Artist Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with S Pen

Artist Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with S Pen

hi everyone this is teal from Taco Blox calm welcome to the artist review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab as three I actually bought this a few weeks ago has been using it everyday since it's quite a good tablet and in this review I'm going to show you how good it is when it comes to creating art on it with the s-pen my reviews are usually quite long so if you want to save time you can actually just visit the text reveal the link is in the video description below the text review and the video review they talked about the same thing just in different format alright first of all I want to show you very quickly what included inside the box there sir charging adapter the power cable this is a USB type-c 2 USB cable now below here there are the earphones and some replaceable nips three are white and two green the green ones are hot tips and when you tap them on the screen you get a very solid tapping sound the white ones they are a bit softer and they have more friction this is the NIT remover let me put this back for the price of the tablet as pen is included the ice pan is kind of small but it's a really bigger compared to the earlier versions of a cache pan let me compare this to the size of pencil you can see it's a bit shorter and this is a doughnut jot Pro stylus about the same length it's quite comfortable to hold that's one side button here and that's the clip and then it is right in front there's no eraser headed back the nib is actually quite small and looks quite fragile but it's quite hard actually so this is the surface after espan it quite smooth and nice to touch that may give you a very quick run down on the specifications list before I show you the drawing demonstration so this is a nine point seven inch screen with a three by two aspect ratio the resolution is 2048 by 1536 so this is a rather high resolution screen the wheat is 429 grams it's quite thin it's very lightweight it runs on Android 7 inside that's a quad core CPU I'm not sure the exact speed but it's very fast so far for all the apps that I've used there's no lag at all except for graphic apps that use very heavy and textural brushes there is 32 gigs of storage on one now if you want additional storage you can actually buy or sell a microSD card there is a micro SD card slot here you can just pull out the tree and put your own expandable storage currently 128 gigs of micro sd card it's around us $70 or less there's 4 gigs of RAM on board one nice thing about this tablet is there are four speakers two ones right here and two here so the audio quality for this is very good and yep there's a 3.5 mm audio jack and this is the charging pot this is a USB type-c charging port you can connect this to your computer and because it is running on Android your computer is going to recognize this and this can serve as an external storage and this is a feature that I like very much but is not found on iOS overall the design of the tablet looks really slick this is glass surface on the front and on the back as well that's my zero number sticker that I haven't taken out yet on this light here this is the volume button power button this is the home button this is the app button and this is the back button so for some tablets the back button is on the left side but here on the Samsung Galaxy Tab s 3 it's on the right side there's no way to swap them around I used to think that the graphics and drawing apps on and draw they are not as good as those on the iOS platform but over the years I think the app developers they have done a terrific job at improving the quality of the app and also increasing the variety of apps so now I can actually save me and confidently say that the apps here on Android are as good as those on iOS and I've been using iOS for a few years so this is what I experienced over the last few weeks of using some of these apps so today I'm just going to demonstrate some of the apps that are shown here let me go through them one by one first this is a slope this is quite similar to procreate on the iOS I have adobe draw and a Goody's sketch both of these are also available on iOS there's this two note-taking or handwriting apps one cost greet the other call the other is called incredible pro and there's also one note as well or clicking works but the best app I like to use to take notes with is welcome bamboo paper which I'm going to show you to you later on other graphic apps that are available are outreach I think this is quite popular as MIDI Bank paint Pro this is a free full-featured drawing app that is focused on conic drawing these are sketches pull and there are some Corel Painter abs as well and this is a little desk sketchbook so let me just start with MIDI Bank paint Pro now by default pressure sensitivity it's not switched on in MIDI Bank in pro so you have to go into the settings to turn it on I have already switched it on so now I'm just going to pick a brush to show you the strokes I'm going to draw very lightly on the screen so this is not a lot of pressure basically the tip is just touching the screen and I can get very thin lines like this so this was drawn with almost no pressure at all so as long as the tip is touching the surface of the screen you are going to get a line so it is a pen it's really very sensitive and if you want to you can actually just tap onto the screen if you create people art then this may be something that you want to do so it's very sensitive as well we can tap very softly and you can get very small don't you detect color to get more pressure you get a larger dot this next I want to show you how the strokes paper by creating some hatching lines the strokes they taper very nicely very smoothly and gradually there's almost no lag at all when it comes to drawing hatching lines like this and let me show you the pressure transition so this is light AV and like the transition is very very smooth now the tip here this is a white tip so it's a bit softer there is some friction on the screen so is not that slippery there's actually a hovering distance so as you move there and close to the screen maybe about one centimeter away there's this little circle the cursor will appear so when the cursor appears you are going to get walrus palm rejection and also when drawing the line is always directly beneath the tip so this is a very accurate stallers now I'm going to show you how you perform this when it comes to drawing diagonal lines very slowly with some added habits when it comes to drawing diagonal lines or slowly the diagonal line will jitter quite a bit it will be wobbly but it's not the case here so for some songs tapestry the lines they are going to come out just the way you want them to now any jitter here is because of my and shaking let me use a ruler so I'm going to draw this very slowly and you can see it for yourself so this is as straight as it can get the resolution of this screen is very high so the pixel density is very dense I'm not able to see any individual pixels so one is like the SD will appear very sharp this is an MLS now this type of panels they are able to create very vibrant colors and the colors on the Samsung tapestry they are very vibrant very bright but they look a bit unnatural to me and not just that there is no other way to calibrate it so actually for me I prefer LCD panels compared to