Artists Draw Animals Based On Their Scientific Names

Artists Draw Animals Based On Their Scientific Names

– [Nathan] Welcome to Drawfee
where we take dumb ideas. – [Julia] And make even dumber drawings. – I’m Nathan.
– I’m Julia. – I’m Jacobus Andrewsicus. That’s my scientific name. – [Nathan] That’s Jacob’s, that’s how you, – [Jacob] That’s how I was classified. – [Nathan] Yeah, the scientists
that discovered Jacob were – [Julia] You sounded
like a leader of Rome. – [Jacob] So do all animals. – [Julia] That is true. – [Nathan] They love those
Latin names in science. – [Julia] Hey Nathan, what are we doing? – [Nathan] We’re doing
scientific animal names Animals, we’re doing, (laughing) we’re drawing animals
– We’re doing something. – [Nathan] Based on
their scientific names. None of us know anything about science. – [Julia] Who suggested this, Nathan? – [Nathan] Melanie and Shawn Winter, who share a YouTube
account. That’s so sweet. That’s so fun, so I don’t know whether it was Melanie or Shawn’s idea, – [Jacob] I think they
typed it at the same time. – [Nathan] They came up with it, like, – [Julia] One letter at a time. – [Nathan] Like one was
standing behind the other with their hands over theirs,
just typing on the keyboard. – [Jacob] Well, probably. – [Nathan] And I’ve seen
this suggestion around. I don’t know if it was just them, they just suggested it
on the most recent video at the time of recording this,
so they get the shout out. They get it. – [Jacob] Happy time for you. – [Nathan] Happy time for you. I’m ready to draw a animal. – [Jacob] Okay, I’ve got a
good name for you Nathan. – [Nathan] Great. – [Jacob] I picked this one because it sounded like a super villain. – [Nathan] Oh boy. – [Jacob] And I like that. – [Nathan] I love a super villain animal. – [Jacob] Your animal scientific name is Crotalus Atrox. – [Nathan] Crotalus Atrox. – [Jacob] Tell me that he’s not gonna foil your best laid plans. – [Julia] Yeah, that’s a Star Trek daddy. – [Nathan] That’s great. And so yeah, it’s hard for this one
because like we really, I feel like any information
will give it away. – [Jacob] Yeah, I’m not
gonna give you anything other than that, I’m just
gonna focus solely on – [Nathan] Can you say it again? – [Jacob] Yeah. Crotalus Atrox. – [Nathan] Atrax? – [Jacob] Atrox. – [Nathan] Atrox. Crotalus, – [Julia] So he attracts trucks. – [Jacob] Attracts trucks? – [Julia] Atrux. – [Jacob] Atrox. – Atrox.
– It’s Atrox. – [Nathan] I’m imagining an evil frog. – [Jacob] I like that. – [Nathan] That’s sort
of what I’m getting. – [Jacob] Yeah, of course. – [Nathan] Like, you
know there are all those chill frogs that they got in the jungle. – [Jacob] Most of them. – [Nathan] But science
discovered one super evil frog. – [Jacob] And they were like, oh God. What do we call it? And
he goes you may call – [Nathan] You may call me – [Nathan And Jacob] Crotalus Atrox. – [Jacob] And then scientist
was like sorry is that Atrax? – [Nathan] No, it’s Atrox. – [Jacob] So this is the one evil frog. – [Nathan] This is the most evil frog. – [Jacob] Whichever frog
is the most evil frog of it’s day, I think
becomes the Crotalus Atrox of the frog species. So like it’s a title handed down. – [Nathan] Exactly. – [Jacob] And there must always be one, but there’s also always
one pure good frog. – [Nathan] Oh sure, the champion frog. – [Jacob] Yeah, sort of
like the avatar of frogs, whose duty it is, you
know, with each cycle to balance out Crotalus Atrox. This is real frog information. – [Nathan] This real frog,
you came to here to learn. Can you believe to learn
that there is an evil frog? – [Jacob] That there is a
evil frog and a good frog and they battle for eternity. – [Julia] I love his giant throat. – [Nathan] I can’t draw a not cute frog. – [Jacob] Well yeah, he’s like he’s evil, but he’s still cute. – [Nathan] He’s evil, but
he’s just a little frog. – [Jacob] Yeah, what’s he gonna do? – [Nathan] What’s he
gonna do? Ribbit at you? – [Jacob] If he’s like most frogs, his best tactic is that you eat him, but then you die afterwards
because he’s poison. I don’t know if he has any
better tactics than that. – [Nathan] And something about this frog is that it does wear armor. – [Jacob] That’s how you know. – [Nathan] That’s how you know he’s evil. – [Jacob] That’s how you
know which one it is. – [Nathan] He’s definitely
got one of these – [Jacob] Like a collar,
like a high collar. – A high collar.
