Artist Website, Branding and Portfolio Marketing by Stefan Baumann

Artist Website, Branding and Portfolio Marketing by Stefan Baumann

so I want to talk to you about building your website now our first idea of websites are that something somebody else will do I don't need it it's not that important but it really is it really is important for all of you to think about the website now when you think about websites you think about commerce you think about going into business some of you are not really that interested in that but websites basically are your new portfolio and portfolios are really important to artists even for just the artists themselves so one of the things that we like to do is take pictures of all of our paintings and we used to keep those in a book and consequently it was kind of difficult to keep that book updated and make that a viable viable thing that you could actually use you know to go to galleries and stuff nowadays it's your website and your website really doesn't need to be a complicated one it can be a plug-in play and we're basically discussing this because surely all of a sudden found that she could have really used the website like right now okay because you never know when you're in a situation where somebody goes oh you do that let me see some of your stuff and you're sitting there going and then you pull out your phone and you do a really bad attempt at trying to find something that you want them to see and you know and your book that was your portfolios sitting at home and so what galleries will do is if you're just wandering through a gallery and you might be somewhere and somebody goes can you help can I help you and they go oh you know I'm just an artist you're not just looking and they go really let me see some of your work and you go well if you go to and they'll ask can I see your website okay literally that will be the question that every gallery owner will ask you and you never know when you are in a situation where that question might come up and you know how difficult it is to approach galleries and we all want to be part of a gallery so you don't want to have a situation like that creep up and not be prepared and it doesn't take a lot to get the bare minimum and one of the things that I would suggest is to go and secure your don't domain name first and even if you do nothing at all with it just secure it it's like 20 dollars a month or something that's really I mean 20 dollars a year it's really cheap you go to GoDaddy or one of the one of the the websites out there that says domain name network solutions there's several websites that do that Hostgator anyplace I will do that and one of the issues and the reason why I want to discuss it is because you may want to do this what were you going to ask yeah well that's why you want you first got to have the website so you could have your business cards so you could do anything else now remember last week we talked about LaVon showing darle on LaVon showing their work at the clubhouse and all of a sudden the client popped in went to their house bought a painting okay those are the circumstances that kind of happen and you don't know now Shirley went to a furniture store probably to buy some furniture and stuff and in the conversation they she mentioned that she was an artist and they immediately said oh really we're looking for an artist to hang on our walls so she was at that point she goes only and and the thing at that point is people expect you out there to have websites if you are doing anything if you're making little apples and letting them shrivel up and putting clothes on them you've got a website somewhere you know so websites are just and but we're afraid of them especially our generation because we think that's something somebody else will do the most important thing when establishing your website is your domain name and you want to nail that and if that's available that's exactly what your domain name is WW your name calm okay so first thing don't concern yourself nor do you want to purchase or by a big of dot business god you want to get business because by default everybody puts calm okay so you want whatever that is calm now what are you used for your name you don't use like little lady painting on sunday calm okay you don't do that what you what you are branding is your name not artists not anything your branding your name so we went back and forth with shirley and you know i kept on saying no is is your first and last name used show lead wire is that available i put it in line and didn't look like it went anywhere so I thought do that and then you kept on coming back going sure lead wire what was it that you settled on images and oil see now this could be difficult for people to remember images in oil and are you talking about oil lamps crude oil you know there's there's it's like it leads on so what is salad dressing you know it's like you geez so so it's not really you know if you would like Shirley Dwyer artist maybe or painter that would be a little bit and it's got to be short you got to be able to like have it you know Shirley Dwyer is best because what you're trying to do is you're trying to brand your name even Dwyer calm if it has it or surely most surely calm I'm sure is taking bad wire might not be I don't know how popular it is but Shirley Dwyer might be available man you snagged us I hate 35 years ago when they first started getting them stuff I got Stephan bellman calm okay I got the Graham Viacom I got the grant V org and I got the Grandview net you know so because I knew I was going to work with those but I didn't bother getting stuff in belmonde or Stefan Baumann net I got Stefan Bama com I got into a dart org site the Grandview org because I have the PBS television show and a dot org site is usually like nonprofit you know that's usually where you find your your earth sites and all this stuff so the the organization's our org so I got org site but I also got the dot-com site because I'm a business so I got the Graham