Artists Draw Celebrities (Based Only on Description) HARD MODE

Artists Draw Celebrities (Based Only on Description) HARD MODE

– [Jacob] Welcome to Drawfee, where we take your dumb ideas– – [Nathan] And make even dumber drawings. – [Jacob] I’m Jacob! – [Nathan] I’m Nathan! – [Julia] I’m Julia! – [Jacob] And guys? – [Nathan] Huh? – [Jacob] It’s dinner time. – [Nathan] Mmmm! Good thing I put on my bib. – [Jacob] Nathan put on his bib, Julia’s got on her dinner hat. (laughing) – [Julia] I can’t eat
dinner without my hat. – [Nathan] I can’t answer
the door without my hat, Julia can’t eat dinner without her hat, we all have hats for different– [Jacob] We have hats for something, stay tuned to find out what mine is. – [Nathan] We all wear different hats. – [Jacob] We all wear different hats, I’m serving up a steaming
plate of Nuesday. Mmm! It looks disgusting, admittedly. But it does taste very bad also. It looks bad and it tastes bad, but you do have to eat it, unfortunately. – [Julia] This dinner party sucks. – [Jacob] Yum yum yum! We’re doing Celebrity
Sketch Artist Hard Mode! This is an idea me and Julia came up with, for a way to make Celebrity Sketch Artist be not two and half hours of recording (laughing) to do. – [Nathan] You guys are innovators, and that’s why I’m happy
to have you on the team. Guys, thank you. – [Jacob] We’re innovators. What we decided on is that, when describing a celebrity to each other, we’re only allowed one sentence per feature, so I could
say something like, “The eyes look like two big, sad plates,” but if I stop the sentence, I can’t – then it’s over. That’s all I can say. – [Nathan] And all I’ve got are– I’ve gotta draw some plates. – [Jacob] Yes. So that’s the way we’re gonna do it. – [Nathan] Love that! – [Jacob] We’ve picked
celebrities for each other. Julia will be describing a celebrity to Nathan for Round One. – [Nathan] Please. – [Julia] I don’t know how to describe someone without using– – [Jacob] Geometric? – [Julia] Just too many words! – [Nathan] That’s the challenge, baby! – [Julia] I guess let’s
start with the head shape? – [Nathan] Head shape! Gimme one sentence about the head shape. – [Julia] So this person is looking at us. That can be a general statement? Does that count? – [Jacob] Sure, you can
establish the direction. – [Nathan] Yeah, okay,
so it’s a straight on– – [Julia] That is one
statement about the direction. – [Nathan] Okay, yes. – [Julia] Yes. Oh boy. – [Jacob] Oh, I’m so excited for this. It’s gonna be so bad! – [Julia] Oh boy, how do I…? – [Nathan] You really have to mediate between the left and right hemispheres of our brains. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Real quick. – [Julia] So, let’s start
with the jaw, I guess. – [Nathan] Okay, jaw. – [Julia] Jaw. His draw is not too long, not too short, and his chin is strong-ish. (laughing) – [Jacob] That’s nothing! – [Nathan] His jaw is not– well, it was when Goldilocks went to look at all of the handsome men, she was like, “That guy’s jaw is too long, and then that other
guy’s jaw is too short, but this guy’s jaw is– – [Nathan And Jacob] Just right! – [Jacob] And the chin is strong-ish. – [Nathan] The chin is strong– – [Julia] I don’t wanna say anything, but Nathan has nailed it. – [Jacob] Nathan! He knew. He knew exactly what you meant. – [Nathan] Okay, we’re gonna go with this. – [Jacob] I mean, we have to! – [Nathan] We have to, there’s no other… There’s no other way to do it. Okay, yeah? – [Julia] I guess let’s do the nose. – [Nathan] “I guess.” Julia’s starting every
sentence with “I guess,” and I love that. – [Julia] I don’t know what to do if I can’t use just so many words! (laughing) – [Jacob] Julia is verbose. – [Nathan] Okay, let’s do the nose! Gimme that nose. Describe that nose. – [Julia] The tip of the nose… – [Nathan] Uh huh? – [Julia] Is akin to… (laughing) – [Nathan] This is so – guys, I’m really having a good time already. I just want you to know I’m proud of you for coming up with this idea– – [Jacob] Thank you. – [Nathan] And I love it. The tip of the nose is akin to…? – [Julia] A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. (laughing) – [Nathan] What?! (laughing) – [Jacob] So it must look
like their head looks. Like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle head. – [Nathan] Like that? – [Jacob] The tip of the nose. – [Nathan] The tip of the nose is kind of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. – [Julia] I can’t give you any more. I keep wanting to elaborate, and I can’t. (Nathan humming the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” theme song) – [Nathan] Teenage Mutant Nose! (laughing) – [Julia] Yeah, perfect, okay. I’m gonna say– can I say something about the bridge of the nose? Or is that included in–? – [Jacob] Yeah. Listen, we’re playing