– A Maleficent. – [Nathan] Yeah, he’s got, yeah. – [Jacob] Oh God, see now I’ve
just got all these thoughts running through my head of
like a fantasy frog empire and all the inhabitants therein. Do you remember that
episode we did, Nathan with the bird, the owl, we made that whole owl fantasy world. – [Nathan] Yeah, that was on
Beans. That was a good Beans. – [Jacob] That was a good Beans. – [Julia] You said fantasy frog empire and immediately I heard
it in my head as like welcome to fantasy frog empire. – [Nathan] Isn’t there a
show called like amphibi, Amphibia on, Amphibio, Topia or something? – [Julia] Did you dream this? – [Jacob] No idea what
you’re talking about. – [Nathan] There’s like a show where a kid gets sucked into like frog world. – [Julia] What? Are you thinking of Thumbelina
when she gets kidnapped. – [Nathan] No it’s a show,
it’s like a new show. – [Jacob] Are you thinking of that movie where the kid gets sucked
into kangaroo world? – [Nathan] No. – [Jacob] Guardians of – [Nathan] Kangaroo world? – [Jacob] What the
hell’s that movie called? – [Julia] I have no idea. – [Jacob] I’ve never
remembered the name of it. Oh God, every time I need
to reference this movie I’ve forgotten the name, because
the name does not reflect the fact that the kid got
sucked into kangaroo world. And had to do battle on the
side of the kangaroo warriors. This part can be edited
out while I look it up. – [Nathan] Okay great. – [Jacob] No one say anything cool. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Okay, I’m just gonna draw. Is that okay? – [Jacob] Yes. It’s called Warriors of Virtue. – [Julia] What? – [Jacob] That’s why I
never remember the name, it’s ’cause it’s called
Warriors of Virtue. – Warriors of Virtue?
Is it animated movie? – [Jacob] David, please
flash up some fucking Warriors of Virtue on the screen. – [Nathan] Warriors of Virtue. – [Jacob] It’s from 1997 and a kid gets sucked into a whirlpool
and goes to a world. – [Nathan] And goes to kangaroo world. – [Jacob] Where he fights
alongside these kangaroo people. They look like this. – [Nathan] Oh, that’s
some, that’s not animated. – [Jacob] It should
be, but it’s super not. – [Nathan] Oh dang. – [Julia] Is that like some
Jim Henson studio shit? – [Nathan] It’s like they had
leftover kangaroo costumes from Tank Girl and were just like, well let’s do something
with these I guess. – [Jacob] We gotta do something. We can’t just use kangaroo costumes once. – [Julia] What was the virtue? What were they fighting about? – [Jacob] I think that
each of the kangaroos like a represented a different virtue. – [Julia] Why kangaroos? – [Jacob] Dog, I don’t know. You’re asking the wrong questions, they don’t even represent
virtues, they represent elements. – [Julia] What? – [Jacob] Earth, Fire,
Water, Wood and Metal. – [Nathan] Oh yes. – [Jacob] The five elements. – [Nathan] The five elements. – [Jacob] Anyway we don’t have
to keep talking about this, I just had to know what it was. I wanna talk about Atrox. – [Nathan] Atrox. – [Jacob] Crotalus Atrox. – [Nathan] Crotalus Atrox. – [Julia] I like this high
collar you’ve given him. – [Nathan] Thank you. – [Julia] And this Doctor Claw glove. – [Nathan] Yeah, he’s got a claw glove. ‘Cause he’s evil, I think
he’s got claw glove, yeah, just the shoulders,
just the shoulders, but then obviously can’t
be wearing full armor because he’s a frog. – [Jacob] It would hinder his hops. – [Nathan] Yeah you can’t be, you need that full range of movement, but I think maybe, maybe
one of these because like, – [Jacob] Sort of like a, – [Nathan] Once you
sort of give the animal a humanoid-ness, once
