Artists Draw Planeswalkers from Magic the Gathering

Artists Draw Planeswalkers from Magic the Gathering

– [Nathan] Welcome to Drawfee,
where we take dumb ideas. – [Julia] And make even dumber drawings. – I’m Nathan.
– I’m Julia. – I’m Jacob.
– And I’m Carolyn. – [Nathan] Guys, Carolyn
Page is here, new cast member for Dorkly and Magic the Gathering expert – [Carolyn] Hello. – [Nathan] You are here
because you want us to draw some Magic cards. – [Carolyn] Indeed; Magic
is woefully underrepresented on all of these channels
and we need to change that. – [Nathan] We only did one
episode of Magic themed episode; it was not enough for Carolyn. – [Nathan] Well, one of
the cards we drew wasn’t even a card, our lore
librarian I think maybe, sometimes his lore is too vast. – [Jacob] Too deep, too vast. – [Nathan] Not deep enough,
but too vast, so we got a specialized expert for this episode, so Carolyn, you have some
Magic cards that you are going to describe for us and we’re gonna try and draw the art, the very good art that is on those cards. – [Carolyn] Indeed. – [Nathan] Magic cards
have some really cool art and I’m excited to do a worse job. – [Carolyn] Yeah, I have these, some cards that are basically the Avengers of the Magic universe. – [Nathan] They did an Avengers? – [Carolyn] Well they’re
like the main hero team. And also their enemy. And I wanna see y’all’s hot takes on them. – [Julia] Nice. – [Jacob] We got some takes I bet. I’m willing to bet we have takes. – [Nathan] Yeah. I’m ready to interpret some descriptions wrong. Gimme my card. – [Carolyn] Alright, the
first is Liliana Vess. She’s a necromancer. – [Nathan] Liliana Vest? – [Carolyn] Who is – [Jacob] She’s a vest saleswoman. – [Nathan] She loves wearing
her necromancer vest. – [Carolyn] She used to be a healer, but her powers got corrupted. She’s also extra powerful because she had a magic artifact that
was possessed by some demons, well the demons gave it to her, and she was enthralled to them, but she killed them all. – [Nathan] What kind of artifact? – [Carolyn] It’s called the Chain Veil. – [Jacob] It’s her vest. – It’s a veil?
– It’s Liliana’s vest. – [Nathan] Is it like a chain mail veil? – [Carolyn] Yes. – [Julia] That’s pretty
dope and also painful if you have literally any kind of hair. – [Nathan] You know, I can see how someone would go from healer to necromancer, ’cause that’s just healing too good. – [Carolyn] You’re off
to a really good start. – [Nathan] With a head? – [Carolyn] Yeah! She does have a head. – [Nathan] I’m giving
her her chain mail veil. That’s what we got. Does she have elf ears? – [Carolyn] She’s a human. – She’s a human.
– She is a human, yeah. – [Jacob] But does she have elf ears? Like for fun. – [Julia] Like those
little clip on things? – [Jacob] Yeah, those little clip on ones. – [Carolyn] Or maybe she’s had surgery? I don’t know, but she is, no, I do know. She doesn’t have elf ears. But she is a powerful planeswalker. And so the planeswalkers
are these being who can traverse the multiverse because they have innate magic called planeswalker spark. And so they can kind of
inter-dimensionally teleport around and zip around. She commands armies of the dead and she associated with black mana so she like draws power on like swamps to make zombies and stuff. – [Julia] So she can go literally anywhere and resurrect literally anyone? – [Carolyn] Pretty much, yeah. – [Julia] She seems a little OP. – [Carolyn] She kind of is. – [Nathan] So is she the good guy? She’s an okay necromancer? – [Carolyn] Well she was part of this team The Gate Watch, but she
recently betrayed them. – [Nathan] Oh, she’s like the Reaper. – [Carolyn] And she also used
to date one of the characters. – [Nathan] So she’s just Reaper. (laughing) I’m just gonna draw Reaper. – [Jacob] How many
shotguns does she carry? – [Carolyn] Nine shotguns, at least. – [Jacob] That’s so many. – [Carolyn] There are some
guns in the Magic universe, but they’re usually wielded by dwarves. – [Julia] Okay, that’s fair. – [Jacob] Those big blunderbusses. – [Carolyn] Yeah, blunderbuss, exactly. – [Jacob] I love those. – [Julia] I’m picturing her
popping into a dimension, being like, I want you on my team, shotgunning them, and then
bringing them back to life and then like now you work for me. – Now you work for me.
