Artist Rachelle Rosenberg colors Spider-Man | Marvel Quickdraw

Artist Rachelle Rosenberg colors Spider-Man | Marvel Quickdraw

beginning of every week we go over everybody's schedule and they're like okay well what color this color it's got a couple books up we need to check you know check in with them and oh Rachelle's got like five books she's fine hi my name is Rochelle Rosenberg and today I am coloring an amazing spider-man variant my earliest memory is in kindergarten drawing little pictures for all my friends and at that time I knew I wanted to do art after I got my degree I was working at a bank and I was completely miserable it was time to start fresh when I left California I'd literally sold everything we owned and moved out to Madison Wisconsin with my kids in the car it's scary because I didn't have a job I didn't have any income but even through that I still knew I had to support my family I knew that I wanted to do colors my long-term goal was to be exclusive for Marvel and I had lots of people tell me well they don't sigh in colorist exclusivity anymore and all that stuff and I was like well that's okay because I'm still there become exclusive with Marvel one day just watch at my very first c2e2 CD Sapolsky came by my table gave me his card and was like contact me on Monday 2013 I signed my first exclusivity contract I'm making my dreams come true I mean all that stuff that I'd dreamed about when I was little I'm like living so when I get a page I do any like cleaning up I need to do and then I send it off to my flatters I'll get it the next day and once I have all the base colors I will select a light source because the background is so plain I might add some kind of texture to it and I will also probably add the same texture to the heads behind spider-man just to kind of help him pop more I usually do color holds so the colors bleed basically into the lineart it has a soft color glow I probably do 50 pages and 2 to 3 covers a week on these Deniz being a mom with the schedule can be hard there was a time when we struggled it wasn't all rainbows and you know fairy deaths in the beginning it was it was rough Rochelle is one of the best examples of personal girl Tony is my biggest fan being able to see where she's come from tour she is now and the recognition that she's getting it's been amazing I started martial art six years ago I wanted something to bond with my boys with I was an instructor and his dream was to open his own school she was like you know what let's do this real it was very difficult at first it was just you know me and him running things she is a supermom because she is juggling art she's a mom she is a business owner I had more than I could have ever asked for my kids have more than they could ever want and even though I work crazy hours I still have managed to raise like super amazing human beings and that just makes me happy Luna I started looking at Frenchy's like all day every day it was like work on a page and then go and look at some Frenchie's

22 thoughts on “Artist Rachelle Rosenberg colors Spider-Man | Marvel Quickdraw

  1. I had a chance to talk to her at the Alley on Sunday right after the Women of Marvel panel. So awesome to talk to her, learn about coloring basics, and get some great tips on how to improve as an artist. Thanks so much for sharig this!

  2. Algún día trabajare en Marvel y mostraré grandes historias y dibujos que a mucha gente les encantará

  3. Major props. It's important to follow your dreams. Most humans are boring. You are special and your hardwork and dedication paid off.


  4. Been working on more realistic paintings so this makes me super happy that she was able to work at marvel. I hope to get into design or something along the same field one day!

  5. Holy shit it’s a female working at marvel who got a job for actually having talent and skill and not because she’s a female!!!

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