you sort of personify it, – [Jacob] Of course. – [Nathan] You gotta cover the genitals. – [Jacob] You do, yeah, ’cause it suddenly gets weird if you don’t. – [Nathan] It gets weird. You get into this weird
territory like with the genitals. – [Jacob] If the frog just had shoulders, then maybe it would still be okay, there’s like a limit, there’s
a threshold of clothing where once you cross it you
have to cover the genitals. – [Nathan] I think yeah, I
think like an ornate belt. – [Jacob] Sure. Man one evil frog would be so easy to avoid. Like most of the frogs on Earth never even have to worry about this. – [Nathan] Well that’s
what you think, but then – [Jacob] Only the frogs
in his immediate area. – [Nathan] It continues to amass power. – [Jacob] And conquering
neighboring frogs villages. – [Nathan] Conquering neighboring
frog villages, exactly. – [Jacob] And you know we all wait with baited breath for
the chose frog to rise up and reclaim the freedom
of the frog people. Guys, I love fantasy. – [Nathan] I love fantasy, I love animals, I’m so upset about Warriors of Virtue. – [Jacob] Yeah, me too. Everyone please go
watch the trailer for it so that I’m not alone anymore. – [Nathan] I hope that someday
I get to work on a project that gets remember, that
gets half remembered – [Jacob] Remembered for being
incredibly weird and bad. – [Nathan] Yeah, I hope that like there’s a Drawfee episode where like decades from now some people are just like what was that one, – [Jacob] What was that show? – [Nathan] What was that show where like – [Jacob] I remember they drew a Pokemon, but it was just a man with a blue tooth. What was that? – [Nathan] I guess we did that. I guess we did that, so, I hope
that’s how we are remembered – [Jacob] Not by name, but by our deeds. – [Nathan] Yes. – [Jacob] Much like the
creators of Warriors of Virtue. – [Nathan] Exactly. – [Julia] I really like this
frog’s facial expression. – [Jacob] Yeah, he looks
like he’s so full of bluster. – [Julia] Yeah. He looks like when he gets flustered, like a ribbit comes out accidentally and then he’s like ashamed of it because he’s evolved past ribbits. – [Jacob] Yeah, he
thinks he beyond ribbits. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] But the ribbits still come out. Seize him! – [Nathan] I feel like
this would be a character in a Don Bluth. – [Jacob] Yeah, absolutely. – [Julia] Did Don Bluth make Thumbelina? – [Nathan] Yeah, I think so. – [Jacob] Now you know who to blame for your most hated film. – [Julia] My most hated film. – [Nathan] If he didn’t then someone just completely took his whole – [Jacob] Someone was Bluthing it. – [Nathan] Aethetic, yeah. – [Jacob] Big time, and it
may have been Don Bluth. – [Julia] I’ve never hated something so strongly and passionately in my life. – [Nathan] As Thumbelina? – [Julia] As Thumblina the animated movie. – [Nathan] It’s not great. – [Jacob] It’s really bad if you watch it. – [Julia] If you’ve
watched it as an adult, it’s literally just the worst thing. – [Nathan] I watched it as
a kid and I didn’t like it. – [Jacob] A woman getting
repeatedly captured – [Julia] And forced to
marry against her will. And then I felt like at the end the lesson would be like she’s learned how to be independent and
that she can make choices and that she’s a strong woman, – [Nathan] She wants to marry the hot one. – [Julia] She marries literally
the first guy who said hey, let’s get married. – [Nathan] Yeah, but he was hot. – [Julia] And he was hot, so – [Nathan] He was hot, so it’s okay. – [Julia] So, her logic was like oh he’s hot, and he claimed me first so I’m gonna marry him.
