Artist Gives Dolls More Realistic Makeovers

Artist Gives Dolls More Realistic Makeovers

hello everyone I'm marina from poppin Italian and I'm full time dollar tip Monday I remember I've seen a bit online of an artist you paint in the Monster High doll and it will just mesmerizing for me it was the way to play with those for some creative as oh I think you know my makeovers with removing the face gear and accessories of the doll and they remove those factory eyes and lips I always use pure acetone but over the body is better to use an acetone free nail polish remover because most of the dogs have black bodies and acetone will simply mouth I seal the doll's face with the layers of mr. super clear sealant and now with my watercolor pencils I start sketching her eyes with sofa styles and with a piece of an eraser i shape her eyebrows and now I'm going to counter 13 this doll would have read here and I want to try to give her skin tone typical for ginger girl then I'm taking my pencils again and I draw her eyes first I was going to give her green eyes because it's so typical but then I saw that they have done iterated so many times but today I want to do something different for words with my red air beauty her lips I also want to keep as natural as I can then with the white pencil I block their smile and now is one of my favorite parts of Dorothy we're going to apply freckles well I attach like always the South lashes and then I apply glossy varnish to her eyes and lips [Applause] and now I gather a piece of lace team using an elastic geoffrey Mutai the dress of the ball I've created already about hundred thirty tools most of them are sold and sale gift for an artist know that your creation have found a new homes all around the world and that I can say I have this dollar Eagle of the Lord which lives in Australia now and this door in the USA and that one is in Singapore for example this is happiness over narrative you

49 thoughts on “Artist Gives Dolls More Realistic Makeovers

  1. I want to do this but the eyes would already be drawn. Cuz my dream is to be a makeup artist! I never got to wear makeup when i was younger so I want to do it to someone else.

  2. This takes lots of time , effort , patience and dedication
    She literally turned a typicall blue eyed blonde haired plastic barbie into a masterpiece , a great artist and i love how she just saw a video and instead of discouraging herself , talking herself out of it or even coping the same thing , she was creative and got inspired
    Thankyou for showing us how you do it
    I love dolls but barbies or other dolls look really baby-ish for decor and porceline dolls can be expensive and sometimes look scary
    Also how proud to look at something and say your blood and sweat went into it .
    Keep it up.

  3. This looks like a barbie doll than what it is supposed to look like


    spends an hour tryna solve what its supposed to mean

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