Artist Transforms Bubble Wrap Into An Impressionist Painting

Artist Transforms Bubble Wrap Into An Impressionist Painting

this painting is made entirely out of bubble wrap those small pockets of air you puncture with your thumbs to hear that satisfying one of the funniest things that people love to view this and pop bubbles and is the one sound that drives me nuts focus of rap is precious to me this is Bradley Hart it's true bubble wrap is precious to him it's literally his campus he's a new york-based artist who transforms Butler app into pixelated master works of art but the idea of using bubble wrap as a wall covering is it new bubble wrap was invented in 1957 originally intended to be used as wallpaper but it didn't go John it was after researching Nash the history of bubble wrap and realized that was meant to be wallpaper that brought me around to this great idea that well extensively what is a painting short of the cultural significance and historical value of mayo gained over time it's obsessively a wall covering so this is a work in progress right now that I'm doing for art Miami its auras the garage shot a little vignette seen from the actual bigger painting the painstaking process starts even before Bradley touches the canvas so it takes me roughly about four to five days to preload the 1800 to 2500 syringes that I need per painting this is his palette color placement is planned using a top-secret custom-made computer algorithm each bubble is injected individually with acrylic paint as the paint is injected into a bubble the access strips down the back of the piece the process creates two different paintings the injection painting and the impression painting the impression painting is created from the paint that drips from the bubbles down the back of the piece the drippings are surgically removed from the backsides of the plastic to reveal an impression of the work it takes anywhere from three weeks to a month for Bradley to complete a painting it's just like this kind of quintessential dumb material that I love to use so much you

25 thoughts on “Artist Transforms Bubble Wrap Into An Impressionist Painting

  1. “”Top secret computer algorithm.””

    Lol, same as how my printer uses a top secret algorithm to place the dots😂

    Grid layout is an option in photoshop.

  2. Step 1 : find an image that you like
    Step 2 : pixelize it
    Step 3 : copy the colors
    Step 4 : ????
    Step 5 : profit

    Jokes aside i personally think this isnt art, its more of a craft than it is art, this takes effort but not creativity i wish he would use this new found technique to make stuff thats visually interesting, but then again who am i to say that art has to be visually interesting

    Before you tell me to shut up, i am a painter and i dont dare to call myself an artist yet, i think thats something other people should be doing, anyhow im a painter so yes i could do this if i wanted to. It aint hard fam

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