– I’m his property. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] A good lesson for young girls. – [Julia] Yeah, it’s, and then she gets kindapped by some racist frogs and that French bird. – [Jacob] Yep. It’s not good, so maybe this frog isn’t from that. – [Julia] He’s like, if
that frog was in that movie, I might like that movie
in any sort of degree. – [Jacob] You would at
least have one thing where you could be like well at least Crotalus Atrox was a really fun character. – [Nathan] I am Crotalus Atrox. – [Julia] I’d be so into that character. I love his open mouth! – [Nathan] I’m gonna open his mouth. – [Jacob] I’m going to barf up my stomach and clean it out with my hands. – [Julia] I feel like
when he gets nervous, his tongue lashes out and
he catches some flies. Help me! No!
– Snaps them up. – [Nathan] This is Crotalus Atrox. – [Julia] I love him. – [Jacob] Weirdly enough this is right. – [Nathan] Thank you. – [Jacob] It was the scientific name for a very evil frog. – [Nathan] For the evil frog. – [Jacob] The most evil frog. – [Nathan] The most
evil frog, it’s a title. – [Jacob] Yeah. No it’s not that, Nathan. Do you wanna know what it actually is? – [Nathan] Yes please. – [Jacob] The western
diamondback rattlesnake. – Wow.
– Okay. – [Jacob] So it is an evil
reptile, not an amphibians. – [Nathan] Frogs are amphibians. – [Jacob] I know it’s an amphibian. – [Nathan] Frobs are amphribrians. – [Jacob] But they’re
reptile adjacent in my mind. – [Nathan] Cold blooded. – [Jacob] It is an evil reptile. – [Nathan] Cool. – [Jacob] But of the more snake-y variety. – [Nathan] I’m into that. – [Jacob] Yeah, for sure. I wanna do one.
– Do one. – [Jacob] Can I? Is that okay? – [Nathan] Yes. – [Jacob] Thank you. – [Julia] Jacob. – [Jacob] Yes. – [Julia] Are you ready for your scientifically named animal or creature. – [Jacob] Or creature? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Well now you’re scaring me. (laughing) But yes. – [Julia] Alright, it’s name is Bombus. – [Jacob] Bombus? – [Julia] Bombus. – [Jacob] That’s the scientific name? – [Julia] The scientific name is Bombus. – [Jacob] Are you sure? – [Julia] I’m looking at it,
it says scientific name Bombus. – [Jacob] Just Bombus? – [Nathan] Julia, did
you use animal names A-Z? – [Julia] Hell yeah I did. – [Nathan] For yours as well? – [Julia] Oh, hell yeah I did. – [Nathan] Great, great,
so that’s what we used, so if we get any of it wrong, it’s not our fault. – [Jacob] I feel like
this has to be wrong. – [Nathan] Bombus. – [Julia] No, it’s name is Bombus. – [Jacob] I feel like
Bombus is definitely wrong. – [Julia] I’m gonna google Bombus. – [Jacob] Google Bombus. – [Nathan] A Bombus is a, it’s a it’s a four sided polygon that it’s like a rhombus, but it’s a Bombus. – [Julia] It’s a rounded rhombus. – [Nathan] It’s a round rhombus. – [Jacob] It’s a round
rhombus like round robin. Let’s go round robin. Let’s go Bombus. – [Nathan] Let’s go Bombus. – [Julia] Yeah, no, I googled
Bombus and it’s certainly it. – [Jacob] So a Bombus is just
like a really fat rat, right? (laughing) – [Nathan] Sticking with
that Don Bluth theme we got going. – [Jacob] Is that, that seems, – [Julia] Do you want
me to spell it for you? – [Jacob] Yeah, but I’m drawing a fat rat no matter what happens. – [Julia] Yeah, I mean I just, I think you should know it. – [Jacob] Yeah okay. – [Julia] It’s B-o-m-b-u-s. – [Jacob] That’s exactly
what I was thinking. – [Julia] Bombus. – [Nathan] Bombus. – [Jacob] Bombus. It sounds
like a word Cauldwell made up. – [Julia] Yeah, absolutely. – [Nathan] It’s spelled Bomb us. – [Julia] Bomb us. – [Jacob] Bomb us. – [Julia] Bombus. – [Jacob] It’s a fat
