's really good, Tristan. – [Julia] I want that as one of those back window stickers on my truck. – Yeah.
– Just mad because dad. – Mad because dad.
– It's just a picture of Gohan. (laughing) – [Julia] Worlds worst anime dad. – [Tristan] Venom eventually
died and then came back, and he had more control over the amulet, and he was also blue with the amulet. Venom can transform into a
more monstrous appearance with fangs, and can encase
himself in samurai like armor. – Oh hell yeah.
– That's not a ninja, it's a samurai. – [Tristan] I am not finished. Project tentacles like ninjas do, and transform arms into
blades, just like ninjas. – [Jacob] Transform arms into blades. Okay so this arm's gonna be a blade. – [Tristan] Okay, which
one's gonna be a tentacle? – [Jacob] None. – [Tristan] No tentacles, huh? – [Nathan] Just because he
can doesn't mean he has to all the time.
– Doesn't mean he has to. – [Tristan] Okay. – [Nathan] He's living his own life. – [Tristan] All right. – [Jacob] So this one
over here is a blade. – [Nathan] That's a good transform. That's a thick blade. – [Tristan] You know, I didn't specify, it's actually just Blade
the vampire hunter. – Oh.
– One arm transforms into Blade the vampire hunter. It's like a thick katana he does his chopping with.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Jacob] And he's got
the cut off ninja shirt. – Jacob.
– Yeah? – [Julia] We've never drawn
a more accurate ninja. – I love this.
– Check out that booty. It's popping.
– We got the booty popping. And I think, of course, one leg out. – [Tristan] Yes! – [Jacob] Thighs though. Yeah. – [Nathan] You're doing all that running, and leaping, and kicking as a ninja. – [Jacob] You gotta have
strong legs for that. – Ninja thighs.
– Yeah let's really muscle up these legs, jorts. (laughing) – For stealth.
– Stealth jorts. – Stealth jorts.
– Well you need to have mobility. – Right.
– A lot of mobility. – [Nathan] Jorts allow for
a lot of mobility and kicks. – [Tristan] Back pockets. – Yeah, back pockets.
– Oh yeah, storage. You gotta be able to store
you shuriken and kunai. – [Jacob] Yeah, of course. (laughing) – [Nathan] In your jorts pockets. – [Jacob] Am I back in
the running for thumbnail? – [Tristan] Yeah, you've taken it. There's no, the Big Wheel is out. – [Nathan] Big Wheel sit down. If you can, I don't know how you function. I really didn't think much about it in terms of design of a character. I more just drew a face
on a gross lumpy wheel. – [Jacob] You sure did. – You know?
– I mean honestly, what else does he need, anything? – [Tristan] He wields chakrams. Is it too late to say
chakrams and polearms. Does that help? Is that helpful? – Chakrams?
– Where am I gonna fit a chakrams right now? – [Tristan] I don't know. I'm not here to draw. (laughing) – That's true.
– Someday. – [Jacob] I think he's just done. – [Nathan] I think he's just done. That's good, yeah. – [Jacob] Get some, 'cause this is one of those poses where you walk
forward and then you spin around. – [Tristan] It is a Jojo pose, right? – [Nathan] Yeah, I mean
the arms aren't doing quite as crazy as a Jojo pose. – [Tristan] His arm is just a huge knife. It's not really Jojo. – This is great.
– Ninja Venom, bang. – [Tristan] You think
if he'd do a Jojo pose he'd poke out one of his eyes on accident. – [Jacob] I like this guy. I think I did a good. – [Julia] You did very good. – [Nathan] Look up Ninja Venom. – [Jacob] Let's see what
Ninja Venom actually does. – [Tristan] Look up manga verse Venom too. Oh there he is. – [Jacob] Is this one? – [Tristan] That's one of them. He's blue. – [Jacob] What, he looks
like the genie from Aladdin. – [Tristan] There you
go, that's the one with the samurai armor. – Okay.
– And he's got a polearm. – [Nathan] That's pretty rad. – [Tristan] Here you go. – [Jacob] I didn't expect these colors. – [Tristan] You didn't expect pauldrons? – [Jacob] I didn't expect
this art style either. – [Tristan] It's the manga verse. – [Jacob] There's a lot I didn't, this doesn't look like manga. – [Nathan] That's Hell Boy. – [Jacob] This is not
what manga looks like. – [Tristan] Have you ever read one, Jacob? Name one manga you have read. – [Jacob] I'm reading manga all the time. I've seen manga. This ain't manga. This looks like some 90s American stuff. – He's pretty good.