you oops accidentally press the button on the side of the EPP and I'm going to explain this will be drawn but let me get back to the screen so between MLS and LCD screen I prefer LCD screen for this particular screen there is also this color shift that will happen when you view the tablet at an angle so right now I'm not sure if you can see it but there is sort of a magenta or a light flying cast here no this is supposed to be just white color but are you seeing it at white color this pad here is supposed to be white as I turn that habit at an angle I can see very subtle color shapes going on even at a very slight angle like this and here as well I'm not sure if my camera can capture that but it is there you might actually want to go down to a skull to take a look but it's not a very big issue but for me I prefer LCD versus MLS and engage alright let's get back to the drunk apps and right now I'm going to show you at will up slow is an app that is quite similar to procreate on the iOS so let me just pick a brush so you can click on the brush icon this palette comes you can click on the brush again and you get the settings for the brushes so this is very similar to procreate I'm just going to show you how the strokes look like same thing I'm going to flow very lightly and very quickly you should be how the strokes taper and show you how the lines how they transition from thin to thick there is some lag there but it's very very minimal so it's not really an issue it comes to drawing diamond lines again there is no jitter any cheater that you see is from my hand and right now I'm using Adobe draw so this is actually a vector app sometimes I feel that there is lag but sometimes there is no lack oops I press the button again accidentally this is the a common feature on the tapestry so these are some of the functions you can create a note again view all the notes that you have taken you can do some selection do a screenshot or you can select text and translate or we can just add a shortcut now when you move the pen close to the screen you see the cursor we press the button you get this but if the pen is a week when you press the button it's not going to work so you need to be close to the screen another thing to note is there's no way to customize this button for other types of styles usually you can map the button to a right click of the mouse but this is Android so there is no concept of left-click and right-click and also for drawing apps like this there is no way to customize the button as well there's no way to turn off the Samsung air come on and use the button for the graphic app so that how it is so usually when I use the pen sometimes I accidentally would press it so I would just flip the pen around like this so that there is no way for me to press it so this is Adobe draw it works and there is pleasure not all applications will use the pressure sensitivity of the stylus so right now I'm going to show you this app called priori sketches now when I pick this brush so see here this are some settings for the brush so I'm going to pick this and when I draw with it the thickness of the line is actually determined by the speed of my drawing like I draw very slowly going to be very thin but if I press down very hot it's also very thin so pressure sensitivity doesn't work with this application because the tools here they are not designed to work with pressure so they have their own individual characteristics this is Autodesk SketchBook this is the pencil to pressure works here as well there's no lag as mentioned earlier the palm rejection it looks almost quality but in order to get that to work flawlessly you need to put the s-pen close to the screen so they can get the cursor to appear and when you see the cursor you're going to get flawless palm rejection so that's one of the main highlights of using an active solid like this versus those capacities palaces and also those Stellar's that you need to be powered by battery this is walk home then move paper this is the app that I like to take notes with I find that this app is able to capture my handwriting quite well oops felt it wrongly is very fast very responsive and pressure books here as well or doing limited to again the settings set by the app I'm going to create a separate video just for handwriting on the tapestry so we can check that out in the future so that's all for the apps that I'm going to show you today if you want to check out other apps that I have tested like outrage OneNote you can just visit the text review the link is in the video description below so to conclude the drawing functionality of the app panel on some songs tap f3 I think it's excellent it performs very well pressure sensitivity works terrifically the palm rejection works flawlessly one nice thing about the s-pen is this is not battery powered so you do not have to charge it it will go on forever onto the new result and there are five replacement nibs included which is great the battery life of the tablet is around 10 hours maybe less if you use it continuously for drawing but battery life is very long this is a very solid tablet it looks good the blue quality is great and runs on Android now talking about Android the apps that are available on the Google Play Store nowadays I think they can match those from the Apple App Store in terms of variety and in terms of quality at least for the drawing applications that I have here many of these are very high quality absolutely lots of features so if you want to create professional art with this tablet I think that's a yes you can definitely do so the speed is quite snappy as well so overall performance is very good now this tablet is a bit pricey compared to other Android tablets I mean for Android tablets you can get 100-plus to 200 US dollars but this is retailing at 600 u.s. dollars so this is quite pricey so whether or not this is actually worth your money I think it really depends on what you expect and what you value but for the price of this tablet it comes with the S Pen now actually the iPad pro the nine point seven inch iPad pro also is selling at the same price but you have to spend an extra 100 US dollar for the Apple pencil so by comparison this may be a more worthwhile purchase anyway that's all for my review today if there are any updates I will put that in the text review and if you have any questions do feel free to let me know in the comment section so thanks for watching I hope this video is helpful see you in the next video I oh one last thing I forgot to mention that's not related to the tablet if you are going to buy the tablet it will help me a lot if you bite through the Amazon links in the video description or through the Amazon links on my tax review those are affiliate links that means I earn some commission whenever people buy stuff through those links I do not get money when people click on them the money is used to help me get more stuff to review I'm not like super rich so for this particular tablet for example I actually paid for it with my own money this is not sponsored by Samsung so every time after I review something I have to sell it because again I'm not so rich to buy it keep all this stuff I have to sell it at a lot so all these tech reviews that you see every time I make a tech review I'm making a loss so that's why your help is very important and greatly appreciated the other way to help of course is to share this video with your friends alright that's all bye you you