rat with a death wish. – [Julia] No, with a murder wish. – [Jacob] A murder wish? – [Julia] Oh, well I guess no. I guess he is asking to be bombed, huh? – [Jacob] Okay, well now I’m
giving him angry eyebrows so you know it’s a murder
wish and not a death wish. I don’t want it to get confused. – [Nathan] When Bombus and Atrox team up, that’s when you know the animal kingdom is about to get rocked. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s like
a Lethal Weapon situation. Like, two unlikely partners. – [Julia] Oh man, do you guys, (gasps) Do you think that the combination, oh my God, I just got very excited. Do you think that Atrox and Bombus, get together for the
plot of Ratatouille 2? Where they like, they’re
sick of Remy’s success, and they want to foil
his future restaurants. They bomb his restaurants. – [Nathan] Whoa! Whoa! – [Jacob] Wow! – [Nathan] Whoa! – [Jacob] Okay. – [Nathan] Maybe the
make the restaurants bomb in the reviews. – [Julia] Yes. – [Jacob] They review bomb it. – [Julia] They review bomb it. – [Jacob] They don’t literally – [Julia] No, that would be a very violent Diney Pixar movie. – [Nathan] That’s too violent
for this family program. (laughing) Okay. – [Jacob] Wow, alright. – [Nathan] I got worried for a second. – [Julia] They’re evil,
they’re not that evil. But they are evil. – [Nathan] No, they’re trying
to sabotage restaurants. I like that as their, – [Julia] There isn’t much more evil than destroying someone’s creative work that they enjoy so much. – [Nathan] Right, just ruining
a nice couple’s night out. – [Julia] Yeah. – At a restaurant.
– He’s on his laptop. – [Nathan] Oh, he’s making
some fake Yelp accounts? – [Jacob] He’s making all
these fake Yelp accounts and I think like, maybe it’s
like a romantic comedy too, where like he makes a
fake account as Atrox, and Atrox sees it and then gets
to the bottom of who did it and they end up falling in love. – [Nathan] Oh that’s great. Even if you’re a evil
animal you can find love. There’s another evil
animal out there for you. – [Jacob] Yeah, and this
animal, I don’t think he’s evil. – [Nathan] He’s just fat. He’s just fat and angry. – [Jacob] He’s just angry.
He’s just angry because he feels like he hasn’t
done as much with his life as he had hoped. – [Nathan] Yeah, and he’s lashing out. – [Jacob] He’s lashing
out against other rats that he feels have done,
you know, have done more. – [Nathan] That maybe, yeah,
they’ve accomplished more, but maybe don’t deserve it in his mind. – [Jacob] Yeah, in his
estimation no one deserves, if he doesn’t get respect,
no on deserves respect. – [Nathan] We got so much cat
snake x wrong half fan art. I’d love some Bombus x Atrox. – [Jacob] Don’t ask for things, Nathan. Did you learn nothing?
– You know you’re gonna get it – [Jacob] Did you learn
nothing from the last one? – [Nathan] I like them! I like, this is, first of all, there’s gonna be less ass because one of the creatures is not just a butt. – [Julia] Well now that
you’ve said less ass people are gonna put in more ass. – [Jacob] They’re gonna
find ways to get ass. – [Nathan] No. – [Jacob] People are gonna
find ways to get ass, Nathan. That’s human nature. – [Nathan] No, here’s what I wanna see. Some just like nice times. I wanna see these two
just having a nice time, having a good time out. I don’t wanna see any of their like, intimate physical stuff. – [Jacob] No, you just wanna
see them going on a nice date. – [Nathan] They can hold hands, I wanna see them holding
hands, maybe cuddling a little. – [Jacob] Crotalus Atrox. – Having a nice conversaion.