– He's pretty good. – [Tristan] He looks like blue Kratos. – He looks like blue Kratos.
– Yes he does. – [Jacob] He doesn't
look like a ninja at all. Unlike mine which does.
– Yours is very good. Baring some unforeseen turn of events with Julia's drawing, Ninja Venom gonna be in the thumbnail. – [Julia] He's gonna be the thumbnail. – [Jacob] Gotta be. – [Nathan] Gotta be. – [Jacob] Julia, you ready to do yours? – Yeah.
– All right, let's swap. – [Tristan] All right, you know, when I'm looking up stuff and going down big Wiki holes, everything, sometimes I see a name and I know it's specifically for one person, and I saw the name of
this Spider-Man villain, and I thought that's Julia, obviously. – [Julia] Cool, cool. – [Tristan] She has to draw Fancy Dan! (laughing) – Fancy Dan.
– You really upgraded from just a guy named Joe to Fancy Dan. (laughing) – [Jacob] Okay she's going fast. Tristan.
– Oh shit. – [Jacob] Quickly, we're
getting cheek bones, we're getting jaw. – [Nathan] Fancy Dan
has a strong jaw line. – [Tristan] Fancy Dan, AKA, Daniel Brito. – [Jacob] Daniel Burrito? – Brito.
– Brito. – [Jacob] That's how they
call it in the south. – [Nathan] That's how you say
it when you're in a hurry. – [Julia] Can I get a brito please? – [Tristan] Can I get one
of those fancy britos? – [Jacob] Can I get one
of those Fancy Dan britos? (laughing) – [Nathan] They do call
it a Dan Brito, yeah. – [Tristan] Give me one
of those Dan britos. (laughing) – [Nathan] That's when you're in a hurry and in the south, and a little bit angry. – [Tristan] Not to be confused
with those goldern burritos. – [Jacob] Yeah, that's
different, that's different. – [Tristan] Those have been
in the microwave too long and someone else needs to use it. (laughing) – [Nathan] Get that
goldern burrito out of the. (laughing) Get that Dan burrito out of the microwave. (laughing) Good. – [Tristan] It's good that we're talking in southern accents, because Daniel Brito is from Brooklyn, New York. – [Jacob] Oh yes, the south of New York. (laughing) – [Tristan] I mean that's
definitely Staten Island, right? – [Julia] Yeah. (laughing) – The fanciest place.
– It's good that everyone else gets what we're talking about. So he's kind of like a, in a lot of ways, Fancy Dan's a regular kind of street tough. A henchmen, if you will. – Okay.
– He worked for the Enforcers with other men named Montana and Ox. – [Nathan] Yeah those
are good Enforcer names. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Tristan] It's just
like, I wanna say Fancy Dan was Stan Lee, Steve Ditko era. The fancy thug man. – [Jacob] Here comes Fancy Dan, y'all. – [Nathan] This is Puri-Puri Prisoner. – [Jacob] This is Puri-Puri
Prisoner from One Punch Man. – [Tristan] Oh, I don't
think I got to that episode. – [Jacob] You would know if you had. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Tristan] Okay. All right, all right. – [Nathan] Okay so he's street tough. – [Tristan] Let's see, he
gets defeated pretty easily by Spider-Man. He also dated Squirrel Girl at one point. – Whoa.
– Wow. – [Tristan] He just went on
one date as far as I know. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Tristan] It didn't work out. They didn't click.
– Well yeah, a street tough and a superhero
probably aren't gonna. – [Tristan] I like to think
that they remain friends. – [Nathan] That's nice. Well yeah, Squirrel Girl
seems pretty friendly. – [Tristan] They watch each
other's Instagram stories and it isn't weird, so it's fine. – [Jacob] That's about the
best you can ask for sometimes. (laughing) – [Tristan] I can tell
you about his abilities. – [Nathan] Does he become his, but he becomes his own
villain at some point. When does he make the transition from just regular henchman
to someone named Fancy Dan? – [Tristan] Well he's a regular henchman that they've all got names, 'cause Montana's name isn't Montana. It's Jackson Brice, and Ox is named Raymond Bloch. Bloch. I think that's Scottish, Bloch. – [Nathan] So this is just a henchman, but you like the name so much you wanted Julia to draw it.