Viacom and in my when you go to Graham Viacom that's about my workshops and if you want to come and paint up on Mount Shasta my dot org site is my PBS site and so the Grandview org you get to go into my television show all the informations that pertain to PBS so that's a dot org site and then I have my go to business site which is Stefan bellman comm and I've just recently made that really powerful when you go and sign up for your registration for your site you want to also get a wordpress two tablet and they'll ask you so what do you want WordPress and there's like 15 different kinds of companies that put out tablets when you see the word WordPress push yes WordPress is the leader in all of the website designs and they're the up to date you could have them transfer your website into Chinese into Arabic and you could have it have a store WordPress is the go-to that most designers are using right now huh yeah they'll have templates and you just get a free template and then it's basically plug and play it will ask you if you can do Facebook you can get a website together will say add images you add images you will say what do you want to say here add text literally is so easy that there really is no reason why none of you should have it now you can go to a website play set for artists and Shirley had mentioned this that you know there's like fine arts calm and under there they have like 10 billion artists that you can get a site and it's a plug and play the issue with that is that it's it's you know Shirley Dwyer at fine artists calm it's not like Google or Yahoo or anything like that and it's not WWE it's like their company in there and within that all the people that will really see you or other artists and you don't have the ability to step out of that noise it's like taking sand to the beach you just become gobbled up but if you're intimidated and you're really not thinking about doing anything with your website but you want this online portfolio so that people can at least see what you do you know and have it organized in a way and update it you want to just get something on there that's easy those organizations are fabulous for that you can just put it on there they're very easy and I highly recommend that all of you go home tonight and snag your domain name just see if it's available and snag it if you don't do anything else once you have it just follow the instructions you'll have your website up in a day or two even if you know nothing about computers I have a lot of students that have done that then have a business card with your website on it and then just let life live at some point you will run into somebody that will go can I see your website and you'll go sure why not and you you have everything there you never know who wants to see your work and it doesn't mean that you necessarily want to make a business out of it even just to share to your family it's just nice to have a go-to spot that everything's organized in there if they ask you to do a blog put yes you all should be blogging and even if it's nothing more than just on your recipes and the reason for that is because Google which is the main company that runs all of this stuff they like up-to-date information and if you are yakking on your site and putting up a little blog saying well look at my new painting click look at my this and then really it's that simple to do something and put one of your paintings up it doesn't really have to go anywhere but Google sits there goes ah an active website let's take a look and they'll start looking at that and then they'll put you higher in the ranking as opposed to somebody that's not doing anything with their website they're trying to get rid of all the dead wood you know when you used to go to the website every website you went to was no link no link law while Google is starting to clean up their act and so if you're not doing anything on your website they will just kind of drop you and you'll be low ranking but if you're saying look at my new recipe I love this if you're doing this and that they will put you in to a more preferred area and then depending on your content you can move up without having to pay anybody to do that so it's just really important to start it even if you just open and not do anything with it the fact that you have one that's open for a year or two will actually improve your ranking as opposed to brand new ones that come in okay so you had a question you join the son of your art club you can put your pictures in their website and you're not getting two people in it so that careful you just took a person just look at my work on our website so the end I saw the potato does the same thing some of you go on to us yeah the issue with that is having a site that has um what she said was it you could get like a Sunnyvale our club has a site and do they offer a page or just they have several different venues where you can see the word like if you had been at the venue's stepped up we put the whole website whole event on the website then or if you want a prize you would be on there so there are different ways that you could see work not just but you can click a mini all happen but you don't have a lot of control over that whatever you said in yeah yeah now let me tell you something that's really really important learn for yourself how to do this learn for yourself how to do this the reason for that is because when you need the Sunnyvale art group and usually those people are volunteer but you'll call up and go oh I got a new picture I want to put it up on the website and then go well we'll get to it on the weekend and then something happens and they don't get and you're sitting there going I want it up and you huh usually but you know I always side yeah and then you got somebody else that does it on the weekend plus you you don't have any like you know you feel like you have to filter everything so you're looking at your website and you go I don't know if I like those two words together like that right but then