– And Bombus. – [Nathan] Bombus. – [Jacob] I can’t believe
that there’s a, I don’t, – [Nathan] There are only
so many sounds is the thing. So sometimes, – [Jacob] Sometimes Bombus. – [Nathan] Sometimes
you’re gonna get a Bombus. – [Jacob] I mean, what a world, huh? – [Julia] Bombus really does sounds like it was named by Cauldwell. And that’s why I picked it. – [Jacob] That’s his exact type of word. That’s his favorite type of word. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] This is a creature
smiled upon by Cauldwell from up in heaven where he lives. His computer is like a cheese. – [Nathan] What’s going on with this tail? – [Jacob] It’s just kinda curved around. Maybe it’ll curve around
again to kinda finish it off. I think he’s kind of using
it for sort of like leverage so he can sit back as well. Does this make more sense? – [Nathan] Yeah it just,
it was, it wasn’t tapering, it was just the same sort of thickness. – [Jacob] It’s long, he’s a rat. – [Nathan] Yeah, I just wanted to – [Jacob] You jerk. – [Nathan] It looked like
it was going back into him. – [Jacob] It’s not, it wasn’t. Nathan. – [Nathan] That’s what
it looked like before. – [Jacob] It wasn’t doing that. – [Nathan] I know that’s
why I wanted clarification. – [Jacob] I can’t believe you. I’m gonna have Bombus leave a bad Yelp review on this channel. But for you specifically. – [Nathan] But for, but for me? – [Jacob] This channel would
be great if Nathan wasn’t in it saying all the things he says. – [Nathan] But it says it on Yelp? – [Jacob] It says it on Yelp. – [Nathan] It’s a Yelp review
for the YouTube channel. – [Jacob] For the Drawfee channel. – [Nathan] For anyone that’s interested in dining at this YouTube channel, – [Jacob] Don’t. We don’t
have food first of all. – [Nathan] First of all. – [Jacob] You’re gonna be
disappointed on that front. – [Nathan] You did draw a
million subs on that one episode. – [Jacob] Oh that’s true,
you can have one of those. – [Nathan] You can have
one of those, they’re – [Jacob] They’re pretty gross though. – [Nathan] Yeah they’re several
weeks old at this point. – [Jacob] And then he is just like I think leaning back on a giant bomb. – [Nathan] Okay, but that’s, okay. It’s one of them cartoon-y bombs. – [Jacob] It’s a cartoon bomb. – [Nathan] It’s a cartoon
bomb, so it’s not. – [Jacob] It’s like a bomb chair. It’s not a real live bomb. – [Nathan] I see. – [Jacob] Or is it? – [Nathan] Wait, what is a Bombus? – [Jacob] Oh yeah, what’s a Bombus? – [Julia] A Bombus is
actually a bumblebee. – [Jacob] That’s literally what Cauldwell would call a bumblebee. (laughing) He’d be like oh look at that Bombus. Look at that little Bombus over there. – [Nathan] Look at that little
Bombus Bombusing around. – [Jacob] Yeah, what’s he doing? – [Nathan] What’s he gonna Bombus? He’s gonna Bombus onto some flowers? – [Jacob] Is that Bombus gonna
Bombus his way over here? – [Julia] Is Cauldwell
secretly a scientist? – [Nathan] Cauldwell got
to guest name one animal and it was the bumblebee. – [Jacob] It was the bumblebee
which I guess is a Bombus. – [Nathan] Mm, my Bombus. – [Jacob] I’m done. I’m done. – [Nathan] So again, this is the name as it was stated on – [Julia] Yes. – [Nathan] I couldn’t find
any sort of consistent way to pronounce it so I’m just
say it how it looks to me. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Julia, your
scientific name, Ajaja Ajaja. – [Julia] Ajaja Ajaja, huh? – [Nathan] Ajaja Ajaja. – Ajaja Ajaja
– I have to look this up. Oh, I’m seeing it here. – [Nathan] A-j-a-j-a
space, and then that again. – [Julie] Ajaja. – [Jacob] Ajaja Ajaja. – [Nathan] Ajaja Ajaja. – [Jacob] It just sounds like
when I used to play free MMO’s with Brazilians how they
would when I was a teen, that was how they would laugh
at me when they PK’ed me. Which was frequently. – [Nathan] Or just like