– I like the name so much, he's got a real attitude
and all the material that I've seen him in. He's also in The Spectacular
Spider-Man cartoon where he is played by Phil LaMarr. – [Nathan] Oh great. – [Tristan] Who you might
know as Samurai Jack. – [Nathan] Phil LaMarr, legendary voice. – Legendary voice actor.
– Legendary voice actor as Marvin in Pulp Fiction, all that stuff. – [Nathan] And MADtv cast member. – [Tristan] Right, that too. MADtv, top of the list. – [Nathan] He's had a career. – [Tristan] Yeah, definitely. And in that cartoon, he teams up with, wouldn't
you know it, the Tinkerer. – [Nathan] Wow, the Tinkerer just keeps– – [Tristan] Gets around. – [Nathan] Keeps showing up. – Yeah.
– Making wheels, making large wheels for people. – [Tristan] He's always like a gadget man and never the villain. You know what I mean? Except for in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 where he is basically the
main villain of the game. – [Julia] I have a question. – [Nathan] Spoilers. – [Julia] Why Fancy? – [Nathan] Yeah, what's fancy about him? – [Julia] What's fancy about him. – [Tristan] He's very smooth. People find it hard to get at him. – [Julia] Okay. – [Tristan] He's always
holding onto his guns and never lets anyone touch his guns, 'cause he feels very fancy about them. – [Jacob] He has fancy guns? – [Julia] He has fancy guns. – Sure.
– Or just normal guns. – [Nathan] He just fancies his guns. – Or he fancies his guns.
– He fancies his guns, yeah. – [Nathan] He's more just like he fancies a lot of stuff. – [Tristan] His strength
level is described as such on the Wiki. – Okay.
– Daniel Brito possesses the normal human strength of a man his age height and built who engages
in intensive regular exercise. – [Jacob] All right. – [Tristan] Okay. – [Nathan] Strong guy who's
got enough of a personality that he's been able to carve
out a name for himself. – [Jacob] Does he fight Spider-Man? – [Tristan] He does. He's part of the Enforcers. – [Nathan] He gets his
butt kicked by Spider-Man a bunch, I guess.
– Does this dude have hair? – That's up to you.
– Tristan did say he was smooth.
– Smooth. – Yeah.
– Okay. – [Jacob] So you know. – I'm gonna keep him bald.
– Mr. Clean it up. – [Julia] Yeah, okay. – [Nathan] He's beautiful. – [Tristan] It's probably easier. Do you find it easier as an artist to draw someone bald? – Yes.
– No. – [Nathan] Oh. (laughing) – No?
– We have differing opinions. – [Tristan] What's easier about hair? – [Jacob] I think with
hair you don't have to draw a good head shape, 'cause
it's all underneath the hair. For me personally–
– Okay. – [Jacob] I have a hard
time with figuring out how tall or wide the head
should be if it's bald. – [Tristan] Yeah, if it's
hair, it's like whatever. – [Jacob] How much head
is supposed to be here? It looks too crazy if it's too big. Looks crazy if it's too small. – [Tristan] Uh-huh. – [Jacob] So it's easier
for me to do hair. – [Julia] I kinda just
want him in a V T-shirt. Like a low V.
– Yeah, he's been to he GAP. – [Tristan] Yeah, what do you think, he's got, oh low.
– That's a low V. – [Nathan] That's a fancy, yeah. Now that's a Fancy Dan. – [Jacob] We had a couple
sassy characters in a row here. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Ninja Venom and Fancy Dan going out on the town together. – [Nathan] I didn't know, I think Big Wheel, maybe I could have developed the depth of that character beyond
just sort of angry face inside of a gross looking
crow nut, basically. – [Tristan] These guns are enormous. – [Julia] Yeah, yeah. – [Tristan] Or are they large guns? – [Julia] They're big ole six shooters. – [Tristan] I'm pretty
sure Jim Carrey used these in The Mask.