– Let’s go! – [Jacob] You’re hired. – [Carolyn] Yeah, that’s
basically what she does. – [Julia] That’s pretty dope. – [Carolyn] She’s very manipulative. None of these are physical
descriptions that I’m giving you. – [Julia] No, that’s good. – [Nathan] I wanna give
her, I gave her like a hood, but I wanna give her, – [Julia] You gave her Reaper’s hood. – [Nathan] I gave her Reaper’s
hood because she’s Reaper. Should I give her Reaper’s shoulders? Is she like an edge lord? I’m just gonna skull her up. – [Jacob] Skull her up big time. – I like this
– Full necromantic garb. – [Carolyn] I think you should definitely just start drawing Magic cards. – [Julia] Nathan don’t quit Drawfee, but do draw Magic cards. – [Nathan] Yeah, I mean,
Wizards, if you’re hiring, I will work for Magic cards. As my payment.
– As your payment? – [Nathan] Because that’s what
I’ll spend all my money on. – [Jacob] It kinda
seems like at this point you could just draw the card, and then print out the card that you drew and that’d be the exact same process. – That’s true.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] Let’s make our
own Magic the Gathering. – [Nathan] Let’s make our
own Magic the Gathering, we’ll call it Drawfee the Drawfening. – [Carolyn] I’m in. – [Jacob] I was gonna suggest perhaps Drawfee the like Get Together. It’s a casual get together. – [Nathan] Just a get
together, just to hang. We’re just hanging out. – [Carolyn] It’s Drawfee the pick me game. – [Nathan] I imagine like, she’s got – [Carolyn] She’s a pretty sexy character. – [Jacob] Does she have a boob window? – [Carolyn] A boob window? Yeah, in some of her costumes
she has a boob window. – [Nathan] I’m gonna
give her a boob window. – [Jacob] Don’t forget her vest. – [Nathan] Right, that’s
a pretty crucial part. Okay, so we’ve got boob window here. So sort of like boop, boop. – [Jacob] You booped on a boob window. – [Nathan] Booped on a
boob window, and then vest. Vest will be, I guess coming. – [Jacob] It can be one
of those like sexy vests that’s like a corset vest. – [Nathan] I know how anatomy works guys, don’t worry about it. Don’t
even have to worry about this. This drawing that I’m doing.
I gave her a real long neck. – [Carolyn] Fun fact about Liliana, is she tried to save her brother, but messed up and made
him an immortal lich. Whoops! – [Jacob] I was trying
to heal his broken arm and I accidentally made
him an immortal lich. – [Carolyn] And he killed
hundreds of people. So, she really messed
up bad with that one. – [Jacob] So did she have
to like then take him out, or is he just like out?
I guess he’s immortal. – [Carolyn] I think she
did have to take him out, but she was kinda teamed up
with her super friends then. But she’s looking real strong. – [Nathan] Yeah, I figure she’s
one of the Avengers, right? – [Carolyn] Yeah. – [Nathan] Okay, so
here comes little vest. – [Jacob] Yeah, little vest, please. – [Nathan] Little vest coming in. Just sort of yeah, comes
right up on the boobs. Just perfectly contours – Sure
– The body – [Carolyn] Vests are always
flattering on the female form. – [Jacob] Liliana Vess’ Liliana Vests. We got a vest for you! – [Nathan] Necromancers
just love skulls right? That’s just sort of their whole deal. – [Carolyn] Skulls over their nipples. – [Nathan] Skulls over their nipples. – [Jacob] One for each. – [Nathan] Over here, coming in. – [Carolyn] Oh, I really like the 3D. – [Jacob] Thank you art skill. – [Nathan] Showing up here,
another skull for the belt. – [Carolyn] This is
honestly going much better than I thought it would. – [Jacob] Yay! – [Julia] Either the
expectation of us was very low, or Nathan’s really killing it. – [Carolyn] Maybe a little bit of both. – [Nathan] Well if I kill it,
then Liliana can resurrect it. – [Jacob] Wow, dude. Good joke. – [Nathan] Thank you. I guess I am gonna give her Reaper guns, right? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] Resurrection guns. – [Nathan] These are the guns she, well she has to kill them first before she can resurrect them. – [Jacob] Oh, one gun kills. – [Nathan] One gun kills,
and one gun resurrects. – [Jacob] Oh I love that. – [Julia] You think she ever messes it up? Like in the heat of the action
she’s like ah shit. Ah damn. I guess the worse thing she would do is just kinda shoot a corpse, huh. With the kill gun. – [Jacob] She can’t
really make any mistake that she can’t fix. – [Julia] That’s true. – [Carolyn] Yeah, it’s
really gone to her head. She’s pretty selfish. – [Julia] Unless she tries
to do one of those like in anger just cap a body a few times and she like caps them
with the resurrect gun and she’s like ah, shit.