it fast and loose here. – [Nathan] Julia is at breaking body parts down into– Jacob, you’re not gonna get any of this, you’re gonna get “nose,” you’re gonna get sentences– this is easy mode for me as the describer, because I’m bad at
describing, we’ve established. And so I’m just gonna give you whatever, and you have to deal with it. – [Jacob] I love it. – [Nathan] Bridge of the nose. – [Julia] The bridge of the nose is a long tube that hooks left and then goes back to the ball of the nose. – [Nathan] So it’s like a– I mean, I think I might know who this is, just based on that nose description. I might have some inklings. – [Julia] Okay, the eyes. – [Nathan] Mmhmm. – [Julia] Are half-lidded
with murderous intent. – [Jacob] Murderous intent?! I don’t know who this is! Half-lidded with murderous intent. This is kind of looking
Muppet-y right now. This kind of looks like a sexy Grover. (laughing) – [Nathan] (singing) Sexy Grover! – [Julia] He definitely has a ghost for a nose here. – [Jacob] Spooky nose! – [Nathan] Murderous intent. – [Jacob] That definitely means that one is lower than the other one for some reason. (laughing) – [Nathan] Hold on, let me fix it. Yep, there it is! There we go, now we’ve got it. – [Julia] It’s my Drawfee avatar. Okay, the eyebrows are close to the eyes and thin. – [Jacob] Oh no, you ran out of sentence. – [Julia] I certainly did, didn’t I? (laughing) – [Jacob] Oops! – [Nathan] Well, I’m gonna go with that murderous intent. I’m just gonna say… – [Jacob] All we know is that they’re thin and close. – [Nathan] They’re thin and close. – [Julia] Okay, the mouth. – [Nathan] Let’s move
this whole business up. A little. – [Jacob] You wanna shift some biz? – [Nathan] I’m shifting biz. I’m making some decisions. – [Jacob] Yeah, you make some decisions. – [Nathan] I have to. The mouth! – [Julia] I can say nothing. – [Jacob] Nope. – [Julia] The mouth! Is a straight line except there is that V in the center that goes pretty low and his lips are fairly thin, and he has those parentheses wrinkles. Nathan, this is torture. (laughing) (closed mouth nasal humming) (laughing) – [Jacob] I’m having a wonderful time! This is the opposite of when we do a normal Celebrity Sketch Artist, in which Julia has a wonderful time, and me and Nathan suffer acutely. This is very much more our speed. – [Nathan] I love this. I love this man I’ve drawn. – [Jacob] Whereas Julia likes to do very good and accurate, we love to fuck up constantly. (laughing) – [Nathan] I’m having a good time! – [Jacob] Uh huh, keep going! – [Julia] The ears are very close to the head. – [Nathan] I would hope so. (laughing) – [Jacob] Oh yeah! This is reminding me of something, and I’m not sure what it is. But whatever it’s reminding me of is definitely bald. Like an alien or something. – [Nathan] We’ll see. We’ll see what we get. – [Julia] Okay. (laughing) His hair is very round,
parted on the left side, and being pushed back and to the right. – [Nathan] Parted on the left side, sorry. Very round. – [Julia] You made a
really angry Conan O’Brien. (laughing) – [Nathan] It always ends up being Conan O’Brien, huh? I need to make this hair rounder. – [Jacob] Very round, very round. – [Nathan] You can repeat, right? She said other stuff that I didn’t hear. Parted – back and – going back and what? – [Julia] To the right. – [Jacob] So it’s parted on the left, going to the right, and pushed back. Like Conan O’Brien. – [Nathan] So it’s pushed
back, so it’s just sort of… – [Jacob] This looks like Willem Dafoe playing Conan O’Brien. – [Julia] This looks like Willem Dafoe if he had appeared in “Rick and Morty.” – [Jacob] It does look like that! You drew Willem Dafoe in “Rick and Morty!” – [Nathan] I drew Willem
Dafoe in “Rick and Morty.” – [Jacob] It’s not Willem Dafoe, is it? Julia? – [Julia] It’s not Willem Dafoe. – [Jacob] Okay, that’d be pretty amazing. – [Nathan] I have an idea
of who this might be. I have two ideas. – [Julia] Okay, well,
I’m out of descriptors for this human, so… Do you wanna take a guess? – [Nathan] Hold on, let me just give him– is he, does he have– – [Julia] He’s wearing a suit with a fat tie and some wide collars. – [Nathan] Wide collar, fat tie. – [Julia] On his shirt. This is the most accurate thing you’ve drawn in this. (laughing) – [Jacob] All right, should
we make some guesses? – [Nathan] I have two guesses. – [Jacob] Okay.