– Yeah, oh yeah. I think I want, I want, first of all, he needs this. – [Jacob] Yeah, he needs the sparkles. – [Tristan] Does he help
for me to say that he's an expert in knife throwing? Is that of any use to you? I like to throw in vital details right at the last minute.
– He's an expert in knife throwing. But he does have, you did say he has guns. That he doesn't like people toughing. – Correct.
– Oh there's a knife in his mouth. – [Nathan] Oh, he can
throw it with his mouth. Very cute.
– It's a strange knife. – [Nathan] That's a throwing knife. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] If you insist. (laughing) – And I do.
– We do. As with many of our–
– I will take your word for it – [Nathan] Drawings on this show, if we insist that something is a thing then we all agree that
that's what that is. – It is definitely true.
– Yup. – [Tristan] Just a tidbit. This isn't gonna be helpful. – Okay.
– But in the Earth X universe from the Wiki, Fancy Dan had mutated to being invisible
except for his mustache. – [Nathan] His mustache? – [Jacob] Oh my. – [Tristan] Can you imagine
a mustache floating there. – [Nathan] This guy is
definitely southern. Look at him. (laughing) – [Jacob] Come on down
to Fancy Dan's Britos. (laughing) I'll shoot you up a spicy one. – [Tristan] This does look
like a logo for a restaurant I would look at and be like, I don't know if the food is good, but I am intrigued. – Yeah.
– This is when you're really bad or really good, and it's not in between. – [Jacob] It'd be like
a neighborhood staple. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Nathan] Do people go here
because the food is good or just because there
aren't any other options and it's got this fun gentlemen. – [Tristan] Let's get
these guldurn tourists out of Fancy Dan's. – [Jacob] Get 'em out of Fancy Dan's. Fancy Dan's has changed. (laughing) – [Tristan] Those britos
aren't the same no more. – [Jacob] Ever since Fancy
Dan left Fancy Dan's, those burritos haven't been the same. – [Nathan] I'm glad we're
sticking with the jorts and thick legs–
– Oh yeah. – For the.
– But this dude's wearing cowboy boots. How do I draw cowboy boots at this angle. – [Nathan] Oh you don't have to. You're gonna.
– I'm gonna. (laughing) – [Jacob] It's not easy
to get in this position if you're wearing a cowboy boot. – [Nathan] No, you don't
have a lot of ankle mobility in a cowboy boot. Which is, I think by design. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] But that's not–
– You know what. Not cowboy boots.
– That's not gonna atop Fancy Dan. – [Jacob] Put a pair of cowboy boots sitting nearby like he took them off. – [Nathan] He took them off to do the pose and then he puts them back
on for when eh goes back out on his horse, question mark. – [Jacob] He's got a
motorcycle with a horse hat on the front. – [Nathan] Oh that's fine. But he's just one of those–
– It's just one of the steel horsey rides.
– Yeah. – [Nathan] It's one of those floppy rubber horse masks that he just sort of has draped over. – [Tristan] The one for
like $13 from Amazon. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] Just flopps in the wind. – [Nathan] Yeah, but
it's on his motorcycle. – [Tristan] So draw that. Draw one entire motorcycle.
– Yeah sure. That'll be in the part
two of this episode, specifically is me just trying to do that. – [Nathan] Okay so he's
barefoot underneath the boots. No socks. – [Julia] I need to raise these up. – [Jacob] About to say
one leg of his jorts ais a lot longer than the other, huh? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Well he cut them off himself with his expert knife throwing skills. – He shot them off.
– He shot them off. (laughing) – [Jacob] These are my hand shot jorts. – [Nathan] Oh good, yeah, there, you can see the. (laughing) – Julia, the speed at which you're enable to incorporate our bullshit in your drawings is
always impressive to me. – [Julia] There you go. (laughing) – [Nathan] I like how
he should have no legs. Like, we know Fancy Dan shot these off while his pants were on.
– While he was wearing. (laughing) – [Nathan] Yeah, don't you
think it'd be better if, obviously it'd be better if you weren't shooting, you just used some sort of scissors.