Ah, Todd, you’re back. – [Nathan] She’s got a full
army of dead guys behind her – [Julia] Oh yeah, look
at that little guy. He’s like a little human Cubone. – [Jacob] Is she like eight feet tall? – [Carolyn] Those are just
the bodies of children. – [Nathan] She’s a planeswalker, she’s powerful, she’s tall and powerful. – [Julia] She’s wearing
platform stilettos. – [Jacob] It seems like she
wouldn’t do too good on planes being that tall, if you ask me. – [Carolyn] Wow. – [Jacob] ‘Cause tall
people, planes not made for people that tall. – [Nathan] There’s a specific sort of size recommended to be on a, – [Jacob] Julia, do you get it? – [Julia] I don’t. – [Jacob] Your knees would
get stuck on the planes. There’s two different
meanings for the word planes. – [Nathan] Someone would try and sit down and you’d be like hey, my knees. – [Jacob] Don’t lean back in front of me. It was a really good joke, and that’s why I had to explain it this much. – [Nathan] That’s how you can
tell how good a joke it is. Is you have to explain it. A bunch. This skeleton’s kind of tall over here. – [Jacob] I lovee these skeletons. They’re just happy to be here. They just wanna party. They don’t seem particularly violent at all. – [Nathan] Well she hasn’t commanded them to do any violence yet. – [Carolyn] They’re just her back up. – [Nathan] I think more chain mail which I’m indicating by hatching. – [Carolyn] Love it, Terry Hatching. – [Nathan] Yeah, I think this is my, this is what’s on the card, I think 100%. – [Carolyn] I mean, you fucking nailed it. – [Nathan] There she is. – [Jacob] That’s our girl. – [Nathan] I wanna look her up. – [Julia] Oh, she’s cool. – [Carolyn] She is cool. – [Julia] Except in
this one she looks like a 1950’s housewife
that’s really pissed off. – [Nathan] Okay so her not as much gun. – [Carolyn] She’s pretty slender. I like that you made
her a little more brolic to be honest. – [Jacob] Yeah, not a ton of
gun, but she does have boobie. – [Nathan] She does have some boobie. No skulls on the nips. – [Julia] That’s a mistake on her part. – [Jacob] We forgot the
exposed tummy window. That’s what we’re missing here. – [Nathan] Oh, the tummy window. – [Julia] How else was she
gonna show off her abs? – [Nathan] My mistake. – [Jacob] She is ripped out of control as well as being a necromancer. – [Nathan] She’s very strong. You need to have strong core strength to do all that resurrecting. – [Jacob] Don’t resurrect with your back. You’ll end up getting hurt,
you wanna engage the core. – [Carolyn] Alright, this next
one I’m very excited about. – [Jacob] You weren’t
excited about Nathan’s, but. – [Nathan] She was kind of
excited, but not very excited. – [Carolyn] I’m very excited now. You’ll be drawing Jace Beleren. – [Julia] Jace Beleren. – [Jacob] Yeah, he
sounds like a douche bag. – He sounds like a Castlevania
– He kind of is. – [Julia] Character. – [Carolyn] He’s an
extremely powerful mind mage. – Mind mage?
– And he’s covered in tattoos. – [Jacob] Why have you done this to me? – [Nathan] Tatted up. – [Julia] Just make him real broad. That’s what I’m picturing. – [Jacob] Yeah, he’s gonna be broad. I’m gonna render him here in sort of my trademark dumpy style. That
is my favorite way to draw. – [Nathan] Is he the one
that Liliana was dating? – [Carolyn] Yes. – [Nathan] Oh shit. Oh that’s a couple. – [Julia] She loved a bad boy. – [Carolyn] They had a thing. And funnily, very recently
in some recent lore, it came to light that Jace
always looked super cut, but that that was actually an
illusion and he was actually like pretty tubby and he
was just always projecting like a super cut
– For real? – [Jacob] Oh, that’s fun. He’s so vain, he used
all of his spell manas to make himself look hot. – [Carolyn] Yeah, so I feel
like we never got to see, but then he got trapped on a desert island and got cut and lost his memory again. He loses his memory a lot. – [Julia] I think this is
the story line for Far Cry 3. – [Carolyn] But he got cut again, but I feel like we don’t
get to see tubby Jace. We never really got to picture that. – [Jacob] Okay, so do we want tubby Jace? – I want tubby Jace.