– [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Is this
either Mads Mikkelson or Christopher Walken? – [Julia] Jacob, do you have a guess? – [Jacob] I was gonna guess
Mads Mikkelson as well. – [Julia] It’s Mads Mikkelson. – [Jacob] Wow! It does have some Mads energy, to be honest with you. It’s got some Mads energy, right? (laughing) – [Nathan] What a gift! – [Jacob] I can’t believe it. – [Nathan] The ears are closer to his head than the ones I drew! – [Jacob] How’s he get them so close? – [Nathan] He’s got the flattest ears I’ve ever seen on a man! – [Jacob] Oh, what a treat and a delight. Good job, honestly, both of you. I think this – I mean, we both knew it was Mads Mikkelson. – [Nathan] Yeah. (laughing) – [Jacob] Julia looks so frustrated. – [Nathan] It was the
mouth what did her in. You didn’t give me a size, you said straight across. – [Julia] You know, you’re right. – [Nathan] This is Mads Mikkelson as his character that he plays in the new season of “Rick and Morty.” Because of course. – [Jacob] He plays Mads Rikkelson. – [Julia] I’ve never felt more– – [Nathan] Mads Rikkelson! – [Jacob] He plays Mords Rikkelson. (laughing) Sorry Julia, what were you saying? – [Julia] Just, I have never felt like more of a mom in charge of her two, young, teenage sons. – [Nathan] Oh, Mords Rikkelson. Let me do it, I want to do it. (swooshing) – [Jacob] Okay, Nathan,
you’ve got one for me. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] Is that correct? – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] Am I correct in that assumption? – [Nathan] You are correct in that. – [Jacob] I would love
to start hearing it. – [Nathan] Okay, like Julia, this man is also looking directly at us. – [Jacob] Okay, I’m gonna rough in a head. – [Nathan] I’m gonna say, long head. – [Jacob] Long head. – [Nathan] He has a long head. – [Jacob] Is it– I can’t. I can’t ask questions. – [Nathan] No. – [Jacob] Just a long head. – [Nathan] It’s a long head. – [Jacob] Okay, we’re just gonna go like– – [Nathan] It’s pretty long. – [Jacob] Really get down there. – [Nathan] We can do… He’s got a… Beard. – [Jacob] He’s got a beard. – [Nathan] Uh-huh, and
sort of a rounded chin. – [Jacob] A beard and a rounded chin. – [Nathan] It’s sort of rounds his– see, I’m doing– – [Julia] You’re doing too many sentences. – [Nathan] I need to stop. – [Jacob] What I need from you is like one long sentence. – [Nathan] One long sentence. He has a beard that is
round along the chin. – [Jacob] That is round along the chin. – [Nathan] But also– See, I’m still – I haven’t taken my finger off the– – [Jacob] Still holding on the trigger. – [Nathan] But also does go up the sides of his face, as well. – [Jacob] Okay. – [Nathan] I love this already. I’m already doing such a bad job, and I can’t… – [Jacob] It’s Santa. (laughing) – [Nathan] I’ve given you the celebrity Santa. – [Jacob] Beard, got it. I’m gonna leave room for where the mustache might be if I learn any information about that as we go here. Long head, got it. Ready for more. – [Nathan] Ready for more. Let’s do, let’s go mouth. – [Jacob] Okay. – [Nathan] The mouth is kind of a smile, kind of a crooked smile, but little. A little crooked smile and he does have a bit of a ‘stache. Above that. – [Jacob] A bit of a ‘stache? So he’s got a beard but then “a bit of a ‘stache?” – [Nathan] Well… I said a bit of a ‘stache, so, we’re just gonna have to go with that. – [Jacob] We’re gonna
have to go with that. Okay, so a little crooked smile. I gotta figure out how
small I wanna go here. – [Nathan] It’s little. (laughing) I’m not trying to do a bad job, it’s just happening. – [Jacob] A little crooked smile and… – [Julia] A bit of a mustache. – [Jacob] Let me move
this mouth down, I think. – [Nathan] I’ve gotta be
more creative with my– – [Julia] You definitely
have to figure out where the mouth goes in this. Very reasonable head shape. – [Jacob] And a bit of a ‘stache. He’s gonna have like maybe one of these? – [Nathan] Oh, I love that. – [Jacob] He’s gonna have one of these. – [Nathan] There’s no