– What's that, I can't here you. I don't reckon so. – [Nathan] If you're gonna be shooting, you probably don't wanna
be, oh you're just bleeding. I'm gonna go back to the
restaurant, make those burritos. – [Jacob] You do that. – [Nathan] Oh boy. – [Julia] Well here you go. – [Jacob] This one is
Fancy Dan's tiny leg. Compared to that other. – [Nathan] It's in relief. It's going back. – [Jacob] We gotta get it out there. – [Nathan] There it goes. – [Jacob] We gotta
match thigh length here. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Thigh length and girth. – [Jacob] When he stands up, he towers. – [Tristan] He rarely stand up because he shot his legs. (laughing) – [Jacob] Shot his legs
while making his jorts. – [Nathan] Just got so many
bullets stuck in there. Oh man. – [Julia] Okay, here you go. Fix that real hasty. – [Nathan] I love him. – [Julia] So do I. – [Jacob] This is a very silly drawing. – [Nathan] I want Fancy
Dan in a Spider-Man movie. – [Jacob] I want Fancy Dan in Smash. – [Nathan] I want Dan in Smash. – [Tristan] I'm pretty
sure you an make that. There's a me you could. – [Nathan] You could absolutely make a me. Would he be a gunner? – Yeah.
– Yeah, of course. – [Tristan] Would have to. Is there a knife wielder? – [Nathan] There's sword boy. – [Jacob] No, he'd be a gunner. Somebody make a Fancy
Dan me and then send us the image, please. – [Tristan] You're just
asking, please labor for us. – [Nathan] That's what we do now. – [Jacob] Yeah, I said
it in a Drawfee beans. Our community is our interns now. – Yeah.
– Oh wow. – We make requests.
– But also we're their interns.
– We get what we pay for. – [Jacob] Because they make requests of us and we have to do it. – Yeah.
– That's fair. – [Jacob] It's a mutual
intern relationship. – [Nathan] Sounds very healthy. – [Jacob] It's really
healthy, they love it. – [Nathan] What are the benefits like? – [Jacob] I get friend fun
Photoshop friend requests. – [Nathan] A sense of community in an otherwise desolate–
– Do you bring those to the dentist? – [Nathan] Internet landscape. – [Tristan] You bring those to the doctor when you've gotta get some blood taken. – [Jacob] Yeah, I show them the memes. – [Tristan] Yeah, you show them means. You're like, this checks out. – [Jacob] And they're
like, free of charge. – [Tristan] We take your
insurance in form of memes. – [Jacob] These are some
quality custom memes. Hand crafted, we spoke. – [Nathan] Let's look him up. (laughing) – [Tristan] He's just a guy. – He's just a guy.
– He's just a guy. – [Julia] Dude with a straw hat. – He's got a hat.
– The top left dude, that's the.
– His pose in this one. – [Julia] The one time I
was supposed to draw a suit. – [Jacob] Just a normal dude in a suit. – [Tristan] I thought
you would draw a suit, because I said Fancy Dan. – [Julia] I was trying to branch out, and look where it's gotten me. Give me an egg, I put a suit on it. Give me a fancy man, I put him in a low V shirt and shot off, cut off jeans. – [Nathan] I'm just proud of all of us for not making any Damn Daniel references while Julia was drawing.
– I wasn't even thinking about it.
– Did not even occur to me. – [Jacob] Until you said it. – [Tristan] Were you restraining
yourself this whole time? – [Julia] Tristan did
make some Bon Jovi jokes. – [Nathan] Yeah, that's okay. – Yeah.
– That's okay. Those are circled back a couple times. – [Jacob] You know when
you make a Bon Jovi joke, they call it a Bon Jokie. – [Nathan] And that's gonna do it for us. – [Tristan] Circle the other way around. (laughing) – [Nathan] Wow, well that's. – [Jacob] A Bon Jokie. – We are far from home again.
– Again? – We're far from–
– You did that joke. – [Nathan] The beginning of the episode. Let's end it. This has been Drawfee. Leave a suggestion of what you
wanna see us draw next time. Let us know if you like the video. We always appreciate a good
ole I like this video comment. – [Tristan] You gotta tell
them to ring the bell, right? – [Nathan] Yeah, you gotta ring the bell. That's how you circumvent the system is you ring the bell. If you subscribe, that's great. – [Tristan] YouTube doesn't
want you to know about the bell. Don't press it.
– We're sorry. – Sorry.
– Bon Jokies. (laughing) – [Nathan] I'm sorry

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