– We want tubby. – [Carolyn] The true Jace. – [Jacob] Post illusions, but he still is gonna be in this pose,
like yeah, I’m a cool guy. – [Nathan] I got tickets
to the tubby Jace concert. – [Carolyn] Yo, you got those tickets? – [Nathan] I got the tubby Jace tickets. – [Carolyn] I hear Incubus
is opening for them. – [Jacob] Okay, so we’re
gonna get like a little beer gut in here, where it’s
like hanging down a little bit. – [Nathan] I like to imagine – [Jacob] I think he’s like
crammed into some pants that are too tight. – [Nathan] ‘Cause he’s
got tattoos you said. Is it just like, he tattooed some abs and then used some illusion magic to make them look like actual abs? – [Carolyn] I love that idea. I actually don’t know what
tattoos are on his stomach so that may very well be the case. – [Jacob] He’s slammed into
these tight like leather pants that don’t fit him, but
it’s like for the illusion. He looks really good in
them in the illusion. – [Julia] I’m trying
to think of the tattoos that a guy who uses magic
to make himself look hotter would have, and I’m imagining it’s like, you know no regrets in some gothic font you know, across his chest or something. – [Nathan] He got some
tattoos with some misspellings and he has to use his magic to hide them. Like they’re all in Comic Sans and the say like No Regerts. – [Julia] It says No Gogurts, actually. – [Nathan] No Gogurts. You
don’t need to change that one, that’s fun, except, why no
gogurts? Gogurt’s great. – [Jacob] He probably loves gogurt. – [Nathan] Yogurt on the go. I don’t have time for spoons. – [Jacob] I imagine like,
the sex is pretty good ’cause he can just illusion
himself to look like whatever you’re into, whatever you’re desiring at that moment. – [Carolyn] Oh yeah. – [Julia] But would he take the time to know what it is that you’re into? – [Jacob] Absolutely not. – [Nathan] Fucking Jace. Jace, I told you. – [Jacob] I think he’s got on
like some heeled shoes here with like the little curvy toes. – [Carolyn] Yeah, I like that a lot. – [Jacob] He’s a real fancy man. – [Nathan] He sounds like a fancy man. – [Carolyn] He’s a fancy boy man. – [Jacob] He’s a fancy boy man. – [Nathan] He’s a fancy tubby Jace. – [Carolyn] Yeah. I’m gonna
start dressing like this he looks great. `- [Jacob] And I think he’s like, ’cause I wanna have like pieces of him are like the handsome
parts that accentuating. – [Nathan] Oh sure. – [Jacob] So like you
can tell that like maybe he had some really nice hair. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] So kinda like, it’s like flowy, but it is receding big time. – [Nathan] Oh, and that’s
like how the mind magic works is he can only really focus on illusioning a specific part of him at a time and so he just causes you
to focus on different areas and then the other bits
revert to their natural state. – [Carolyn] I think we
should start a series where we draw every single
card in Magic the Gathering. Thousands and thousands of cards. You guys ready for that? – [Jacob] That would need
to be a whole new channel. – [Nathan] They’re not still
making new ones too right? They’re not like constantly coming out. – [Carolyn] Every three months. – [Julia] Yeah, Magic hasn’t
been around for that long so I’m sure it’s fine. – [Carolyn] 1994. – [Julia] Oh no. – [Carolyn] Oh, oh jeez. Oh, Jace. – [Julia] Oh goodness. – [Jacob] Yeah, like a tight sort of. – [Nathan] It looks really good. Jace is that guy who is like
always at the college party. And you’re like whose friend is he? He looks so much older than all of us. – [Carolyn] But he’s still a sophomore. He’s just been a sophomore
for years and years. – [Nathan] I guess he, I
do have a class with him, but I just assumed he was doing
like a continuing education. – [Julia] Yeah, I had
to make up some credits so I am still a student,
you know, so like it’s fine. – [Jacob] Everyone’s like
Jace, how old are you? And he’s like you know, you’re age. How old are the kids these days? I’m that age. – [Julia] I’m a sophomore’s age. – [Jacob] I wanna say twenty. I wanna say twenty. – [Nathan] I’m twenty. – [Jacob] Whose keeping track anymore? Hey man, what are you a narc? – [Jacob] Yeah, what
are you the age police? Over here, hey guys, get
a load of age police. – [Carolyn] Oh, he’s a fancy boy. The pinky’s up? – [Jacob] Pinky’s up. Pinky’s up, he’s got his goblet. – [Nathan] Who broke up with who? – [Carolyn] I can’t quite remember. – [Nathan] Who broke up with whom. – [Jacob] Whom broke up with whomst. – [Carolyn] I think Jace might