you go oh god I got to go contact Fred and Fred is you know Oh half the time in a bad mode and if I tell them that I want to switch antutu you know he's going to think I micromanage them I'm just going to leave it like that okay can you see what a pain in the ass that becomes and before you know it you've got all this stuff in your website that you don't like but you're too afraid to bother Fred because he's grumpy you know but he knows how to do it learn how to do this stuff it's not that hard and it's good for your brain you know they said on 60 minutes just down if you want to live longer they said it's good to use your brain and really push it when you feel like oh my god that's why computers are really important for pee that are aging because it makes you think differently and that differently keeps your brain young and so it's just really good to work at it and plus it becomes a pride to click in and see your work and see your stories and see this it really becomes a feather in your cap so I highly recommend to think about getting it start off with the domain name make it simple and make it work okay when you click it if you go to go it will say what website do you want in your instance you want Kathy Briggs okay so so they'll save Kathy Briggs is available calm okay then then they might say no but maybe Kay bricks is available or maybe Cavey bricks or something that you know whatever whatever initials you need or Kathy brick artist it might be available but you want to keep it really simple so that people say oh it's just my name plus artist you know GoDaddy is one of the more reasonable ones so once you click in there there's going to be a window that pops up and say do you want to send signup your website now and then you'll go yes why not have your credit card ready and then they'll go they'll go so what do you want and they'll have all this stuff and all of a sudden you see WordPress click WordPress and then we'll say templates yes you just kind of go yes and before you know what it's up okay just give yourself a couple of hours and you know it can be all empty you don't have to put any pictures on but just choose a template put your name on it and then go to bed okay and then worry about it or contact me afterwards to kind of get to the next next phase but just follow it along just to see how far you are you should just be curious because it's like art you know and then what you'll and then another key thing when you're stuck go to YouTube YouTube is fabulous on telling you how to do everything they will oh there's people there's people if you really want to do this this is how I learned because I don't know squat about building a website I mean I am like yeah I don't even do Facebook because I hate that whole thing so I found a guy there's thousands of people giving you free information what's important is to find somebody you like to listen to you know there's a lot of people when they start talking if you want to build a wordpress mark zombie online oh hey Fred you it's dinner yet yeah I mean literally they just like ramble on you want to find somebody that sounds interesting that knows what they're talking about there's one guy out there that says how to build a wordpress website with no part missing and what I do is I open that up on my computer and I push play and he says first contact your hosting company which would be like GoDaddy and so you push stop and then you open up another window and then you go looking for a host company and then you push play and he says fill out your name right here stop look for that fill out your name right there then you push play now submit to see if you're and literally you can just follow along and takes a couple of hours but you look you could have somebody guide you through building up a website and it wouldn't cost you anything it's free you just have to have a little bit of patience to kind of rewind and go forward rewind and go forward rewind and go for it you can build a website by yourself it is possible because I did it I took me in fact when I got through with it was Saturday it was so easy that I decided if I'm going to start making my website a little bit more powerful I'm going to look for a harder template so I started researching one that was really cool with lots of things and windows and all kinds of stuff that had beautiful background and then I started the process all over again because there was somebody telling me how to do it with that with that template and so I made it harder for me because I wanted a better website but if you want a basic website man you could get it up really quick okay yeah oh yeah you'll start well you'll start seeing stuff like SEO but in the world is SEO right the search engine optimization okay so what does that do so you go into YouTube and you go search engine optimization and something goes hide you want to know how to search out for the duration and he'll tell you that's what Google uses to and if you can get the words just right they give you a green light and then when the bots come from Google to look around the green lights and they pull your website up first do this and I really want to see if you guys can play the game just try it see if it's out there and if you have any questions about your domain names or what's available text me don't call me don't don't email me but text me I usually get back to my texts they might be really short I might say yes or no and if I have a minute like surely text me a few things and I give her a call back and even then she felt like she was invading my time but I enjoy doing that stuff outside of class okay yeah when you taking a picture of your painting is there a special thing you should do and you're putting it on that website no you could just take it off of your phones the better you you get your photos the better you are okay but right now don't worry about that even if you have an empty site just let it sit empty you know but take photos first with your phone and then later on update it okay