the comment section on College Humor videos. Sometimes. – [Jacob] Sometimes there too. So is it, no I guess it’s not laughing. That answers that question. I thought maybe it would be
laughing, but it’s super not. – [Nathan] Just to remind you, This is a animal. This is a animal. This is the scientific name. (laughing) Julia, is this gonna be another kitty cat? – [Julia] No, Ajaja,
you’ve given me something I have nothing to work with. – [Jacob] You say that about everything you’re ever given on this show. – [Julia] Alright, I’m just gonna (laughing) – [Jacob] You’re just
feeling it out right now. – [Julia] I am. – [Nathan] Yeah, just add some elements. It’s like a little poofy dog. (laughing) You’ve drawn Lilly. You’re drawing Willy’s dog Lilly so far. But with like, not a dog mouth. – [Jacob] Ajaja Ajaja. (laughing) – [Nathan] This is so, this is perfect. (laughing) – [Jacob] When you see
it it makes you laugh. – [Nathan] Gosh. – [Jacob] It was discovered in Brazil. – [Nathan] Yeah it was,
Brazilian scientists couldn’t stop laughing, – [Jacob] They couldn’t stop laughing when they saw this thing. – [Nathan] When they saw this thing, this like fucking Dr. Seuss looking ass dog thing. – [Jacob] It kinda looks like a wookie. – [Nathan] It does, it looks
like a little squishy Wookie. – [Jacob] A squishy Wookie. – [Nathan] It’s got
like fur jowls, oh okay. This is a decision. – [Jacob] Are you putting it in a tube? – [Julia] Oh I should. I should maybe. – [Nathan] What? – [Jacob] What are you doing to it? – [Julia] I’m not really sure. So, Ajaja Ajaja. Ajaja. (laughing) Okay, okay. – [Nathan] I know we aren’t
allowed to give hints on this one, but I feel like, can I give you a hint
if you promise not to erase anything that you’ve already drawn? – [Julia] Promise. – [Nathan] Okay, it is a bird. (laughing) Yay! – [Jacob] We have a dog
head crammed into a bow tie Oh hooray! – [Nathan] Do with that what you want. – [Jacob] It’s the dumbest funniest bird. Scientists can’t stop laughing at. Nine out of ten scientists
think this bird is hilarious. – [Nathan] Don’t change
anything you’ve already drawn with that (laughing) – [Jacob] I just imagine
this thing was like, they just saw it’s head through the reeds and then it stood up and
this whole neck extended out and scientists just lost it. Scientists just lost their
shit when they saw it. (laughing) – [Nathan] I keep looking
away and then looking back I can’t believe how good this is. (laughing) I just wanna look at this all the time. – [Jacob] This is the
national bird of Brazil. Now at least it is. – [Julia] It should be
if it’s not already. – [Jacob] Oh my God. (laughing) – [Julia] Nathan’s crying. – [Jacob] Could you imagine seeing just a whole group of these things just like, wading through the river? – [Nathan] They gotta do their migration it’s just fucking David
Attenboro talking about, ’cause this is the scientific name. We need to know, what is
this actual animal’s name? Like what is the
colloquial term for fucking – This
– Fluffer bird. – [Julia] Oh my God. – [Nathan] The poofy bird. – [Jacob] The funny bird. – [Nathan] The funny bird. The fuzz head. Wow, I – [Julia] Just imagine this thing flying. – [Jacob] I don’t think
we have to imagine. – [Nathan] Are you doing it? – [Jacob] You’re gonna show us. – [Nathan] You’re gonna show us? Oh, it’s fur all gets blown
back ’cause it’s going so fast. – [Jacob] It goes really fast. – [Nathan] Slow down buddy. – [Jacob] You’re gonna get hurt. – [Nathan] The bow tie is part of – [Jacob] Oh that’s what
the neck does when it flies. Good to know, good to note. – [Nathan] Hold on, depending
on how you draw this, Okay, no just there’s a image, there’s a image for this animal and this is like besides the face, – [Jacob] And the human legs, – [Nathan] This is, yeah the legs bend the other way when it flies. – [Jacob] Yeah, why do it’s knees bend opposite when it flies? – [Julia] Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait. – [Nathan] Okay good. – [Julia] There you go. – [Jacob] It just looks