have broken up with Liliana ’cause she’s kind of betrayed the gang and then come back to them
like a bunch of times` Oh no, and he also keeps losing his memory and then is just like oh sorry, I didn’t know that we were dating. – [Jacob] Forgot we were an item. – [Carolyn] Yeah. – [Julia] This is why I keep having to take college course ya know? I just keep forgetting them and then when the test rolls
around whoof, real rough. – [Nathan] That’s one way to
avoid the breakup conversation. It’s like oh I don’t, who are you? – [Carolyn] Yeah, and
the anmesia break up. – [Jacob] OH, it’s that amnesia again. Ah, dang I have anmesia I
guess, I can’t remember. – [Carolyn] I’m totally gonna use this. – [Jacob] I think he’s in the middle of like explaining something that everyone like totally already knows. So he’s just got his had out like, yeah, and it’s like so crazy
the way the planes work. Let me tell you guys. – [Nathan] I don’t know how
many planes you’ve been to I’m actually a planeswalker. – [Jacob] I’ve actually
walked a few planes. I did this study program
in a different plane. Here you can use like
other forms of transit between the planes, but it’s
really not the same as walking. Once you’ve walked the planes with your own two feet, you really learn a lot about other plane’s cutures. – [Carolyn] He’s definitely
not doing too much walking. Oh, this is so accurate guys. – [Nathan] Look at his little cape. – [Jacob] He’s got a little stupid cape. – [Nathan] Cape and
like too small tank top. – [Carolyn] I love it. – [Jacob] The combo. Oh these are gonna be like sparkles like he’s casted a little – [Nathan] Is he wearing yoga
pants? What are his pants? – [Jacob] They’re like tight leather pants like an old school rock and roll guy. [Nathan] Oh, okay, cool, cool, cool. – [Jacob] So he’s in the middle of doing like an illusory spell. – [Julia] Jacob, I’m worried that you’ve drawn someone’s uncle and that they’re gonna be scared. – [Jacob] This is everyone’s uncle. – [Nathan] Your uncle might be Jace. – [Jacob] Okay he needs tattoos. Just throw some stereotypical ones at me. – [Nathan] Barbed wire. – [Jacob] Barbed wire,
sure, let’s get that one right around here. – [Julia] What’s the ones
that he thought would be cool? – [Nathan] Maybe he got like a skull for when he was in a
relationship with Liliana. – [Jacob] Yeah, probably so. – [Nathan] He got like a skull for her – [Jacob] That’s gonna
be like here on the arm. – [Carolyn] I think he lost his family so maybe there’s one that’s like something about family, like mom. – [Julia] I just want it to say like mom, and then at the bottom in like a banner it just says and everyone else. Just really highlight mom. – [Jacob] The banner’s
like down in his pants. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] He didn’t consider the placement for this one super well. Just a heart that says mom
right on his sort of side here. – [Nathan] Maybe he just
has the like blue water drop symbol for like the blue mana. – [Jacob] Oh yeah, sure maybe
that’s like a neck tattoo? – [Julia] Maybe he has like
a dagger tattoo up there, but I do like the water one. – [Nathan] Maybe just the word magic. – [Jacob] I like that. – [Carolyn] He’s got some
face tattoos as well. – [Jacob] Oh does he? I think I wanna get just like a little sparkle on his cheek. – Oh nice.
– There’s a cheek sparkle. – [Nathan] That’s cute. – [Carolyn] Aw, that’s really good. – [Julia] Do you think that
he has some like tribal tats that are creeping onto his face? – [Carolyn] Definitely. – [Julia] Like maybe he
got head tribal tattoos and then his hair started to grow over it and now there this like
little tendril sticking out. – [Jacob] There’s the magic
tattoo on his stomach there. – [Carolyn] Wow. Now I know
what tattoo I’m gonna get. – [Nathan] It’s like Adam
Levine’s California tattoo. – [Jacob] What were we
saying on his forehead? – [Julia] Little sticking
out tribal tats maybe. – [Jacob] I don’t even
know how to draw those. It’s just like some stuff? – [Julia] Yeah, just some stuff. – [Carolyn] I think he has on his hand the kanji for seven rings, but it just is a small charcoal grill. – [Julia] It is just a drawing
of a small charcoal grill. – [Carolyn] This is really good. I mean, you nailed it.