way you’re gonna guess who this is! – [Jacob] And then the beard’s gonna come around like this. (laughing) – [Julia] This head is so long! – [Jacob] He said it was a long head! – [Julia] It’s just dripping down, it’s melting. – [Jacob] Listen, I’ll fix it as I go. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Nose: gonna say a straight, Roman nose. – [Jacob] Straight, Roman nose. – [Nathan] Yes. – [Jacob] So it’s kinda like one of these. – [Nathan] That’s actually pretty good. – [Jacob] Just straight, yeah. Perfect. – [Nathan] The eyes: kind and small, and a little vacant. – [Jacob] Okay, kind and small and a little vacant. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] Okay, so they’re small, but they’re kind. – [Nathan] They’re kind and a little vacant. – [Jacob] Okay. I might move them. I reserve the right to move them. – [Nathan] You reserve the right to do anything you want to this Santa Claus OC from the extended Santa-verse. – [Jacob] Kind and small but a little vacant. – [Nathan] A little vacant. – [Julia] I’m kind of
getting Colonel Sanders vibes right now. – [Nathan] Yeah. This is kind of the Colonel Sanders of acting, I would say. – [Julia] Those eyes are different sizes. – [Nathan] Listen, it’s hard to draw accurate sizes of things. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] It’s hard to draw
accurate sizes of things. – [Jacob] I’m gonna fix it. Kind and small. – [Nathan] And a little vacant. – [Jacob] That’s Julia’s dog. – [Nathan] This is kind of
the Julia’s dog of acting. – [Jacob] Kind and small
but a little vacant. – [Nathan] Yeah. Yeah, that’s pretty good. – [Jacob] Here he is, he’s coming in. – [Nathan] Eyebrows. Start thinner towards
the middle of the face and get a little bit more bushy as they go out. – [Jacob] Okay. – [Nathan] But not too bushy. – [Jacob] But not too bushy. But kind. – [Nathan] But kind. – [Jacob] So we’re gonna go like this. Who is this?! Who is this man? – [Nathan] This is just Santa Claus. You’re just drawing Santa Claus, no matter what I do, you’re just gonna draw Santa Claus! – [Jacob] Well, Santa Claus has kind eyes. Should I bushy them more? – [Nathan] It’s fine, no, you’re- do whatever you want! (laughing) Yeah, like clouds. Like beautiful clouds. – [Julia] Cool, we’ve drawn Zeus from Disney’s “Hercules.” – [Nathan] This is Rip Torn in his role as Zeus in Disney’s “Hercules.” Goddamn. – [Jacob] Okay yeah, round beard. – [Nathan] You know, you’re gonna see this and you’re gonna have questions for me. You’re gonna have questions on why I chose to use the words I did, and I’m not gonna have good answers for you. – [Jacob] Can you tell me– we could get a little more in depth with, you know, cheeks? Lips? – [Julia] You have yet to describe either of those, that’s true. – [Nathan] Well, the cheeks, the cheeks are mostly, let me get this. – [Jacob] Yes. – [Nathan] There’s the sort of downward triangle of cheek, you know? – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] And that’s skin, and then… – [Julia] That’s skin! – [Nathan] This is all a run-on sentence. It’s like a funnel of skin between… Like a funnel shape. Like a perfect funnel shape of skin between beard
and mustache going down. (laughing) – [Jacob] A funnel shape… Of skin between beard
and mustache going down? – [Nathan] Yeah! – [Julia] Oh my god. – [Jacob] Is it like one of these? – [Julia] You can’t ask. – [Nathan] You can’t ask. – [Julia] You just have to do. – [Jacob] What does that mean?! – [Nathan] This is the most accurate description I’ve given you so far. Oh, I like this though. I like what you’re doing. – [Jacob] He’s very handsome. – [Nathan] I like this. – [Jacob] But I don’t
think it’s what you want. – [Nathan] I’m just happy… – [Jacob] I’m just drawing hot Santa! (laughing) – [Nathan] And I’m here for this. – [Jacob] Everything I do is hot Santa. – [Nathan] You didn’t do
anything with the hair, the beard, or the mustache, though! – [Jacob] Well, you said it was a funnel of skin, I don’t
know what that means, “a funnel of skin.” – [Nathan] It means– – [Julia] No, you can’t describe! – [Nathan] Oh my god. – [Julia] You’re stuck there. You’re stuck with what you’ve got. – [Jacob] A funnel of skin? – [Nathan] Yeah! Between beard and mustache. – [Jacob] A funnel looks like this: This is a funnel. – [Nathan] With a little