like it’s standing now. – [Nathan] It can do some clasping. – [Jacob] It looks like
it’s standing next to a fan. (laughing) – [Nathan] It loves to
get its face fur tousled. – [Jacob] Just like a dog. – [Nathan] Just like a dog. – [Jacob] It wants to get
that face in the breeze. – [Nathan] This is just dog bird. – [Julia] Yeah, I drew a dog bird. – [Nathan] This is dog
bird, aka Ajaja Ajaja. – [Jacob] Ajaja Ajaja. – [Julia] Is this Ajaja Ajaja? – [Nathan] I meant the
type of bird you went, ’cause there are lots of
different types of bird. The bird type you went
with is pretty close. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] TBH. – [Julia] Okay, cool. – [Jacob] If it had a bird’s head instead of a small dog’s
head and a bow tie, you would have been pretty spot on. – [Nathan] But this is so lovely, – [Julia] I feel like – [Nathan] You’ve given us
all such a gift today, Julia. – [Jacob] Yeah, this is a present. – [Nathan] This is a present for everyone. – [Julia] I feel like I haven’t
been drawing for very long. – [Jacob] You don’t need to, don’t, sometimes beauty happens, you
don’t need to overwork it. You just need to let it exist. – [Nathan] You could finish
the tail on the flying one. – [Jacob] You could do that. – [Nathan] You could do that if you want. Yeah.
– Thank you. – [Julia] Does he need a beak? – No
– No. – [Jacob] Get that out. Get that out. This is what I just said
about overworking it. Get that out! – [Nathan] What is this? – [Jacob] Get that out. I will lose my mind if you add one more thing to this creature. – [Nathan] This is perfect. – [Jacob] This is perfect. – [Nathan] This is a perfect drawing. – [Jacob] You have to
stop. You have to stop now. – [Julia] Science has gone too far. Yeah, okay, let’s look up an Ajaja Ajaja. – [Jacob] What’s the actual bird called? – [Nathan] Rosate Spoonbill. – [Julia] What? – [Jacob] It’s one of them water birds. – [Nathan] It’s a large water bird. It’s a large species of leading bird. – [Jacob] Oh, look at that big bill. – [Julia] One of those shovel mouths. – [Nathan] Look at this
pic. The one on the website, you like got, like that’s how it, if you had drawn the wings
more sort of splayed out, – [Julia] If I had drawn
like an actual bird, yeah. – [Jacob] His bill do
look like a spoon though. – [Julia] His bill do look like a spoon. – [Jacob] But it’s no dog bird. – It’s no dog bird
– It’s no dog bird but I wish it was. – [Nathan] The beautiful
majestic dog bird. – [Julia] I’ve drawn a Dr. Seuss bird. – [Nathan] I love it. – [Julia] A whovian bird if you will. – [Nathan] I needed that. That, that was, that was a real treat. I don’t wanna look at
anything besides this face. – Great, good.
– That you’ve drawn. – [Julia] I’m glad that you enjoyed it. – [Nathan] Well this was fun. – [Julia] Yeah, I think I’m done here. – [Nathan] Educational. And if we got any of the scientific names wrong, again, is to blame. But I’ll take the correction. – [Julia] Bombus is never wrong. – [Nathan] Bombus, you can’t
go wrongus with Bombus. – [Jacob] You can’t go
wrongus with Bombus. – [Nathan] I don’t know
where dog bird fits in to the lore that we
developed for the other two, I think dog bird’s just
having a good time. – [Jacob] Dog bird is the
comic relief side character. – [Julia] He only squawks. – [Nathan] Dog bird
officiates the wedding. – [Jacob] I like to imagine
dog bird is completely silent. – [Julia] Just his little feet tippy tap. – [Nathan] Well guys, leave a suggestion of what you’d like to
see us draw next time. I’m sorry for everything, but dog bird. Dog bird is a gift. – [Jacob] Dog bird is a gift. We’re sorry. – [Julia] Sorry.

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