Are you sure haven’t ever seen this card before? – [Julia] He does have
Magic across his knuckles. – [Jacob] He also has
it across his knuckles? – [Julia] He forgot that
he had it on his tum – [Jacob] Amnesia. – [Carolyn] Very good. Very good. – [Jacob] It’s M A G I and then over here got the C K
– He did have enough fingers on his one hand for magic, but he forgot. – [Jacob] M A G I C K exclamation point. He likes to put the K on
the end ’cause it’s fancier. – [Nathan] Magick. – [Jacob] Alright, I
wanna look this guy up. Jace Belleren. Oh yeah, he looks like a real try hard. – [Julia] Oh, God, yeah. – [Nathan] Oh, he’s got the
same tattoos on his skin as he’s got on his clothes. – [Jacob] He like dyed his
clothes to match his tattoos. – [Julia] He liked his tattoos so much where he was like everyone’s
gotta see them all the time. I’ll put them on my clothes. – [Jacob] This is him like
always having his sort of hot guy facade up. – [Carolyn] Yeah. – [Jacob] Oh, what a douche. – Oh Jace.
– Oh Jace. – [Jacob] I like mine better. – [Carolyn] I do too. – [Jacob] Julia, you ready to hop in here? – [Julia] Heck yeah. – [Carolyn] I’m gonna tell you
the tale of Ajani Goldmane. And Ajani Goldmane has a
physical characteristic, he only has one eye. – [Julia] Oh dope. – [Carolyn] He lost his eye in battle. – That’s cool.
– That’s rad. – [Jacob] Always love that. – [Carolyn] And he’s kind of a leader. He’s really, he’s like a white magic, so he’s from the planes and he like really rallies the troops. – [Jacob] He sounds like a lion greaser. Johnny Goldmane? – [Carolyn] Ajani, but Johnny also. – Oh Ajani.
– Ajani. – [Jacob] I just thought
it was Johnny Goldmane. – [Julia] So did I, that’s what I’m drawing.
– That’s my drug dealer. Johnny Goldmane. Got the hook up. – [Jacob] Hey Johnny the
necromancers are attacking. What do we do? – [Carolyn] Smoke ’em up. – [Jacob] Johnny’s like
working on his hot rod. – [Carolyn] So Ajani’s
he’s a pretty smart guy. When The Gate Watch
they ran off to a planet to go try and beat their enemy, this dragon Nicol Bolas,
but Ajani was like guys, you’re not at all prepared for this. Please don’t do this,
but they went anyways. And they got super messed up. – [Jacob] Should have listened to Johnny. – [Carolyn] Should have
listened to Johnny Goldmane on WKR the Mane. – [Jacob] On just some radio station. – [Nathan] You’re listening to the Mane. He’s just an entire soundboard
of different cat noises. (meowing) I do like that he has person ears. – [Jacob] Yeah, person, he’s
more like a Thunder Cat. – [Carolyn] He looks like a Bowie. Bowie Catmane.
– David Bowie Thunder Cat. – [Nathan] David Bowie Thunder Cat. – [All] David Bowie Thunder Cat. David Bowie Thunder Cat. – [Nathan] The crossover the world needed. – [Jacob] That ear is very clipped. – [Julia] Yeah, he got
real messed up one day. – [Nathan] Oh thought
that was maybe his mane sort of coming around it, but no. That’s the, he just. He was really battling.