thing at the bottom. Like a funnel. – [Julia] Oh, I think I get
what he’s trying to say. But Nathan, you can’t
keep describing, my dude. – [Nathan] Well, I’m just
describing the funnel now. – [Julia] That’s true. – [Nathan] Yeah, it’s down there. That’s good, that’s what you want. – [Jacob] I could not be more confused. – [Nathan] Well, then
don’t worry about it. – [Julia] What was that shape? – [Nathan] What are you doing? – [Jacob] I’m gonna have
to see it at the end. He’s keeping the strong cheekbones. – [Nathan] Okay. Large forehead. – [Jacob] Okay. – [Nathan] And then… Hair, let’s do the hair in bits. So you’ve got a bit of a widow’s peak at the top, just a very slight widow’s peak at the top. – [Jacob] A very slight widow’s peak. – [Nathan] Then, I would describe it as slightly shorter Jesus hair. – [Jacob] Slightly
shorter Jesus hair, okay. So it’s gonna be like, it’s probably gonna come out from here, and maybe do like one of these. – [Nathan] I like this. – [Jacob] One of these things. – [Nathan] Why not? Why not? (laughing) – [Julia] He looks like “Endgame” Thor if he were in “Tenchi Muyo.” (laughing) – [Jacob] He does look
like Tenchi’s grandfather! You know what’s kind of messed up? I think I might know who this is. – [Nathan] Yeah? – [Jacob] I think I might. – [Nathan] Did you take a sneak peek at my phone? – [Jacob] No! Just like, I’m putting
the pieces together here, and I think I might know who it is. I’m probably wrong. – [Nathan] I think you
might know who it is. – [Julia] Who is it? – [Jacob] Is this the end? Is there any more description
you wanna give me? – [Nathan] His hair is black. – [Jacob] Well, that – you know. – [Nathan] All of – it’s all black. So it’s not Santa. – [Jacob] It’s not Santa, yeah, it’s all black. Can I make my guess? – [Nathan] Yeah, who is it? – [Jacob] Is it Jared Leto? – [Nathan] It’s not. – [Jacob] Damn! I was thinking Jared Leto with his beard and long hair, which is black. – [Julia] Yeah… Nathan, what is it? – [Jacob] Wait, I have
to make another guess. – [Julia] Jacob, make another guess. – [Jacob] You have to
make some guesses, too, I need your guesses. – [Nathan] Jared Leto
doesn’t have kind eyes. – [Jacob] He probably could – oh, wait. – [Julia] I guessed Chris Hemsworth at the end of “Endgame.” – [Jacob] Is it… Jeff Bridges? – [Nathan] No, see, the issue is I did some wrong descriptions. – [Jacob] Okay, fine,
just tell me who it is. – [Nathan] It’s Keanu. – [Jacob] Oh, Keanu! (laughing) Son of bitch, I do kind of see it. – [Julia] I don’t! – [Nathan] I was trying to… So it’s round along the bottom, the beard. But you made the beard so big and bushy. – [Jacob] Well, ’cause you said he had a long face and a round beard, so I assumed it was big
enough to round out– – [Nathan] No, the jaw is round because of the beard is what I meant. But didn’t say good. – [Jacob] So what you
were trying to tell me– – [Nathan] And you see these funnels? You see these skin funnels? Between the– – [Jacob] No! Do you mean like from the cheeks made by the beard? – [Nathan] Yeah! – [Jacob] You didn’t tell me that. – [Nathan] Yes! It’s skin, I said it’s a funnel of skin between beard and mustache! (laughing) – [Jacob] Yeah, but there’s space between the beard and the mustache, and that’s where some
hair should have gone. And I was here thinking
that a funnel of skin needed to go in that spot. – [Nathan] Well, I don’t know why you though that! – [Jacob] ‘Cause that’s what you said! – [Nathan] It’s Keanu. – [Jacob] Listen, I did a perfect Keanu. This is Keanu in his new role as Hot Santa. – [Julia] This is just
really kind Jeff Bridges. – [Jacob] He does look like Jeff Bridges. I think I drew Jeff Bridges, I drew kind Jeff Bridges, inviting you into his home for a white Russian. – [Nathan] What we’ve established is I’m no better or worse at describing in this mode, but at least this mode goes faster. – [Jacob] At least it’s faster, it’s not agony. Julia, are you ready? – [Julia] Yep. – [Jacob] To do one? – [Julia] Yep. – [Jacob] Okay. – [Nathan] Sorry! (swooshing) – [Jacob] Julia, are you ready? – [Julia] Uh-huh. – [Jacob] Okay. Now I get to see why this is difficult. – [Julia] Yep. – [Jacob] The head… is… – [Julia] See, you start with the head, and then you break it down back into jaw. – [Jacob] Let’s do