42 thoughts on “Artist Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with S Pen

  1. One question please, do you feel the pixels or they are acceptable
    I mean is it as crisp, sharp and vibrant as the galaxy notes?

  2. Thank you for this review! I've been wanting to get into digital art and have been debating purchasing this tablet over an iPad, so this review was certainly helpful in reaching a decision. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you for this good review. I had a view issues with deciding on which tablet to buy and I bought a Tab S3 after seeing your video!

  4. Totally subscribed to your channel! You're one of the best tech reviewers on the YouTube, unbiased and thorough. By the way, I do have a question. I'm stuck in between getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab s3 or the ipad 6th gen (the 2018 ipad, I believe it's called that.) I'm a college student and I want to go paperless, I don't want to haul around books, and I own a 15 inch laptop (it's heavy and large) and I don't want to haul that thing around. So the Tab s3 is running for $399 (stylus included) on Amazon, and the ipad for $246 (U.S. dollars) but without the apple pencil. The ipad has 2gb of ram and 32gb of storage (an extra hundred for 128gb) but no pen! The Tab s3 has 4gb of ram and 32gb of expandable storage (which isn't an issue and it comes with the stylus.) The only thing that worries me is the lack of updates android has but I used my sisters 6th gen ipad and it has slowed down a bit (it takes a while to load applications and it's slow overall). (and yes, she has the lastest ios update.) SO, unfortunately I'm on a budget and I'm stuck. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  5. Hi Teoh 😊
    The pen, did it wobble for you too?
    I feel like, I break a lot of nips if drawing, because the nip isn't totally sturdy inside the pen and I have to press very hard to get a much thicker line in the art apps – only seems to work fine in the Samsung notes… Wonder if it's just me? Or maybe there's some settings in the apps or the tablet, I need to adjust? 🤔
    You/others with those pen problems?
    Gonna Google it ofc, didn't find anything last time, so now I'm asking the community on YT.
    I'd have a hard time not having a tablet due to my needs, but might send it back for testing if it's just me, before guarantee runs out.
    Was looking forward learning to do digital art, but breaking the nips is getting expensive, so I've given op for now. 🙃
    The hard tips just seems to scratch the screen, so prefer the softer ones.

    I seriously regret not saving extra and get an iPad pro with Apple pencil, though I hate Apples products. Wish they'd make something similar for Android. 😣

    Really like all your artists reviews of stuff and such, you really go into detail in tests. 😄

  6. Thank you very much, your review was in depth, and answered all of my questions and informed my purchase as a fellow artist

  7. Hi Teoh, how to get medibang pro on Android, I searched on play store but couldn't find it.
    I hope you'd spare your time to answer this, thanks…

  8. Need to find a cheaper version of this product for a teenager just starting to learn to draw and use the tech way to go. Thanks for your input.

  9. gosh…ur channel looks smashing! im subscribing. glad i found ur channel….bye and wish u end up with potsss of gold

  10. thank u so much…ive been looking for an artists take on s3 as im intending to buy. i currently use tab s. your vid helped me firm up my thoughts….wish i could buy from ur link…but im in india so ill hv to buy from …..ur sound very genuine and trustworthy. bye and cheers.

  11. IMPORTANT question, im about to get one of this but second hand only screen. I have a wacom intuos stylus, can I use that stylus with the galaxy tab s3? Thanks a lot, love the channel, best one for drawing oriented hardware.

  12. I cant draw if my hands isnt leaning to the screen… Is there any "hand-free touch" feature when i using the pen when drawing?

  13. Hello Teoh, I'm planning on buying this tablet because the S4 is too pricey and I prefer the 4:3 aspect ratio. I want to use it for drawing, but I'm concerned about the battery life and If it would last more than 10 hours only drawing and with moderate screen brightness. Could you make a test using either Artflow or Infinite Painter? I would like to know how much the battery is depleted, let's say drawing some lines for 5 minutes. Thanks. If you don't have time to do it, thanks for the review anyhow ;).

  14. 10:35 you prefer lcd screen than amoled one. You can’t calibrate the spen to avoid the “pixelated” effect. But on next screen you draw smoothly. I am confused. Who can help me to understand?

  15. i like how you talk about all the aspects of the product you are reviewing. you get zoomed close to give the viewers better understanding which is great. and to finish the video you compare it with other brands and talk about value for money and purpose of use which i really appreciate. i love your reviews . please keep this up.
    love from Bangladesh.

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