He was in some battles. – [Jacob] Johnny Goldmane loves to battle. Are you kidding me? – [Carolyn] Oh guys, these are so good. They’re even better than the real cards. – [Jacob] This guy’s like so handsome. – [Carolyn] He is pretty hot. – [Nathan] With this angle of the head it looks like he’s peaking
in, like oh hey guys – [Julia] Hey, you guys doing
alright in here? Alright! – [Carolyn] Stay cool,
Johnny Goldmane’s got ya. – [Nathan] Peaking in through
the window of the diner, sees all of the cats just hanging out. And they’re like hey, Johnny! – [Julia] Does this dude wear clothes? – [Carolyn] He does wear clothes. I think how many clothes
kind of depends on the card. Sometimes he just got like
some straps on his body, but sometimes he wears like
more substantial armor. – [Jacob] You can draw a special version with less clothes for us later. – [Julia] That’s for the Patreon. – [Carolyn] Drawfee after hours. – [Jacob] I would love
it if we had a Patreon and all you got was nude versions of all the drawings we
did in every episode. – [Carolyn] Sign me up, send me the link. – [Jacob] Those are not sexy
the vast majority of the time. – [Nathan] But we do draw like anatomically correct
genitals on every time. – [Jacob] We have to
get a new hire for that. – [Carolyn] I really wanna watch an anime about this
character. He looks so cool. – [Nathan] Oh he’s doing finger guns? – [Julia] So cool! – [Jacob] What’s up you cool cats? – [Nathan] I don’t need real guns to bring people back to life, I just shoot ’em the finger guns. It heals all wounds. – [Jacob] It heals wounds
of the heart, Liliana. You wouldn’t know anything about that. – [Nathan] God, this guy is so cool! – [Carolyn] He is so cool. – [Nathan] I want him to
give me some sage advice. Some like real shoot me straight. – [Jacob] Oh, you know he would too. – [Nathan] Tell me how
I’m messing up in my life. – [Carolyn] And it’s like some platitude that you’ve definitely heard before, but coming from him it
like really hits you. – [Jacob] Listen man, just be the change you wanna see in the world. – [Nathan] Ah shit, did
you just come up with that? – [Jacob] Yeah, I did. – [Carolyn] Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. – [Jacob] Holy shit, dude. – [Julia] You go into his apartment and in like a dark corner
covered up by clothes is just one of those like
quote a day calendars. – [Jacob] Hey man, I don’t remember where I picked this stuff up,
I’ve been to so many planes. I just pick stuff up
you know? Little things. – Just live, laugh, love you know? – [Jacob] It’s like he’s
talked about all the adventures he’s had walking the
planes, and everyone is like wow, this guy’s so well traveled and cool. But when Jace does it everyone’s
like look at this asshole. – [Nathan] It’s because
Jace talks down to you. But Johnny, he gets on your level. He brings you up to his level. – [Jacob] He physically lifts you up. – [Carolyn] He’s very
strong, he picks you up. – [Jacob] So you’re looking him in the eye and then he talks to you. – [Julia] I think he should
be holding a little soda, huh? – [Jacob] He’s definitely drinking a soda. Drinking a pop. – [Carolyn] No, soda, he’s
making soda cool again. – [Nathan] Some Jace juice. – [Carolyn] Jace juice. – [Julia] Jace juice. – [Carolyn] It’s just an illusion. – [Nathan] He’s drinking Johnny juice. – [Jacob] He’s drinking Johnny juice baby. That’s the new Jamba juice. – [Carolyn] Half the
calories, twice the fun. – [Jacob] ‘Cause there’s alcohol in it. – [Carolyn] Yeah, he’s constantly wasted, did I not mention that? Can I ask you guys an art question? – [Nathan] Sure! – [Carolyn] Do you ever have days where you just like can’t draw? Where you’re just like
bad, and you’re like I forgot how to draw? – Yeah.
– Absolutely. – [Nathan] That’s how I feel
on almost every episode. On this very program. – [Jacob] We do it in many episodes, one of us will be having that. – [Nathan] I think that’s
what people like about it. That’s one of the things
people like about it. – [Julia] I think you missed me literally just now
saying how do hands work? ‘Cause I literally just
said that out loud. – [Nathan] It’s a fun
challenge because it’s like yeah, sometimes I’m like oh, I don’t think I’m gonna be drawing anything good today, but I still have to. – [Jacob] The show
makes you do it anyways. – [Carolyn] That’s inspiring. – [Jacob] Whereas if we
weren’t working on the show we just wouldn’t, I’d just be like I can’t draw today, I’m gonna
stop and not draw today. – [Carolyn] I think there’s
a real lesson in the air. I think that’s a lesson
that Johnny Goldmane would. Keep trying. – [Jacob] Some day you’ll make it. – [Julia] Does he have
a weapon of some sort? – [Carolyn] You know I wanna say, I’m kind of blanking
on it, but I wanna say that he has a two handed battle ax. Let me just look it up real quick. – [Nathan] Yeah, put that over his back. Coming over there, yeah. – [Jacob] Sling that, he’s
