Artist Spotlight - Giovanni Valderas - Visual Artist

Artist Spotlight – Giovanni Valderas – Visual Artist

the tricky spots finding a spot where is safe to pull over and do it my name is Giovanni Balderas I live here in Oak Cliff my project is called casita 3 stay which is a little pinata sad houses which I've been putting around Oak Cliff to bring awareness about affordable housing here in Dallas and they're not really pinatas but they're based on elements of the pinata meaning that they're just kind of really streamlined to be made really quickly and to kind of enter the elements a little bit longer they're basically these little art objects that have been anther or more size kind of get people's attention but also to empathize with it you know again alluding to the residents or the families that live here you know cliff area they're being displaced the little face and the little Bethesda feet they're supposed to be kind of comedic it allows people to let down their guard a little bit after a little while it starts to resonate you know like a few seconds like oh wait this is talking about something else so it's a little subversive in that sense where people are automatically attracted to it have like really great thoughts because you know bananas have these beautiful associations you know like festivities and parties but once I think the viewer starts to look at it a little bit more they begin to think hey there's something deeper here affordable housing is a really big issue right now and the city I personally believe their policies they're not geared toward making real affordable housing so there's a prompt and the prompt is a postcard that says all I want for Christmas is affordable housing and in the back it kind of gives a few stats someone who makes minimum wage takes them 82 hours a week to afford a one-bedroom rental house a month so hopefully it can motivate and our people to you know go out and be an advocate for affordable housing

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