direction, like you did. This person’s also facing forwards at us. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] And the head is… Like, ovular? – [Julia] Mmkay. – [Jacob] It’s sort of a– – [Julia] That was it! – [Jacob] Shit. – [Julia] That was all
the description you had. – [Nathan] The head is ovular. – [Jacob] The head is ovular. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] See, the problem is I don’t speak in complete sentences, so this is an extra hard challenge for me, in that, just speaking
in complete sentences is already a challenge. – [Jacob] We have to
think up the full sentence before starting– – [Julia] Yep. – [Jacob] Before starting to speak, which is against the Drawfee ethos. – [Nathan] Yeah.
– [Julia] Yep. – [Jacob] Okay. Let’s do… Let’s start with the… Oh, can I do jaw? I can do jaw separately. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] The jaw is… A bit blunter than you have it there, like it’s not as pointy. What a terrible sentence! – [Julia] Yeah it was. – [Jacob] But you understand. – [Julia] I don’t, but that’s fine. – [Jacob] You don’t understand what blunter and not as pointy means? D you know what blunt means? – [Julia] You’re having
me draw round shapes. – [Nathan] “Do you know what blunt means.” Dude, I know what blunt means. – [Jacob] You know what blunt means, bro? (laughing and coughing) – [Nathan] It’s when you take the insides out of a Black and Mild, and use it to– – [Jacob] Yes. Yes. Yes, Nathan. Yes, Nathan! Nathan, yes. We know. – [Nathan] It doesn’t have
to be a Black and Mild. You can use any– – [Jacob] Nathan. – [Nathan] Sort of cigarette-like– – [Jacob] Nathan, we know. – [Julia] Yeah. Next one. – [Jacob] It’s weed. Okay, let’s go with… You’re just gonna keep thickening up those lines! – [Julia] I’m waiting for
you to give me anything! – [Jacob] It doesn’t mean you have to be drawing lines! – [Nathan] I like it. I was saying it was good. – [Jacob] I didn’t say the jaw was the thickest line anyone’s ever drawn! – [Nathan] I think it should be. Yeah, thin it out now. – [Jacob] Let’s thin it back out now. – [Julia] There, it’s
like non-existent now. – [Jacob] I couldn’t get
a happy medium, could I? – [Julia] No. – [Jacob] Okay, let’s do the mouth. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] The mouth… I gotta think of a good sentence, so I don’t mess this up. The corners of the mouth are lower than the middle of the mouth and the line makes sort of a gentle arc from corner to corner in a frown shape. And if you draw one of your Julia frowns, I swear to God! (closed mouth groaning) Be very gentle. – [Nathan] Those are good,
those are all very good. That’s pretty good. This reminds me of your– the mouth you drew on the guilty boy from “The Witcher.” – [Julia] Oh yeah. Yes, next? – [Jacob] The nose… See, sometimes I’m waiting for you to stop drawing, but you never stop. – [Julia] Well, sometimes
I just keep drawing because I’m waiting for you to give me more information. – [Jacob] It’s a Catch-22, you know? We’re stuck here, in this moment (singing) forever! ♪ Every moment I spend with you ♪ ♪ Is a moment I treasure! ♪ ♪ Yeah! ♪ – [Nathan] I don’t know that one. ♪ I don’t wanna close my eyes ♪ ♪ I don’t wanna fall asleep ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I’d miss you, babe ♪ ♪ And I don’t wanna miss a thing! ♪ – [Jacob] You don’t have
enough undo’s to fix this! ♪ And even when I dream of you ♪ – [Jacob] Okay, get rid of all that stuff so I can give you your next instruction. – [Julia] Give me my next instruction while I’m doing this. – [Jacob] The nose is larger and sort of witchy and hooked. – [Nathan] Ooh, a witchy nose. – [Jacob] It’s so hard
to not keep talking. – [Nathan] Right? It’s in our DNA at this point. – [Jacob] It really does go against– Julia, you did a good job