already got a strap on his chest. Makes sense, it makes sense. – [Nathan] Julia was ready. – [Carolyn] Yeah, he has a
two handed big battle ax. – [Jacob] Sure he does. – [Carolyn] Oh wow, I did not
think he could get any cooler, – [Julia] And here we are. – [Carolyn] You tossed a big ax on him. – [Jacob] We live in this world now. – [Carolyn] You’re living
in Johnny’s world now. – [Jacob] In Johnny’s world, there’s no limit to the cool, baby. And then he kisses you on the cheek. – [Carolyn] I would love to be kissed by this planeswalker. – [Nathan] I mean he asks
for permission first. – [Carolyn] Yeah, he
can see it in my eyes. – [Jacob] Yeah, to be fair, no one has ever not wanted the kiss on the cheek. – [Nathan] But he still
asks which is nice. – [Julia] Do you think that he has like one shoulder that’s like studded? – [Jacob] Yeah is is. That’s correct. – [Nathan] Julia thanks for
drawing all of our boyfriend. – [Jacob] We’re all dating
Johnny Goldmane now. – [Carolyn] Yeah, and you know what? There’s enough to go around. There’s enough love for everybody. – [Nathan] I still feel special. – [Jacob] Like you know
he’s seeing other people, but you don’t even care. – [Nathan] Every moment you get to spend with Johnny, it’s perfect. – [Jacob] It’d be a
shame to try and keep him all to myself. – [Nathan] Right, I’d feels selfish. – [Jacob] Yeah, when I know
he could bring so much joy. – [Julia] You know what I’ve done? I’ve taken Axel from Kingdom Hearts and gone for all the hold
out of people who don’t think that Axel is goals, there you go. – [Jacob] If Axel was a cat. – [Julia] Yeah, I made him Caxel – [Jacob] It was so
good when Nathan said it we all just had to say it. A second time. – [Nathan] I don’t get that
reference but I’ll take it. – [Julia] Here we go. I
think this is our boy. – [Nathan] I don’t wanna look him up. – [Carolyn] I love it. – [Nathan] This will always be, we’re looking up Ajani. This is Johnny. This is just Johnny. – [Julia] Oh my God, he’s beautiful, he’s like an Azlan. – [Nathan] He’s just a full
lion’s head on a person’s body. – [Jacob] Just a big cool strong lion, but he doesn’t inspire the same joy in me. – [Nathan] I think you drew
his younger brother Johnny. – [Carolyn] These are my
sons, Ajani and Johnny. – [Julia] This actual Ajani I’m like yeah I wanna fight
‘case it’s a good cause, but like for my Ajani I’m like I’ll fight just ’cause you asked me to. – [Jacob] ‘Cause I wanna impress you. – [Nathan] I’ll fight
’cause we’re friends. – [Julia] I’m on your side Ajani. – [Jacob] I want you to like me so bad. – [Carolyn] How big do you think
I can get this printed off? – [Julia] I’ll render a
specially large one for you – [Nathan] Julia always
renders real big anyways. – [Jacob] Yeah I can’t wait to see your full color version of this one. – [Carolyn] I’m excited. – [Nathan] It’s gonna be beautiful. Well great, you know I thought we were gonna mess these up, but I think we did it, how
many more members of the Gate Watchers, what is it? – [Carolyn] Gate Watchers? That’s very, I like it.
It’s the Gate Watch, but Gate Watchers. And then we can just draw like tubby versions of all of them like Jace. There’s Nissa Revane whose
an elf using green magic. And then there’s Chandra
Nalaar, who’s like, she’s kinda like steam punk vibes, but she’s a fire mage. And then there’s their
arch enemy Nicol Bolas. – [Jacob] Oh, that’s the dragon. – [Julia] So there are
enough for us to draw another episode mayhaps. – [Jacob] We could do one mo ‘gain. – [Carolyn] I think I need to, we should definitely do that, and then I think I need to bring
in some like challenging ones that you guys mess up ’cause you’re actually doing
these like super well. ‘Cause I need to bring in
some challenging cards. – [Jacob] You’ve gaged
our skill level now. – [Carolyn] I underestimated you, Drawfee. I will be back. – [Nathan] Well yeah guys, check out Carolyn in the Dorkly
videos and in the new Dropout show Table Pop which Jacob and I and Julia have all
been in episodes of as well. We keep adding stuff to Dropout, so you know, now’s as good a time as any to start that free trial
and see what all’s on there. And hey, if you like it,
then you can keep doing it. You can actually pay for it. – [Jacob] It’s a lot of great
stuff and it supports us. – [Nathan] It supports us and let’s us keep making the stuff you like. So do it. – Do it.
– Do it. – [Jacob] Johnny wants you to. – [Nathan] You know Johnny signed up. – [Jacob] Johnny will come to your house and give you a kiss on
the cheek if you do it. – [Carolyn] Johnny has two
subscriptions to Dropout. – [Nathan] Yeah, one’s just for sharing. – [Julia] That went out to his friends. One of them is just for him. – [Nathan] Thanks for watching guys. Subscribe to Drawfee and we’re sorry. – We’re Sorry.
– Sorry. – [Carolyn] Sorry?

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