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  1. @stefanbaumann Sir thank you i took ur advice and got my website up and running… Its called do have a look at it if u happen to read this and may be review my work thanks.

  2. Good stuff here on web pages, Stefan, very important information. I've had one for years but now defunct and needs to be resurrected. You mentioned being in a gallery and being approached by the manager who asks if they can see your webpage after you announce that you are an artist! Funny story, my friend and fellow plein air painter, Pablo by name (great name for a painter, eh?) and his girlfriend were in a contemporary gallery in Santa Barbara somewhere and they were looking around at the work and were approached and asked if they were artists. Pablo said: "yes, I am, by the way"! And the manager said: "so sorry, you'll have to leave; we don't allow any artists in this gallery"! Pablo was just dumbfounded; and he and his friend just complied and left immediately. I was amazed by his story and said: "Gee Pablo, when she said we don't allow any artists in this gallery, you should have looked around the place and slowly nodded your head and said: Oh,….yes,….Now I see what you mean!" That would have been be too cool; but even I would not have thought of it on the spot, being so shocked at her statement!! What are they afraid of? Stealing ideas from the work, or just don't want to waste time with poor artists who won't buy anything! LOL 😀

  3. Done that! And turns out I am the proud owner of Husband just laughs about it, but it really is a necessity nowadays, isn't it?!

  4. The brain is nothing but a nerve control center. Foolish to think it can help you with art. YOU make the art!

  5. Good advice. I wish that woman in the audience would shut up already! Let her get her own seminar.! 😀

  6. Great discussion Mr. Baumann. For those who just want to create a website with great design patterns available, they can use Wix too. If anyone can operate a computer, they can build a great website for themselves for free. I made my own a few months ago. It is really easy but very professional.

  7. Shopify is so much easier now and has many bells and whistles. You can sell your art right on Facebook with the integration.

  8. Steven did you check out squarespace as suggested below and if so what did you think of it compared to word press. it is now may 2016 any new ideas on website providers? and thanks/

  9. Hi Stefan, thanks so much for all the useful things you put up. I was wondering. Do you ever consider making posters or prints of your paintings and if so how do you safe guard getting the correct photo's to keep for the future in the correct resolution. Perhaps its not something you worry about. My thought is, how would you feel in hindsight thinking 'Oh I should have kept that one for prints' and you didn't get a good enough photo. Is it something you think about?? Thanks again.

  10. I had a website but for some stupid reason I used a cutsi domain name. It had been bugging me for a while.
    So after watching this video a couple of times I finally took the plunge and got rid of it. Now, thanks to you , I have a new one with my name (.com) Lots of work but I'm much happier. Thanks for the push Stefan!

  11. Thank you for the helpful tips. I used to recommend WordPress and personally used it for my website for many years. However, despite being an experienced web developer, I moved all my websites recently to I believe this to be an ideal platform for creatives. The templates are beautiful and easy to customize. I found the fiddliness of WordPress to be time-comsuming and frustrating despite my experience as a web developer. I can only begin to imagine how intimidating WordPress is to folks who have no web design experience. Anyhow, there's nothing wrong with using WordPress, but it may be worth considering Squarespace, too.

  12. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, insight, & expertise through these videos. I don't know how, when, or even if, to approach a gallery (very scary). Do you have any videos that could help?

  13. I stumbled upon your videos today through wanting to learn more – this particularly for me was an important video.  I've watched at least 6 so far today – all of them gave really good advice, so thank you for that, because it will definitely help me on my own little artistic journey!

  14. I love listening to you teach I just eat my lunch and toon in. I love that you've covered this specific topic because I find sometimes there's a disconnect with artists and their so called 'brand' representation. Thank you Stefan!

  15. Terrific info. Stefan is dead on. Do not rely on someone else to post your text and images on another site. Make your own.

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