with your descriptions, may I just say? – [Julia] Thank you. – [Jacob] Doing it now I realize it’s very difficult to
not keep saying things. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Just to, you know, help. I love to help. – [Nathan] You just gotta say other things that don’t help. I’m great at saying things
that don’t help, so. I’m the best at this game. I think we can all… – [Jacob] We can all agree. (laughing) Except I need some things that help and you give me none. – [Nathan] I thought skin funnels… – [Jacob] I don’t ever wanna hear the phrase “skin funnels” again in my whole life. There are lines from the nostrils almost down to the corners of the mouth. I guess those are called
like “cheek lines.” – [Nathan] I like the way
the remaining guides look, it just looks like the most frustrated person in the world. (angry growling) – [Jacob] “Ugh, I’m stuck at the DMV. For the third time this week. Keep having to go to the DMV. I work at the DMV, that’s
why I’m always here.” Are you ready for the next clue? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] “No one fills
out the right paperwork. They always want me to
fill out the paperwork.” – [Jacob] All right, I’m
gonna give you the brow. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] The brow is furrowed with concern or anger and forms a crease in
between the eyebrows. That was a pretty good sentence, right? – [Nathan] That was very good. – [Jacob] I liked that one. – [Nathan] “Furrowed
with concern or anger.” We don’t know. – [Jacob] It’s a complicated emotion. – [Nathan] There’s a lot going on. – [Jacob] Who are we to say? Who are we? To judge. – [Nathan] Not. We’re not. – [Jacob] We’re not. – [Nathan] We’re not to judge. – [Jacob] We are not to judge. Okay, the eyes, sort of matching the expression of the brow, are dark and intense and focused. You motherfucker. – [Nathan] She got you, dude! – [Julia] Dark and intense and focused. – [Jacob] Yes.
– [Julia] Got it. – [Jacob] Here’s the end of that sentence: as if the person were staring very intently at something. Now the sentence is over. – [Nathan] End transmission. – [Jacob] End transmission. Intensity, baby. – [Nathan] You guys both
picked intense ones. I picked a friendly Keanu. – [Jacob] You mean hot Santa. – [Nathan] I picked hot Santa. – [Jacob] You picked hot Santa, and I drew hot Santa. – [Nathan] I want to see Keanu Reeves play hot Santa now. – [Jacob] “Keanu Reeves in ‘Hot Santa.'” “I guess I’m a hot Santa, I guess I’m a hot Santa. Wow. Were you a good kid this year? That’s okay, I don’t believe you. Prove to me you were a good kid.” – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Yeah, this is looking nice. – [Jacob] Oh yeah. Okay, what else do I have
that I can describe here? – [Julia] Cheeks, hair, nose. – [Nathan] You did nose. – [Julia] I mean… – [Nathan] Ears? – [Julia] Lips? – [Jacob] I think let’s go to hair. The hair… Is black and parted in the middle and sweeps down, framing
the sides of the face like two dark curtains– – [Nathan] Ooh! – [Jacob] If the face were a play being shown on a stage, and is roughly… Bottom of the neck length. – [Nathan] Oh yeah, look at that. – [Jacob] And is bushier. (laughing) – [Nathan] Sentences are fun, they can really be
whatever length you want. – [Jacob] It’s a mild cheat. – [Nathan] This is Sansa Stark, from the end of the series. Except she doesn’t have black hair, she has very red hair, so… You really blew that one, Jacob, you really blew that one wide open. They kind of look like they were just wearing a hood, a little bit. – [Jacob] A hair hood. – [Nathan] Yeah. Now it’s looking more like hair. This person is not happy
to be on this episode. – [Jacob] No. Can you blame them? – [Nathan] Finally, someone more upset than Angela Lansbury. – [Jacob] I should also say, for clarification’s sake, this is a man. Just throwing that out there. – [Julia] Hmm. – [Jacob] I think we’ve got basically all the features, I could say that the cheeks are a little, a little bit jowlier, like on an older man, like on the sides of the cheeks as they frame the jaw. Yeah, that’s not what I meant, but it’s too late now! (laughing) – [Nathan] See, even when you think you’re doing a good job describing, it doesn’t always work. Now those are some skin funnels. – [Jacob] Yeah, that
actually looks pretty dope. This is a cool drawing. – [Nathan] Yeah, I like this character. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Julia] I’ve drawn a wanted poster for a Medieval suspect. – [Jacob] Yeah, it does look that way. – [Nathan] Wanted for inciting insubordination
against the lords. And also for getting people
all hot and bothered. – [Jacob] All hot and
bothered in the town. – [Nathan] Can’t be doing that. – [Jacob] Every here’s too wet and it’s your fault. Hard to get dry here,
it’s the Medieval times. – [Nathan] I have no
idea who this person is. – [Julia] I have a guess. – [Jacob] I’ll give you
a couple other things, just because I want to see it. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] He’s got sort
of a thick-ish neck, and a very high, tight black collar that sort of forms like a, what’s it called? Like a cravat? It almost looks like a minister’s collar. – [Nathan] Okay, I think
I know who this is. I don’t know why that did it for me. – [Jacob] Or it may not have! We’ll find out. – [Nathan] Yeah, we’ll see. – [Julia] A minister’s collar, huh? – [Jacob] I said almost. – [Nathan] Forgive me,
Father, for I have sinned. I’m too fancy. – [Jacob] I’m too fancy of a man. Who could blame me for
the crimes I’ve committed in the name of fanciness. – [Nathan] Aw yeah. – [Jacob] This actually did help quite a bit. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] In capturing the visage here. – [Nathan] Yeah, I think
I know who it is now. – [Jacob] And that’s gonna
be it for the descriptions! – [Julia] Can I make my guess now? – [Jacob] I would love to hear your guess. – [Julia] Is it Alan Rickman? – [Jacob] It’s Alan Rickman. – [Nathan] It’s Alan
Rickman as Severus Snape. – [Jacob] As Severus Snape, yep. Completely accurate. Here’s the actual picture. You can hold it if you like. – [Julia] We never got to
describing his lips, huh? – [Jacob] I didn’t feel like
it was really necessary. – [Julia] Kay. – [Jacob] For the general– – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] I mean, they’re just like lips. – [Nathan] Don’t describe my lips, huh? – [Jacob] You could just
put some lips on, I guess. – [Nathan] That’s how he feels about you not describing his lips. – [Jacob] Didn’t really see fit to– – [Nathan] Didn’t work on those lips. – [Jacob] You did good, though, it kind of looks like
a comic book version. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Like “The Sandman”
version of Alan Rickman. – [Nathan] This is Neil
Gaiman’s “Harry Potter.” – [Jacob] I think it
turned out pretty rad. – [Nathan] This is cool. – [Jacob] Yeah, good job. – [Nathan] Yours is
definitely the best drawing. – [Jacob] Oh, by a large margin. But we drew as well. – [Nathan] We drew three sort of dark and brooding dudes. – [Jacob] Yeah, three broody dudeys. – [Nathan] Three broody dudeys. – [Jacob] Which means we’re gonna have to do this again with ladies. – [Nathan] We’re gonna have to. – [Jacob] Yeah, there’s
no two ways about it. Thanks for watching everyone, hope you enjoyed this episode. Probably less accurate drawings, but they kind of worked, some of them. – [Nathan] Yeah! Except for the one I described, obviously. But you know, that one resulted in a fun new pitch for a movie for Keanu to star in, so… Keanu, if you wanna work with us on “Hot Santa,” I feel
like that’d be great for the holiday season. – [Jacob] You’d make a perfect Hot Santa. We’re gonna have to get
started pretty quick. – [Nathan] Your competitions are what, Paul Giamatti and Tim Allen, so I think you’re gonna be pretty good. – [Jacob] You’ll definitely
be the hottest Santa. – [Nathan] People are
gonna love you as Santa. They already love you. – [Jacob] They’ll love you
as anything at this point. Thanks for watching, everybody, and as always, we’re sorry. – [Nathan] Sorry! – [Julia] Sorry!

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